Free Friday: Believing God

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Update: Congrats to Karen for winning this giveaway!

I’m Believing God. I wish I could tell you how many times I’ve said and prayed that phrase over the last few years. Before starting the Believing God study, I read the book and was blown away. How many times have I limited God because I was too afraid to believe him? Do I just believe in God or do I truly believe him? I’ve actually done the study twice—once on my own and once with a small group. It’s rooted in Isaiah 43:10 and focuses on the faith of those written about in Hebrews 11.

Believing God Bible Study by Beth Moore

Throughout the study, you’re encouraged to memorize the five statement pledge of faith:

  1. God is who He says He is.
  2. God can do what He says He can do.
  3. I am who God says I am.
  4. I can do all things through Christ.
  5. God’s Word is alive and active in me.

I’m believing God! Those five statements pack a powerful punch, and they’re all true!  He will come through. He is good. He is faithful. He has not forgotten you! I often find myself (especially when I’m in the car) saying out loud, “I’m believing God.” Sometimes I literally have to say it out loud over and over to remind myself of this powerful truth.

As a part of the study, Beth challenges you to tie a blue ribbon around your right wrist as a reminder of what you’re studying. After going through Believing God with one of my best friends, she wrapped her blue ribbon around her wedding bouquet as a reminder of the fact that she believed God for her marriage. It was a symbol of God’s promise to her, and a beautiful picture of the truth of his Word.

“Beloved, God has made us promises. Real ones. Numerous ones. Promises of things like all-surpassing power, productivity, peace and joy while still occupying these jars of clay. Few of us will argue the theory, but why aren’t more of us living the reality?”

There’s so much of this study that I remember so vividly. It truly has been transformational to go from just believing in God to believing God. This study truly was pivotal in deepening my faith in God and challenging me to believe that he’s so much more than my limited mind can see or imagine. The depth to which the Lord revealed himself to me during this study and in the years since has left me slack-jawed. He’s just that good, and he can be trusted. Do you merely believe in God, or do you truly believe God? The answer (if you let it), will change your life.

What is an area of your life for which you’re choosing to believe that God will be faithful? 

Leave a comment answering the question, and you’ll be entered to win a Believing God small group kit, which includes the leader pack and five member books (a $250 value!).

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  1. Carrie Taylor says

    I pray for the faith to believe that God will be faithful in all ares of my life. He has proven himself faithful over and over so many times, that it is very comforting to know that HE IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL!

  2. Janice says

    I am believing God and trusting Him for healing my husband and enabling and equipping me through the jouney.

    This is a great study and a great give away. Thank you Lifeway.

  3. Kathy Martinez says

    I am choosing to believe that God truly has me in His hands, that through the storm He will keep me close and I am worthy of His love.

  4. Joyce Grimes says

    I am believing God for peace & comfort in my life-I am in the mist of health issues.
    I am believing God for the salvation, healing and recovery from addiction for my son.

  5. Amanda says

    I believe God will carry me through the trials with an ex-husband and protect our daughter mentally, emotionally and physically, no matter how scared and worried I am for her. I know he is using the hardships from the last several years to serve a purpose for me.

  6. Kathy Erickson says

    I just love Beth’s Bible studies! Our ladies group is just finishing one by another wonder woman of faith and are going to start on Beth’s study on Esther right after the new year begins. I can’t wait!! I wish I could afford to get all of her books! She is such a wonderful teacher! God bless!

  7. colleen g says

    I know God is faithful in all areas of my life, my marriage, finances, children, health. All I have to do is look around and know he is ALWAYS FAITHFUL no matter what mistakes I make.

  8. Carol Jamison says

    I believe God is my sufficiency. He takes care of me in ways that are always creative and challenging to my thinking. He has taken care of tiny details and massive ones. I can always trust in Him, even when I can’t see Him at work. He is ever faithful, even when I am not!

  9. Cindy Speight says

    That God is all I need. He is more than my feelings of insecurity, unworthiness. His Grace has been and will continue to be sufficient for me.

