What’s Inside Vicki Courtney’s Purse?

Vicki Courtney may be living happily Ever After, but she’s going through a break-up…with Splenda. Her new flavor? Stevia.

“I’m trying hard to make it work, but the relationship left me with a bitter aftertaste and longing for my old flame.”

Vicki let us peek inside her purse, and we found more than just artificial sweetener…

“Three clues that I’m a Mimi to a two-year old grandson: random lego toys, crayons and a coloring page,” says Vicki.

“I’m obsessed with Altoids and I pop them like candy.” A bit of quirky trivia about Vicki: “I hate the smell of wintergreen and used to make my kids spit out gum or Lifesavers if I smelled the offensive scent.”


“I keep a worn, folded up note my daughter wrote me when she was 13 (she’s 23 now). She gave it to me when I was leaving town for a speaking engagement in 2004 and told me not to read it until I was on the airplane. It says, “Mom, I will miss you when you’re in Alaska! I’ll take care of Hayden and his stitches! I love you! Don’t read this when you give your message! Love, Paige (BFF).” Her younger brother busted his lip playing football the night before I left town (he was 9) and I was so upset over having to leave him. She clued in on that and wrote me the note to encourage me that it would be okay. I moved it from purse to purse because it always made me smile when I would see it.”

What else is hiding in Vicki’s purse?

  • “A couple of pics of the Compassion International boy from Thailand I sponsored for six years. It reminds me to pray for him when I see his picture.”
  • “Paint color cards: We’re currently remodeling our home and I’m trying to find the perfect blue to paint an old antique door.”
  • “Hair rubberband: Austin = humidity = ponytail = enough said.”
  • “I got this lotion in a speaker gift bag last year and it changed my life. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I’m a huge fan: Niven Morgan ‘Blue’ hand cream. It’s yummy.”
  • “Lip gloss: I’ve tried a zillion kinds of lip gloss, but keep going back to this one: Smashbox Boundless.”
  • “I get compliments on my phone cover all the time. I ordered it for myself for Christmas last year from TinyPrints.com and told my husband to wrap it and put it under the tree (along with a few other gifts I bought for myself).”
  • “My teeny-tiny, cutie-patootie, business cards with my website address on them from Moo.com.”

And for her snack attacks?

“Cheez-its: No explanation needed. I mean, who doesn’t carry this delicacy in their purse wherever they go?”

Vicki Courtney’s new Bible study, Ever After: Life Lessons Learned in my Castle of Chaos is available now. You can download a free sample HERE.


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