Sacred Secrets is a different kind of study from Beth Moore. Here’s what Beth has to say about it:

We’re giving away a Sacred Secrets small group kit, which includes two DVDs of interactive teaching from Beth and five study journals. It’s perfect for your Bible study group or can even be used as retreat material.

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  1. Teri Beamer says:

    something special & mysterious

  2. Nicki Glenn says:

    Something shared between you and another person

  3. Tina Bunton says:

    I think of something shameful

  4. A special bond between you and someone else.

  5. A secret is something close to my heart that I don’t share with anyone.

  6. Paula Halcom says:

    Something shaming and/or sinful.

  7. Secrets can either imply something wonderful – like the “secret garden” or “secret place” with the Lord. Or often can imply a negative connotation, of keeping something close to the vest that is shameful, embarrassing, or could ruin you or someone else.

  8. Hmmm….

    It reminds me of my childhood and the secrets my girlfriends and I shared.

    Then it reminds me of the years that secrets hurt me or damaged relationships.

    Then it reminds me of the sweet secrets shared with us by a God who loves us and wants to take us to the Secret Place every day.


  9. A special privilege to keep

  10. something between myself and someone else – private, could be good or bad -

  11. Kristina Peterson says:

    Would love to win this!

  12. Something that has a negative connotation would be my first thought.

  13. Lori Stinnett says:

    Something that God is aware of and maybe only a few other people.

  14. When I hear the word secret, I tend to think of something that needs to be hidden.

  15. Kristina Peterson says:

    I think of something hidden, unknown.

  16. Miranda Marsh says:

    something that is not always comfortable to share with others

  17. Kathy McCrary says:

    This would be wonderful for our little church.

  18. Something mysterious. Also something that can be hurtful or harmful if shared with the wrong person.

  19. It depends: From God: special &loved
    Others: fear

  20. I have a negative view of secrets. Hoping this Bible study will change my perspective on that.

  21. Kim Buchannon says:

    Hidden, covert and unexplored.

  22. I am not sure I am emotionally ready for this one, but I know that I need it. Desperately. As soon as I saw it was going to be released, God grabbed a hold of my heart & has not let go. He said this is for you. I am excited, anxious, scared, nervous, relieved, hungry & now I want to win too!

  23. Something that you don’t want anyone else to know….sometimes not even your best friend.

  24. Aches&Pains only God knows.

  25. Stacy Hobbs says:

    When I hear the word secrets, I think of something special, personal shared between a chosen few. It means trust is there and also a special bond is shared.

  26. Nan Mikell says:

    Something special to be cherished.

  27. Denise Whitley says:

    Secrets…. something God does not want us to keep from Him. He knows all whether we confess or tell anyway!

  28. shared, happy, excitement, shame

  29. Kathy Shouse says:

    Something you’ve kept to yourself for years that only God and you know.

  30. I think of best friends and confidants… and on the flip side, secrets lead you to seclude yourself, to feel as if you are the only one that has this problem…

  31. I think of both positive things and negative things.
    Dori’s answer is spot on!

  32. My inner deepest thoughts that no one knows but God!

  33. Sherri smith says:

    Being left out

  34. Jessica wilson says:

    It mean something hidden.

  35. This would be so amazing for the ladies in our community and church. Thank you for this opportunity to possibly win this!

  36. Something you don’t want revealed to anyone.

  37. Mysterious information.

  38. Rhonda DeLaRosa says:

    I love all Beth Moore Bible Studies, when I think of secrets…I think of those things you speak only between myself and God, no one else

  39. This would be amazing for my small group of us coffee mommies

  40. I love Beth Moore studies, so I know that any study would be a blessing.

  41. Oh how I would LOVE to win this new study! Our Ladies Ministry is in its beginning stages and we recently hosted the Beth Moore “The Law of Love” study in Deuteronomy. The ladies LOVED it and are already asking for another. This would be such a blessing to us.