  10. says

    I am choosing to believe God for my children’s salvation. We are doing all we can to show them the way to go so that they will not depart from it. And I just have to believe God for the rest of it!!!
    I also choose to believe Him for this journey I am on. I know that I cannot do this on my own, but I know that HE is who He says He is. And, if I choose to believe that, then I have to KNOW that I am who He says I am. And I can do ALL things through Christ … even this. Amen and Amen!

  11. Julia Petrie says

    I am believing in God but not sure I always trust him :(
    This looks like the perfect study for where I am now

  12. Beth says

    Believing He holds the good and perfect plans regarding my children (both foster and biological) and their futures.

  13. Maureen says

    Nine years ago, Believing God was my first Beth Moore study. It was life altering. I believed God for a transformation in my marriage and He brought it about. In the nine years since, I think I have done and loved every Beth Moore study…Believing God remains my favorite. I just started reading the book again two days ago…Believing God to remove the weird physical problem I have been having. He truly is able, He is faithful and He is so amazing!

  14. Sierra says

    I am believing God for my contentment and sufficiency. He called me out of a dating relationship I thought would ultimately lead to marriage. I am trusting His plan is better than anything I could have imagined for myself.

  15. Tina says

    I not only choose to believe, I KNOW God is always faithful in ALL areas of my life. The Lord is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He honors His promises; He does not fail. Why, the Lord even says to prove Him! We cannot claim His promises unless we know what they are…”study the Word and show thyself approved”.

  16. Mary T says

    I have always believed in God but it was in a time of despair many years ago that I began my journey of believing God! This walk of faith has truly been deepened by the intimacy I began to seek in His Word, the Bible; through my own reading and reaching for Him in Bible studies. This study would be a beautiful way for me to continue my journey!

  17. Karen Terletzky says

    I believe that God will be faithful in the vision and passion He’s given me and my fiance, as we prepare to open a transitional home and a community center in rough neighborhood. For favor, open doors, and support as we strive to live for His glory and His kingdom.

  18. Cheryl says

    I’m believing God will do what he says he will do. I loved this study and let someone else borrow it and it was lost. Would love to add it back to our church Library.

  19. Catrina says

    I am believing God to be faithful in all areas of my life. He is SO good and SO loving and has proved Himself trustworthy time and time again. I am happiest and most at peace when He is my focus and when I am in close relationship with Him through prayer, Bible Study and worship. I need Him in all areas of my life to be the best I can be and to live for Him with a purpose beyond this world. He’s helped me so throughout my life in all the joys and all the struggles. I am a new creation because of Him, His love and His mercy. Eternally grateful! :)

  20. Connie Hinton says

    I am retireing soon and it’s a little scary, but I believe that God will continue to provide and direct me to exactly to what He wants me to do. What an awesome God we serve!!

  21. Mary T says

    How could I forget to mention that Isaiah 43:10 was the very first Scripture verse that I put on an index card and hung up all over the place…. may God continue to bless all those in ministry!

  22. Lilly says

    What is an area of your life for which you’re choosing to believe that God will be faithful?
    I am choosing to believe that God will be faithful in giving me the wisdom and strength to fulfill his purpose for my life. That is truly the desire of my heart but at times my pain tends to lead me astray. I keep refocusing my energy on his strength and word to move on and enjoy each day anyway. His wisdom abounds and I am sure he continue to give me the wisdom to stay when I should not move and to direct my feet when he needs me to continue on.

  23. Brenda says

    I’m believing God, as I choose not to take conventional medicine any longer after being sick for seven years, that He is going to either heal me or give me the wisdom for the next steps. I’m choosing life.

  24. Sandy says

    Believing God to give me the right heart and right words when dealing with those around me who hold the “world view” rather than God’s view of the world.

