7 Ways to Experience Wonderstruck

by Margaret Feinberg

I’m wonderstruck by the ways God reveals His wonder.

Countless emails and photos continue to pour in from around the globe as people are awakening to God’s wonder through the Wonderstruck Bible Study. Non-believers coming to Jesus, friendships reconciling, marriages healing, and more—God truly is bursting at the seams to display his power, glory, and might in our lives. Here are a few glimpses into the amazing notes I’ve received so far:

I must confess when I first joined the Women’s Bible Study, I simply could not relate and was even alienated by the concept of being “wonderstruck” by God. I simply was not in a state of wonderment but extreme disillusionment and exhaustion. I confessed this to my little group in the study. And they prayed for me. I started a journey—an amazing journey. God was with me all the time, even when I felt so dejected. I have finally understood what Grace means, what Faith means and how you get it. -S

A friend brought a young lady one night who professed she didn’t believe there was a God. A few days later she had the opportunity to lead her to Christ! Also had a lady who does not own a Bible, but now looking to buy one because she is so hungry for the WORD. –L

I’m wonderstruck by our group: all ages and all stages of life and faith–sharing our hearts and our humor with each other. -K

One of the biggest things that has left me wonderstruck is how all you creative small group leaders are adding your own a-m-a-z-i-n-g activities and fun to the weekly gatherings. You are sooooo creative!

Here are seven super fun ways small group leaders are going wild with the Wonderstruck Bible Study:

1. Create a Remembering the Wonder jar. Our friend Sue from Silverton, Oregon, created an activity to remind her group about the faithful love of God. Each group member wrote a meaningful verse, attribute of God, or moment where they have found themselves struck by the wonder of God on a stone. Then, during their time together, they shared what they wrote on their rocks and added them to the Wonder Jar. At the end of the study, they split up the stones and took them home to create their own Wonder Jar to continually be reminded of the wonder of God’s presence daily. Sue says through this activity she was reminded that “if they keep quiet, the very stones will cry out.” (Luke 19:40).

2. Take the 30 Days of Wonder Challenge. In the back of the Wonderstruck book, you’ll find 30 Days of Wonder: A Challenge to Experience God More, designed to awaken wonder in your life. One reader found the activities so life-changing that as soon as she finished the 30 days she began them again! Each activity won’t take very long—things like setting your alarm to watch the sunrise and reflect on God’s new mercies or spending twenty minutes in silence and simply be with God.

faith center wonderstruck class 7 31 2013 003

Wonderstruck Bible Study Group from Faith Center in Eureka, California, led by Heidi Messner and Patty Thomas.

3. Host a Wonderstruck Treasure Hunt. Wonderstruck is an invitation to toss back the covers, climb out of bed, and drink in the fullness of life. Michelle from New Hope Seattle created a Wonderstruck Treasure Map for her Bible study group to aid in the feeling of expectation and wonder. Michelle’s treasure map features when their group meets to discuss Wonderstruck, but you can take this even further and create a Wonderstruck Treasure Hunt activity! Create your own treasure map and invite your group to split up into teams and see how many items they can find and capture in a photograph from the list. This can be done as a group during a discussion time, or as a bonus weekly activity—the person with the most treasure finds gets an extra-special prize. Click HERE to download one we created for you—feel free to tweak and duplicate as you see fit.

4. Offer Bags of Pixie Dust. Our friend, Gloria gave out little bags of “pixie dust” (glitter) to each woman as she began the study as a reminder of God’s desire to wow us with Himself. In chapter one of Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God, I describe my adventure through the Scottish Highlands and how I prayed for pixie dust—an invitation for God to lavish us with His loving-kindness. Your group members can use the baggy of pixie dust as a reminder to pray and look for wonder every day.

Wonderstuck photo

“Wonderstruck Bible Study Group from FUMC Butler in Butler, PA, led by Shirley Lawrence.

5. Worship Our Wonderful God as a Community. An Ohio group hosted a night of worship and prayer hike at a local park. This served as an opportunity to celebrate God’s wonder as a body as well as reach out to the community.

6. Experience the Wonder of God in Creation Together. One Hawaiian group met on Kailua Beach at 5:30 am to watch the sunrise, have a quiet time, and go to breakfast together. The sunrise, quiet, and prayer followed by breakfast made for a morning filled with Wonderstruck moments and memories. Schedule a time to gather your group and experience God’s wonder together. Watch the sunrise, take a hike, or visit the local botanical gardens. Take time out of your schedule to see and savor God’s beautiful creation.

7. Share and Celebrate Wonder Together. One group hung a large frame with chicken wire in their meeting room. Each week they wrote a “wonderstruck moment” or a blessing on a strip of white fabric and tied it to the chicken wire. They rejoiced each week as they witnessed the blessings grow. By the end of their time together, they had a board full of evidence of God’s wonder and a physical reminder of God’s intricate involvement in their lives.


 We can’t wait to hear all the ways you’re learning to live wonderstruck and live in holy awe of our amazing God.


  1. Darlene Ames says

    I have a correction with regards to the ladies from Faith Center in Eureka. The leaders of our group were Heidi Messner, Senior Pastor and Patty Thomas. I simply provided the camera and then submitted the picture to Jessica at Margret’s office. I should have indicated who the leaders were at that time. My error and apologies to all parties.

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