Free Friday: Stepping UP

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Update: Congrats to Jodi for winning this giveaway!

We are so thrilled that October is finally here. Leaves are beginning to change colors, the temps are starting to dip a tad, and coffee shops across America are bringing out our favorite seasonal drinks. So we thought we’d add to the fun and share with you some of our favorite Beth Moore Bible studies this month every Friday, which of course will each include a giveaway!

When I started at LifeWay six years ago, one of my co-workers invited me to join a group of women doing a Bible study during lunch. The Bible study was Beth Moore’s Stepping Up: A Journey Through the Psalms of Ascent. 10413LWW

I wasn’t very familiar with Beth Moore. It was my first of her studies to do.

I experienced for the first time her gentle command for participants to repeat phrases and Scripture after her.

She meant it, too.

It was uncomfortable at first, but then I realized that the other women in the room were following along. I’ve completed many Beth Moore studies throughout the years, and it now seems natural to talk back to Beth, even though she’s on the other side of the screen.

Years later, when I experienced a little division among the ladies in the small group I was leading, I showed them the last session of Stepping Up. Beth references Zephaniah 3:9, and how we should “serve Him shoulder to shoulder.” She had the ladies in the video stand up and scoot in shoulder-to-shoulder, and the six girls in my small group did the same in my apartment living room. We felt silly, but it was also a powerful moment of unity and support.

One of the most unique things about Beth and her teaching style is that she gently commands interaction from participants. It’s something I love about her Bible studies. I get sucked in, engaged, and I forget that I sound silly when I recite after her.

What was your first Beth Moore Bible study?

Leave a comment answering the question, and you’ll be entered to win a Stepping Up small group kit, which includes the leader pack and five member books (a $200 value!).

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    • Vickie Phillips says

      So Long Insecurity was my first………loved it…………Love Beth Moore and her heart for CHRIST!

    • Angel Walker says

      My first bible study ever, and thankfully, it was a Beth Moore study was John Beloved Disciple. It was back in 2009 and I have loved her teaching every since.

    • Karen Houser says

      My first Beth Moore study was Breaking Free, which I loved,. I am currently leading Believing God which has revolutionized my faith in God. after going through it a couple of years ago. I love how Beth (through the Holy Spirit), can weave together God’s word so we see how connected it is and how practical it can be in our everyday lives.

    • says

      “Breaking Free” was my first Beth Moore Bible study. Through that study, the Lord began pulling me up out of my pit of depression and despair. Since then I have enjoyed several more of Beth’s studies and have attended her conventions in Lubbock and Austin, Texas. I became the Bible study coordinator at our church three years ago and we are now studying “Sacred Secrets.” We’re loving it! I love Beth Moore.

    • Elizabeth Braden says

      My very first Beth Moore study was back in 2001, The Study of David, A Heart Like His!
      This study really spoke to me as did all of the others that I have taken over the years!
      God Bless you for your faithfulness to teaching the true word of God!

  1. says

    I was handed a HUGE box of VHS tapes about 15 years ago for a study by a “new” teacher for LifeWay. My pastor just told me to look at it and lead it for the women of our church. I couldn’t believe I was going to have to lead a study on the Old Testament Tabernacle. I was expecting a “snooze fest.” What I found was that God’s Word came alive to me like never before. It was A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place. My life was changed because of that study. I have led or participated in every single one of Beth’s studies since that time.

    • Mary Anna Brown says

      Dori, thanks for supporting our ministry! Isn’t it funny how Beth makes something like the Tabernacle relatable?

  2. Juliana Riley says

    My first Beth Moore study was the Patriarchs and I loved it! I am currently doing the study again and it’s amazing to find how relevant it is again in my life.

  3. Katie Hartshorn says

    I love Mrs. Beth! I’ve done her James study and it changed my life! After doing her studies, you feel like she’s your friend! :) I’m so thankful for the Godly woman she is and for what The Lord has taught me through her!

  4. Jennifer Kleinsasser says

    James was my first and favorite Beth Moore Bible Study. Learned a lot and was challenged to really dig in!

  5. Emily says

    Stepping Up! This study came at a time when my husband and I were really struggling…her insights and applications saved my marriage and helped me through a difficult miscarriage. Love her and her love for ministry and the Lord!

    • Mary Anna Brown says

      Emily, I too was going through a tumultuous time during this study. Funny how God uses Beth to speak to us at that very moment that we need it most! Thanks for sharing with us. I love to hear stories like this of redemption!

  6. Melonie Cawvey says

    My fist Study is actually the one I just started 3 weeks ago… Living Beyond Yourself. I must say that Beth loves to step on my toes. What a powerful study that encourages me to become more than I am, teaches me about the fruit of the spirit, and teaches me what it means to live out that fruit in the way God intended.

  7. Terry Celestine says

    I am not currently involved in a Bible study group. But I have a desire to learn more with other like minded women. It would be awesome to win this and be able to use it in our studies. My daughter was recently baptized and I would love to share this time with her as she is learning with an eager heart. Good luck to all who enter!!! God Bless!!

  8. says

    My first Beth Moore Study was Breaking Free making Liberty in Christ a Reality in Life! I have loved Beth Moore ever since my Hope is to be able to meet her personally, some day , would love to have Coffee and discuss the Bible with her. She is an outstanding Woman of God!

  9. Kim Labar says

    Believing God. Then followed by Breaking Free. I LOVED te self study of King David. Currently doing “The Law of Love”.

  10. Wilma Mansfield says

    My first Bible study was Daniel. I had been away from church for a period of time due to work and then having cancer. My best friend and I are buying a house together in Hot Springs, AR. She became a Christian a few months after we moved here and Daniel was being offered in a night Bible study at our church. It changed both of our lives.

  11. Lachelle Rosinski says

    Esther!! My favorite part of her studies is she stays in the Word!!!! It’s not all fluff and stories, she gets you to digg on the Bible and study it!!!

  12. Brenda says

    The last one I did was back in early 2000 and I for the life of me can’t recall the name. My bible study group has done many different studies over the year but obviously its been too long since we did a Beth Moore Study. I just relocated to Nashville and am starting my own bible study group so I would LOVE for this to be one of our fist studies!

    • Mary Anna Brown says

      Brenda, welcome to Nashville! We love it here. You can visit or to learn more about possible studies, see sample videos, and download a free sample of each. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you might like any specific recommendations!

  13. Sandy Bowers says

    DANIEL was the first Beth Moore Bible Study I did. It was very powerful. I’ve done several since, but still have a lot to do! Would love to win this one!

  14. Kathleen Hill says

    My first study was Breaking Free… I am currently doing the study again with the revised edition…amazing how new things hit me at different stages in my life. It is like doing a brand new study, life changing!

  15. says

    Beth Morre has always been a bessling to me,… I know the differance between a real and sincere Godly women who cares for women,than a women who is only caring for a “certain group” of women. Beth is the REAL DEAL! xo

  16. Adrianne Huls says

    Believing God was my first and still to this day I can raise a finger for each point. A daily reminder for living for Him

  17. LuAnn says

    My first Beth Moore bible study was “A Woman’s Heart: God’s dwelling place” My life was changed forever. I love the way she teaches and how she dives deep into God’s word.

  18. Sondra Allen says

    Esther was my first Beth Moore bible study! I love how she teaches and would love to do this study as well!

  19. says

    I must confess, I have not yet completed a Beth Moore Bible study or read one of her books. I have only recently discovered LifeWay through a simulcast. I have friends who have recommended Beth Moore to me, so I hope to begin one of her studies in the near future!

    • Mary Anna Brown says

      RaZella, we’re pleased to meet you! You can visit or to learn more about possible studies, see sample videos, and download a free sample of each. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you might like any specific recommendations!

  20. Brandy Armstrong says

    The first bible study if Beth Moore’s I did was James: Mercy Triumphs. I loved it! It would be such a blessing to win this one!