  25. Paula Hutchings says

    I am believing God when He says in His Word that we should not worry about we will eat or what we wear. My son-in-law has been unemployed for 5 months and we have been praying unceasingly for a job but I have to keep reminding myself of this promise so that I won’t worry. Just recently a group of ladies decided to study When Godly People Do Ungodly Things. God orchestrated a series of events that started from the choosing of the study and who came to that study. We knew He was doing something when one of the members daughter decided to follow along with the study by just reading the workbook. As a result two families had spouses that admitted to being Had by being unfaithful in their marriage. Both families used this study to start the healing process, seek counseling and bring this secret out in the open where Satan could not use it to torment them any longer. Two families rescued when a few women were obedient to Gods leading. Do I believe God. Oh my goodness, I BELEIVE GOD!

  26. Miranda Root says

    I am trusting God to be faithful to keep me healthy enough to raise my children and be a godly wife to my husband. I have had a lupus for the last 10 years and a scare of pancreatic cancer 3 years ago which required a very invasive surgery. I trusted I God would be faithful to watch over me just as he does now. When I was in the hospital the nurses would come in and have to move my Bible and study materials off the bed just so they could get to me to check my vitals. These were the opportunities I got when I was not well enough to be out of bed to tell of the faithfulness of God!

  27. Julie says

    I’m believing God to fulfill His purposes for my life even when my circumstances seem to look so counterproductive to what I had planned.

  28. Shan says

    I am very much coming to BELIEVE that God has and will continue to provide for me! I need not fear that I will go without the things I need, and He is helping me to differentiate between what it is I need and want! He IS FAITHFUL!


  29. Donna says

    I’m believing God for so much: my family’s salvation, my health, my circumstances. I’m trusting Him more each day for everything.

  30. Angie Miller says

    I’m believing God to be faithful about my husband’s job. He is the main provider in our household. There have been several buy-outs and groups of lay-offs, but he still has a job. He has been looking for something similar at other companies, but nothing yet. God is still providing for our family and I’m trusting him to continue!

  31. Diana says

    I struggle with attending a church that adds man made doctrines to God’s Word., because this is where my husband chooses to go. I pray for his salvation and the salvation of my children and grandchildren. I’m Believing God!!

  32. Megan P. says

    I am believing God for our adoption timing. I know He knows when the perfect time will be for us to bring our beautfiul son home from Hong Kong.

  33. Betsy Smith says

    I am believing that all my days are ordered by the Lord. That He knows my future and the future of my family. That I can trust his plan and HIs time. I am believing for the grace to live what I believe EVERY day!

  34. Fabiola Courchesne says

    I’m BELIEVING God to bring the ladies in our Thursday night women’s bible study into a relationship with Him!!!
    That He will change their hearts, soul, and mind to want to have that relationship and accept Jesus as their Savior!!!
    Lord you are faithful and true, and I know that your timing is perfect!!!

  35. Shamika says

    I believe God is not through with me yet. I believe that He still has great things to accomplish through me to help others know Him better.

  36. Susan Wright says

    I’m relying on God for all areas of my life but today I’m relying more on him for our financial situation. God is good and He will provide.

  37. Connie Burkett says

    I am Believing God with my life and all the trials that come my way I will trust Him, and Glorify Him regardless of the outcome. He is Faithful and I am not only believing God I am Trusting Him by walking out my belief through Faith. “Walk by Faith not by sight.”

  38. Elena D says

    I am believing and remaining faithful to God in that he will repair my marriage and help my familiy through the financial difficulties we are currently experiencing.

  39. says

    I am believing God that He wants my children to know Him and walk in relationship with Him even MORE than I want it for them and I will be encouraged and blessed to continue in prayerful dependence on HIM for it!

  40. Judy rice says

    I did this study with my ladies group some years back. It is awesome. I am believing God about my health and job and some financial issues. Learning to trust Him is a day by day experience. His promises say I am the Lord who heals you. He also promises to supply all my needs according to His riches in glory.Thank you JESUS!

  41. Alice-Margaret Byerts says

    I am trusting God that he will bring healing, restoration and revival to our small, old church. Trusting that God will give me the patience to stay strong and remember that everything I do, I am doing IN HIM.

    • says

      A Bible Study that you could advertise to the public would be a fabulous way to build the congregation! Let’s pray that you either win this or that God will help you to ask people to contribute and buy one and that you can interest ladies in the community to come to church with you! Praying it goes well.

