Free Friday: Breaking Free

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Update: Congrats to Jessica for winning this giveaway!

A lot of women have done Breaking Free. And I mean, a lot. But no two of these women walk away with the same story. It’s a study that speaks to each woman totally differently, meeting her right where she is. Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 6.22.45 AM

I did Breaking Free in 2006 during a lunchtime Bible study with a couple of people I knew and many that I didn’t.

Breaking Free is an incredibly rich study, but the piece of wisdom that made the largest impact on me was the idea of generational strongholds.

I’d never heard that topic addressed before, and it was a lightbulb moment to see that negative behaviors are often unintentionally passed down through families. Often negative traits and habits remain almost unrecognizable. After all, when it’s your family’s way of life, it seems normal to you.

But Beth taught that learned behaviors can be strongholds. She says in the study:

“Anything passed down to us that inhibits the full expression of freedom we should have in Christ qualifies as bondage … our aim is to be loosed from anything limiting our lives in Christ.”

That idea was a gamechanger for me. It made me ask myself questions like, Is this who I am? Is this who I want to be? In what areas do I need to break the cycle? And that was the beginning of my never-ending journey to self-awareness, a journey of consciously looking inward and outward and upward.

Breaking Free is special because Beth considers this her life message to share.

The 10-sessions draw parallels between the captive Israelites of the Old Testament and New Testament believers in Jesus to discover the transforming power of freedom in Jesus Christ, but this revised and updated edition also includes powerful testimonies from women who have found freedom and been delivered from personal captivity.

Have you ever been to one of Beth’s Living Proof Live events? If yes, tell us where and when! If no, just leave a comment with your name! (Note: The giveaway is random. Neither “yes” nor “no” will increase your chances.)

Leave a comment answering the question, and you’ll be entered to win a Breaking Free small group kit, which includes the leader pack and five member books (a $250 value!).

By entering today’s giveaway, you acknowledge LifeWay Christian Resource’s official promotion rulesToday’s giveaway starts at the posting time of this blog and ends next Tuesday (10/15/13) at 11:59 p.m. CST. You must be 18 to enter, and you may only enter once. The winner will be selected at random. For questions about the rules and regulations of this giveaway, please contact Bud Harlan at One LifeWay Plaza, Nashville, TN 37234-140.


  1. Pat Wright says

    I have been to Beth Moore in Springfield, IL 4 years ago and will be attending in Springfield, IL again October 25, 26. Can’t wait! Thanks for the chance to win Beth’s Breaking Free” study!

  2. colette says

    YES! I saw her this year in Phoenix and a couple years ago in Tucson Az. I LOVE Beth! :-) Thank You for the opportunity to win!

  3. Carrie Taylor says

    Beth has touched so many hearts for Jesus! I am always amazed with her desire for all to know that it is HIS message coming through her and asks for no recognition herself.

  4. Lisa Maynard says

    I’ve been to Grand Rapids, Redding PA & multiple simulcasts. Looking forward to next year in Ft Wayne, IN.

  5. Kristina says

    YES! My church (Victory International) in Hamilton, Ontario hosted a LPL event for the first time this year on September 14.. It was an amazing experience!

  6. Sharee says

    Oh yes! I’ve seen Beth Moore Living Proof several times and it’s always amazing and perfectly timed for what I’m going through at that moment. I’ve seen her in Colorado Springs, Colorado; in Lincoln, Nebraska and just this past summer in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

  7. Cindy Willhelm says

    Haven’t had the privilege of hearing Beth live but have done several of her studies and love her! Always feel truly blessed when I leave a session. :)

  8. Sarah says

    I haven’t been to one of Beth’s events, but I have watch her speak online several times. Hopefully one day I’ll get to see her speak in person!

  9. Lisa Wight says

    I have not been to LPL in person, but I’ve participated in a simulcast twice here in Maine: once with a large women’s group in an area church, and once with a small ladies’ bible study group in our church parsonage.

  10. Jessica Wimmer says

    I’m getting ready to attend the conference in Florida!!!! The BREAKING FREE study is on my ‘to do’ list for the ladies in the ministry I lead. <3

  11. Catherine Austin says

    I have not been to a LPL, but I watched the LPL September 14th Simucast, and enjoyed it alot. I am restricted to a wheelchair or hospital bed due to illness and an immune defiency. So I do not have the option of attending a live event in person, as much as I would like to. I think I have done abbout 6 of Beth’s Bible Studies. I just love them.

