Thousands of you are studying the life of Gideon this summer with Priscilla Shirer. And you’re talking (and tweeting!) about it, too! Here are just a handful of some of your tweets:

{@beam553} “Partial obedience always leads to future hardships” Week1 Day 1 #lessonsfromgideon

{@NicoleMcComas} “Would God love you enough to save you but not enough to walk with you?” @PriscillaShirer Thankful for this word today! #lessonsfromgideon

{@lsflippin} No matter where I am… God will meet me at that very place. #lessonsfromgideon

{@JamyFisher} Start fresh. Make today’s decision to obey with tomorrow in mind. #lessonsfromgideon

{@christydavis413} God’s love & mercy are amazing. Even when continually rejected, He is moved to pity & brings deliverance. Judges 2:18. #lessonsfromgideon

{@ashleywbaker} “To be aware of God’s purpose, you must first be aware of His presence.” #lessonsfromgideon Open my eyes in daily mundane tasks. You R w/ me

{@amandabmorris} When you’re not the same person you used to be, you have no business going where you used to go. #lessonsfromgideon

{@thecrystallewis} The lavishness of Gods patience = the vast abundance of his power. @PriscillaShirer #lessonsfromgideon

{@jaxmom97} Things that I casually call bad habits or obsessions are actually idols in my life. Time to call a spade a spade. #lessonsfromgideon

{@Micheledidasko} “Our weaknesses are the conduits through which we experience God’s strength.” ~ @PriscillaShirer #lessonsfromgideon

{@msjsu2000} Sometimes the ministry God is calling you to isn’t to the outside, it’s in your own house. #LessonsFromGideon @LifeWayWomen

{@KariMechi} There are over 8000 promises God gives believers in the Bible. Not necessarily placed in our hands but within our reach. #lessonsfromgideon

{@flyergirl10} Our faithfulness in the ordinary will often determine our success in the extraordinary. #lessonsfromgideon

We would love to hear what you’re learning.  Use the hashtag, #lessonsfromgideon, when you tweet!

And here’s another lesson. God’s Patience.


  1. Lorraine says

    Just finishing Gideon study – a few early highlights: There can be future affects from leftover enemies. Partial obedience leads to future hardships. Enemies don’t just go away because we refuse to deal with them.

  2. Susan says

    Here are some hashtags I learned during week one:
    “I cannot enjoy all what the Lord has for me without giving my all to Him first.”
    “Partial obedience is no obedience”
    “Fill me to victory and unity in YOU and in YOUR CHURCH”
    “What is most dearest to me must have the same destiny I embrace- Christ alone”

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