  42. Cindy Dreyer says:

    When I hear secrets it makes me feel uncomfortable. I was always taught if you cant say it to everyone dont say it at all.

  43. Tracy Mock says:

    Intimacy in my secret place while I spend time alone with my Father telling Him my heart…… that is what I think!

  44. Are secrets dangerous to keep as a child of God?

  45. When I hear the word secret I think of ” inner circle”……I’m going to find out something more, deeper, interesting about the person telling me this secret than I’ve ever know before. But also it is VERY confidential…….it becomes my secret also.

  46. Lies

  47. Gail Frassenei says:

    We never truly have secrets because God knows all that is in our mind and heart

  48. Something shared between you & those closest to you.

  49. Christi Long says:

    Secrets shared between sisters in Christ

  50. Looks interesting!

  51. The word Secret seems mysterious and intriguing.

  52. Jan Peterson says:

    I think of a surprise that will be revealed in time! :)

  53. Bessie Gollett says:

    Something special for me

  54. Susan Nastasi says:

    Secrets can be about exciting things ( a baby on the way) or also hiding a sin. I know our Lord says we need to confess secret sin or He will expose it. I like to think about the excitement of a secret when I was a young girl, it was usually something silly. :)

  55. Nancy from Atlanta says:

    Sounds just like what my girls and I need.

  56. When I hear the word “Secrets” I think of mystery. hidden truths that require the Spirit of God to reveal.

  57. Amy Bettles says:

    This would be a total blessing for me and my family. We have decided to do the Sacred Secrets bible study together this fall and are so excited about it. Would love to win a small group kit. We are calling it 4 generations of Sacred Secrets because my grandma , my mom, my two sister, my niece and I are all joining together each week for this awesome Bible Study. God is Good!! Can’t wait!

  58. Stacy Schmidt says:

    A secret is something shared between you and another person, it can be very wonderful or it can be very damaging. I would say most of the secrets are either gossiping or hiding something from someone. If i sit here and truly think about it all the secrets that have been told to me is that the other person is hiding something from someone and gossip.

  59. Something you’ve entrusted someone else with that you don’t want shared.

  60. Robbie Elliott says:

    It reminds me of a simpler time, when my best friend and I had no worries and shared everything!

  61. Something between you and God or you and a sacred few.

  62. Love spending time with my God in our Secret place… the things He tells me…..just to me….that I need. He becomes my Refuge in our Secret place……Abba… so many different ways….

  63. Non trusting. Something is wrong.

  64. Kimberly Samoyedny says:

    something you are ashamed of or something that would hurt someone else if they found out.

  65. I immediately thought of “shame”… but I guess it could be something special shared between two people (i.e. intimate secrets with your spouse).

  66. Need to keep other people’s safe. I need to have very few of my own.

  67. Karen Decker says:

    I think of something to explore!

  68. Michelle P. says:

    mysterious, personal

    • something to be hidden, buried or out of sight. Something not to be shared with someone. Not for public knowledge.

  69. For me it just means something personal and private. I think there are some things we can only share with God.

  70. Maybe my view is not correct, but secrets means something probably not good, shameful, lies, something you don’t want known…… I would love to win this, because really secrets to Me have held me in bondage, just last night I had to tell my husband something, I did not want to (a secret) because I was afraid he would hurt someone if I told him, but glory to God, things were not so bad after all…. So yes, I would be excited to get this study!!

  71. Rachel Anderson says:

    The word secret drums up so much! It is both sacred and intimate (Come away to a secret place and rest for a while. -Mark 6:31), and yet can also be hidden, out of shame and fear.

  72. Regina Gray says:

    When I think of “Secrets” I think of the things GOD knows but we have not confessed!

  73. Shared between only two, reminds me of childhood secrets between two best friends.

  74. something special, surprise or something hidden

  75. Laura Bergmann says:

    Secrets can be something that is so personal you only feel safe sharing with someone very close to you that you know won’t betray your trust.