  12. Kristen says

    Yes, Providence, Rhode Island (July 2013) … and watched the Simulcast like 3 times, so I felt like I was there…

  13. Lisa Taylor says

    Yes, LPL just a few weeks ago in Roanoke, VA September 14. Got the Lifeway Digital Pass – such a blessing!

  14. nita says

    No, I haven’t. But I did do a Breaking Free study as a follow up to Believing God. Breaking Free helped me loose so many things that I was holding onto, mainly hurts from my childhood. Beth has a way of explaining things that touch the most common of us and I love how she relates to us that way.

  15. Sharon Monett says

    I saw her once, quite a few years ago, but I don’t think it was a Living Proof Live event. Would love to go to one, though.

  16. Donna Herto says

    I have never been to a LPL event, but I have attended a simulcast. It was a few years ago at Chestnut Ridge Church in Morgantown, WV. I am thankful for His wisdom which Beth imparts in her studies. I’ve done many of them, but not this particular one!
    ~Donna Herto

  17. Lisa Beech says

    I have never been to one, but I am always searching for theologically strong and convicting studies that speak to the unique needs of us women. Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. Cheryl says

    Never been to a live event, but we hosted a simulcast this year at the church I work for, it was small but mighty!!! Lives changed. Keep up the good work! We all appreciate it.

  19. crystal gossen says

    I’ve never been to a life event but have started my third beth Moore bible study. These bible studies spoken to me at critical points in my life. God has blessed beth n I’m grateful for her knowlege .

  20. Pamela Johnson says

    Yes, I have been to a Beth Moore event in Rosemont, IL in 2010. I love Beth’s studies, they always hit me where I stand!

  21. Tina says

    Yes, my sister flew in from Michigan and we went together to Knoxville, Tn last year!!!!! Such a blessing, our ladies so enjoyed Breaking Free, we are really wanting to do the updated version!!!! Thank you!!!!

  22. Cynthia says

    I have been to several LPL……Stillwater, OK….Oklahoma City, OK…Little Rock, AR…and most recently Tulsa, OK

  23. Jackie in NJ says

    We did the LPL Simulcast on 9/14/13 at The First Baptist Church of Red Bank in NJ. WE LOVED IT! I also love this idea of “Breaking Free” and breaking the family cycle of negative behavior. This should be our next study!

  24. Diane Seltzer says

    I have been to 4 of Beth’s LPL conferences: Richmond, Va., Baltimore, MD., Redding, PA., and Greensboro, NC. I have also attended 2 SSMT Celebrations in Houston! 😀

  25. Regina says

    I have been to LPL every year for the past four years and got to meet Beth her in person at her conference at Charleston, WV. I have done many of Bible Studies and continue to host at least two a year. She is such an inspiration and during every study someone has found out how they CAN have an intimate relationship with Jesus. Beth’s gift is leading us to reach the next level of our callings and helps even the most broken understand that their cracks can be resealed with his redeeming blood. What a calling God has placed on such a sweet woman!

  26. Tammy Kennedy says

    This Giveaway IS FOR ME!! I just met with our church board members Wed. nite 10/9/13, for approval to purchase the Breaking Free study guide! I read the book myself when I lost my job in 2010 and it brought me so much peace. I attended Beth’s Living Proof simulcast recently and that’s when God placed on my heart to lead a ladies bible study at my church on Breaking Free.
    God’s Timing is always PERFECT!!

  27. Ramona Hinden says

    I attended one in Sioux Falls, South Dakota & St. Paul, Minnesota & have done many of your studies! Thank you for teaching Gods word!!!

  28. Cindy Kelling says

    I have not been to LPL, but hope to some day! I have done several Beth Moore Studies and have enjoyed every one!

  29. Johanna Robinson says

    Yes, I went to my first LPL webcast at Shepherd of the Hills church just recently with a friend and because of that we decided we were going to start our own small group at the end of November. This would be perfect for our first study.

