8 Ways to Deal with the Perfectionist in Me


Okay, please tell me I’m not alone. Am I the only women’s ministry leader who does this? Or do you also struggle with perfectionism?

I can say I was raised by a perfectionist dad and I take after him. Or I can say I’m a visionary… one who is never satisfied and always looking for a way to do it better. Or I can say, I HATE making mistakes.

No matter what I call it, as a leader, I sometimes JUST make mistakes. I want to model strong work ethics and integrity, but does that equal perfection? There is only one who was perfect and it’s not me.

I am so grateful for Christ’s perfection and that He modeled for us what that looks like. But until we reach heaven we will not be fully perfect “like him” (1 John 3:2). In the mean time we are still growing and learning, often learning more from mistakes than getting it right!

So what do we do in the mean time?

Here’s what I suggest (and I want to be better at doing!):

  1. Understand we will make mistakes, no matter how hard we try to keep everything together.
  2. Ask why it happened, BUT don’t spend more time trying to figure out WHY than it takes to just get it done correctly!
  3. Pray for God to clarify what you need to do daily and ask Him to bring to mind the most critical issues for that day.
  4. Keep in mind that relationships trump tasks!
  5. Ask what you can learn from the mistake to help you in the future.
  6. Get help if you need it to accomplish the task.
  7. Pray for God to continue to show you grace and give yourself grace as you navigate life, relationships, and ministry.
  8. Thank God for the opportunities He gives us to serve Him!

How do you handle mistakes?


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