LifeWay’s Ed Stetzer sat down for a quick interview with Beth Moore recently to talk about her life and journey in ministry.

We think you’ll enjoy these engaging, thoughtful, and fun video clips!


  1. Bonnie camacho says:

    Heyy Love Mrs .Beth .love her bible studys .books .thsnku .

  2. Th healthy glow of your love of Jesus just emmulates from you, Miss Beth, and I just praise Him for that! May He continue to bless you richly!!!
    Love and hugs from the Heartland!
    Betty M

  3. Sandy Bowers says:

    I love this so much. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. I love you Beth! Thanks for posting the interview Lifeway! I would LOVE to sit and have a conversation with you, but this is the next best thing!!! Can’t wait to see the Simulcast this Sat! :-)

  5. elka kylman says:

    You are a truly bless and inspiration for many women. God bless

  6. Thank you Beth, for your ministry to me.
    I love you, my Sister.

  7. Charlotte Love says:

    I love to listen to you speak and share your thoughts and feelings with all of us, Beth! It comforts me to know that you recognize the ‘human-ness’ in all of us, and remind us that God loves us no matter what. That is a balm for me, as I know that my flaws are many, but His love for me is great. Thank you….and I will be at your simulcast, this Saturday, up here in beautiful, northern Canada to hear what you have to say. Can’t wait!

  8. Thank you, Beth, for being such an inspirational Bible Study teacher. God has blessed me each time I have done one of your studies with learning so much. You have modeled a passion for Bible study and then taught me how to study! I am so thankful to you! I love how you love Jesus and share that with us on the videos and in your writings- it is a blessing that you are so authentic as a person! Thank you for doing all the research, creating, and writing the studies for us to learn. You have been a mentor for me and I greatly appreciate everything you do.

  9. Thank you for sharing this interview with Beth Moore. It was a great encouragement to me.

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