  30. Becky Brooks says

    Not sure. I did go to a simulcast about 2 yrs ago. My friend (and Pastor’s wife) invited me. She has been a precious God given friend over the last 2 yrs. Every place I’ve seen her pour into my life, like inviting me to the simulcast, I have also seen God’s hand at work. There has always been a positive change, difference, even small ones.

  31. Amy D says

    I have not had the pleasure of attending a Living Proof Live but have gone through many of Beth’s bible studies and love them all!!!

  32. Tanya Keeth says

    I have been blessed to have attended several LPL events. I saw the last simulcast and the last LPL event I attended was in Bossier City, La. God has used Beth Moore in a mighty way in my life. I feel led to facilitate Bible studies and one I definitely want to do is Breaking Free. It is an awesome study that brought freedom to me and many others.

  33. Melanie says

    I attended the one in Little Rock, AR with my mother a few years ago and it was very powerful. I have also been to two simulcast events they were awesome!

  34. Mandy Britton says

    My girlfriends and I went to a Living Proof Live in Lexington. I also went with a group of women from church to a Deeper Still conference in Louisville. Loved both!!

  35. Pamela Cryer says

    I have never done a bible study in person with her but I have done several of her books.
    Love, Love , Love her.

  36. JoAnne Timothy says

    I have been to a Beth Moore event and love her teaching and studies. My prayer is that I could win this and share with women who have not experienced Beth before!

  37. Janette Murray says

    Yes! – Fort Lauderdale, FL……Orlando, FL….. (even went to the Deeper Still event in Orlando…)
    MANY Simulcasts…..and watched the September, 2013 simulcast from my home in Lizard Lick, NC….

  38. Kelly says

    Yes! I went to the Living Proof event in March in Phoenix. I’ve done the Patriarchs group study with a group and just started ‘Get Out of That Pit”. I have recently withdrawn from God, although I hear Him calling, I find myself unable to follow His voice. After a trip back home a few weeks ago, I was greatly distressed at how much I did NOT want to be like my family, but I don’t know any other behavior. Beth’s delivery of God’s message always touches my heart and enriches my relationship with Him. I would treasure the opportunity to do the Breaking Free bible study and both break free of the behaviors I don’t want, and to recognize and hold dear the many good behaviors of my family..

  39. Michele Cheatham says

    I attended the September 14 th LP via live simulcast at my church in La Vernia, Tx. Taking my mother in law and sister in law to the July 2014 LP in Lubbock. Can’t wait!

  40. Tammy says

    I have not been to a LIVING proof live event. I am planning on going when the event takes place in Minneapolis this spring!

  41. Kristin Gaither says

    No. I haven’t been able to attend one, but I would love to. I would LOVE to win a copy of the Breaking Free study!

  42. Libby says

    Yes! Richmond live and many simulcasts near my home in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Beth has impacted me like no other teacher and Breaking Free has meant so much to my faith walk.

  43. Kathy Shouse says

    Yes, I have been to several of Beth Moore’s LPL conferences. One was with Priscilla Shirer and Kay Arthur a few years ago.. I have loved each one of them and came back feeling so refreshed. There’s nothing like worshiping God with thousands of other women. Our church has held several Beth Moore bible studies and I have done quite a few on my own. Breaking Free was one of my favorites and helped me see myself as I hadn’t before. Thank you for allowing me to see my stronghold of pride. Knowing that doing this study again will show me things in myself I didn’t see the first time. I’m excited to have tickets for Living Proof Live in Daytona Beach next month. Looking forward to a few days to study God’s word with my daughter.

  44. Charlie in Georgia says

    Breaking Free was a life changing study for me. I look forward to doing it again with my daughter. I have done several Beth Moore studies and each time I’ve done one I have been blessed beyond measure. I encourage you to “break fre”e and attend this conference, you will be changed!

  45. Sarah Goode says

    I just saw Beth at Living Proof Live in Charleston WV! I go to the simulcast yearly but she finally came to our town. Beth Moore are my favorite Bible studies! My group has done 5 so far……

  46. Debra Kennard says

    No…never been to a LPL but have seen a simialcast once & have done at least 6 of the studies at church with friends & not only learned about God’s many lessons for us but opened the door to a whole new experience in the old testiment….Thanks Beth & I would love to be able to go to a LPL one day soon!

  47. Rachel Letourneau says

    I saw Beth in Mpls at LPL in 2003 and then again in Las Vegas, Nv in 2007 for Deeper Still. It changed my life!

