Update: Congrats to Linda Henderson for winning this giveaway!

Grills across America will be firing up this weekend for one last hurrah as summer eases out this Labor Day. Instead of the same old menu of burgers and hot dogs, why not grill up some delicious pork tenderloin? It feels a little fancy, but it could not be easier. Serve with apple and jicama slaw or potato salad or whatever your little taste buds desire. Your guest will be saying, “Mmm …” all the way home.

Simple Pork Tenderloin Marinade

5 tablespoons melted butter porktenderloingrilled1
1/3 cup soy sauce
2/3 cup Worcestershire sauce
2 tablespoons ketchup

Whisk together all ingredients in a glass measuring cup.


Get Grillin’

Place two pork tenderloins in a resealable plastic bag and pour in marinade. Marinate for two hours or more, turning occasionally. Grill approximately 20 minutes, flipping often, until a meat thermometer inserted into the largest part of the tenderloin reads 150 to 155 degrees. Remove from grill, wrap in foil, and allow to rest until ready to serve.

In honor of this day of rest for our 50 nifty United States, how about winning this American Wonderland Tablecloth? And it doubles as an adorable picnic blanket. Leave us a comment telling us your favorite food to grill, and you’ll be entered to win!

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By entering today’s giveaway, you acknowledge LifeWay Christian Resource’s official promotion rules found hereToday’s giveaway starts at the posting time of this blog and ends next Tuesday (9/3/13) at 11:59 p.m. CST. You must be 18 to enter, and you may only enter once. The winner will be selected at random. For questions about the rules and regulations of this giveaway, please contact Bud Harlan at One LifeWay Plaza, Nashville, TN 37234-140.


  1. I love grilled corn on the cob & other veggies, grilled salmon or chicken, etc. Thanks for the giveaway!!!!

  2. We like to grill steak and shrimp!

  3. Colleen W says:

    We love anything grilled! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  4. Yanna Westmoreland says:

    Grilled pineapple!! Goes with any grilled meat.

  5. BKaye Beckner says:

    Good old fashioned hotdogs and hamburgers!

  6. RIBS!!!

  7. Carol Brown says:

    Our favorite meal is pork steaks with grilled cabbage and onions. So, so good!

  8. Sally H, (Sturgis, MI) says:

    Love grilling salmon:)

  9. I love to grill kabobs:)

  10. I’m all about hamburgers. I could grill hamburgers every day. LOVE the tablecloth!!!

  11. Connie Gibson says:

    Love grilling! Tablecloth would be a great way for my grandson to learn about all the states.

  12. My hubby was on our state pork board a number of years and it was great fun! We got alot of great trips and also learned alot of great ways to grill our fav food pork tenderloin! Pork is still the other white meat! We “finished” (in other words feed 50 pounder pigs to market size) for a number years selling over 2000 per year. The barns stand empty now as a local packer quit and we have no way to market them and still make money. We sell over 400 locally yet each year. Thanks for promoting pork!!

  13. Favorite thing to grill is pineapple! De-lishM

  14. I’m up for a picnic!

  15. I love grilled chicken and spare ribs! Yummmmm

  16. Lisa Wight says:

    Potatoes and onions in a foil packet! Oh, yum!

  17. Cindy Gossett says:

    I love to grill rib eye steaks. It’s always a challenge to get them just right and ohhh how delicious they are. I throw on some fresh pineapple and a basket full of fresh veggies!!! Getting hungry now!

  18. We love to grill pork loin. Our family takes an annual trip to our favorite campground in East Texas. We divide up the meals so our parents aren’t doing all the cooking. This summer we figured out how to grill porkloin on my dad’s small camp stove. It was a hit and we enjoyed leftovers with BBQ sauce on buns. Would love to add the table cloth to our camping goodies.

  19. Heather McDaniel says:

    Love the table cloth, thinking I could homeschool / picnic this fall. :-)

  20. Susan Wright says:

    We love grilled bbq chicken with grilled onions and other veggies. yummy

  21. Carolyn Benesh says:

    Love, love, love Hamburgers and hotdogs and brisket!

  22. Helen LaRue says:

    I love grilled chicken with potatoes!

  23. Doris Brune says:

    We love grilling pork tenderloins marinated in a honey mixture.

  24. Marsha R. says:

    Ribs…yep, my favorite is ribs. Throw in some potato halves brushed with butter and I’m ready for a good ole Southern Picnic.

  25. Yum! And I actually have a pork tenderloin in the freezer. (Thanks for the gift idea for my mom, too. She’s super-patriotic and an ESOL teacher. That tablecloth would be perfect for her!)

    My favorite would be a toss-up between grilled salmon and my mom’s lemon chicken recipe, with grilled vegetables in either case. (Or do s’mores count? Then it might be a 3-way tie. Ha ha.)

  26. Jill Ervin says:

    I love grilled hotdogs and corn on the cob.

  27. Steak and pork tenderloin. Love the tablecloth!

  28. Janet Worthy says:

    I absolutely ADORE that tablecloth! I MUST have it! Our favorite to grill is good ol’ steaks:)

  29. Becky Stahl says:

    We like the old fashioned hamburgers (mine with cheese please) and corn on the cob. Side serving of cucumbers and onions in vinegar!

  30. BBQ chicken!

  31. Lynn Cooper says:

    Oh how I would be, Happy , Happy, Happy with these! Yum!

  32. Linda Henderson says:

    Steaks & burgers !!!

  33. Carolyn Medlin says:

    Steak…it’s what’s for dinner. Love the tablecloth, hope I win.

  34. Valerie Rowe says:

    Love ribs on the grill!

  35. Grilled chicken and corn on the cob!

  36. LeeAnn Toner says:

    Hamburger’s HotDog’s and BEEF RIB’s

    Y’all Have a Blessed week end..!!

  37. Burgers, of course!

  38. Kay Manning says:

    Pork chops are wonderful grilled!

  39. Gwen Ziegler says:

    Good old fashioned hamburgers! And zucchini

  40. Cindy Seale says:

    I love foil dinners on the grill – wrap up a hamburger patty and a pork chop with potatoes, carrots, onion, salt, pepper, butter and a little water – grill for about an hour and you have a succulent dinner. :-)

  41. Cindy Seale says:

    Can I have two favorites? I love grilled salmon and new potatoes with garlic/parsley butter…and don’t forget the cheddar garlic biscuits. Yummy

  42. We love vegetables grilled — asparagus, zucchini, bell peppers.

  43. Portabello mushroom stuffed with mozzarella cheese and grilled.

  44. Debby's Sheldon says:

    Steak on the grill! To DIE for!

  45. Trella James says:

    We grill everything from fish, steak, chicken, fruits and vegetables. Even hamburgers and hot dog occasionally.

  46. virginia sheets says:

    I like grilled chicken breast and vegetables.

  47. Lobster tails! We do a lot of grilling — steaks, fish, soft-shell crab, pork, even fruit and veggies — but my all-time favorite is grilled lobster.

  48. We grill everything. My favorite is hamburgers and corn on the cob. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck, God’s Blessings and Happy Labor Day to everyone.

  49. Hamburgers and chicken!!

  50. Josh Morrison says:


  51. Susan Christy says:

    Spicy Chicken Wings are my favorite thing to grill.

  52. Blessie Nelson says:

    We love grilling bacon wrapped apples!

  53. I love grilling steak.

  54. Nothing beats grilled corn, with the possible exception of ribs!

  55. Hamburgers and steaks! And veggies too! :-)

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