Sneak Peek! Grace Unplugged


Grace Unplugged is about eighteen-year-old Christian singer Grace Trey. Beautiful, talented, and restless, Grace performs each Sunday with her gifted father, Johnny. A former rock star, Johnny Trey charted a Billboard number-one single twenty years ago.

His life spiraled out of control and he crashed hard before finding Christ and starting a new life for his family, far from Hollywood.

One day Johnny’s former manager, Frank “Mossy” Mostin, drops by with an offer to reignite his fame. Johnny says no, but after Mossy leaves, Grace calls him and says yes. She leaves for Los Angeles, landing a record deal with Mossy, who sees in Grace a potential pop superstar.

Cutting off contact with her parents, Grace seems prepared to abandon her family and walk away from her professed Christian faith to achieve her fantasy of fame.

Ultimately Grace’s journey leads her to discover the beauty of God’s pursuit. Dissatisfied with fame, she recognizes the longing of her soul and moves toward reconciliation. Leaving behind her pretend faith (passed down by her parents) and her pursuit of fame, Grace finally finds her own passion for God and His ongoing grace for her.

Want more? LifeWay has partnered with Grace Unplugged to create a small group Bible study for students [sample] and adults [sample] based on the content of the film! The four-session study focuses on the Parable of the Prodigal Son in the Gospel of Luke. There is also a DVD kit available with clips from the movie that will help guide the group discussion.


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    Ah, this is awesome! I hope I get to see this one day. (I am in Thailand and don’t know how I could get hold of a copy. )Anyway, the statement, “Sometimes chasing your dreams leads you right where you belong,” is so true. A few weeks ago I wrote about chasing my dreams, and how it led me exactly where God wanted me to be. So awesome how God pursues us even when we turn our backs from Him!

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