  48. sallie says

    I have been fortunate to be the host of two Beth Moore Simulcast for our church. Looking forward to seeing her live in Hershey PA in May 2014

  49. Tammy Bain says

    No, i havent been able to attend but I do watch her Wednesdays with Beth and anything else I can come across =) I actually had a friend ask me about doing this study this wednesday evening! Would love it. Tammy Bain, Alabama

  50. Chris Bures says

    I attended a Living Proof Seminar in 2001 at FBC in Ft. Lauderdale. Totally changed my life. I surrendered all to Him and have been sharing that testimony ever since.

  51. Jennifer Hall says

    Back in 2011, attended a live simulcast of a Beth Moore event. Even though we weren’t there in person, it was still very powerful.

  52. Julie Taylor says

    I’ve been fortunate enough to go to several Living Proof Live events. Charlotte and a couple in Atlanta. I’ve also attended a couple of the Simulcast Events at our church.

  53. Charlotte Bankson says

    I love her heart for the Lord! Beth has inspired me to seek Christ more and more each day! Breaking Free was the first study of hers that I did and that is when I fell in love with His Word!

  54. Cindy Tackett says

    YES, I saw Beth Moore live in Spokane, WA a couple of years ago. I have also benefitted richly from Breaking Free and finding my Egyptian plunder in all the bondage. Great study!

  55. Lee Ann Aguilar says

    Yes, in New Orleans April 3-4, 2009. Two day event. I have been involed in several of Beth’s Bible Studies. Beth has helped me in so many ways. She is truly a blessing for all women. When she speaks you can hear God through Beth speaking to his Beloved children.

  56. Debbie says

    Yes, I have been to Kentucky, Charleston W.Va. Indiana, Louisville, and a few others.
    Getting ready to Log In to Watch 2013. Loved Every One of them.

  57. Treasure Ross says

    I went to see Beth live in Calgary, Alberta in June of 2012. I have also been on the committee at my church that organized two Beth Moore simulcasts in 2012 and 2013.

  58. Sharyl Riley says

    No, I have never been to a Living Proof Event. I would like to attend one day. Beth Moore’s studies have deepened my faith and knowledge in God’s Word. I am currently doing Mercy Triumphs. I have been challenged in my everyday thinking.

  59. Sandy Chapman says

    I have been to 2 living proof conferences… I went to Spokane Arena many years ago with friends (we drove 5 hours to get there :)) and just recently went to the Sept 14th Simulcast in Enumclaw WA.

  60. Irene Comtois says

    I went to a Living Proof seminar in Providence just this past summer. Unbelievable. It took me a couple of weeks to get down off my high.

  61. Rita Lechlider says

    I have never been to one of Beth’s events in person, but I did watch the simulcast in September. What a blessing!

  62. Mary Geddings says

    I’ve seen Beth in Greensboro and Raleigh, NC and through in-church simulcasts. But most recently, I enjoyed her LPL in the comfort of my living room at my own desk. It was WONDERFUL. I would really appreciate the opportunity to win this Bible study. By the way, who won the Stepping Up materials last week?

  63. Kristin Lawrence says

    No, I have never been to one of Beth Moore’s speaking engagements. It is on my bucket list of things to do one day!

  64. Mahoganie says

    I have never been to a Beth Moore event. Listened to the CDs with a friend, but would love to have one of her Bible Studies!!!

  65. Sandra Hingst says

    No. I would love to see her come to Omaha, NE one day so I could attend. (My health doesn’t allow me to travel)

  66. Robin Winkler says

    yes! Just went on September 14th at Mount Vernon Baptist Church in Boone, North Carolina. It was life changing and I rededicated myself to god on this day! I would love to win and share this bible study with others!

  67. Jan Swisher says

    No, I have never attended one of Beth’s events. I have done a couple of her studies–one that used the videos while the other didn’t.

  68. Emily White says

    Yes! I just went to the Living Proof Live simulcast at Temple Baptist Church in New Bern, NC, “No Longer!” It was amazing. I’m so glad I finally got to see Beth Moore Live because I’ve taken so many of her Bible studies, and I LOVE the way she speaks TRUTH! Our women’s Bible study group is actually doing the Daniel study on integrity right now :)

  69. Sherry Kanoy says

    Yes I have been to an LPL event in Greensboro, NC, and I have been to a Beth Moore simulcast in Greensboro, NC as well. I work at a Pregnancy Care Center in High Point, NC and I would love to win this Bible Study to share with our girls and with our Mentors.