  21. says

    My first bible study ever was Beth Moore’s Daniel….I never knew when I started that, that I would fall sodeeply in love with God, and His word. But I did, and it changed my life. If I win this, I pray that God uses me like he used my friend all those years ago. God bless.

  22. Janet McQuilliams says

    My first study was Living Beyond Yourself, then I was hooked! I have done all her studies except her newest Sacred Secrets and will begin it soon! Looking forward to her next one on Thessalonians as well. I think my favorite was Breaking Free.

  23. says

    I grew up in an AG church and after completing missionettes and graduating from youth group, this gal had NEVER done a bible study. Years later, our church started small groups and our lady’s group found ourselves laughing and crying during Beth’s Esther bible study. Wow! We did The Inheritance and are gearing up to start Breaking Free next week. Can’t wait!!

  24. Sharon Lewis says

    My first Beth Moore study was Believing God. I had never done such an in-depth Bible study before, and it whet my appetite for many more. Loved it!

  25. Dorinda Peyton says

    My first study from Beth Moore was Believing God. God used that study to transform my faith and has continued to push me through several other studies as well!

  26. Nikki Bisbee says

    My first study was one on James, it was heart changing and I have done several since then. Some of my church ladies traveled to West Virginia to do a simulcast with Beth and she is by far the most powerful God driven speaker I have ever listened to! So thankful for her :)

  27. Wanda Tyler says

    I love Beth Moore bible studies! I always learn a lot and God uses them to speak to my heart! The last study I finished was The Law Of Love! Awesome study, I encourage every woman to study this one!

  28. Melba Worley says

    My first actual Bible study from Beth Moore was the one on James. I really enjoyed it, and I learned a lot about James, Scripture and myself. I just love Beth’s books, her teachings and watching her programs. She delivers clear, concise teachings; plus, she makes you think and look inside yourself for ways to draw closer to the Lord.

    • Gloria Hardee says

      My first Beth Moore bible study was, When Godly People Do UnGodly things. I do her radio program studies and her the Wednesday studies on Life today with James and Betty Robinson. She has helped me crawl out of darkness through her amazing studies. She is such an inspiration to so many women and men. God is definitely using her to further His word and helps us to understand His word in a deeper way than I ever thought possible!

    • Gloria Hardee says

      My first Beth Moore bible study was, When Godly People Do UnGodly things. I do her radio program studies and her Wednesday studies on Life today with James and Betty Robinson. She has helped me crawl out of darkness through her amazing studies. She is such an inspiration to so many women and men. God is definitely using her to further His word and helps us to understand His word in a deeper way than I ever thought possible!

  29. Sarah B. says

    My first Beth Moore biblestudy was Living beyond yourself, The fruit of the Spirit. Excellent biblestudy! Currently facilitating Breaking Free and so far its amazing.

  30. Rachel Gitzel says

    Esther was my first Beth Moore bible study! I love Beth Moore. She speaks to me. It seems like no matter what I may be going through her weekly study is talking to me!! I love it. She has helped me through a lot in life.

  31. says

    Gearing up for this Sunday’s study, Esther which will be a first one for myself and my daughter. Would love to enjoy this one as well.

  32. Lacey Craig says

    Jesus, The one and only was my first Beth Moore study. Love the feeling of sisterhood I get when I do one of her studies!!

  33. Lacy says

    I did her James study with an amazing group of women at mt church. Great study! And we are currently do her Jesus, the one and only study. Love her studies and her passion!

  34. Meredith Buchanan says

    Esther was my first and it was awesome! I’ve done several since then and every single lesson teaches me something new about the Lord and myself! They are wonderful wonderful studies!

  35. Stacy says

    I can honestly say I have never done a Beth Moore study. I am just starting to read the bible and learn about GOD all over again.

  36. Raine Fort says

    My first encounter with Beth Moore was ‘A Woman’s heart – God’s dwelling place’. She is such an incredible teacher, I love how deep she travels into the word! I have done lots of other studies but Beth is my favorite. I love the long and sometimes daunting home work and her real convictions for Jesus.

  37. Brandy says

    A Heart Like His – A Study of David! I loved it – and having come from a Catholic background and being unfamiliar with the navigation of a Bible, this study was instrumental in me becoming acquainted with, and loving my Bible! Thanks, Miss Beth! I feel like you are a lifelong friend of mine! :)

  38. Paula Hutchings says

    My first Beth Moore study was Jesus The One and Only which I did without the video. I fell in love with Beth’s way of teaching without even hearing her. It was pure delight to see her and I have done many many more since then. AND I got to see her in person last weekend in Tulsa.

  39. Sharon Monett says

    I’d taken, and led, dozens of bible studies for women but had always kind of avoided Beth Moore studies, for a variety of reasons. Primary among them was that she seemed too “together” to me. I had no idea what her testimony actually was and I wrongly assumed that she’d just had a wonderful, easy, happy-go-lucky Christian life and just wasn’t interested in her studies. Then a friend gave me the book “Believing God.” Even though I was already a reasonably mature Christian who taught adult Sunday School, led bible studies and was even leading women’s ministry and doing some speaking myself–that book CHANGED my life more than any other book aside from the Holy Word of God itself. I knew that I *had* to lead that study for the women at our church, so that was my *first* Beth Moore bible study.

    As a women’s ministry leader myself, I’d *love* to hear more about the “serve shoulder to shoulder” illustration/exercise.

    • Mary Anna Brown says

      Sharon, I had a similar impression years ago before I got to know what she was about. Isn’t it a blessing to realized that she’s just like us? And that she embraces that? The session about “serving shoulder to shoulder” is in the last few minutes of the last session of Stepping Up. Please don’t ever hesitate to contact me if you need any Bible study recommendations!

  40. Lisa Beech says

    I do not believe that I have ever done a Beth Moore Bible Study, but I would love to try one. My women’s bible study is always looking for material that challenges us to step it up with one another and our community.

    • kimberly says

      Ohhhhh!! Then you need to do a Beth Moore study! She puts things in “real” terms, makes ya laugh, cry…. and learn!

      • Mary Anna Brown says

        Lisa, are you located near a LifeWay Christian Store? You can go there and see the various Beth Moore offerings. Or, even easier, visit
        There you can watch video clips, see a sample of the member books, and get an overall idea of the theme of each study. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want a specific recommendation!

  41. Sheryl Waters says

    Breaking Free has a special place in my heart because it was the first Moore study I ever had attended. I was very reluctant and didn’t want to go. It was a very dark time in my life and a Bible study was the last thing on my mind. But God’s timing is perfect. Here I am some 12 years later leading the Women’s Ministry in my church. Needless to say we have had many Beth Moore studies as well as others. I love living in this time when God has gifted so many women in teaching other women.

  42. Carrie Herrera says

    Breaking free was my first. I have done so many of her studies. She is so insightful and God really used her.

  43. Gaylin Schmitz says

    My first Beth Moore study was Living Beyond Yourself, Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit! I loved it!!

  44. Missie Lee says

    My first Beth Moore Bible Study was Loving Well, the one we are doing now is Esther; Its tough being a woman. I love her Bible Studies!

  45. Casey Bolt says

    If I won, THIS would be my first Beth Moore bible study. I’ve been doing Angela Thomas studies lately but would LOVE to try a Beth Moore as well. My Mom and Grandma love Beth Moore.

  46. Donna Stolfi says

    The first study I did was Believing God. We have a group of ladies at our Christian School who have completed 4 studies and would love to do this one next!

  47. Kate West says

    In college, we did Jesus, the One and Only. That was #1 of many! Have loved every study I’ve been privileged to do!

    Would LOVE to share Stepping Up with my Friday morning ladies :)
    Thanks :)


  48. Pam Matthews says

    A Women’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place – and is still my favorite of all the Beth Moore studies I have done.