  76. Cristy Whitehead says:

    Secrets are those things that are deep in your heart that you only share with those you trust.

  77. susan nelson says:

    Shame, worthlessness

  78. To me, ‘secrets’ can mean those long held unto moments in our life that have, over time, torn down our confidence and shamed us – trapping us into believing Satan’s lies of who we are and what we are worth.

  79. Cannot wait to start this study with my Tuesday morning group. We have just finished Breaking Free. These ladies are keeping the word in our hearts.

  80. What do you think of when you hear the word “secrets”?

    It reminds me of the things from my past that I don’t want to “think” about! Things that I have hidden down deep… But on a brighter note, I just recently had to keep a really good, joyful secret as my future son-in-law delighted my daughter with a surprise marriage proposal. But, I believe it would have been painful if I had to keep that truth hidden for much longer !

  81. Nicole Ward says:

    something you keep to yourself

  82. Somethig special or something hurtful depending on situation.

  83. Valerie Nostdahl says:

    God knows the secrets of the hearts, and can give us our desires, mostly he desires a relationship with us and calls to our soul heart to hear him daily to speak to us , we don’t always listen or pay attention in our daily lives and need to have a heart to worship him, in the last 6 years I been told I been under constant satanic attack, without God I could of not made it this far, I still have many prayer needs, but feel that the secret to living life and surviving whatever it throws at you, is to hold on to the one who created me in the first place , for he knew me in my mother’s womb, and I am blessed for that secure knowledge in that secret place long ago, today is my daughter’s 30 the birthday, I am blessed to have her, and rejoice that she too believe in God, its been 6 years without her dad, and I am so glad to have God on my side in all of the loss I have had, I go to my prayer closet to pray secretly and quietly to trust in God to take care of my widow need’s and find that is the sweetest secret of all.

  84. The word Secret, I think something that only God and I know.

  85. two little girls at a slumber party with a flashlight under the covers giggling

  86. Carrie Cushing says:

    something that will never be mentioned or brought up in conversation again!

  87. secrets – something hidden

  88. Generally, the word makes me paranoid~

  89. Angela Wagnon says:

    Just like most things in life, secrets can be used for the good or can be used to hurt.

  90. Lora Baumann says:

    Something told only between yourself and the person you told.

  91. What a blessing it would be to get this small group kit! I serve on the Women’s Ministry Team at my church and we really don’t have a budget due to financial struggles of our membership. I would love to be able to bless my ladies with this study material!

  92. Really hoping to get this new study from Beth Moore!

  93. Rhonda Fien says:

    Something special or precious to you.

  94. Stasha Carrasquillo says:

    Secrets are things that we tuck away and hide from others.

  95. A secret is something you entrust only to someone who has earned the privilege of knowing.

  96. Cindy McCord says:

    Something between you and another person, not to be shared.

  97. Elizabeth Deen says:

    Secrets make me think of something that is broken that are hidden and shameful

  98. Amanda D. says:

    When I think of the word “secrets”, I think of not-good things, unfortunately. But I think secrets could also be mysterious and exciting.

  99. Secrets can be of good things and all they can be considered gossip. Secrets can also hold unpleasant things, dark things. I’m not a very good secret keeper, I like being open and honest!

  100. Cheryl Puckett says:

    I think of someone trusting me enough to share something of value….or me trusting another to share something I value. A thought, a memory, an action, a feeling…. not always bad, not always good…

  101. A secret is something not told or shared with someone else. Can be good or bad.

  102. Rebecca A says:

    Something known to just me and another person – or just a few people. Something special… I don’t think of it in a bad way, but in a surprise kind of way.

