He Knows My Name

It was my last day in South Africa. Before leaving the country that captivates my heart, we had one last school visit—a church daycare.

In the middle of a poverty-stricken township, stood a haven. The building sat cracked and crumbling. The winter wind whipped around the outside walls. But the warm laughter of barefooted children seeped out the fractured windows and flooded my heart.

As I stepped into a room off the main sanctuary, a cocoon of heat greeted me. The light was dim. The air was quiet. A woman sat in the corner rocking a tiny form bundled in blue. Seeing me, she stood with a smile all white and brilliant, reached out her beautiful chocolate skin, and placed the sweet miracle, just six weeks old, into my empty arms.

Looking down, I cooed and held tiny hands folded like grace, waiting to be unfurled as a gift. While kissing his soft skin, I felt love slip over the edges of my heart, spilling into his tiny life.


What’s his name, I whispered into the thick air.

He has no name, the woman answered.

He has no name? I stood—my mind trying to process the enormity of those four words. Suddenly I felt his weight. His burden. This tiny babe with no name. My heart broke, and the cold wind slipped into its cracks. In less than six hours I would board a plane, and this babe with no name would haunt my dreams for years.

Have you ever sat at the edge of the world—a stranger to society? Or walked through a sea of people and felt you were alone. Or wondered if a single soul even cares to know your name? Not abandoned—really. But not really loved.

Don’t be deceived, my sweet sister. Your feelings betray you. They betray you because I serve a God who knows your name.

The God of the Heavens and the Earth created you. Knit you together. Numbered the hairs on your head. Purposed your life. This God—He gave you a name. And even when you have wandered in the lonely dessert, slipping on the hot sand beneath your feet, He is an oasis of belonging.

Because little in this life is easy. And there are days we think no one wants us. And there are days we shoulder the weight of stones hurled toward our heads. And there are days when we feel unloved. unwanted. unnamed.


He knows our name. And He knows the name of my sweet babe swaddled in blue.

Isaiah the prophet gave us these words from our Creator: Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; you are mine (Isa. 43:1b, HCSB).

Did you hear Him? Did you hear Him whisper your name? We are His—bought with the price of a love stretched across splintered wood. We belong. We belong to the King of the universe. Our home is with Him. And there is nothing to fear.

Rise up, beloved sister. The King calls out to you. Because you are loved. You are wanted. You are named.

Headshot_IsemingerI am Human. Flawed. Passionate. Overwhelmed. Creative. Tired. JoyFilled. Messy. Colorful. Sinful. Redeemed. I am the wife of an all-too-human Prince Charming and mother of two beautifully-imperfect children. My soul belongs to Jesus. He’s the reason I can unveil Joy in this journey of life. You can find me at PetalsofJoy.org.


  1. says

    We all have times when we feel nameless. Your post reminds me of a favorite song by Tommy Walker, “He Knows My Name.” Like most songs, there’s a special story behind it.

    Thank you for loving the boy in blue. And thank you for sharing his story.

  2. Kristine says

    Thank you so much for seeing the needs of our hearts as women and putting them into words, then showing us the heavenly wisdom that is the balm to our wounds. Love this blog post, my dear sister-friend!

  3. says

    You have shared a special, intimate response to a baby whom you loved and comforted in your arms.
    I have experienced a similar closeness to babies I have never seen, never touched, or held or kissed. They are the unborn babies for whom I have stood in alien territory to offer help to mothers planning to abort their offspring.
    What you have written so beautifully resonates in my soul. God bless this one little boy. God protect them all.

  4. Elsie Bouwman says

    Not only does He know my name, when His Spirit gets my attention, I notice what He wants me to notice. Like Moses, out in the wilderness, doing what he often did, tending the sheep; he sees a burning bush and goes to see what that’ all about. I’m sitting in the dentist chair, getting my teeth cleaned and there has been music playing, but all of a sudden I’m hearing the lyrics like they were for me: “You are my treasure…” over and over up to 8 times. Very dear and precious to me is Holy Spirit revealing Jesus! Draw near to me and I will draw near to you.


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