Helping the Hopeless


Do any of the women you minister to struggle with the idea of hope? It seems like an epidemic these days, but because of the truths found in Scripture, we know better! For a few ways to encourage women who seem hopeless, or how to affirm those who are hopeful, check out Hoping Against Hope today over on All Access.


  1. Sharon Adams says

    Greetings Ladies,
    My friend and I have started our own Women’s Group, called “Keeper’s of the Light.” We are in our 3rd week. I had the calling to start a women’s group in March while attending a 72 hour women’s retreat. I have to say it was beyond amazing. I grew closer to God. Having faith, hope, & love for our Savior is so important. My past was not so good, but I was saved October 2nd, 2011. Also baptized that night. I was delivered from my addictions and all the pain & hurt that was in my heart was replaced with the fruit of the spirit. HOW AWESOME!!!! I had moments with God, where He told me to take everything I had been through, start a women’s group, and help them, encourage them, love them, and lead the unsaved to Jesus. So far, our group is on a slow pace, but with God’s grace, I know a huge outcome is about to happen.
    So, to any woman or young lady that’s feeling down, unloved, hopeless, DON’T BECAUSE JESUS LOVES YOU LIKE NO OTHER & THERE ARE ALOT OF GROUPS YOU CAN JOIN. I pray for all my Sister’s in Christ, that you and your loved ones will be saved and filled with the fruit of the spirit. There’s no Love like what God has to offer. “You don’t get good to get God, YOU GET GOD TO GET GOOD.” This quote was from my pastor. and another quote I seen on a church sign while traveling said, “You can’t walk with God while running with the devil.” God is awesome, amazing, extraordinary!!! Just call upon Him and believe. He’s waiting for you!! Love & Blessings always, Sharon.

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