5. You might have a little fun.
The simulcast is a great chance to meet new friends and catch up with the ones you haven’t seen in awhile! Who knows? Besides Beth Moore’s dynamic spiritual teaching, you might even find yourself having some fun with your friends!

4. Experience it for yourself
No one likes to miss out! Don’t be the one who has to ask someone else what happened at this once-a-year global event. Experience it for yourself!

3. Start a new small group
If you don’t have a church hosting the event near you, the simulcast is a great excuse to invite women into your home, build new relationships, and start new Bible study groups (not to mention a great excuse to put on a pot of coffee and bring out the desserts)!

2. Ignite your passion for studying God’s word
Whether you’re currently involved in a Bible study or you’ve never studied the word of God, the simulcast is a great way to begin diving deeper and inviting others in your life to join you!

1. You’re needed!
There may be a woman attending the simulcast at a church in your area who desperately needs a friend like you. Perhaps she’s walking a journey that you once walked and could use your listening ear.

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  1. My favourite study is Daniel! We completed loved it. I’ve also done Esther and James and am working through Breaking Free with my husband at the moment (I’m behind with homework but he’s up to date so I’m holding him back right now!)


    • Penelope Risner says:

      My favorite study is Daniel. I still remember most of it!! It was excellent!!!

    • Valerie Gibson says:


    • “Believing God” was wonderful – and look forward to many more.

  2. That’s it WE girls are ready to have some FUN!

  3. I have enjoyd many bible studies from Beth but Daniel challenged me the most.

  4. My favorite is James. I have seen all of her Simulcasts and would NOT want to miss this one! I love how you can feel God’s presence at every one of her events! Last year I invited some girls that had never seen her and they loved it too.! Thanks for all your hard work LifeWay and Beth! :-)
    (P.S. Oh and Travis and his Praise team too!)

  5. Judy in MI says:

    My favorite is Esther. Missed out on James at our church this year and I’m so sad. Hopefully this year!

  6. I loved the James bible study… and it came at a very needed time for me. Can’t wait for the next study!!

  7. John and Why Godly People Do Ungodly Things.

  8. Paula Halcom says:

    My favorite study is Esther.

  9. Alene Atkins says:

    My favorite Beth Moore Bible Study is “Breaking Free”. I have seen so many women set free from their pasts, no matter what they were, by doing this study and letting God do the work in them.

    • Alylene Fields says:

      Me too, Breaking Free, showed me who I was in Christ and the cloak of shame I had been wearing was removed. Now I wear the robes of a Kings daughter.

  10. My Favorite is Breaking Free. It was a life changer for me!!! Would LOVE to see a Simulcast. THANKS for all you do!

  11. I’ve done almost all of Beth’s studies but my favorite remains, Breaking Free.

  12. Cathy Simpkins says:

    My favorite so far has been Daniel, but Revelation was a close 2nd!

  13. Patriarchs is an absolute favorite!! I really loved “believing God” as well. I grew so much! How can you pick just one :-)

  14. Stacee Showalter says:

    My favorite study has been Esther. What joy, strength, and inspiration came from t that study! ! “If this, then God! ” Such a great message.

  15. I don’t know that I could pick a favorite Beth Moore study! I am constantly amazed by what God brings to light through them. I’m looking forward to some more Miss Beth!

  16. I love the “So Long Insecurity” study. I co-lead it for a small group and it was AMAZING to witness women being freed of their insecurities..POWERFUL!

  17. Beth Limbaugh says:

    I have never done a Beth Moore Bible Study.

    • Beth, You will be blessed when you have an opportunity to do one! Shout out for Beth to win the free simultcast!!

  18. I’ve only been able to complete Breaking Free. Going to start James soon, then Esther.

  19. My favorite study of Beth’s was the first study I participated in with her; it is the Patriarchs!

  20. Kristen Mercado says:

    I am doing Esther right and and it’s my favorite so far, I have also done Daniel and I actually didn’t get the chance to finish it. A friend and I drove over to Boise Idaho to listen to Beth Moore in 2012, and we were able to attend here conference in our lovely home state Oregon this year. I love how real and relatable

  21. It’s hard to pick a favorite!!! I’m working through Believing God right now .

  22. I really enjoyed When Wallflowers Dance by Angela Thomas.

  23. I’ve never completed a study by Beth Moore, but my favorite Bible Study is the book of James.

  24. I am a huge fan of Beth Moore Bible studies. My most recent favorite is James. A very powerful study

  25. That is a tuffy! I loved Jesus the one and Only and actually own it an dwe watch some of it at Christmas and Easter each year. Though I may not have agreed with her eschatology in Danile, there was still alot of it that stirred within me the desire to dig deeper and dare more!!! I now lead a growing SS have facilitated ladies groups and am branching out in alot of directions. Beth’s love of Jesus is very infectious!!
    Thankyou for giving us such high quality studies!!!

