Best Habits of a Highly Successful Women’s Ministry

Not long ago a leader posed these questions to me and wondered what I was hearing from other leaders:

  1. What are the best habits of a highly successful women’s ministry?
  2. What are the best habits of a highly successful women’s minister/director/coordinator?
  3. What are the top trends in women’s ministry today?

So, I did what I normally do when I need some reliable input… I posed these questions to a variety of women’s leaders and compiled the responses. This is the first of four blog posts on these issues.  This post is the response  to Question #1 and I have broken it into two areas of response: overall ministry and leadership team.

Today I am sharing the compiled responses for the best habits of a highly successful women’s ministry from the standpoint of the ministry in general:

  • Has a clear purpose. Doesn’t just do things but is sensitive to what God is doing and joins Him. Designs ministry around this purpose.
  • Doesn’t see ministry as an organization, but a growing organism of women ministering to women as a lifestyle. Stays flexible and relevant to culture. If something isn’t working — change it.
  • Fosters good (supportive) relationships with staff.
  • Stays unique- doesn’t copy what others are doing but finds what works for their women
  • Strikes a balance between discipleship and evangelism
  • Has an environment of missions
  • Doesn’t do everything, but does the best thing
  • If women are in disagreement/conflict whether openly or passive/aggressively, addresses it face to face. The sooner the better
  • Has as the foundation truth and the priority of studying God’s Word
  • Has a balance for meeting the needs of women in the church and the community (cross-generational, all seasons of life & cross-cultural). Balance of inreach and outreach, of discipling and missions/evangelism
  • Has clearly defined opportunities for growth and involvement/service.
  • Cultivates relationships
  • Uses the power of the personal invitation
  • Is life-change and spiritual transformation driven. Spiritual growth is measure of success, not just numbers.
  • Continually offers wide range bible study opportunities throughout the year along with quarterly events and opportunities for fellowship, friendship and spiritual growth
  • Doesn’t compare ministry with that of another church.  Seeks God’s wisdom and guidance for the women He has called us to serve! Sees ministry as unique for that church.
  • Everything starts and ends with prayer.
  • Exhibits transparency of heart.

Take a look at your overall women’s ministry and share what else would you include in this list?

Watch for Part 2 of this “Unofficial Research Series” that will cover best habits regarding the leadership team.


  1. says

    Thanks Chris, What a list.

    While you were teaching at She Speaks, I sat in a class with Donna Jones and was inspired at her funnel approach to reach all women. It really sat with me as she reference the same chapter of II Timothy as Priscilla does in her study of Gideon.

    I’m not sure if Donna references this philosophy is in one of her books or not. Although she did note success in retention as the funnel allows women to find their niche which they eventually … through the help of the Holy Spirit … recognize as a spiritual gift or gifts.

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