Thousands of you are studying the life of Gideon this summer with Priscilla Shirer. And you’re talking (and tweeting!) about it, too! Here are just a handful of some of your tweets:

{@beam553} ”Partial obedience always leads to future hardships” Week1 Day 1 #lessonsfromgideon

{@NicoleMcComas} “Would God love you enough to save you but not enough to walk with you?” @PriscillaShirer Thankful for this word today! #lessonsfromgideon

{@lsflippin} No matter where I am… God will meet me at that very place. #lessonsfromgideon

{@JamyFisher} Start fresh. Make today’s decision to obey with tomorrow in mind. #lessonsfromgideon

{@christydavis413} God’s love & mercy are amazing. Even when continually rejected, He is moved to pity & brings deliverance. Judges 2:18. #lessonsfromgideon

{@ashleywbaker} “To be aware of God’s purpose, you must first be aware of His presence.” #lessonsfromgideon Open my eyes in daily mundane tasks. You R w/ me

{@amandabmorris} When you’re not the same person you used to be, you have no business going where you used to go. #lessonsfromgideon

{@thecrystallewis} The lavishness of Gods patience = the vast abundance of his power. @PriscillaShirer #lessonsfromgideon

{@jaxmom97} Things that I casually call bad habits or obsessions are actually idols in my life. Time to call a spade a spade. #lessonsfromgideon

{@Micheledidasko} “Our weaknesses are the conduits through which we experience God’s strength.” ~ @PriscillaShirer #lessonsfromgideon

{@msjsu2000} Sometimes the ministry God is calling you to isn’t to the outside, it’s in your own house. #LessonsFromGideon @LifeWayWomen

{@KariMechi} There are over 8000 promises God gives believers in the Bible. Not necessarily placed in our hands but within our reach. #lessonsfromgideon

{@flyergirl10} Our faithfulness in the ordinary will often determine our success in the extraordinary. #lessonsfromgideon

We would love to hear what you’re learning.  Use the hashtag, #lessonsfromgideon, when you tweet!

And here’s another lesson. God’s Patience.


  1. Bonnie camacho says:

    Love gideon justed At Frist B Church of Layayette La. Just stared to tweet.

  2. Bonnid camacho says:

    Thanku .love to be notify on commemts by email .love it .

  3. Back off, satan, God’s in control of my life and He always wins!

  4. Just finishing Gideon study – a few early highlights: There can be future affects from leftover enemies. Partial obedience leads to future hardships. Enemies don’t just go away because we refuse to deal with them.

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