Best Habits of Highly Successful Women’s Ministry Leadership Teams

Today we continue addressing these questions:

  1. What are the best habits of a highly successful women’s ministry?
  2. What are the best habits of a highly successful women’s minister/director/coordinator?
  3. What are the top trends in women’s ministry today?

Read part 1 here first. Today I am sharing compiled responses of the “best habits of a highly successful women’s ministry” regarding leadership teams:

  • Ministry team is strong due to having different walks of life represented.
  • Team of ladies who love Jesus, seek Him and humbly use their gifts & talents for His kingdom.  Has leaders who have different gifts, talents and personalities.
  • Leaders watch for God to point out women who love the Lord and are already busy doing His work in some way and then invites them to be a part of your team, if there’s leadership potential, or be a part of the ministry in some way. Prays women into their position.
  • Mature, nurturing and emotionally healthy small group leaders discipling to reproduce themselves
  • Mature,  nurturing and trained lay counselors
  • Healthy team dynamics
  • Prayer and quarterly/annual evaluations of what’s working and what’s not working
  • Frequent leadership training
  • Networking with other women’s ministry directors outside our church
  • Communication with as many women as possible in the church to help them see where God may use them in the church.
  • Team dynamics that encourage women to effectively use their spiritual gifts.
  • Apprentice/nurture/shepherd/discipleship of leaders. Always apprenticing future leaders
  • Continual pray for each other on team
  • Opportunities to integrate new ladies to the church into women’s ministry.
  • Outreach events for ladies to bring their unsaved friends/neighbors to hear the gospel.


Think about your women’s team and share what else would you include in this list?

Watch for part 3 as we address the best habits of a successful women’s minister/director/coordinator.

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