  42. Megan Jackson says

    I am trusting God to lead in my career! I exhausted myself and all off my resources trying (and failing) to force it my way. I’m not really worrying about it anymore. I’m just praying for Him to lead me and guide me where He needs me to go. I can’t wait to read this book and the study would be an incredible blessing :)

  43. Krista T says

    I am trusting God through surgeries and other life changes right now. I know He is in control and has a plan at work. I am praying I am cooperative.

  44. Rhonda McClellan says

    I’m believing God to daily dispense hope to a dear friend that suffers with seizures, and lately depression. I’m believing God to encourage my sweet friend and to reveal His goodness and good plans in her life in a tangible way.

  45. S Wilson says

    Our company is going through a merger, and I am believing God concerning my job – that it won’t change dramatically or that another door will open with the new company or somewhere else. I am standing on His promise that all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

  46. Lisa Rettig says

    I am believing God to provide for us during some pending tests and surgery for my husband, as he is self-employed and our main breadwinner.

  47. Christian Stephenson says

    I’m choosing to believe God is faithful in all areas of my life. The last 4-6 years have held many blessings but also many changes, disappointments, frustrations, failures, and successes. It has been very difficult to not allow the negatives to overshadow the blessings – it is a daily struggle. In studying “Faithful, Abundant & True” this last week, I have discovered a truth that I have long overlooked and not taken seriously enough; it hit me like a ton of bricks that in continuing to stress over past sins or mistakes after asking for forgiveness… I am actually sinning by not “Believing God”! What a huge revelation this week! Thanks for the great studies that push us beyond what we know into the deeper truths and promises waiting to be discovered.

  48. says

    I’m believing God to be faithful in ALL things. Right now He’s teaching me to surrender everything to Him. To seek His guidance in all things. Even the smallest decisions. To always turn to Him first.

  49. Selena Baker says

    Believing God is control as I go through a divorce after 35 years of marriage. Praying for my husbands salvation.

  50. says

    My mom carefully made the distinction between “believing God” and believing IN God. “…even the demons believe and tremble.” As an adult, I have come to realize the depth of that Truth. Mom had an accident that left her in a wheelchair two weeks before my 11th birthday…and I’ve been care taking since. Three children, one of whom had massive head injuries just two weeks after his 20th birthday, a dad with Alzheimer’s and for the past two years, a sister who just had her second stroke and now congestive heart failure. And while I have so many times thought I truly TRUSTED God, I am realizing that my weariness and constant inability to rest or have a life of my own is directly related to my thinking that I must make things ok for the people I love…or that I have any control at all over what happens to them in the big picture.
    I made it through caring for my dad and sister (and things I won’t mention here) because of the message that Beth Moore brought to my life in 2004 with “Breaking Free.” Life changed forever, but I still find myself needing to DIG and discovering that I’ve gone a few days without the depth of being WITH my God and Saviour. I would love to win this study and do it with local people or with the ladies at the jail who I try to meet with weekly. I need the motivation and the guidance…but, I see very worthy notes above by people who may need it more. So, I will BELIEVE GOD to choose the right person to receive it and I will rejoice that they did. Praise His holy Name…and thanks to Him for the gift He gave our precious Beth!

  51. Becky M says

    I did this study a few years ago. While being something of a “wordsmith” working for the legislature and writing and reading laws, I was absolutely amazed to think of “believing in God” and “believing God”. Quite a challenge for sure. I would love to win this study for our ladies, we are a really small church and depend on borrowing from other churches for our ladies’ Bible studies.

  52. says

    I am believing in God’s perfect timing.

    On a side note, I did this study just prior to my dad discovering he had a brain tumor. I KNOW it was God’s way of preparing me for the rough months ahead. I sat in the hospital waiting room armed with scripture and repeated to myself the 5 points. It kept me focused and at peace. Unfortunately my dad passed away about 4 months later, however God used that time to teach me to believe Him no matter what the outcome.