  70. Kelly Cross says

    Never been to a LPM event, but always participate through my church’s simulcast! Love Beth…she is a great teacher and inspiration!

  71. Danielle Anderson says

    May 2011
    Eden Prairie, MN
    It is a time in my life I will always remember. I still refer to my notes taken from that event!

  72. Kris Lambertus says

    I’ve had the joy of attending one of Beth Moore’s in Des moine, Iowa in 2004 and recently the Sept 14th Simulcast along with a few of her bible studies. I am finding the Sacred Secrets study deep and filled with opportunities with God alone, Secrets do Manifest! And I am learning that It’s okay to be Intimacy with Some, Transparent with many, Authentic with All. Would love to lead Ladies through Breaking Free study.

  73. Jenn Burwell says

    While I have been to see Women of Faith and Dr. David Jeremiah, I don’t believe I have ever seen Beth Moore!

  74. Aurora M. Quinones says

    I also have been in several simulcast and in Phoenix and Tucson to see and hear BETH MOORE. I enjoy and get a blessing from everyone of her teachings…and I PRAISE HIS NAME for using her. I also would like more SPANISH literature from her so when we go to the missions in MEXICO, I can take her lessons to other women over there.

  75. Jennifer Erickson says

    Yes! I have been to two Beth Moore simulcasts at my church, Camano Chapel, on Camano Island, WA! They were amazing and a great time for fellowship with many woman I know! Looking forward to seeing Beth live in May!

  76. Susan Wright says

    Charleston, WV 2013
    I had the privilege of being on the Charleston Planning team as a city coordinator! It was a year long journey that changed my life and I would do it again in a heart beat! Love you guys!!

  77. Betty Stickrod says

    Yes, in Roanoke, Va and Richmond, Va. Her excellent way of communicating the Word is a blessing to so many women and also to a lot of men!

  78. Rachel Anderson says

    Six women from our church (including me!) have tickets to LPL Daytona Beach FL this November 2013! Can’t wait for my first LPL event.

  79. Debbie Manthe says

    The most recent time I went to an event was in New Orleans, LA when Beth was “roaming” the audience and ministered to a lady sitting very near me. Beth was the most compassionate, real individual, wanting to touch lives spiritually and literally. It was a wonderful experience that I hope many of you are able to have someday if not already. Thank you, Lord, for enabling Beth to share Your love everywhere she goes. :-)

  80. Judy Rice says

    Saw LPL event at Anderson University in September and have done many of Beth’s studies over the years. Participated in the old Breaking Free at the time of 9-11. I will never forget it! I would love to win the new and updated one.
    God Bless

  81. Kimberly Gillette says

    I saw Beth Moore in Oklahoma City, OK several years ago. Have not done Breaking Free Bible study and would love to add it to my collection. I hope my name is drawn!!

  82. says

    My ladies and I went to Spokane and Tacoma, WA. A few of the women worked in Tacoma and want to do it again! She is so awesome and really speaks to a woman’s heart. Haven’t done Breaking Free but would love to.

  83. says

    I did Breaking Free when it first came out and it was a life-changer! It also taught me, as a ministry leader, to be transparent with the women I come into contact with. Beth opened her life to us so we could see things that were keeping us from being all Christ intended. Thank you LifeWay for publishing this those years ago!!

  84. Mary Buhler says

    I am currently studying Seeking the heart of David. This is my first time in one of her studies and I have bee so changed and motivated by Beth. I would love the chance to be able to do the Breaking free study! God bless you Beth and thank you for what you do.

  85. Sarah Headley says

    I went to LPL in Memphis, TN in October 2009 and then again in Little Rock, AR in fall of 2010. They were great conferences at a pivotal point in my walk. I’m very thankful that I got to go and would love for LPL to come back to Little Rock.