  103. Julie Smith says:

    I think of something that is to be kept in confidence between 2 people…or also of things that you have done in your life that you don’t want anyone else to know about…

  104. Something that you don’t want anyone to know.

  105. I think of something unknown to us or not understood by us — and which will be revealed and /or explained.

  106. Alvesa Benavides says:

    A Secret is something that you have entrusted someone with. Something between you & another. TRUST

  107. Jennifer Rosenbaum says:

    When I hear the word ‘secrets’ it makes me think of being sneaky and being ashamed of something. I immediately think of my marriage, not because we keep secrets, but because I know that if my husband and I are doing things that we are ashamed to tell each other and we have to keep it a secret then it is definitely not an ok behavior. I think keeping secrets is equivalent to lying and will only hurt ourselves and others in the end.

  108. Something that is held special between two people…God has secrets he wants to share with us and sometimes it is a special Word, a promise, between Himself and us

  109. Jessica B says:

    Secrets can be burdens, heavy weights

  110. …something someone would be embarrassed about if shared with others.

  111. Cheryl Shipley says:

    Something private between a person and God or at least one other person.

  112. Jenny Harwood says:

    a shared confidence

  113. First thing that comes to mind is shame and embarrassment and wanting so badly for no one to know I do not measure up.

  114. Tammy Wyatt says:

    When I hear the word “secret” the only thing I can think about is that I know God knows all of them and I am safe in His arms at all times. I know that He will never let me down like so many other people have throughout my life. Thank you God for having my back for all of these years!

  115. Lisa Smith says:

    A secret is usually something that you don’t want others to know about.

  116. A secret to me is something you share with someone special and who better to share Ur Scared secrets with then God as He knows them all any way.. Beth Moore Bible studies are awesome I have done them in the past and would love to be able to share this on with the Ladies in my Bible study at church

  117. Christina says:

    An exciting surprise waiting to be discovered!

  118. Secrets, to me, are matters kept in the heart for a purpose and for a time.

  119. The word “secret” makes me think about the scripture that says, what is done in the dark will eventually come to the light.

  120. Peg J. Ribble says:

    When I hear the word secret I think of Jesus when He goes to His secret hiding place to pray. Secrets mean something you tell your best friends, something you tell Jesus & God.

  121. Something treasured shared between 2 trusting hearts.

  122. Trust & being loyal

  123. A secret can be devastating…

  124. Kathy Andrews says:

    secrets can be good and bad. If you keep a secret, another person trusts you.
    When you tell God your secrets, you show complete trust in Him. He already knows all about you anyway.

  125. Arlene McDonald says:

    I think of God’s treasures.

  126. To me, secrets are usually a bad thing. Something someone is doing to harm you, unfortunately that’s been my experience.

  127. Misty Martin says:

    Secrets are the hearts most treasured desires and should only be shared with those who love you dearly.

  128. Secrets make me think of something I do NOT want anyone else to know about me.

  129. If this is similar to what you talked about in Ketchikan, Ak it will be a blessing for everyone that does the study!

  130. Donna Nale says:

    Looking forward to the new study!

  131. As opposed to confidentiality, the word “secrets” has a negative connotation in my mind.

  132. Sarah Marion says:

    A “good” secret is a sign of trust between you and another.

  133. Stephanie Williams says:

    I think some secrets are good and some are bad. We may have secrets from family or friends, but God knows everything about us, so nothing is secret from him. He knows everything and loves us any way. I’m excited to know what God wants to reveal in this study.

  134. Brandy Solomon says:

    Secrets equals shame or gossip

  135. Barbara Campbell says:

    Secret.. special, intimate, mysterious..

  136. Lisa Bauman says:

    Deeper and definitely personal

  137. This would be awesome to win! Heard Beth in Greensboro, NC LPL speak on The Theology of Secrets (Secrets Manifest!), and would love to share this study with my small group!!

  138. Maria Diaz says:

    I think of something in my own life that I have not shared with anyone from my childhood, and something my husband and I have been through in our walk and marriage that very few people know about.

  139. Something hidden – not to be shared.

  140. Keeping something close to your heart.

  141. Cristina Zabel says:

    Secrets are in the eyes of the beholder. Secrets can be cherished or secrets can be a burdened weight. I have had both.