    I would LOVE to share this study with others. :)

  53. Lois says

    I know how great God is and what is has done for people in the Bible and people that I know but I struggle with his ability or desire to do it for me. Maybe I don’t feel worthy or too small for him to see me. Would love to do this study and grow in this area.

  54. Kimberly Grandy says

    This was my first study in 2008, completely changed my life. I have done two Beth Moore Studies a year since then a now lead a small group. My relationship with Christ grows deeper daily, I love him so much, I’m beleiving God in all things.

  55. Danielle L says

    I choose to believe God in my relationships. I was humiliated and left heartbroken by an ex who is now engaged. While I am with a wonderful man now, we are experiencing financial hardship which I feel is making me look at how well my ex is doing and reminding me of my heartbreak. I want to be married, but I know God times everything at just the right time. I am choosing to believe that God can create beauty from ashes and that my life will become everything He ever wanted for me. P.S. I love Beth Moore studies!

  56. Cherie Arruda says

    I’m believing God for restoring what the locusts have eaten up.
    It’s been a very difficult past year and no end in sight. I have 3 teenagers and
    Two are rebelling very badly. My only hope is in God’s word.

    • Paula Hutchings says

      I am praying for your teenagers and for you as you stand on the promise from God that they will return to Him. I pray that the Holy Spirit give you strength and knowledge of how to respond. I also pray that God gives you calmness and confidence. In Jesus name.

  57. Sylvia Mitchell says

    I have done Believing God 3 times. I have learned something new each time. I would love to share this study with the group I am now in. It is so powerful .

  58. Carrie Seggelke says

    I am believing God for a powerful move thru the women at our Church. I believe there is much he wants to awaken the Church to and we have to align ourselves to what He wants. I am believing God to reveal His voice and the sheep to know it!

  59. Cheryl says

    I’m believing God to be the God of our country and I’m believing He wants the USA and all world leaders to call on Him in their daily decision making.

  60. Jo-Ann V says

    I am believing God for His promise of a lineage of faith-that His Word will not return void. Coming from a long lineage of unbelievers, God has radically changed the path of my life in turn, that of my children and the generations to come.

  61. Kathy Hibma says

    I believe God is the Creator and sustainer of all life. I believe He sent His One and Only Son, Jesus to redeem all of mankind. I am completely unrighteous and unworthy without the precious blood of Jesus covering me with His Grace. He is the Mercy Seat that allows God’s Presence to fully indwell me. Grace above the Law: God’s Plan from beginning to end. I believe that even though everything in this life doesn’t make sense, it will. I am proud to be a daughter of the Living God. So thankful for His continuous Presence. I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to live a day without Him.

  62. Sally Hilla says

    I am believing God to be the Great Protector and Provider for my children as they move out on their own and begin their walk and life in this scarey world. I believe that He will help them choose their help mate and I pray that they may share the same love of God and pass this on to future generations; sharing the love of God and His wonderful grace of salvation for ALL!!!

  63. Jen Pawl says

    I believe God is faithful. No, I know God is faithful!
    I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior almost 3 months ago and have been actively changing my thoughts, actions and reactions to all things in my life. I know that without God that wouldn’t be possible. I pray to Him everyday all day long for the strength I need to continue these changes and to do His will., for without Him I am just broken and empty.
    We are were made for Him, by Him and in His imagine. Remembering that you will never doubt His faithfulness.

  64. Carol says

    I am believing God for his promise of restoration: Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn rom it. Prov 22:6. I am believing God for bringing my daughter, the mother of my two granddaughters, back into His Grace and back into church. I am believing God for the courage and strength to trust Him instead of my trying to coerce, convince, manipulate, her into being there. I am believing God for my peace and joy even in the midst of uncertainties.

  65. Kiersten Griffith says

    I’m believing God that he will help me get through the demands of school. Also that he is working in my sister in laws heart for salvation and her marriage.

  66. Mindy Yount says

    I believe God loves my kids even more than I do and takes care of them even when I’m not there. He doesn’t need me to do it all!

