Leaders: Don’t Forget These Five Things

Some of you are new at this whole women’s ministry thing. Others of you have been around for a while.

But no matter who you are or where you are, there are always new things to learn and take in. Hopefully, these five things will help you as you lead women in your context.


Be flexible. Something will go wrong! It’s inevitable, but the more that you can be flexible, the more it will serve you well in the long run.

Give your ministry away. The more that it’s “your” ministry, the less room you’ve left for other women and for God to do what only He can do through the ministry. Empower other women to truly feel like they’re invested and a part of what’s going on, and give away as much as you can! If a ministry is built on you as a leader, there’s a really good chance it’ll fall apart if you ever leave.

Surround yourself with a team. Let’s just face it, you’re not perfect. You don’t have it all figured out, and you’re not the best at everything. That’s why you need an incredible team around you! Surround yourself with women from other generations, demographics, talents, and abilities. I’m great at organizing and planning, but I’m terrible at the creative aspects of events. I try to surround myself with someone who can think creatively and run with a great idea!

Think about the women who aren’t just like you. It’s easy to think of ideas and plan for women who are in the same chapter of life you’re in. Make sure you take the time to consider how to minister to those who are in other life stages and whose schedules are different than yours. If you don’t know what that looks like, ask around! Get women in other life stages and situations to help.

Bring it back to the Gospel. If your aim and goal isn’t to bring women to a saving, deeper knowledge of Jesus, may I ask the question, “What are you doing?” As you lead Bible studies, plan events, counsel women, and meet needs, it all comes back to Jesus and the Gospel. Without him, we’ve got nothing. Keep him at the center, and it will keep your ministry centered. After all, it’s all about him.

This list definitely isn’t exhaustive, but hopefully it’s a start. What would you add to this list to share with other women’s ministry leaders?

For more practical ideas on reaching the women in your church, join us next month in Nashville for the Women’s Forum. We’ve got quite the line-up of speakers!


  1. Cassandra Simons says

    With help at the church we started a Ladies Only Lunch. It was so strong for a year and a half. Our nephew had canser and I turned to help with my family and the Lunch stopped. I told some of the Ladies to keep ot going because I had family stuff to take care of but it all stopped. Now the Ladies are asking me to get things going again. I want to but I don’t know how to get it going again. Also my husband just started to preach and I am still adjust to that. I just don’t want it to fail if I have to remove my self again.

  2. Elaine says

    Remember this is volunteer………not mandatory. Sometimes other obligations take precedents………….illness of family member, birthday/anniversary, special scheduled dinner, out of town visitors, etc.

  3. says

    Cassandra – Not sure how often you have your Ladies Lunch, but perhaps you can get other women to sign up to serve as the “hostess” even if it’s at your church or a restaurant. That way they would be committed to attend and it could function without you there if necessary.

    Mary Margaret – Great list!! :) Two things I might add: 1. Cover everything in prayer – not that God would just bless your plans, but that He would DIRECT your plans. 2. Be quick to apologize. You are going to make mistakes both big and small. Sometimes we just need to apologize for OUR part in what happened (even if it’s not really our fault). IE. I am so sorry you felt slighted….

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