  49. Katherine Mollenkopf says

    Breaking Free was my first one. Loved it! I’ve done so many others since then. So thankful for and blessed by Beth.

  50. Trena Oyler says

    I honestly can’t remember if it was Believing God or Beloved Disciple. And, I’ve lots count of how many more I’ve done. No one teaches me more deeply than Beth Moore.

  51. Carolyn says

    Believing God on-line. I had to download the listening guide to take notes then download all the pages of homework for each lesson. I still have that large 3 ring binder of my first Bible study with Beth.

    • says

      I still have my three-ring binder too, Carolyn. What about the bracelet? I took blue cross stitch thread and tied a knot bracelet. At the end of the study, I tied it to a bookmark.

  52. Sheila VanAalsburg says

    My first Beth Moore study was Believing God. Love her studies!!! Can’t wait to see her again in August!

  53. Sherrie Bair says

    This would be my first Beth Moore Bible study. I am just beginning this journey into Bible study. I would love to share this.

  54. Nancy Yoder says

    Breaking Free was my first Beth Moore Study about 10 years ago. I now lead a group of very enthusiastic ladies in my church in Bible Study and they just cannot get enough of Beth. We look forward to the day we will all be able to attend one of her weekend seminars nearby. My favorite study was Daniel and I look forward to one day leading our group in this study. Beth’s studies have helped me grow spiritually and I can never get enough of her lessons!

  55. Claudette Fowler says

    My first – of many – was A Woman’s Heart Gods Dwelling Place but the one that’s impacted me the most was Believing God. Love this spirit filled lady so much.

  56. Joyce Grimes says

    My first Beth Moore Bible study was Breaking Free.
    As director of children’s ministry, I would love to facilitate “Stepping Up” at my home for mom’s.
    Thank you for investing in women!

  57. Stephanie says

    A Heart Like His was my very first Beth Moore bible study. I grew in my faith so much through this study, would love to do another!

  58. Jodi lee Kaemignk says

    Believing God! Those 5 statements in study are still speaking to me! Thank you so much for that study!

  59. Carolyn Wolbrink says

    Esther was my 1st Beth Moore Bible study. Love how she really gets us in God’s Word! Thank you, Beth. :)

  60. Jeanine Hall says

    I believe Breaking Free was the first Beth Moore Bible study I ever did. I had just joined a new church and jumped right in with a wonderful group of women!

  61. Dawn Springer says

    My first Beth study was “Believing God” a long time ago, but I have been hooked ever since. She just has a way of drawing you in and making you want to dig deeper.

  62. Christy H says

    If I remember correctly my first Bible study was Jesus something…I could be getting the name mixed up. Since then I have done at least a half dz. more. The Esther study is one of my favorites.

  63. Melissa Barnes says

    I have never done a Beth Moore bible study but would love to and would love to have this to share with my Sunday school ladies!

  64. says

    My first Beth Moore study was “Living Beyond Yourself” – before there were videos for it. I had to do the study on my own because the study group met during the day while I was at work. It was so liberating! It taught me who I really am.

  65. Barbara B. says

    Breaking Free!!! Loved it!!!! Beth has done such a great job at sharing her gift. She has helped many women, including me! Thank you God for Beth!!!!

  66. Amanda kumher says

    Oh! Been wanting to do this one for a long time!! Beth has been such an encouragement to me in my life!
    Thanks for this chance!

  67. Jeanine Plitt says

    My first Beth Moore was A Woman’s Heart God’s Dwelling Place… I have actually done it 3x’s now and got something new each time. I have done most of her studies and we are just now going to be doing Jesus the One and Only at our new Church can’t wait as this was one of my favorites. I have learned so much from her studies and can’t wait to the ladies of our new Church to experience her studies.

  68. Sarah Dellefave says

    DI have done bits and pieces of beths bible study through church. But not a whole one. Althiugh the first beth moore anything is get out of that pit book & boy is that awesome. Love the meaty spiritual food.

  69. Dawn Springer says

    My first Beth study was Believing Good. It was awesome. She has a way of drawing you in and making you want to dig deeper.

  70. AdeleAlys says

    A Womans Heart: God’s Dwelling Place……the original version on VHS with the yellow box and the rainbow colors.

  71. Susan Delp says

    My first Bible study EVER was Esther By Beth Moore and then we did A Women’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place!
    Loved them both!

  72. Nita Daniel says

    My first Beth Moore study was When Godly people do ungodly things. It came for me a very critical time in my life and was life changing. I have now done all the studies will do them again all except Breaking Free I have broken free and I don’t want to drag those things up anymore but praise God for freedom. Thank you lifeway for the awesome work you do to equip us women we have waited many years for these tools too not only make us strong women but mighty warriors for the Kingdom. Please keep up the good work we are depending on you. Our God reigns and we will keep doing all things through Christ Who gives us strength. Now from my house in good ole Texas to yours have a day full of blessings.

  73. says

    I think my first study was To Live as Christ. Hard to remember which one came first. Loved all of them! In a new church that has not done these studies – would like to see if they would do Stepping Up.

  74. says

    Mine was Daniel, and I loved it so much I ended up doing it again with a mixed group, young girls and guys. I just told the guys to ignore the parts that targeted women directly. Everyone loved it.

  75. Shirley says

    My first Beth More study was Stepping Up. I have completed several since the. What spower women’s Bible Study leader. I have learned so much from her. She keeps engaged and her direction leads me to thrist for me. I love you, Beth, thank you for “Stepping Up”.

  76. says

    My first Beth Moore study was A Woman’s Heart God’s Dwelling Place…at the end of the study the ladies of my church gave me a charm bracelet that has stones and charms to reflect the 12 Tribes.

  77. elizabeth f says

    A Woman’s Heart – God’s Dwelling Place. LOVED it! I have to admit, wasn’t excited when I first learned what it was about, but it ended up being incredible.

  78. Leigh Kohon says

    My first Beth Moore study was Breaking Free. I had just lost someone extremely close to me in a tragic car accident and needed desperately to hear from God. I dove into that study and learned so much more than I ever imagined. Not only was I dealing with a tremendous loss, but I had been abused since I was 4 years old. Through Breaking Free, Beth Moore gave me a new perspective on where to lay the blame when bad things happen in our lives. I learned so much about generational sin and how God views each of us as His beautiful princess! Oh how HE loves us! Beth Moore has the most amazing gift of almot taking you on a magic carpet ride through scripture while bringing each scene and each character to life. I’m sure God smiles on her from heaven because she just glows for Him here, and her studies are such a blessing!!

  79. Danielle Love says

    Daniel is my favorite! Esther is my second favorite. Our small group would love to win this one. We love Beth Moore!

  80. Lindee Tollefsen says

    Jesus the One and Only…loved doing this study with a small group of ladies who all wanted to know Jesus more!

  81. says

    Beth Moore’s Jame’s Mercy Triumphs blessed me in so many ways. It educated me, confirmed that I was to begin a new charity bringing love and joy to orphaned children, it inspired me, empowered me, encouraged me — it changed me life! And then a few years later, just this past summer I was talking with a person who identified himself as atheist through is constant attack against me for sharing how I share the Love of GOD with others. Attack after attack, his intention not sure, but definitely raged a war a “fight to be right”. Eventually our debate lead to James the half-brother of Jesus, and that blew his mind. He never heard of that, and he never heard of the Book of James in the Bible. I said no more–which was a miracle! I don’t know what happened to this man, but I am certain beyond any doubt that he was determined to prove me wrong, thus will look up the Book of James and I pray he researches it, and GOD’s Truth transforms his life.

  82. Susan Wright says

    I have done several but I think my first one was Living Beyond Myself. Last spring we did Esther and it was one of my favorites! “For such a time as this” came at a perfect time in my life. Thanks for putting out such wonderful Bible studies!