  142. Allison Jones says:

    secrets – things that not everyone knows about

  143. jackie harris says:

    longings of my heart

  144. Secrets tend to be very personal, it takes trust and vulnerability to be able to share them with another. When sharing secrets we take the risk of opening ourselves up to being hurt, but when we withhold a secret from a loved one, we take the risk of hurting them and causing a rift in the relationship. However, the secrets of God are there for us to discover and draw closer to Him…God wants to reveal Himself to us, but we have to spend time searching out His Word, and spending time with Him in order to find the great secrets He so longs to share with us.

  145. When I hear the word secret, I think of little girls in a room making promises not to tell what the other one is about to share. Sometimes I think of danger when I hear the word secret because some of fun, exciting and hold blessings for those being kept from, but sometimes secrets are hurtful, bring sorrow and danger to those who know and those who don’t know what’s being hidden. Secrets are powerful things, they can encourage and bring joy or destroy and bring pain.

  146. Stephanie says:


  147. Always enjoy Beth’s studies – our church is about ready to begin ESTHER.

  148. Fran Rendon says:

    Secrets… are the things I tell no one except God for He sees all.

  149. Secrets can mean several things to me. The first thing I think of is of something you don’t want anyone to know about you, usually something bad. Then there are the good kind of secrets, like a surprise for someone. Usually my first thought is that it’s something bad though.

  150. Something shared but not exposed!

  151. Terri Watson says:

    Something God knows that we have not told.

  152. Jessica C says:

    Can’t wait for this! I love Beth Moore!

  153. Lori Bratcher says:

    Secrets – things that you don’t WANT anyone to know, either about yourself or someone else.

  154. Allison Buchstaber says:

    Secrets means something that is hidden, kept within the heart until the proper time for it to be revealed.

  155. Jessica C says:

    Secrets – Something hidden

  156. Jeannie W says:

    Secrets have changed for me over the years. The word, which once meant fear, now means things hidden in Christ. for me to find.

  157. I think of whispering and the stuff in our lives we don’t want anyone to know.

  158. Nancy Smith says:

    Unfortunately, when I think of secrets, they are the really, REALLY damaging childhood secrets. The one as an adult, I told the world (well most of them anyway) all about. They damaged me greatly… Jesus saved by His Grace over 6 years ago in a Beth Moore Bible study though. Secrets are no match for the King of kings and Lord of lords… thank You, Jesus. Thank you, Beth Moore, for “Fruits of the Spirit” and everything you’ve taught me.

  159. Marilyn Carlin says:

    Something shared heart-to-heart, special.

  160. flowersgal says:

    A confidence between friends.

  161. Something hidden

  162. Tara McCoy says:

    When I hear the word secret, I think of something shameful. Something you don’t want anyone else in the world to know.

  163. Something between you and God, a bond that is unbreakable

  164. Sheila Sullivan says:

    Dark, scary, not acceptable.

    Or on the other hand:

    Fun, exciting, a party!

  165. Secrets= what’s in your heart

  166. Something hidden that only you that you don’t want others to know

  167. LaDena Young says:

    something only to be shared with a trusted person

  168. Nicole Burdess says:

    Secret to me…is something hidden far, and tucked in deep. Something that keeps you from moving into the full glory of what God intends for us. Something that inhibits our gifts, and mostly restricts our full on potential and relationship with Christ.

  169. nicole Anderson says:

    Secrets are sacred and usually not shared

  170. Cindy Orick says:

    Shame. Distrust. Darkness.

  171. When I think of “secret”, I think of something that only a few people know, that may not see the light of day ever. Something that’s cherished by only one or two.

  172. Lydia Finger says:

    something hidden, reserved for a specific person or time.