  86. Chrissy Jones says

    I had the opportunity to go to a Living Proof Live a few months ago in Greensboro that was the inspiration for Beth’s new study “Sacred Secrets”. It was a phenomenal experience! I can’t wait to attend another! :)

  87. Holly says

    I have been to MANY LPL events…Phoenix (2013 & 2005, I think), Tucson (2010), Albuquerque (2006 & 2009, I think) & San Diego (2007). My group and I have been incredibly blessed by the Word of the Lord Every.Single.Time!!

  88. Linda Casella says

    I am doing the Believe God Bible Study right now and have just been blessed beyond measure. Thank you Beth for all you do and for all that God does through you.

  89. Regina Taylor says

    No, I have never been to a live event. But my church was a host site for the simulcast on September 14, 2013. We had about 65 women in attendance that day, which is around our regular Sunday service attendance

  90. Pam Leeper says

    I have seen Beth several times in person at Living Proof events. Started in Ft. Worth, TX; Tipelo, MS; New Orleans, LA; Little Rock, AR. All GREAT with a special message. Have completed 7 of the bible study series.

  91. Alissa Gannaway says

    My daughter and I are coming to Springfield on October 25th! My daughter and I went to see Beth in Knoxville last year and Columbus, Ohio the year before that! (My daughter is only 15 and SHE LOVES our Beth Moore weekends!)

  92. Amy Gosney says

    I haven’t yet, but would love to!! I missed Little Rock, Arkansas because I was in Phoenix, AZ, then I missed Phoenix, AZ because I was in Tokyo, Japan! Ugh! I have done several of her studies, though!! :)

  93. Kim U says

    I have been to over 10 LPL events, mostly in Florida and I will be attending the one is Springfield in a little over a week.

  94. Dodi Timbrook says

    YES!! I saw her August 2011 in Columbus, Ohio. I have also attended two of her Simulcasts. Her most recent simulcast on Grace was so very good!!

  95. Judy Whoolery says

    No, I haven’t been to a live event but have done some of her bible studies. I would love to see her in person at a bible study.

  96. Sheryl Plott says

    YES! Both times in Nashville, TN! Once in 20008 and once in 2010…both at a time when I needed them most and both were tickets someone had to give up! God breathed!!!

  97. Susan Browning says

    No, but have done several of the Bible studies on my own. They were a gift from my daughter in love (law).

  98. Melissa Rausch says

    Yes! Went to Kansas City, MO 2012, hosted a simulcast at our church in 2010, and watched the 2013 simulcast.

  99. Vicky Kawamae says


    Living in Hawaii, makes attending a live event harder. Beth needs to come back to Hawaii!!! I have been blessed to attend the simulcast events in Hawaii and one year, my church hosted the simulcast. Tremendous blessing!!!!!

    Love you all!

  100. Michelle Hancock says

    Yes. I have been to two. Both in Richmond, Virginia. They were both AMAZING. We have been doing her Bible Studies since 2008, but seeing her and the Living Proof Live Worship Team in person is SO AWESOME!! God is doing some WONDERFUL and AMAZING things through her ministry. I am so thankful for all that she and her family does to help the broken and downcast. GLORY BE TO GOD!

  101. Teresa says

    Yes, September 2013 in Louisville, MS simulcast “No Longer”. Would love to win this for our small group Bible study .

  102. Marie Moy says

    I’ve been to LPL in Buffalo, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh, and several simulcasts.
    This Bible study was life changing, and I’d love to share it at my current church.

  103. Susan says

    No, but I heard Beth speak at a women’s event in Birmingham a long time ago, I think it was called Dayspring but not sure about that. I don’t remember the year, but it was right after A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place was released. My mom and I loved her message so much that we went home and bought the kit and used it to lead a women’s Bible study at our church.

  104. Cindy Cannon says

    It’s normally something I do each year! Springfield, IL – St. Louis, MO – Columbus, OH – Kansas City, MO – Moline, IL – and plan to attend again in Springfield, IL in just a few days. Beth’s Study has inspired me to study God’s word, and apply it to my life!

  105. Lyssa says

    Yes one in Oklahoma City a long time ago, and several in Houston during the Tuesday Bible Studies she does. They were all awesome, life changing. Going to the one next year in Lubbock!

  106. Deborah J says

    BLESSED to have had the privilege of attending a LPL event in Colorado Springs, CO a few years ago and to have had the opportunity to attend the LPL event in Lubbock, TX in September, 2011….