  83. Deborah Sirven says

    My first Beth Moore study was in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. I had never done a Beth Moore study and did not know what to expect. After the first study I was hooked. I moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE and was lucky enough to find another Beth Moore group. There was even a friend that I had met in Venezuela in this wonderful group of ladies that had come together from many countries. I have since moved back to the US but very much miss this overseas Bible studies and the beautiful ladies that were so much a part of my life.

  84. Debbie Fleming says

    My first one was A Heart Like His/ David, and we have finished 2 since then and our small group is on Daniel now! So thankful for people who share and teach The WORD!

  85. Madonna Kenny says

    I did this study at my church in NH and was so blessed by the amazing depth in the study of Psalms. It changed the way I approach my own daily reading and I am ever grateful.

  86. Erin says

    Daniel was my first and my favorite! Doing Breaking Free right now though and it may dethrone Daniel by the time I’m done.

  87. Heather Mott says

    The 1st bible study I did of Beth Moores’ was Living Beyond Yourself…. Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit… This was actually the 1st Bible Study I had ever done many years ago when I became a Christian. Such a blessing and life impacting!

  88. Paula Schaper says

    Esther was my first Beth Moore studying 4 years ago almost to the day!! I had just had an amazing road to Damascus experience at her LPL Simulcast event on Aug 29, 2009 and the hunger the Lord placed in me to seek him through His Word and through Bible study was amazing!! The group that was doing Esther only met every other week so on my own I started Breaking Free for the off weeks….and between these two studies God did miracles in my life!! Praising Him always for the gift He has given Beth.

  89. Kendra Choy says

    I am on Week 4 of “A Women’s Heart-God’s Dwelling Place” and it has already been life changing! I am anxious on my “off” days when I don’t have reading, to start on the next section! I can’t wait to finish it and start another one soon!

  90. Carol Tesch says

    My first study was Believing God. It was the beginning of my love affair with Jesus, and God’s word and Beth Moore and her studies.

  91. Shari says

    My first Beth Moore Bible Study was Breaking Free. The women of my church did the study together. It was a great way of fellowshipping and bonding with church family as well as learning from Beth. I loved it!

  92. Laura Guidry says

    My first Beth Moore Study was Daniel, it was amazing. I have been hooked to her perspective on the Bible, and her topical books: ever since.

  93. sallie harbaugh says

    Esther was the first Beth Moore study I did, I have to say it changed my life. My husband and I found ourselves 1000 miles away from all family and friends, I joined a Women’s Bible Study and met so many wonderful women. Most importantly, I rededicated my life to serving God.

  94. Gwen Ziegler says

    David was my first Beth Moore study and only my second Bible study ever! I was immediately captivated by Beth’s knowledge, Love for God, Southern charm, and honesty. Since then I’ve also done her Proverbs study (LOVED) and Believing God (convicting). She has a direct link to our Father!

  95. Katie says

    Started with the Patriarchs a few years ago and fell in love with the content and compassion in Beth’s delivery. We have done about 5 now and are getting ready to start James this next week. We are always looking for what will be next.

  96. Robin says

    The David study, years ago, before it was redone. I just did it again, the newer version, and it was such a blessing to me!

  97. Paula Keller says

    My first Bible Study was The Inheritance !! I really enjoyed this !! I have Bible Study with a bunch of wonderful Christian Woman at CrossRoads Fellowship Church !! I really loved seeing how much you are just like us Beth !! You made me laugh you made me cry and you helped me to understand the Word in a better way !! You are a wonderful blessing to our world !! I can’t wait to start our next bible study of yours this month !! GOD Bless !!

  98. says

    Living Beyond Yourself ~ My aunt introduced me to Beth Moore and gave me this study because she was facilitating it at her church in Georgia. She probably never dreamed I would learn and grow so much from Beth’s writings in that 1st study that I would eventually be facilitating my own Beth Moore Bible studies at church and in our home for a small group.

  99. Beverly Holm says

    The first Beth Mooew study I participated in was Daniel: Lives of Integrity Words of Prophecy. Would love to have the study material and use to host a small group Bible Study.

  100. Fonda says

    Breaking Free was the first study that I completed of Beth’s. I love her studies…and her gentle commands.

  101. Bethany Gray says

    Although I’ve only done a handful of Beth’s studies, my first was David. It was amazing and I was hooked:-) I grew so much during that study. she is so wise and I am amazed at the way God uses her to teach His word.

  102. Aria says

    My first study by Beth Moore was Breaking Free. After this study I was hooked and even more in love with bible study. :-) All glory to God for what He’s doing in our family in Christ and so that more may become part of our eternal family.

  103. Jessica says

    Just completed the Esther study. LOved it!! changed my life. So excited to do another of your studies. You have such insight. Hope I win :)

  104. Cindy Thornton says

    My first study was Easter, I loved it. I will be starting Sacred Secret on the 22nd of October. I can not wait. Thank you Beth for all you do.

  105. Lisa Dickerson says

    My first Beth Moore Study was Here and Now…There and Then. I loved it!!! It gave me a whole new perspective on the book of Revelation.

  106. Ramona Hood says

    Believing God was my first Beth Moore bible study. It was the first of many. Each one different but equally inspiring.

  107. tracie gadd says

    Jesus the One and Only was my very first experience with Beth Moore. I was a young Christian. . . of about 14 months. . there was so much I did not know. . . and did this study ever whet my appetite to learn more!! I now lead Beth’s Bible studies in my own home church. . I love her. . . and she’s developed in me a love for Jesus and a love for God’s word that is insurmoutable. . . . . . .Praise God!!

  108. Susan Browning says

    A Woman’s Heart was my first and it was a Christmas gift from my Daughter in love. I have done 4 others since and plan on doing more. Thank you for your service to God and his chil;dren.

  109. colleen gonzales says

    I will start my first study in the next two weeks called Jesus the One and Only. I am looking forward to it.

  110. Janelle Aikins says

    The first Bible study I did with Beth Moore was The Patriarchs. Saw her last weekend live, she was amazing! Thank you so much for everything you do for us women, it was truly a life changing day for a dear friend!!

  111. Lynnette says

    I haven’t done a Beth Moore Bible Study yet. We attend a small church that doesn’t do much for group meetings. A few of my friends have been discussing starting our own. This would be an ideal way & time to start!

  112. Becky Sullivan says

    When Godly People do Ungodly Things…not my favorite, but I’ve loved the other 3 I’ve done since then.

  113. Fallon Poston says

    I have never completed a Beth Moore study and would love this gift to start one with me and my girlfriends.

  114. Claudia says

    My first Beth Moore study was the original Breaking Free, not long after it came out. Our leader first thought we could do it without the videos. Quickly found out, not only did we need them, we loved her!!!! Wow – been doing her studies, attending LPL events ever since :)

  115. Daria Kleunder says

    I once heard Beth talking about how her sister got saved. I was deeply moved by that. I also read her testimony on the website, I believe. She and Beth should write a book!

  116. Vicky Kawamae says

    I love Beth’s studies and have been doing them on my own and with groups since 1997! Love her! One of my first was the original A Man After God’s Own Heart. Loved her fashion and her depth in the Word!

  117. Helen LaRue says

    I did the original “A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place” of the Old Testament tabernacle, MANY years ago. It was an awesome study and my most memorable I have since done almost every one of hers except the remake and her recent ones. I do plan on starting one of hers next week, “So Long, Insecurity.” I would love to win!

  118. Jennifer Terry says

    My first Beth Moore study was Jesus the one and only. It was wonderful and and took me deeper into the Word, and made me hungry for more than a light read of the Bible.

  119. Jennifer Yoder says

    I have never done any of Beth Moore’s Bible Studies!! I have heard lots about them, and would like to start going through them!! :) I watched her recent Simulcast, and was so challenged and blessed!!