  173. Would love to do this study and then donate the DVDs to our church!!

  174. Crystal Scott says:

    When I hear the word secrets the first thing I think about has to do with childhood
    friends telling each other something special that only they know about.
    Then I after you grow up secrets can be something private, something you did and you
    don’t want anyone else knowing about but for a couple if people.
    A secret can be a good thing or a bad, it all depends on how you look at it but
    one thing for certain is there are no secrets with God. He knows everything!!

  175. Intrigue

  176. Genevieve Goldstein says:

    When I think of secrets I think of shame or guilt of some kind. Something that either someone else imposed on us or something we feel bad about to reveal. Secrets need to be brought to light, it’s what brings healing. There are good secrets though, like having a party for someone and not spilling the beans.

  177. Kelly Jenkins says:

    A secret is something you don’t want shared – whether it be good news you want kept quiet for a time or something you don’t want shared out of fear or shame.

  178. Brenda Guerra says:

    For me a secret was never a secret you see God knew all about it, I thought I was hiding well until I literally was on my way home from one of my Saturday night outs at 2:00 a.m., clubbing, when I heard, “What are you doing?” “You better turn it around or I am bring you home! I pulled my car over and cried that night on the side of the road, just God and Me. I turned my life around I retell this story, but not to give glory to the captivity I was in , but to show God knows about everything and by his GRACE, he reached down that night in the most audible voice I have ever heard. Sometimes I wish God would just keep talking to me so clearly as that night, but then again I wasn’t seeking him and he needed my ATTENTION and he got it that night when his voice rang clear to my ears. I was heading down a one way street ( my way) and God showed me the collision coming if I didn’t heed to his loving redirection.

  179. faith christeen says:

    a secret is something that can be good ro bad. it is something that is in your inner thought life or actions that i do not share with everyone.

  180. Trish Cordell says:

    Can mean you have a good secret–like a surprise party for someone, or it can mean something you hope no one ever finds out or you could have a secret club or hiding place that only certain people know about. Funny thing is, no one ever truly has a secret, because God always knows. :)

  181. Amber Stoneburner says:

    Something to be kept hidden.

  182. When I hear the word “secrets”, I tend to think one of two things: shame or intimacy. Depends on the secret.

  183. something that goes on that only you & God know – could be good or bad!

  184. Intrigue! Sacred promise.

  185. When I hear the word “secret” I think of mystery and intrigue; something shared between people who trust and love each one another unconditionally and that binds them together in unity; that sets them apart from secret handshakes!!

  186. Melissa Shoemake says:

    While some secrets make you sick, I think Sacred Secrets are the things only God can share with us. Would love to teach this study to my small group!

  187. secrets remind me of the friendship relationships I don’t have with women I would like to

  188. Something special to save or hide.

  189. Betty Marschner says:

    I think of two giggly girls swinging thier legs on a bench too high for them to reach thier toes to the ground. They are sharing priceless secrets and they are “crossing thier hearts and hoping to die” if the secret is revealed!!!

  190. When I hear secret, I immediately think hidden or shameful

  191. Secrets make me think of hurt. Things people don’t want me to know. Wish it was different!

  192. A surprise or gossip depending on the situation!

  193. Something that could ruin everything or ruin you.

  194. I think of something special- something shared because of trust.

  195. Peggy Jackson says:

    There is both positives and negatives that I think about when I think of secrets. But as a Pastor’s wife I consider it a sacred trust that people place on me and my husband as they share very personal and private things and allow us to help.

  196. Tracey Miller says:

    Our little women’s Bible study up here in furthest north Alaska would love to win this! Winters are dark almost 24 hours a day and average -20 to -50 in the coldest months. Beth’s studies keep us warm and connected. Learning about secrets in a biblical way would be wonderful!

  197. Either a special bond or a shameful situation.

  198. Tamara Ward says:

    Something you can’t share or FEEL you can’t share…..

  199. I don’t know…just that I don’t like them much.

  200. Joyce Bailey says:

    Secret: something known only to a small amount of people

  201. Elaine Stuessi says:

    Things being hidden from one another, whether for good or for evil.