  26. Mandy Hart says:

    My favorite study thus far is James. Changed my life…and I can still quote all 5 chapters!!! :-)

  27. Wanda Causey says:

    I loved the study of Daniel. That was several years ago and I would love to take it again. I know there were parts that I could learn more about.

  28. Courtney Howard says:

    I’m currently studying the Breaking Free study and love it! Would love to win the simulcast and use that as a spring board for a Bible study in my home!

  29. Pam Hensley says:

    I believe my favorite Beth Moore study is all of them!! But most recently the favorite is James. I would so love to win this simulcast so that I could invite churched and unchurched friends that cannot afford to either go to your conferences or afford getting the simulcast. Beth has always been a blessing to me. I want to share her with others!

  30. Esther is hands down my favorite!

  31. Margie Mayes says:

    They have all deposited deep things in me from Breaking Free, to Ester to James and I could go on! I love to listen to this women a True women after Gods heart! My daughter who is not 26 has shared many along side of me. thank you for ushering us in to the Holy of Hollies!

  32. Paula Sayers says:

    My favorite Beth Moore study has been The Patriarchs, I love all of the history!!

  33. It is so hard to pick a favorite. Each one that I have done has been used in huge ways in my life. I suppose at this moment I would choose the Patriarchs. It helped me to not only get a little more of my heritage and identity through Christ but also helped me to realize that He (my Father, El Roi, the God who sees ME) is my treasure, my very great reward! That is invaluable!!!

  34. Crystal Kidd says:

    My favorite Beth Moore study (so far) is David: a Heart Like His. Absolutely set my heart on fire for God. It changed the way I was walking and has increased the intimacy in my relationship with Jesus.

  35. I have never done a Beth Moore study… but the one that looked the most interesting to me was “breaking free” In the past i Iave done a bible study on the book “Unglued” by Lysa Turkeurst

  36. Esther! Without a doubt!

  37. Esther is my favorite!

  38. I have done all her studies and loved The Inheritance and Esther.

  39. Judy Rice says:

    My favorite study is Jesus the One and only but they all have helped me to be better in my life and love the word more!

  40. Kairi Foster says:

    Breaking Free is the BEST!

  41. Just finishing up with Fruits of the Spirit and it has spoken to me so much!

  42. My favorite has to be on John. I’m still working on Janes and I love it too!

  43. Picking a favorite Beth Moore…. that’s like asking whether I could choose between chocolate/peanut butter ice-cream or reeses cups!! I’m going to go with Esther :)

  44. Julie ward says:

    Loved Believing God!

  45. Keri schreiner says:

    I just finished breaking free, awesome study. Love all that Beth has to offer.

  46. Shelley Gholson says:

    To Live is Christ

  47. Madelin Butler says:

    When others have asked that question my standard answer: “My favorite bible study is the one that I am taking at the moment.” Each have a favorite place in my heart impacting my life and walk profoundly. Choosing my favorite Beth Moore Study is like picking your favorite child. LOVE her and the Bible Studies.

  48. Def James
    Starting new one in October Spirt?

  49. I have two favorites, Patriarchs, and Esther. Both were catalysts for change at those particular moments of my life. So incredibly powerful and life affirming!

  50. Cecily R Bornemann says:

    Beloved Disciple was my favorite bible study

  51. Believing God.

  52. Gail Jones says:

    My favorite of all Beth’s studies so far has been Daniel. It really helped me understand somwe of the prophecies that seemed to be over my head prior to that study.A close second was The Patriarchs!

  53. Terry lane says:

    Loved the Esther study

  54. I’ve learned so much from each and every one of Beth’s studies – favorite was Daniel.

  55. Toni Molden says:

    I love Beth’s studies. It was Sept. of 2011 at her simulcast that I came to love God. If I don’t win this I will have to miss this years simulcast because my husband is NOT working and I can’t afford it. :(

  56. Our ladies group is attending the simulcast at a local church. What is the topic this year?

  57. Amy Whitmore says:

    I LOVE BETH MOORE & would be blessed to win a ticket to her simulcast! She speaks what she hears from God & I appreciate that & I listen up!

  58. My favorite study is/was “Living Beyond Yourself,” because it was about the DAILY BASICS of the Fruit of the Spirit that make living as a believer so profoundly wonderful – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. I am facilitating “Esther, I’ts Tough Being a Woman” right now, and I also just received my “Sacred Secrets” study in the mail this past Saturday.

    Much Love, GJ

  59. Melody Terry says:

    I love all her studies. It is hard to pick a favorite. Breaking Free was a great one .

  60. Breaking Free. Looking forward to seeing this.

  61. My favorite is of course all of them but Believing God really spoke to my heart.

  62. Rebecca Saiz says:

    My Favorite study is Esther. I just learned so much about the bible from that story and also about being a woman!

    • Laurie Barbee says:

      I loved The Daniel Study! It has helped me realize that we are living in Babylon but we are to be set apart. This really helps me stay aware of what’s going on around me and how to react to it.

      Thank you, Lifeway! And Thank you, God for giving Beth Moore your word and the insights you do that she shares with us!