  120. Kathy London says

    My first Beth Moore Bible Study was Breaking Free. It changed my life. I have since done several of Beth’s
    Bible Studies and each one of them are live changers. Love Beth Moore!

  121. susan nelson says

    Believing God! 1 I believe God is who He says He is! 2 I believe God will do wha He says He will do. 3 I believe I am who God says I am. 4 ? 5 I’m believing God!

  122. Angela Jennings says

    My first Beth Moore study was “Jesus, The One and Only”. However, “Believing God” has had a long-lasting impact on my life and daily walk with Christ. Thanks for all the work that goes into these studies.

  123. Deann Langston says

    “Breaking Free” was my first Beth Moore Bible study and I have done it twice and many more of hers. Love her and we just saw her live in Tulsa. Great time! I thank the good Lord that I live in such a time as to have this wonderful Bible teacher available for women’s ministry.

  124. Shannon Shaw says

    Jesus the One and Only. Beth is amazing and I hope she is blessed by so many comments to know her life’s work and dedication to God’s word has changed so many lives! Blessings to her!

  125. Cheryl Kelly says

    Breaking Free was my first Beth Moore Bible study. After going through Divorce Recovery it was exactly what I needed to keep me focused on God and not my situation.

  126. Amelia says

    My first was Breaking Free. It was definitely a tough one for the first one, but I have done many more of her studies and they are great! Would love to lead this at church!

  127. Leeann H. says

    The first time I was introduced to Beth was when she was leading the Kelly Minter Nehemiah Bible Study during the Summer of 2012. She is so charismatic that I just want to give her a hug and then drink a cup of coffee along side her as we laugh and enjoy fellowship. I am reading James Mercy Triumphs, now and watching the videos. I am inspired.

  128. Nancy Kelly says

    My first Beth Moore study was Breaking Free. I’ve done To Live Is Christ, James: Mercy Triumphs and the book alone personal study Get Out of That Pit. My young life held many of the same things that Beth endured herself. I feel like I’m not only hearing from a sister in Christ, but a fellow survivor that knows where I’ve been. She is an inspiration and is like a dear friend each time I do a new study. The video to lesson 3 in To Live Is Christ where she teaches how to walk in the spirit through the fruit of the spirit transformed my life. It was so anointed and spirit filled!

  129. Sandra Hingst says

    Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit…I just started it 3 weeks ago with my MOPs group.

  130. Margie says

    Believing God was my first Beth Moore study. I’ve been doing it at my church each fall for the last eight years…one is better than the next, and always very timely!!!

  131. Michelle Dunham says

    My first Beth Moore Bible study was Stepping Up! It is my all time FAVORITE study! I have a million notes written all over the pages! Everyone should do this study!!!

  132. Dani says

    I saw Beth Moore at a Colour Conference in Sydney, Australia a couple of years ago and have loved her teachings ever since. I’m currently studying my first Beth Moore study on James – I am loving the depth of understanding and bringing Gods Word to life . Challenging, loving and growing me. Love it. Thanks.

  133. Vicky Cassels says

    My first bible study was”A Heart Like His”..Seeking the Heart of God through a study of David..Wonderful Bible Study…

  134. Theresa says

    I believe my first Beth Moore study was Jesus, the One and Only. However, prior to completing it, I had NEVER experienced anything like it! I have been in HIS Word ever since! Beth has blessed my life for many, many years! I would LOVE to win the Stepping Up kit! I have never completed that study! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  135. KarenMO says

    Here I am again on a Friday, trying again to win a Bible Study, and Stepping Up is one our group has not done, so we’d be more than excited to have it be our next Bible Study. So far, we’ve only studied Beth Moore studies, but when we come to the end of her list, I guess we will branch out! Our first Bible Study was “Daniel”, and we’ve been doing about 3 per year since then.

    I sure hope we win this study of Stepping Up! Thank you so much! We consider you guys a huge blessing!

  136. Barbara Hockman says

    Esther Or ” The Perfect Storm” not sure but I loved them both. The Perfect Storm was not really a bible study, rather a conference, but I have referred to it soooo many times. “You are with me in the Storm”Travis sang. …the exact spot where 3 storms collide….the beacon was turned off, dont turn off your beacon…..GET TO THE PLACE WHERE THE ENEMY MAY BITE ME, BUT NOT POIiSON Me

  137. vicky says

    My first Beth Moore Bible Study was”A Heart Like His…I love Beth Moore,She is the best…Awesome speaker and teacher..She is very anointed with the Holy Spirit…:)

  138. Sharon Jenkins says

    “Beloved Disciple” was my 1st Beth Moore Bible Study about 10 years ago and I have been hooked ever since!

  139. Gale Boling says

    The first study I did was Believing God. It launched a passion with in me that has not stopped. Thank you Beth , thank you. Ive done one twice a year since then….love love them!

  140. Cindy Bynum says

    My first bible study by Beth was Breaking Free! It was very good! I have used this to mentor and disciple several women throughout the years. GOD uses Beth in a mighty way to speak to many women and free them from their strongholds!

  141. Mary Geddings says

    Breaking Free was my first Beth Moore study! I attended the LPL event in Raleigh, NC where Beth taught about the “Steps”. She had us do homework that weekend to provide feedback about this passage. I would REALLY like to do this study with the small group that meets in my home. This would be a huge blessing. I’ve been wanting to do this study since the Raleigh event those years ago. Thanks for this opportunity to win.

  142. Danielle Anderson says

    This would certainly be great! I could definitely use the encouragement as a currently overwhelmed mom. Not to mention it was my birthday on Wednesday. We’ll see. :)

  143. Michele McLaughlin says

    My first study was David – A Man After God’s Own Heart. From that moment on, I was hooked both with studying the Bible and Beth Moore studies!

  144. says

    I don’t even think my mind can go back that far. I’m fairly certain I’ve done almost all of them except this one! Ha.
    If I had to pick which one was my all time favorite though I’d say James

  145. Susan Green says

    I don’t remember the name of the first Bible study of Beth Moore’s that I did, but I do remember being a brand new Christian, as an adult, and it being one of the first I ever did. It was wonderful to listen to her and be able to understand what she was saying and being able to understand and learn so much about my Heavenly Father. I have done many more o her studies since and love all of them and still learn so much. I have seen her live also and never tire of learning from her.

  146. Chris says

    My first Beth Moore study was “David” back when it was recorded on VHS. Since then our women have revisited that study (now on DVDs) with at least one of her studies offered each year between the two Davids! Our women love Beth!!!

  147. Jackie Harp says

    My first Beth Moore study was the Book of James. Oh my word, what a book! Since that study I have loved that book, I love that he was short and too the point. No “beating around the bush with him”. I’ve haven’t memorized any verses of the bible since I was in Awana’s as a kid, but I’ve seriously considered memorizing James the way she has. It was just a great study! I love the way she can get super serious and bring you to tears by talking directly to your heart and then turn around and make you laugh with one of her stories! She’s wonderful, I want to do more studies with her and hope to very soon. :)

  148. arlette abdallah says

    I saw Beth Moore couple of times on TV, but my real big day was two weeks ago when we did a simulcast at our church in North Bay, Ontario . Her message came straight to me NO LONGER


  149. says

    The first in-depth Bible study I ever did of any kind at all was Beth’s “Esther” study. It was absolutely wonderful. I have done many other of her studies since then but have never done “Stepping Up”.

    Thanks for the opportunity for someone to win this study!

    God bless,



    I have not done a Beth Moore bible study yet but I love her and her inspiration and would love to do a bible study with her!

  151. Christina Bedwell says

    I love to listen to Beth Moore in her studies. My first Bible study of hers was David: Seeking a heart like his. As a new Christian, I was trying to study and learn more. She makes it so easy to understand and for it to speak to your heart.

