Fighting the Good Fight: Breast Cancer Awareness

A lump—the tiniest cluster of cells—can turn a woman’s world upside down. It seems so unnatural and wrong for the body to betray us.

But sometimes it does.

Odds are that one in eight of women will experience breast cancer. This year alone, The American Cancer Society estimates that 296,980 new cases will be diagnosed. It’s likely that each of us knows someone affected by breast cancer.

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This month we will share honest and unfiltered stories of strong and vibrant survivors and husbands who journeyed alongside their wives. And we will honor the lives of precious women that we miss.

And our hope is that we will hear from you.

We invite you to do the same—share your honest and unfiltered stories. Consider this a space to encourage and help each other.

Today there are more than 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. In fact, the American Cancer Society reports that death rates from breast cancer in the US have dropped 34% since 1990. Early detection, healthier lifestyles, and improved treatment options are positioning women to survive.

As we launch this series we ask you to do these things:

  • Know your body and do your self exam

  • Schedule your mammogram (if you’re over 40 or high-risk)

  • Visit to learn more about the prevention

We’re grateful for this community—thank you in advance for sharing your stories with each other and with us.

We are honored to hear them.


  1. Cindy McClain says

    I’m praising God for 10 years of surviving breast cancer this month! There was a day when I wondered if I’d see this day, and I give all credit to Him. The lessons I learned are this:
    * If you face the same diagnosis, keep your eyes on Him. Let the experience draw you closer to God.
    * Open your life to friends and family. My family members, co-workers (at LifeWay!), neighbors, and church family (at Grace Community Church in Nashville) walked with me through the experience. God used them as His hands and feet, and both I was richly blessed and they were as well.
    * Trust your instincts when it comes to your own body. My diagnosis occurred six months after a normal mammogram, and by then it was locally advanced. Even if only a month has passed and you think something doesn’t seem right, get it checked out. Believe me, the clinic staff will not dismiss it. But if they do, find another clinic.

    Thank you, LifeWay Women, for lifting up breast cancer this month. We’re all sisters in the fight.

  2. Patty Eller says

    My mother had breast cancer, she was clothed in strength and dignity. 9 years ago from today, I was told I had breast cancer. Surgery was in November, and I began Chemo in January and finished in May. I was afraid, but, God walked with me, through it all. Let friends and family help you, let them pray with you. You will not be alone. Thank you, Lifeway.

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