  63. Chelsie Hendrickson says:

    The Beth Moore study that I have is Living Beyond Yourself. I was in a small group but never got a chance to do it. The one before that one that I did was Jonah by Pricilla Shrier. Doing these studies have brought me closer to God. I love that they are offered.

  64. I love all the Bible studies. My favorite one is always the one I am working on and right now, it’s The Beloved Disciple.

  65. Carol VanderWal says:

    My favorite is the first one I did Jesus the one and only……I have done them all and thoroughly enjoyed every one but that still tops my list

  66. My favorite bible study written by Beth Moore is Mercy Triumphs, the study in the book of James. The Lord used it powerfully to balance this recovering-Pharisee heart of mine. :)

  67. Blessed by Beth’s teaching. Living Beyond Yourself was one of my favorites.

  68. Robin Frazier says:

    I loved Daniel

  69. Marleena Wilson says:

    I am doing the Deuteronomy study right now and it blesses me so. Living Beyond Myself has been my favorite, even though I have loved all of the ones I’ve done.

  70. Sheryl Blake says:

    My favorite Bible Study would have to be Believing God.

  71. Linda Totman says:

    My favorite … Believing God changed my life! Yet each of them has a special place in my heart. James was the mot recent and I was so challenged by it too. We just finished Gideon by Priscilla Shirer and it spoke volumes to me too.

  72. Michele P says:

    Breaking Free and Believing God!

  73. My favorite two bible studies of all time are Daniel and Breaking Free.

  74. My favorite Bible Study was Esther. It impacted me in ways that’s hard to put in adequate words!

  75. Joyce Grimes says:

    I have only had the opportunity to do 2, Breaking Free & Believing God both favorites. I would love to do them ALL!
    I serve in Children’s Ministry right now & find it difficult to join in a Bible study group. I got to join the simulcast last year, it was amazing. I would love to join again this year.

  76. My Favorite is the Deuteronomy study as it opened my eyes not only to the book but what I was missing when I read it. You really have to take the time to read each verse and this bible study helped.

  77. Pam France says:

    I loved Believing God and Daniel! However, each study that I have done is always a blessing. God has used Beth Moore in my life and I am very thankful for her ministry.

  78. Although I’ve loved all the Beth Moore studies I have done, my favorite was Daniel.

  79. Karen Riendeau says:

    THe Bible Study that has impacted me in the most lasting and life-changing way is Jesus, The One and Only. I fell in love with Jesus in a way that changed the trajectory of my Christian life! I highly recommend it. Beth introduced me to Jesus in a way that I had never quite “got” before.

  80. Going to do believing God! Love John!

  81. Jennifer Garcia says:

    Love these studies . Have been doing small group in my home since 2004. We have had 30 women and sometimes just 10 women. Have completed about 10 different studies . Can’t wait to do this next new one ☺

  82. I loved Esther. I haven’t taken many bible studies under Beth but I love the simulcast every year.
    She is such an inspiration to me. I love how she is so real. Thank you Beth and your team
    For all you do. Can’t wait until sept 14th. Have a blessed day.

  83. I would love to use this opportunity as an inreach/outreach tool to inspire and reach women for the Lord.

  84. Rachel Anderson says:

    James: Mercy Triumphs was my first and only Beth Moore Bible Study in a small group, so I guess it’s my favorite! I have loved, loved, loved so many of Beth’s Living Proof Life CD teachings throughout the past few years though. Our women’s group at Parkway Baptist church would be tremendously blessed by a simulcast!!

  85. I haven’t done a Beth Moore study, but am looking to do one in the fall.

  86. Hard to choose! I pick Psalms of Ascent.

  87. Daria Kluender says:

    I love Breaking Free!

  88. My favorite Beth Moore study was “Living Beyond Yourself.” I learned so much about the fruit of the Spirit!

  89. Teresia S. says:

    The study of Daniel was my absolute favorite. The way Beth describes the action in the book really helps me to remember the scripture.

  90. kelly wells says:

    My fav study was Esther!! It was my very first Beth Moore study and I learned so much and it ignited my fierce love of bible studies!!

  91. Ada - Lovin Him says:

    SO hard to pick a favorite – ALL have had a transforming effect on my life, but I guess I’d have to say “beleieving God” beasue all else follows Believing Him and trusting His unfailing love :)

  92. Melissa McCubbin says:

    I love Esther!!!

  93. Rhonda DeLaRosa says:

    I love all Beth Moore Bible Srudies, she has away of teaching that digs deep into my heart with the word of God…always bringing me closer to God through her studies..I wanna start a small Group from my home…so I can do Beth Moore bible studies with other women who don’t get to do the bible studies during the work week…I think Saturday mornings or early afternoon would be great

  94. Danielle Love says:

    My favorite Beth Moore Bible Study so far is Daniel. Our small group learned so much. We learned not only about Daniel’s life, but about everything happening around him, the significance behind it all, and an in-depth look into the end times. We studied her Revelation Bible Study right after Daniel and we loved every bit of it. Our group still remembers the Daniel Book Rhyme. We have even talked about studying Daniel again. Daniel is a completely fascinating book on its own, but it that much more enlightened by Beth’s research and study. I can’t wait to read even more of her studies.