  152. Tiffany says

    So long insecurity! I had just started group had never been involved in anything even close to this kind of fellowship and was blown away by the how she is able to speak with such authority but still be gentle and loving and I was able to relate and apply! A powerful way to start my walk with Christ!!!

  153. Beverly Lineberry says

    My first Beth Moore study was on Daniel. I learned so much. Beth made Daniel so much more easily understood. I also started the Esther study at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed both of them. I plan to lead a study myself. I want to do all her studies. She is a true inspiration.

  154. kerry says

    my first beth moore study was ‘living beyond yourself’.
    LOVED it…and have loved each one since then too!

  155. Carrie Barfels says

    Believing God was my first Bible study and I loved it and Beth Moore is such a gifted speaker/Bible study teacher/author….love her!!

  156. Michelle Howard says

    The Daniel Study was my first Beth Moore study and now I am heading into her ‘Breaking Free” study! I love her studies and the way she articulates God’s word in such amazing bible studies! Would love to win this! <3

  157. Bitsy Rawlings says

    Esther was my first Beth Moore Bible Study… and during that time, God began to show me that He wanted me to start a young widow’s ministry. In April, 2009, Mourning into Dancing was born! We now have 82 girls from all over the world in our group, and God is growing our girls by leaps and bounds. We are by and large a Facebook group, but we have BIG dreams for later. At the moment, I have returned to the online classroom to complete my studies in Christian Ministry at Trevecca Nazarene University. I will graduate in February 2015. This would be a PERFECT Bible study for me and the girls on my team to walk through…. :)

  158. meagan stanfill says

    I’m pretty sure To Live is Christ was my first Beth study, it’s been so long though and I’ve done so many!! Daniel was my favorite!

  159. Sandy Bauer says

    My first Beth Moore study was on Revelation. I am currently taking Breaking Free, and I only wish I would have taken this much earlier in life! I love Beth’s passion in her teaching!

  160. Virginia Plett says

    My first Beth Moore Study was James, I’m now in my 4th, Breaking Free. Thank you Beth for stretching my mind while helping me to grow in my faith.

  161. says

    “Breaking Free” was my first encounter with Beth Moore studies…less than 2 minutes into it, I knew I had found a kindred spirit! That was a long time ago in a galaxy far away…

    “Stepping Up” is one of the FEW I haven’t been able to do…so here’s my 2-cents-worth!

  162. Monique says

    Breaking Free and years later helping others break free. Thank You Beth for your obedience to our Father in praying, studying, and writing Bible Studies that are setting women free all over the world. Monique <3

  163. Ann Martin says

    My first Beth Moore study was the updated version of Breaking Free. Blessed Blessed Blessed by that study.

  164. Jennifer Shaw says

    I have never done a study of Beth’s. I would love the opportunity to win this and begin one with several other ladies!

  165. Jennifer Miller says

    My first Beth Moore Study was The Patriarchs. I love that study. Actually have done it 2xs now with groups and learned so much both times! Ok a huge Beth Moore fan :)

  166. Melanie Grace says

    My first Beth Moore study was A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place. On VHS!!!!!!!!!!! Oh. My!!!!!!

  167. Lisa Utu says

    My first Beth Moore study was Jesus The one and Only. It was my first real in depth study and I loved it! That was about 13 years ago. And now I’m in women’s ministry and am leading our new church plants first ever Women’s bible study small group!

  168. Laura says

    My first study was Breaking Free! I had never heard of Beth Moore before te girls on my Bible study asked to do Breaking Free! What a blessing!!! I have never done Stepping Up and have been wanting to! This would be such a great blessing to my Bible study girls!!!!

  169. Zendra Raypole says

    This was actually my first Beth Moore Bible study, I loved it, did it with some wonderful women at my church, got so much out of it!

  170. Michelle says

    My first introduction to Beth Moore studies was with A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place. That was such an incredible adventure into His chamber.

  171. Mary Baker says

    This summer I participated in Beth Moore’s study Daniel. It was challenging and life changing. I so appreciate Beth’s way of teaching.

  172. says

    My first study I believe was Breaking Free. I’ve completed many others, and have a great respect for Beth and the way she teaches truth. I am currently leading a group of women in “Sacred Secrets”, just in time to roll into Beth’s LPL conference in Daytona Beach in November!! I am also attending YOULead!! So excited!!

  173. Angie Druckemiller says

    Breaking Free was the first Beth Moore Bible Study for me, however, have done many more since. I so appreciate how she lets God speak through her and how real she is.

  174. says

    My first study was Daniel almost 7 years ago. Just as we started talking about going through or around the fire my four year old was diagnosed with cancer. I kept saying we are going to go through this fire. There was no way around. After two+ years of chemo our family remains. God walked us right through the fire. Forever changed but ok!

  175. says

    I believe my first study by Beth Moore was Daniel. I loved it. I was quite impressed at the degree Beth studied and the many facts of history she shared, in fact, shares in all her studies. She is a phenomenal teacher, using all her God given abilities to His glory, I’ve done quite a few of her studies since Daniel and get more deeply connected with God at every one, Thank you for this opportunity to lead yet another of her studies to my Life Group. God bless you all.

  176. Amy Nutter says

    Breaking Free was the first Beth Moore study that I ever did. Currently some friends and I are doing her Daniel study. She is such an amazing teacher!

  177. Anita Myers says

    Ummmm I think it was “A Heart Like His”. I think I’ve done just about all of them and loved everyone. Our small group is getting ready to start “Stepping Up” in a couple of weeks so this giveaway has come at just the right time. Hope you pick me! Thanks!

  178. says

    First Beth Moore study I did was Living Beyond Yourself. I’ve done several now ( a few more than once!) She has such a gift for teaching.

  179. Sue Speir says

    Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit was the first about 5 years ago. Since then, I have done Daniel, James, John, the Beloved Disciple. I love Beth Moore and her studies!! So, so good. Just finished Believing God this summer … Amazing!!

  180. Bruny MEdina says

    My first Beth Moore Study I stumbled into was “Believing God”. I was going through the darkest time in my life. I was praying and asking God for a study that was going to answer questions I had battling within me. Being a christian all my life I came to a place where I did not have faith that God was sovereign and He had everything under control.
    This study made it clear, and with Beth’s transparency and vulnerability had change my complete life. The Lord spoke to me and thru the study I was able to obtain boldness and a new life in Christ. Since, then I have become a sunday school bible teacher and for the last 4 years I’ve only used Beth Moore studies.

  181. Heather Vojvodich says

    To Live Is Christ was not only my first Beth Moore but also my first bible study ever. Love Beth Moore bible studies! I’ve done a few of them. Absolutely loved the simulcast last yr, and am currently enjoying this yrs simulcast that I purchased to streamed to my computer.

  182. Tonna Zablah says

    My first Beth Moore sstudy was Breaking Free. I am now doing Jesus the One and Only. I love her studies immensely and would live to win this study to share with the ladies in my church.

  183. Becky says

    I’ve not yet participated in one of her studies, but I did get to see her recently and it was a wonderful experience. I would love to participate in one of her studies.

  184. Jill stone says

    I have never done a Bible study by Beth Moore. The first Time I experienced her was through the Living Prrof simulcast that took place at my church on Sept. 28th.

  185. Margie Willis says

    I think my first Beth Moore study was “David”. It was a long time ago! I have wanted to do “Stepping Up” for a long time, but still haven’t gotten the chance.

  186. Marcella Maurer says

    My first study was Esther, then James, and I just finished Breaking Free! Each one is my favorite! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  187. Pattie B. says

    Breaking Free many, many, MANY years ago :-) I love Beth’s humor and heart poured into all the stores. She is an absolute hoot!

  188. Elizabeth Barrow says

    A Heart Like His. As The Lord would have it the timing of this study was perfect. Within the year I had a baby boy who we named David. God used this study to help me get through a difficult season in my marriage.