  202. Something private

  203. Jill Jackson says:

    Hope to find a Beth Moore study. I imagine a secret is something between me and God and not wanting to share it with others but somehow, with Beth, it’s deeper than that. She is an amazing teacher!

  204. A secret is something hidden – something we feel we need to hide because it carries shame.

  205. I think of something special, but it doesn’t always have a bad or a good light to it

  206. When I hear the word “secret” I have two totally different thoughts about it. They vary from one another quite a little. First thought that comes to mind is OK is this a good or bad secret. A secret is good when somebody confides in you about something that is treasured to them. The person telling you the “secret” is trusting you enough to open up and be vulnerable. They are trusting in you that there “secret” will be safe with you. So the main part in this thought/idea is TRUST! y second thought/idea on “secrets” is the information somebody is telling you an actual “secret” or is it gossip. I feel there is a very fine line between the two. And sometimes that line can be blurry! So a person has to make sure that what there sharing is there’s to tell not just hear-say! If you have someone you can share your secrets with is a blessing cause a lot of the time people say you can trust them but just want the info to use as gossip!!

  207. A secret can hold a lot of power for the one who knows it.

  208. Something you tell someone you have total trust in. It can be good or bad. I think of jr & hs and telling my best friend secrets and passing notes & secret hand shakes. But I also think of a friend of mine that thought he husband was cheating on her and the hurt that developed when his secret was finally learned.

  209. Something private

  210. Those things you tell only God, because – praise Him – you can and He will never be shocked or stumped! I also think of the very intimate, private conversations with Him that are sweet and wonderful, and just don’t need to be shared with others :)

  211. “Secret” – something holy, undisclosed… set apart for such people for special time… something guarded. I choose to express it in positive terms rather than negative. Of course, like everything else, how we view certain things is a reflection, matter of the heart.

  212. Sandy Diaz says:

    Secrets are intended to be s privilege if shared trust. I love it when my son whispers secrets in my ear! “I love You, ” he whispers.

  213. Barb Graybeal says:

    Our daily gift from God.

  214. Greetings from Tennessee. When I think of secrets, I think of hidden and to be known only by certain ones. Secrets are related to trust whether it is a good friend unloading all her problems or a wonderful Lord allowing you to know the secret places of His grace.

  215. Erin Moss says:

    Secrets usually remind me of more of a negative then positive. Someone hiding something.

  216. Jessica Johnson says:

    Secrets make me think of things that can seperate friends and family, but also good things like suprises .

  217. What I think of when I hear the word ‘secret’ is something private that holds mostly negative for me. I would like to know the positive!
    Can not wait to do the study!!

  218. Maybe I’ve seen too many movies and read too many suspense books, but I think of something that’s undisclosed or hidden that others want to know. This hidden thing is crucial to security and must be guarded.

  219. Kim Grubbs says:

    I think of something private that I only share with a few trusted folks

  220. Rita Lechlider says:

    This would be a wonderful tool for a special goup of ladies. Thanks for the offering.

  221. Paula Rad says:

    Things not yet revealed, or things only intimate friends share.

  222. charlotte Balentine says:

    Hhhuuuummmm. Sacred secrets lets the mind run wild with possibilities. I know in beginning my life journey with Christ I kept my sinful secrets till I trusted Him and then they became a sacred place until i could forgive and let go and learn to live freely forgiven. Now that space is left sacred where i can bring bring my scars scares and battles and sit and work life out with Christ.

  223. Tammy Shields says:

    Something shared with someone you trust

  224. A couple things come to mind for me.
    1. Something that is none of my business
    2. Shameful things that happen to a person that they cant talk of.
    3. This may be the most hurtful one, but always felt that being the outsider in the family, I was not allowed to know
    certain things that happened in the family. Secrets make you feel unwanted, unneeded, and not good enough to
    bet a part of something.

  225. I think of the hidden things of God. And sometimes when alone with Him, I get a glimpse of how much He loves me and all of us. One day everyone will realize that!