  95. Our ladies Bible study is starting Daniel this week, and we are very excited! I would love to win tickets for some in our group who are less fortunate.

  96. Yvonne Poh says:

    DId the esther study…it was like I was transported back to ancient times…it felt so real, so surreal…I totally loved it…made me fall in love with the word of God

  97. My all time favorite was “Breaking Free”. It came at a time in my life when I most needed it. Then, “Believing God” helped me to grow in my faith so much. Always a good time in Beth’s studies and always saturated with the Word and Spirit of God.

  98. Amanda G. says:

    Myself and two other ladies from our church just attended the You Lead and LPL event in Bossier City this past week. We are running on the overflowing of the Spirit that we received this past weekend. Both events were convicting, encouraging, and invigorating and we would love to bring that into our women’s ministry!!!

  99. I have loved every Beth Moore study I’ve done, but I think James was most touching to my life and heart.

  100. Christena says:

    This is hard to answer because they all have touched my heart in some way. But I really liked Stepping Up because
    I love reading the Psalms. I praise God for using Beth in such a mighty way in women’s lives. I thank her for
    allowing God to use her to teach us in practical day to day applications. Her studies have kept me going in times
    when I needed to dive deeper in God’s word. We live in a very small town now, and I’m grateful that I can do her
    studies on line when I can’t drive out of town to meet with others. Thank you!!!

  101. I have to choose just one? I’ve done quite a few and every single one has been good. {{SIGH}} I guess if I have to choose one, it would be Esther!

  102. I have truly enjoyed and been blessed by all of the Beth Moore bible studies that I’ve done…but here are a few of my favs… Believing God, Loving Well, Breaking Free, and To Live Is Christ.

  103. I loved “Stepping Up”. But “Believing God” was my all time favorite.

  104. I would love to have some special women in my home to see this. Not sure how it works tho. No church nearby,,,,,,

  105. Libby Smoot says:

    I have always treasured taking “Breaking Free.” This was life-altering for me.

  106. I would love to win this.

  107. Julie Reynolds says:

    My favorite is Believing God because it brought me through a terrible storm in our family when my husband was paralyzed. Some of my other favorites are Daniel, Breaking Free, David, and James.

  108. Stacey Jones says:

    My favorite study is James. We did it at church a while back. I’ve been trying to memorize it but its taking longer then expected because God is using each verse and showing me so much. I love Beth Moore and don’t want to miss this event.

  109. I’ve taken many studies by Beth Moore but my favorite is Breaking Free.

  110. I’m starting my first Beth Moore study- Sacred Secrets! She is such a powerhouse of love and passion for Jesus and his Word that I know my time with her materials will change me!

  111. Dee Bentley says:

    I have done several too. Also,I love Wednesdays with Beth. My favorite is probably Daniel. Starting The Inheritance again tomorrow in a little group study in my house.

  112. Sue in Grapevine says:

    I think I have benefited the most from “Believing God”.

  113. Loris Mills says:

    Daniel has been my favorite so far!

  114. I have been leading women’s Bible study for over 10 years…all of Beth Moore’s studies are my favorite!

  115. I loved one of my first Beth Moore studies years ago – it’s still my fav. The Tabernacle came alive for me in that study.

  116. Gayle Ann says:

    Love me some Beth Moore…would rather be there in person, but can’t wait for the simulcast!

  117. Tricia Pettie says:

    Living Well and Esther. All the studies I have done were right on spot for the season I was in but those two were life changing.

  118. Gayle Ann says:

    Breaking Free and Believing God….both totally changed my life.

  119. Judy Cochran says:

    My favorite Bible study by Beth was her first…A Woman’s Heart…God’s Dwelling Place because it was life changing for me.

  120. This would be my first Beth Moore study! And I would love to do one. I’ve heard great things!

  121. Elena Dench says:

    My favorite is James: When Mercy Triumphs. Actually, it’s the only one I’ve done, but I really enjoyed it. I received a lot from the study. And learned so much about this man that I had never known!

  122. Breaking Free!

  123. Kristen C. says:

    Esther and James!

  124. Karen Todd says:

    Love getting fed on the Word!

  125. Can’t pick a favorite! Guess I’ll go with Breaking Free!

  126. Lynn Cooper says:

    God has opened the door for our small church this year to do our very first simulcast and we are looking forward to seeing what BIG things God is preparing to reveal to us on this day and he is going to use us to minister to women from around our surrounding communities.

  127. Polly Schneider says:

    I’ve done so many of her studies it’s hard to choose one, but if I have to I’ll pick Breaking Free. It made a difference in my life.

  128. My favorite study so far has been Esther.

  129. Linda Benthal says:

    A Heart Like His was my first and will probably always
    be my favorite! But havent done one yet that I didn’t get a deeper insight into my Savior!