  189. Kelly Jenkins says

    I believe my first Beth Moore study was Esther, which completely changed my mindset about women’s ministries. I have been so blessed through Beth’s teachings. :)

  190. Donna Brown says

    Honestly, I have never done a Beth Moore study – but would love to. I follow her on Twitter and have heard of her for years. I would love for this to be my first bonafide, all out study of hers. I’d love to be chosen to receive it. Thanks!

  191. says

    My first Beth Moore study was Esther. It was amazing and I have been doing Beth’s studies with the women at our church ever since! She has a way of speaking the Word that speaks right into the hearts of women! I praise God for her willingness to be vulnerable and transparent with all of us!

  192. Deb says

    David: A Heart Like His was my very first Beth Moore study. I’ve never looked back!! She inspires you, challenges you, and moves you like no one else can!

  193. Joy Riddle says

    Wow! What a response. It is amazing to see so many being touched by God through Beth’s studies. My first was Breaking Free! And have enjoyed many more. Thank you Beth.

  194. June Wood says

    Breaking Free was my very first Beth Moore study. It was about 12 years ago and I had never heard of Beth Moore before. I’m still learning from her.

  195. Molly Hamilton says

    I believe my first Beth study was Jesus, the One and Only. God has taken me through so many journeys while going through Beth’s studies! So thankful!!

  196. Lisa Jones says

    The first Beth Moore study I did was A Women’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place… The first one… Beth with BIG HAIR!! That study sparked my love of indepth Bible study!

  197. THeresa Farmer says

    My first Beth Moore Bible Study was on Esther. I have seen her simulcast 4 times plus this year in person. Right now my Sunday School class is working on So Long Insecurity. I love how Beth is so real, how Beth shares her true feelings.

  198. Megan says

    Beth Moore has blessed my walk with The Lord a hundred fold.
    From her life today bible studies. To her breaking free book to prayer book. I was just praying and speaking out loud the prayers today. To her coming to passion to speak. When I was there at passion and she did a break out session it impacted me. To the study of Esther which The Lord brought me to is durning the time me and my boyfriend were about to meet up to talk about where our relationship should go since we took a break to figure stuff out with The Lord. I usually go to the book store I’m depressed or need something new. However I walked in and I was lead to Esther. I had no idea why The Lord had brought me to it. But little did I know that when me and my boyfriend went to talk he said I want you to not be my prince( cause my dad calls me that) I want you to be my queen and I went praise you Jesus! He knew that I was going to new the preparation to become a queen! No better way than under Beth Moore! So I have been amazed by the grace of God speaking to me on how to become a queen within the chambers of the bible and the study guide from Beth! Thank you Beth for being such a word at due season. Most imporantly I love her humble heart. I can’t help thank God for her husband and her open to tell her 25 th wedding story durning life today. Thank you Jesus for Beth!
    It would be an honor to win a set to start a bible study with girls my age! Since I don’t have the resources to buy it! But The Lord will provide!

  199. Brenda says

    “Breaking Free” was my first study. Each of Beth’s studies has caused me to grow in my walk with the Lord. I love her transparency.

  200. Kara says

    Revelation was my first Beth Moore study! Talk about an intense first Beth Moore study. It sure was a good one though!

  201. Becky Phillips says

    Breaking Free was my first study and being a northern gal it took me awhile to get used to Beth. Thankful that I stuck with it because God has used every study she’s done since then to draw me closer to him. And yes, I have done all of her studies!

  202. Kay Kent says

    Believing God was my first and it was such an amazing experience. Made me hunger for more and really encouraged me in my walk with the Lord.

  203. Vickie says

    Breaking Free, it changed my life. Daniel helped me through my most fiery trial and God chose to heal me. I have been giving my testimony since.

  204. Karen Odor says

    My first Beth Moore study was Believing God and it was a life changer! There have been many more studies since. Thank you for making God’s Word easy to hide in my heart. Keep’m comin Beth

  205. Cheryl Hangsleben says

    Beloved Disciple was the first, but have done many since…and have loved them all. Currently, doing Davd — Seeking A Heart Like His

  206. Dorinda Kozloff says

    I love Beth Moore > Just watched her simulcast a few weeks ago. My first study I believe was Daniel. I have done so many its hard to remember where I started.

  207. Sherry Delzer says

    My first Beth Moore study was “Jesus, The One And Only” and my most recent one was James; I love her studies!!

  208. Heather Holloman says

    “Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit” was my first study. My mom invited me to come listen to this lady with big hair and big accent. It was one of the best decisions of my life! I’ve enjoyed doing a few more of Beth’s studies since then and listening to her audio downloads and reading her books. No matter what season I’m in in my life, there is always something applicable from her studies. Thank you, Beth, for your never ending, always bubbling over joy you share and your ability to just exude your love for The Lord!

  209. Jeanna Terry says

    My first Beth Moore study was Patriarchs with my home group years ago. A year ago, our girls Bible study (many of which were part of that home group) decided to do it again. Our group loves anything Beth Moore. Her messages are so encouraging. Thank you Beth for your story and your teaching.

  210. Angie Dempsey says

    I have not yet done a Beth Moore Bible study, but have been considering getting a group of friends together to do something new. I have attended two Beth Moore conferences in Charleston, WV. Enjoyed them both.

  211. Dutchess Horton says

    My first study was Beloved Disciple. Beth’s love for Christ was so evident it made me hungry for the same thing. I’ve been desperately seeking to not only love Christ but to fall IN LOVE with Him. Its been a glorious journey.!

  212. Gloria says

    Loved it. My friends and I just saw her last week-end in Tulsa. I bought her book Jesus and David and can’t wait to start them. If you haven’t seen her, do. You will be blessed.

  213. Kathy S says

    When Godly People Do Ungodly Things. And I was hooked. I’m never without one of her studies in my pocket!

  214. Gwen Alvear says

    The first Beth Moore study I did through my church was actually Stepping Up. I was so blessed with the opportunity to go through the material with my Mom who was visiting my family at the time and we both were so ministered to through the study. I have longed to hold a Beth Moore study of my own since we moved out of the area where the women’s group did Beth Moore studies regularly. This would be such a joy for me.

  215. Kairi Foster says

    Breaking Free! I have had Ester, Daniel , and others – but nothing moved me and engaged me like this one. So, this was really my first!

  216. Carmen Stiles says

    Breaking Free was my first Bible study….the most precious time of my life. I went with my mother-in-law…and on October 30 of 2007 was born again! Those Tuesday nights with her were priceless-Beth Moore opened so many doors with that study…awesome. God is so good!

  217. Carol Bruntlett says

    My first Beth Morre Study was Breaking Free the first one , I was unsaved and suffering severe Anexity attacks and always believe the lies of the enemy and my counselor introduced to Breaking free and her and I did that together , so thankful fr Beth Moore and that study , , Love Beth Moore and so thankful for her being faithful to calling Jesus had placed on her life . I have done many more of her studies , Esther was another good one that I loved , but Breaking Free was the best , so thankful for that study

  218. Jada Schiessl says

    David, a heart like his. I had just had a baby w/ medical issues released from the nice. I was broken. I started this atudy, rededicated my life. Soon after my husband & 13yr old came to Christ, I started leading Women’s Ministry, & my daughter became a miracle over her condition. It changed my life! A few days ago I pulled out my member books from these short 3yrs. My daughter asked me to read the David book to her. As I flipped the pages & remembered our journey I wept & wept. God is so good! I’d love to add this to my list of studies also, as im saving them all f or my girl; to build her in Christ through these studies one day.

  219. Beth Ingram says

    I did my first Beth Moore study, Believing God, last spring. It was the beginning of an incredible time of growth in my faith. Just finished the James study today. David is next. God is using Beth to change my life and has lit a fire in me for studying the Word like never ever before.

