What’s Inside Lisa Harper’s Purse?

Lisa_HarperWe asked Lisa Harper to show us the contents of her purse, and she happily obliged. The author of the Bible study, Malachi: A Love That Never Let’s Go, tells us that she carries not one, but two travel toothbrushes and toothpaste. “When I was a teenager, my mom lectured me about how much money they spent on my braces, and she expected me to take care of my teeth,” says Lisa. “I’ve been a habitual brusher ever since!”

Lisa is a bit of a lipstick junkie. “I have three different MAC lipsticks, and four different MAC lip pencils. My favorite lipstick shade is ‘Fresh Moroccan’ and ‘Spice’ is my favorite lip pencil color.”

She’s in the process of adopting a 4-year old little girl named Missy from Haiti. “The travel Pepto Bismol is leftover from my last trip to Haiti.”


What else can’t she leave home without?

  • “A variety of Bendadryl packets. I got a bad case of poison ivy while hiking 50 miles on the Appalachian Trail with ten girlfriends this summer. The trip was to commemorate my 50th birthday!”
  • “Perfume called ‘Brown Sugar’ by my favorite brand, Fresh. I’m not fond of stinky bodies.”
  • Three different kinds of mints because “I’m also not fond of stinky breath.”
  • Two Starbucks cards, “because you never know when you’ll get a hankering for a non-fat, extra-hot, with-whip mocha!”
  • “I have prodigal hair which refuses to stay in place,” says Lisa. “Thus, Bumble & Bumble hairspray.”
  • “And other things refuse to stay in place too so I have body/clothing double-stick ‘fashion tape’.”
  • “A puffy Tory Burch wallet that holds way more cards and receipts that any sane person should carry.”

The wild card item? “Two Gold Bond Medicated Powders,” says Lisa. “I’m not fond of stinky feet.”

You can check out Lisa’s Bible study, Malachi, and download a free sample HERE.


  1. Antoinette Castillo says

    Lisa, surely you have a smart phone that you can load your gift cards on the Starbucks app..? Its so easy to do and manager. Also, you earn a free drink after you purchase 12 on your app. :)

  2. Krista Wiggins says

    Well, I have adopted a new kind of purse. I moved to KetchikanAK back in June of this year & I now have to carry a rain jacket & other rein gear cause we never know when it will rain. Ketchikan is part of The Tongass National Rainforest.. So I just got myself a back pack & put my wallet, lipsticks, inhaler, hair spray, gum, pens etc.. right in all those little pockets & now I carry MY “PURSE ON MY BACK” Walk all over town with it ON MY BACK! They say I AM A TRUE ALASKA WOMAN NOW!

    We miss you Beth!

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