  130. What a blessing your studies have been to my circle of girlfriends. My favorite so far has been “Breaking Free”. It has been by far our favorite time of the week!

  131. My favorite is always the one we’re doing NOW, and so it’s “Here and Now, There and Then”, a study of Revelation. Oh, my goodness, it does not disappoint, that’s for sure! Gives you chills and goose bumps, and gives me peace to know how it will be, in as much as we are able to understand. Howesomeever, our group has enjoyed every single study we’ve completed, and can’t wait to start the next one! We usually take a little break between Bible Studies, but when we end this one on Sept. 19, we are starting James the very next week! We find that when we are not in Bible Study, our Bibles tend to gather a wee bit of dust, and the studies keep us in the Word, and we absolutely LOVE to be there! Thanks for this opportunity to win a free simulcast.

  132. Esther was a break through study for me.

  133. Sarah Younger says:

    Law of Love!

  134. I haven’t taken any Beth Moore classes but I did attend last year’s simulcast at a church and it was great!

  135. Tammy Heinzman says:

    My favorite is Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed: A Study of David. It is amazing how the Lord inspires three wonderful women to do a study together and also a second one, Faithful, Abundant, True: Three Lives Going Deeper Still. I have not done the second one but we have both of them scheduled to do next Spring. I thoroughly enjoy the ministry the Lord is doing through Beth. Thank you for your service into the Lord’s kingdom.

  136. I sadly have not done one of Beth Moore’s studies *yet*, but my favorite that I have done so far has been Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst.

  137. Marcy tincher says:

    I have done the Daniel Bible Study and loved it! I also love watching Live with Beth on Life Today every Wednesday !

  138. Sherilyn Rank says:

    My favorite is usually whichever one I am currently doing, but two that really stand out to me are Esther and Believing God–they were both just what I needed at the time I did them!

  139. I am currently studying Both on my own and through home group….

  140. should read that I am studying Isaiah .

  141. Kathy Rule says:

    I would love to win this! I have never been in a bible study and would very much like to do this!

  142. Love Beth Moore’s studies!!! I really enjoy how she presents biblical truths in an engaging way.

  143. Beth Moore’s Bible studies are all so great! Daniel has been my favorite (thus far) – my husband and I worked through that one together. He would study John MacArthur’s notes on Daniel and I would study Beth Moore’s. Then we would discuss Daniel together using both teachings. We hope to do many more in the same manner. Thank you, Beth Moore, for being such a faithful servant for Our Lord.

  144. I have never done a Beth Moore study until recently. We have just started Daniel in my Wednesday night Bible Study group. I am exciting about this study as well as the simulcast.

  145. Jill Stump says:

    I just finished a study on So Long Insecurity, loved it!! Now I am diving into Get Out of That Pit, so far…amazing. I can’t say enough about Believing God as well as all of the bible studies, LOVE them all!

  146. A Woman After God’s Own Heart has been my favorite and most meaningful study. This is my hearts desire!

  147. thanks for your amazing studies. loved working on them with other women. Study of Psalms

  148. I love Believing God. It was so very impactful for me and the ladies who did it with me. Gotta love Beth and her passion!

  149. That is a tough question. I would say “Jesus, the One and Only.” I say this only because it was my very first Bible study, not only by Beth Moore, but my first one ever. Since that time, I have done seven of her studies.

  150. I was introduced to Beth Moore Bible studies five years ago. I attended studies at a friend’s church on David and Esther. And, then I facilitated Paul, Jesus, Daniel, Esther, Fruit of the Spirit, The Patriarchs, James and now David at my own church. I think my favorite is whichever one I am currently studying!

  151. Teresa Parker says:

    I have seen Beth once at a Women’s event, but watched here whenever I could find her on tv. I own and have done several Bible Studies, including David and Esther. But the most important lesson I have learned from her is she brings other women to God. We had a Baptism Sunday morning and the lady did a presentation of why she was being Baptised and it was all due to attending a Beth Moore event, to me that is the most important thing a person could commit too and it was all because of Beth!! Thank you Lord for giving her the power to speak and teach your Word!

  152. Sandy Bowers says:

    My favorite? Yikes, that’s hard to say. I guess my two top favorites would be Esther and Daniel. Both were significant at the time of my life when I participated in them. I have loved all of them that I have taken though.

  153. My favorite is “To live is Christ” The live of Paul.

  154. Cassie Pulley says:

    My favorite so far is A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place, but we’re starting Daniel in a couple of weeks. Super excited!!

  155. andrea t. says:

    John the Beloved !!!!!!
    The Throne Room Ian where my prayers go!
    Thank You LORD.

  156. My favorite so far has been Breaking Free. Beth dug into some heavy issues and ‘m excited to say I finished the study a stronger woman with a closer, deeper, more intimate relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  157. Loved the Patriarchs

  158. Angie Hale Miller says:

    James is the study I’ve done most recently, but Esther is my favorite.