  220. carrie says

    Esther study! This study gave me a passion for the word and showed me how to really read my bible. Before that, I would get intimidated and just flop it open to a random spot and read without really digging in. I did it at another church and ended up introducing her to the bible study at my home church. We have done a few now and we love her!

  221. stephanie woerner says

    I’ve never actually done a Beth Moore bible study, but I would love for this one to be my first.

  222. Martha Huntsinger says

    “Breaking Free” was my first study and I was hooked on Beth Moore and on digging into the Word. So blessed by her and her teachings.

  223. Fabiola Courchesne says

    My first was Believing God!! And I was hooked on learning God’s Word even more!! Thanks to Beth and her team I have grown so much in my faith and love for the Lord that I know I’m so blessed, that it’s time to spread it to others!!
    Now I’m leading a group of ladies and hoping that someday they too will come to know the love of God in their lives and come into a relationship with Him! Thank you for all you do in helping Beth be the disciple that God has called her to be!! Keep shining your light for Jesus!!!!!

  224. Lori Ann says

    My first Beth Moore bible study Jesus, The One and Only. It was on Sunday evenings at church in Fall 2001. The tragic event of 9/11 happened. The great struggles of the weeks that passed I received such great comfort as I study JESUS, THE ONE AND ONLY!!

  225. Aleksandra Knezevic says

    Esther and Daniel – added so much value to my life. I was going through a difficult time when I had Esther study, it strengthened my faith like no other Bible study. I also liked Stepping Up very much and all her other studies! I enjoy her conferences, awesome worship time at these conferences…and I just love her hair jokes :-) Thanks Beth!

  226. says

    My favorite, I’m not sure my first or not, was the Tabernacle. i love to do side studies on the Mercy Seat now. It’s incredible and just like Him to meet us each day with mercy.

  227. Katrina Epperson says

    To be honest, I have never done a bible study. Would really like to but not certain how to go about it. I have seen alot of Beth Moore items at our Lifeway Store. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  228. Kathy H says

    My first experience with Beth Moore was this years Living Proof Live Simulcast! I am forever changed in my thinking of Grace — What wisdom! My small group is now starting “Sacred Secrets” and what a prayer —Lord “teach me wisdom in the secret!!!” AHhhhhh! So excited to see what else God has to reveal through Beth Moore in this study!

  229. Trella James says

    Daniel was my first and have done just about every other one in between. Deuteronomy was the last. Doing Sacred Secrets next June with my women’s bible study group.

  230. says

    My first was Breaking Free, and I began it right after it was first released. I wasn’t able to complete it bc of transportation issues. I did several more then went back and did Breaking Free to completion in 2011. I absolutely loved it. My mother has the stepping up book and she is going through it without videos. What fun to do it with a group!

  231. Raquel Raiten says

    I did Jesus the One n Only! I loved it and Beth. It was a great introduction to both for a new believer! I’ve done all of her studies except for the Deuteronomy one.

  232. Lyssa says

    Breaking Free was my first Bible Study! Out of the Pit was my favorite! What I like about Beth’s Bible Studies is by the end of the Study you stand at a crossroad, you have 2 choices, to go with God on the journey of your life, or go your own way and do your own thing. Thankfully as tough as some of them were for me, I don’t hesitate at the crossroad any longer, because once you meet Jesus there is no other road I would rather be on!

  233. Jan S. says

    I do Precept Upon Precept (PUP) studies with a group at my church and I have several friends who have done many of Beth’s studies and I just love Beth so about a year and a half ago, I decided to take on Beth’s Daniel study in addition to my PUP study on John (and the Truth Project). Boy, did I learn and grown in the Lord. I loved Daniel and it will probably always be my favorite. Beth’s teaching on Daniel is one of the best I have ever heard :)

  234. Dawn Gilstrap says

    James Mercy Triumphs and I absolutely loved it !. As a child growing up in the church I thought I was a knowledgeable person regarding the bible. However while reading James I learned a lot and it has really impacted my life in the best possible way.

  235. Katie Patterson says

    Revelation was my first Beth Moore and first bible study ever. It hooked me to the Word and I can’t stop.

  236. Angie Miller says

    Jesus the One and Only- About 13 years ago when I was a college student, I fell in love with Mrs. Beth’s teaching. I’ve done lots more studies with her since then.

  237. Donna says

    Believing God was my first. It truly opened my eyes and heart to bible study and I haven’t looked back. What a Godsend.

  238. Carrie Seggelke says

    My first study was Daniel. I am currently doing David: Seeking a Heart Like His. I am so blessed my these studies and to win Stepping Up would be a huge blessing to the ladies of our Church. What an amazing opportunity!!!

  239. Jodi Smith says

    I’ve never experienced a Beth Moore study. In fact, I am very new to Bible study at all. I’m completing my 2nd which is Kelly Minter’s Ruth with a group a girls I meet at church. I am eager to embark on another study as I have gleaned SO SO much from this group and the study..I feel like it has brought the Bible alive for me!

  240. says

    My first Bible study of Beth Moore’s was “Breaking Free” . I did it on my own, and then a year into my growth of following the Lord, I did it again but with a group of women at my church. It’s amazing how you can do the same study and get so many different things out of it based on the season of your life you are in. This would be a beautiful study to be blessed with winning.

  241. Sherrie H. says

    A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place was my first Beth study. I learned so much from that first study and continue to lead groups in her studies today. We are in the middle of Living Beyond Yourself now. Stepping Up is one that I have not participated in though and would love to win it! Thanks!

  242. Elyssa Carmony says

    I actually haven’t done a Beth Moore bible study yet, I’d really like to! I saw her simulcast this past September, and it really opened my eyes and I found her ministry intriguing! I’d love to go through a Beth Moore bible study!

  243. Chasity R says

    My first Beth Moore bible study was Daniel. I absolutely loved it. I am a new Christian and it is because of Beth Moore’s bible study. My husband said I was never going to get my questions answered unless I get in church and start asking. So, I joined a bible study group. The study was Beth Moore’s Daniel and it changed my life and my children’s life. I now am a Christian and homeschool my children with a faith based curriculum. Bless you!

  244. Janice says

    All of Beth’s studies are my favorite. It just depends on which I happen to be doing at the time. I think “Believing God” and the 5 statement pledge of faith has stuck with me and comes to mind more often in my ongoing day to day. I think Esther and James have also stuck with me. God has really used Beth to speak to me through all of her studies. They all resonate. As much as I would really like to win this giveaway, I really hope someone who has never done a Beth Moore can win. I have had so many opportunities to be in the Word with Beth. I just hope all ladies everywhere get the same opportunity.

    Thanks Lifeway.

  245. Robin Marsh says

    A Woman’s Heart God’s Dwelling Place although I always refer to it as the Tabernacle Study! Since being a student of this study I have now facilitated it twice. It changed my life.

  246. Dee Bentley says

    Ester was my 1st study. I like it so much that I named my jeep after her (1994 wrangler I had for 4 years) . All my friends and customers referred to the jeep by Ester too. :)

  247. Amber says

    Started with Daniel–it was love at first prophecy. Became a Bible Study girl Immediately…it was on the middle of Daniel that God called me to step up in ministry. Profoundly changed ever since!

  248. Brie says

    Living Beyond Yourself Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit is my first Beth Moore study and I just started it this morning! I live in a remote area and will be doing this study alone, my heart & mind are filled with an array of emotions- I AM READY for all that is to come.

  249. Amy says

    My first DVD series of Beth’s was James Mercy Triumphs. I’d completed a few of the workbooks previously, without DVD, in one-on-one or small group.

  250. Julie A says

    My first Beth Moore study was Esther. I was hooked on her teaching and her love for God’s Word and His daughters. I’ve been blessed to be involved in several of her studies and love introducing new women in our church to her teaching!

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