  107. Tara says

    LPL Knoxville August 2012. Such a fantastic girls weekend…even saw a meteor shower that night. Spent the whole night with girlfriends and shooting stars. Fantastic:)

  108. Chellé Wargo says

    I attended LPL in both MD and Pittsburgh as well as Deeper Still in Orlando 2009. I try never to miss her when she passes through :-). Great opportunity to gather friends together to seek Him!!

  109. Sandy Bowers says

    Simulcasts in 2011, 2012 & 2013. Excited to already be registered for 2014 simulcast IN PERSON!!!! Sandy Bowers

  110. says

    Our church recently hosted the Beth Moore simulcast. I love Beth! She is anointed! I have completed about 8 of her Bible studies and Breaking Free was my first. I would LOVE to facilitate a Bible study of her Breaking Free with a group of young women at my church. :)

  111. cathy lindquist says

    Never been to a live event with beth moore.I don’t know if she has been to my state NH. Our womens ministry has done many of her studies.

  112. Theresa LeBlanc says

    I have attended 2 Living Proof Live simulcasts. One at Blue Valley Baptist Church, Overland Park, KS and one at Legacy Christian Church, Overland Park, KS.

  113. Channelle McKoy says

    No, I have not attended a Living Proof event but over the last year & half ish the Lord has been working in me & showing me how to walk in freedom.. It’s wonderfully painful & hard but I know worth it.

  114. Pattie Griffin says

    Yes, I have . . . 3 times!!!! Life changing experiences! Portland, Oregon 2003 and 2006 (I think) and then Eugene, Oregon this year in March!

  115. Kim Morgan says

    Yes. Baton Rouge, 200? With a group of women. Pensacola, FL 2011. With my husband. Beth walked up the stairs after asking “why are you here?” She put her hand on my husbands shoulder and said “I’m tempted to ask a brother why he’s here, but I won’t today.” My husband would’ve been glad to answer! The reason he was/we were there was because HE planned the trip and sacrificed his annual St. Jude marathon run for a weekend getaway just for me to help me de-stress and make a critical decision in my life! Looking forward to the next trip when I can take both my girls!

  116. Dee Bentley says

    Sterling Christian Church Veedersburg,Indiana about 5 yrs ago. Hillsboro Nazarene ,Hillsboro, Indiana 3 yrs ago and Williamsport Christian Church this year

  117. HIllary Humberson says

    Hi Beth,
    This study was THE one that rocked and changed my world! i thank God for you and for your ministry!

    Love, Hillary

  118. Mary T says

    Although I have never participated in a Beth Moore Bible Study, I have read many passages from her books. I follow all the posts I receive from LifeWay and am always inspired and encouraged. I would love to share in Beth’s journey and share this with others! My love for my Triune God and the intimacy of my relationship with Him has been truly deepened through Bible study. I would love this opportunity! God bless!

  119. Tammi Durso says

    Have bought tickets twice and had to give them up both times due to unforeseen circumstances :-( But I’ve done all her studies and Breaking Free was the first one I ever did. Changed my life. I’m so thankful to God for bringing her teaching into my life and thankful to her for her faithful labor.

  120. Paige Chaney says

    Yes!!! Living Proof simulcast 9-14-2013 in Burleson, TX
    It was first time going to one and it was amazing. I am under grace!!!

  121. Deb Treutle says

    No, but I’ve read a few of her books. I re-read parts of Believing God and Breaking Free recently. God used this to encourage me and ease my fears as a new leader of a ladies group at my church.

  122. Sue Speir says

    Yes, LPL Atlanta (Duluth) 2013, and a LIve simulcast at Woodstock First Baptist in 2010 (or ’09?) Both were amazing!

  123. Stephanie Aker says

    Yes! I attended the last simulcast … NO LONGER … here in Denver. I received some bad news the night before and just wanted to stay home and cry and isolate but I had invited a neighbor. I got up and went and it was transforming for myself and my neighbor. She now attends the church we say the simulcast at regularly and her grandson is plugged into a much needed youth group. THANK YOU!!

  124. Jessica says

    Sisters4Life, a women’s ministry of HarvestAG, thanks Lifeway for this giveaway!!!!! We are so excited and will be looking forward to BREAKING FREE! Thank you so much for this huge blessing! <3

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