  159. Donna Fearnow says:

    Jesus, the One and Only is my favorite one plus I loved the first one about the Tabernacle and Esther.

  160. Sandra Gainer says:

    Love ESTHER series, girl we have so much stuff that can weight us down , if we let it.

  161. I absolutely loved Daniel and although it has been a couple of years I still find myself referring to it constantly. I finished James in March, but I am still memorizing the book. Two more chapters to go.

  162. Joanna Lasiter says:

    Believing God is my all time favorite study.

  163. My favorite Bible study of Beth Moore’s is Esther.

  164. Tina Harlow says:

    My favorite Beth Moore study would have to be the first one I ever completed, “A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place.” It began a journey of bible study that has changed a young mother with limited Bible knowledge to a warrior that knows how to stand on God’s word. Beth, your faithfulness is to all future generations! Bless you.

  165. Diana Mercer says:

    My favorite Beth Moore study is Esther. I also really like Paul.

  166. This is such a hard decision, but of all the ones I have done I have to say Esther! Beth helped me see this book for so much more than I had always seen it. “For such a time as this” has never meant the same to me after than study <3

  167. I loved the psalms of assentation. Can’t wait to see Beth at Springfield, IL in October!

    • Ann, I Pray you are Blessed in IL, and God shows up like he did in Sioux Falls, S.D. I also can’t wait to here in April here in Minnesota

  168. Linda Robinson says:

    My favorite so far has been on the Tabernacle – A Woman’s Heart – God’s Dwelling Place. I participated with a group of 12 women and we had a wonderful time together week after week. Four churches were represented in our small group and that made it very special.

  169. I did a study on Jonah and enjoyed it.

  170. Stacey Chambless says:

    Esther is my favorite so far. But love all of the Beth Moore bible study’s especially the live ones at First Baptist Houston, Tuesday nights.

  171. Linda Henderson says:

    I loved the Daniel one !! I learned so much from that one !! I

  172. Kathy Wilson says:

    Esther was awesome .. learned so much about her and came to appreciate her life.

  173. Wow the question is very tough to answer…I’d say the specific study and lesson God is at work on me currently is always the best ; ) but if I had to pick one I’d say Esther. God directed me to it a number of years ago…it was just what I needed!!

  174. Too hard to choose. They have all been good.,

  175. Believing God made a huge difference in my life – and I’ve gone through it twice. But honestly my favorite is always whatever current one I’m doing! =)

  176. Cynthia M Lozon says:

    I’ve taken several of Beth Moore’s bible studies. I Really enjoyed the book of Esther , the cookie recipe was fun. I enjoyed watching the video at the end of the study where we got to see the young girls in Israel celebrating Purim. I will never forget what the event is all about and why the Jewish nation celebrates it till this day.

  177. Stephanie says:


  178. Katherine says:

    I would love to hear Beth Moore. I have read several of her books and done a few studies. I loved A Woman’s Heart God’s Dwelling Place

  179. My favorite study was Daniel. I loved it!

  180. Believing God got me through chemo and radiation. I would recite the prayer at the end of the study every time I left for chemo. “I’m Believing God”.

  181. Joanne Schwarz says:

    The Law of Love was phenomanal!

  182. Can always use Bible study and some spiritual uplifting with Beth Moore and thousands of other ladies!

  183. Janée Ackermann says:

    I always love whatever study I am doing but Believing God and James are list toppers for sure!!

  184. Mary Boyer says:

    Seriously…I’m supposed to pick a favorite Beth Moore study?!?. Well I can’t…I just can’t. Each study has been a blessing to me, and each study has been so “God given” for whatever season of life I was in. Keep up the good work, Beth and Living Proof!!

  185. My favorite video study is Breaking Free! Life changing, and all of her studies are! So Long Insecurity -book and workbook, changed me page by page. God worked another miracle through Beth’s material.

  186. Really enjoyed “Believing God” and look forward to many more.

  187. I loved James best I think of the five Beth Moore studies I have done,

  188. My favorite study of Beth’s is most definitely “Breaking Free.” My life was changed forever during this study!

  189. I have done all Beth’s studies, now doing Sacred Secrets and I am enjoying it so much.

  190. Martha Huntsinger says:

    “Breaking Free” was my favorite. I have completed James, Esther, The Patriarchs and we are starting Daniel in September. Cannot wait for it to begin. Studying with Beth has really taught me how to dig into the Word for myself.

  191. My favorite study is Esther. It was awesome to dive into an Old Testament book about such a powerful woman! James and Daniel are my next two favorites!

  192. I loved every Beth Moore study I have done. My favorite was Daniel.

  193. Beth did a study about the was, is, and will be statements at a WOF preconference several years ago that was awesome.

  194. cynde suite says:

    All of them!!! particularly the study on David and Beloved Disciple although I have done many of them over the past 15 years and they are all excellent I was doing Whispers of Hope when my son passed away and it drew me so close to God and helped me through that time. I haven’t gotten to do a Beth Moore Study since I led Beloved Disciple about four years ago. Our church is going through a replant and I am hoping that our new pastor’s wife will be interested in getting us back into bible studies as I know she has enjoyed doing them at her previous church. I have so missed digging into God’s word. I have missed Beth’s great studies and her voice for God.