  67. Yanna Westmoreland says

    I trust in God’s faithfulness with my 22 year old daughter and my 20 year old son. God is faithful to my prayers for their future.

  68. Melissa Harrison says

    With each new trial that comes my way, my strength comes from the living word of God. Presently, I am undergoing frozen shoulder issues. God’s word tells me that God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This truth I am standing on each day. My arm may not work as well as I would like today; but my God is faithful. I believe He has the power to remove all obstacles and restore my arm to full use yo His glory.

  69. Suzanne says

    God told me so clearly a few months ago, “I’ve got this” with regard to my prodigal son. I’m believing God has “got this” and for complete restoration and transformation in my son’s life.

  70. Melanie Malone says

    I am faithful God will deliver me from the scars of an abusive relationship. I belong to Him – I am a princess! He will bring me what I deserve m. I don’t deserve to be treated so disrespectfully and violently. I am someone to my Heavenly Father!

  71. Leslie Miller says

    I was just speaking with a friend about this study this morning, she is doing it! I am Believing God that He will heal my husband, my daughter, take care of our home.

  72. Heather Snider says

    I am believing God will guide me as I prepare to speak at a retreat this winter. He is faithful to empower and equip me to do what He asks me to do.

  73. Danyelle Lupkey says

    This is my all time favorite Bible study. It literally transformed my life. I will never be the same and for this, I am grateful!

  74. Chelle' says

    Can’t say I walk in this faith w/incredible consistency but I’m believing God to move mightily in my marriage!!

  75. Jenny mcnett says

    I am choosing to believe God that He will continue to heal my heart as well as my fiancée…that as He restores our relationship He will continue to renew our minds granting us tools and wisdom that we can pass on to other hurting families in our church. I am believing God that He will daily restore and redeem my fiancée, show him every day how much God loves him giving him the grace and peace he needs to lead our church.

  76. Nancy says

    I am believing God to walk with me through my teacher internship program and take me back to the mission field of His choice. Right now my 3rd and 4th graders are my mission, and it is a day to day walk that requires stamina He is giving me step by step.

  77. Jenny says

    I am believing God will continue to use me as his hands and feet. Send me were He wants me on the mission field, strengthens my marriage and will guide us as we continue to raise our daughter. For me to be Content in this season of my life.

  78. Lynn White says

    I am believing God will faithfully help me raise a respectful, compassionate, considerate, humble, selfless, generous and gracious son in this crazy world!

  79. Cathy Uchida says

    I am BELIEVING GOD will guide my husband & I through this transition of homes as we are now empty nesters.

  80. Sherrie Enis says

    The area of my life for which I’m choosing to believe that God will be faithful is the reconciling of the relationships with my Mom; with my sisters and I. There has been a lot of betrayal beteen one another, so much pain in not letting go of the past, and a lack of forgiveness. An attempt had been made but it actually got worse. There have been times I have wondered if it is possible. I did read “Believing God” and I am currently in a bible study group going through “David, Seeking a Heart Like His” I have been reminded of God’s promises and believe that reconciliation is possible. God is faithful!

  81. Nancy Cox says

    I am believing that God will be faithful to grow our church through the children’s programs we are implementing and that He will touch the hearts of the congregation through the children.

  82. Christy Searcy says

    What is an area of your life for which you’re choosing to believe that God will be faithful? I am believing that God will allow let me keep my families home and answering our prayers.

  83. says

    I’m Believing God for what lies ahead – as I pray about slowing down and retiring in the next 4 years, I pray that I will have an opportunity to really MENTOR and pour into the young women around me. I serve in women’s ministry now, but with more T-I-M-E it would be glorious! I can’t wait. I’m Believing God!

  84. Michelle Ritter says

    I am believing God when it comes to his promises – that he will provide for me and fullfill the desires of my heart – through my work & life.

  85. Joan Tompkins says

    I am believing God to give us ideas that help us promote our church library, that God will be glorified and that we will provide a service that helps our church members to grow in their Christian life.

  86. Cara Adams says

    I choose to believe God that He will keep my children when I cannot remind them of what they were taught.

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