  195. I enjoy bible study. I was trying to decide to find a site or to register and be at home.

  196. Believing God was my favourite study. I benefited from it so much, we based a women’s retreat on this one year.

  197. I have studied with many of Beth’s others but Breaking Free not only was the tool that God used to change my life but save my life. Therefore, it changed the lives of my children and future generations. God is so good and Beth and Lifeway are His amazing tools. Thank you!

  198. Daniel! Love the first half resolving not to defile ourselves in Babylon today and living a life of integrity…and the second half with the accuracy and power and HOPE in prophecy! Have worshiped and studied using Breaking Free, Jesus the One and Only, Believing God, Esther, Here Now – Then There, Living Beyond Yourself, several simulcasts, a live event, and a multitude of Wednesdays with Beth. She serves a banquet of teaching for each of us to take what we are ready for. And the glory ALWAYS goes to Jesus.

  199. Jessica Fall says:

    We just finished Mercy Triumphs and it’s my favorite! I was not expecting to be so affected by the study and God really got my heart.

  200. I’m so excited to join thousands of women in the Word!

  201. Joy Schildroth says:

    Our Bible study group as done all of Beth’s studies. My personal favorites (a tie) A Woman’s Heart and Jesus the One and Only. Second favorite was James: Mercy Triumphs.

  202. Lisa Wight says:

    My favorite is “A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place,” and I’m currently studying “When Godly People Do Ungodly Things.” Looking forward to the simulcast next month…but wish I didn’t have to drive over an hour to get there! (It will be worth the trip, I know!)

  203. alexandra Grant says:

    I wish you would come to the Wichita area! We would love to have you.

  204. I love the John study.

  205. Terri Rice says:

    James was my favorite.

  206. Suzannah Brandt says:

    Boy oh boy… Narrowing down my favorite study by Beth is very difficult since she has given the world so many great ones. I think that one of the most relevant ones for me has been “Daniel” . I don’t think it will ever not be relevant to us fortunate enough to be living in the United States. Please keep the studies coming Beth, God does amazing things through you!

  207. I have never done a Beth Moore study before, but have gotten good recommendations from these comments!

  208. Tish Bontrager says:

    A Woman’s HEart! THE BEST!

  209. The first I did was Living Beyond Yourself… its still my favorite.

  210. Laura Ehler says:

    Like many others have posted, I have loved all of Beth Moore’s studies; I would have to say that each one impacted me in a different way and definitely hit an area God had already been working on in my life. My favorite? Probably A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place.

  211. I’m so excited to join thousands of women in the Word! I’ve only done 1 Beth Moore study and loved it. Looking forward to doing more.

  212. Bobbi Atkinson says:

    My first favorite would be Esther and then my second would be Daniel. My pastor was very impressed with me when I asked him about “ESCHATOLOGY”. He said, “You must be in a Beth Moore study”.

    Beth, God is really using you in a mighty way!

    Be Blessed My Sister

  213. Esther is my fav! I love Beth Moore!

  214. Carolyn Benesh says:

    My favorite is Daniel and Esther as well!

  215. Jenny Colon says:

    One of my favorite Beth Moore’s Bible studies is the Book of James. It was spiritually embracing!!!


  217. I’ve done so many and have enjoyed them all and learned a lot. I think the one that stands out most to me is Daniel.

  218. Toni Molden says:

    My favorite one to date is James. It truly changed ME. I try very hard to live my life and conduct myself according to the book of James. My fall Bible study group is going to be doing Esther starting next Wednesday. I can’t wait as I get kind of lost without my “girls” Wednesday morning get-togethers. Have a Blessed day ev1.

  219. Jennifer Jones says:

    Wising Up

  220. How can I pick one favorite?! Each one is so special because God speaks so specifically to me in each one. Hmmm, I think most recently I have done Law of Love from Deuteronomy. It was powerful because I was preparing to give a testimony and talk at a Women’s luncheon as their end of Beth Moore bible study. God even gave me some of the same scriptures before the week that Beth would then be pulling out. I was wrecked with His personal voice in my ear combined with Beth’s teaching in the scripture. Never will forget it.

  221. Dawn Hodges says:

    So far “The Fruit of the Spirit” and “When Godly People Do Ungodly Things” are my faves. I also love the two that she did with Priscilla Shirer and Kay Arthur. All of Beth’s studies are Amazing!

  222. It’s a tie between Believing God and James. All are so good!

  223. michele loconsole says:

    Revelation – when she prayed to save her audience, I felt a burning in my chest and knew GOD had just listened to her prayer and saved me.

  224. My favorite study so far has been James.

  225. Have been doing weekly studies with Beth Moore for over 3 years now!! Love all of them. !!!!

  226. Can’t wait to enjoy the simulcast with the women of my church!! My favorite was Believing God.

  227. Kathy Andrews says:

    My 2 favorite studies were Believing God and Daniel

  228. jenny steward says:

    Looking forward to this!

  229. jenny steward says:

    I loved “James.” But I think I need to do “Believing God.”

  230. I loved David!

  231. Susie Schroeder says:

    Esther was my very first introduction to Beth Moore studies and I have enjoyed several more since. Thank you!

  232. My favorite is To Live is Christ

  233. DeAnna Sullivan says:

    My favorite is the one that started it all…Breaking Free!

  234. Marianne Orr says:

    I love everyone I’ve done so far but Esther is probably my favorite. Beth Moore rocks, “Thank You Jesus for the gift of teaching that You’ve given her, she has touched many lives.

  235. David it was very awesome I learn so much about myself and my relationship with God

  236. Dianna Layne says:

    My favorite is The Law of Love. Wonderful study.

  237. Kristen Mercado says:

    I cant even figure out how to leave a comment.. so I wonder if I may need a free class in computers! LOL.. I am doing the Esther bible study right now and its my favorite right now… I did Daniel study and really enjoyed that once as well!! Thanks :)

  238. I sure panic when I think there are more more Beth Moore studies. I did them without the DVD’s because I just afford the expense. Then I found there were a few studies with DVD’s at my church and I’m redoing the studies with the DVD’s. What a blessing!

  239. I have a hard time choosing one but if I have only one choice it’s
    BREAKING FREE………..James is close though :)

  240. My favorite Bible study by Beth Moore is by far ESTHER! However, I also loved DANIEL and A HEART LIKE HIS too!! There has not yet been a Beth Moore Bible Study from which I have not grown spiritually; I have loved every one I have ever done!

  241. Andrea Smith says:

    I love A Woman’s Heart study! I have completed twice. I also love Living beyond yourself. “joy Cometh” :-)

  242. Our small community would be so BLESSED by this event! We could share God’s WORD with so many ladies who are searching for something bigger than our messy lives!

  243. I loved the Esther study! After this study, we changed our Ladies Life Group name to the Princess Warriors! We learned so much that we would have NEVER deciphered by ourselves, like the names of the months or how many months were in between the events, and what days these events fell on. (I won’t give more away if you haven’t done this study. The thrill of learning it was just too thrilling!) However, Daniel really caused me to dig deeper into my own personal beliefs. Love them both!

  244. Believing God is my all time favorite!!!

  245. My favorite study is whichever one I am presently doing :) Which right now is Believing God! (for the second time). But what i love the most is that for each study (even those I did almost a decade ago) I can still name very specific things that God taught me through each of them!

  246. My favorite of Beth’s studies so far has been Esther. It was life changing for me. I learned so much about myself and found strength that I never knew I had.

  247. Michelle Mitchell says:

    My favorite study has been “Breaking Free!”

  248. My favorite was Breaking Free

  249. Ashley Lawrence says:

    Definitely Believing God–I recommend it to anyone who wants to get their foot in the door!

  250. Kristina Foster says:

    Breaking Free was great, and I LOVED Esther!

  251. Paula Housholder says:

    Believing God was my favorite! But they are all good!!

  252. My favorite is James: Mercy Triumphs.

  253. Beth Moore is by far my favorite teacher. She can teach on God like nobody’s business! I have only done a couple of the actual simulcast studies, but I loved Tabernacle – A Woman’s Heart – God’s Dwelling Place. My church is now doing Breaking Free. Though I have not been able to go, I am reading the book. Love it!!!

  254. Trisha Keehn says:

    The Daniel study! For the last four years, I’ve combined the study with the Daniel fast at the beginning of the year. I can never have too many reminders of integrity!

  255. Pattie Griffin says:

    My favorite Beth Moore bible study is the very first one I ever did – Breaking Free. God taught me so much through that study and my life was changed in so many ways, and I will be forever thankful to The Lord for leading me to participate, and grateful to Beth for writing it.

  256. Tie between Fruit of the Spirit and Esther. Beth, they are ALL great! I haven’t done the one on James but from the comments above I want to do that one, too, in addition to the new one, of course.

  257. Peggy Lewelle says:

    Living Proof Live! So Inspiring!

  258. KarenTodd says:

    My favorite study of Beth’s is James. However it’s really hard because my other favorites has been all of them!

  259. My favorite study has been Daniel, because of the way Beth related Babylon to our society. She has a way of making God’s word so real to me, challenging me to study. I love all of her studies that I have done!

  260. I really enjoyed all of the studies I have done. But the most recent favorite was James….its just hit home for me.

  261. Louise Ballew says:

    This is just me, an individual, and I would like to view the simulcast. Isn’t it $20 for me? Our church cannot do this as a group right now,,, but as an individual I would like to.

  262. My favorite study is Breaking Free. It came at a time in my life when I really needed it!

  263. My favorite Beth Moore Bible study was David. It was a real eye opener – we’re not perfect nor does the Lord expect us to be.

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