  226. Katie Faffler says:

    I think of something hidden and shame.

  227. Something between 2 people that should never be shared. Something that people want to know. It can be good or bad.

  228. Carol Jeter says:

    I think of something that you can’t trust any human with! It is something hidden from all who know you because of shame or embarrassment. It is something that you feel that if anyone else knew they would judge your life based on that hidden part!

  229. Becky Wedekind says:

    Mystery, intrigue, the unknown!

  230. Chrissy Soxman says:

    I would love to sit with some girls and discuss this topic. Also want to know what God has to say about secrets.

  231. Susan Mihal says:

    A secret is something known to only a select few. It can be good or bad. And its hard to keep quiet about if you kbow obe!

  232. Something that is hidden from others for reasons which can be both good or bad.

  233. Lynn Mullis-Timmons says:

    Hurts that I hold deep within that for over half my life I never told a soul. They eat at you.

  234. Secrets to me mean my intermost feelings, hurts, ioys that are so personal that only God knows them.

  235. I think of ruined lives, severed trust, and anguish.

  236. Secret is what only God and I know. I believe once someone else gets to hear it, it is no longer a secret.

  237. Things hidden. Good or bad.

  238. Yvonne Harper says:

    I think a secret is between you & a trusted friend that doesn’t allow others to judge you about – whether good or bad.

  239. Secrets can be the most important thing, that can save us or hurt us.

  240. Janie Baugh says:

    When I think of secrets I think of something I want to keep to myself so that only I and God know.

  241. Adelina Meadows says:

    Something that is kept hidden.

  242. I honestly think of thinks I don’t get to know – I also think of fears or pain that you don’t want others to find out. I’m excited to see Beth break this word down, and give me a positive, GODLY connotation with that word! Thanks for this giveaway!

  243. I think of surprises or mystery when I hear the word secret.

  244. Something God knows and I hope no one else does.

  245. Something hidden

  246. Fondra Magee says:

    I think of two little girls sharing a fun secret…whispering in each other’s ear!

  247. I’ll be frank and to the point: I want this study!

    Phew! I feel heard now, thank you. I look forward to walking through this study with a small group of women that terrify and thrill me, but more than that will be a part of going deep with God. I’ve not experienced this before, but I believe it is exactly what God will do.

    His Spirit is going to breathe something fresh into our midst!

  248. Maria Scholma says:

    Something that not many know.

  249. I’ve often relished in the secrets I share only with the Almighty! I laughed with the Lord that He (evidently) gave some of those same thoughts to you, Beth! ~Can’t wait to do the study with you!

  250. Secrets are precious gifts.

  251. Julie Robbins says:

    I dont like secrets. I want to know everything. or at least I think I do!

  252. Something you are trying to keep from someone as a surprise!

  253. Secrets–my secrets, are dark unspoken bits of my brokenness. The word secret bears the burden of a person’s brokenness.

  254. andrea t. says:

    Secrets … kept hidden from knowledge or view …we all have ‘em.
    They are the Isolation tactic from the enemy.
    They are the mysteries of the Kingdom.
    Positive or Negative – leaving it all in the Father’s hands is he Key.
    Would love to hear your dissection on this, Miss Beth!
    Would love to share this with some new believers.

  255. Jaime Walden says:

    I think of something hidden away deep.

  256. In thinking of secrets, I think of two sides. One can be negative – grumblings and chatter to tear down or knowledge intentionally kept from others and held only by the privileged. The other, positive, unlocking something hidden that you did not know before that will enhance your life in unexpected ways. A joyous, life-altering discovery.

  257. Knowing something most people do not.

  258. The “keys” to deeply knowing understanding and holding on to God’s promises

  259. Debbie Belk says:

    I think of something that is only known by a coupl.eof people. It could be good or bad.

  260. Pamela Owen says:

    Secrets are those things that you don’t want others to know about you or your family. Some even think that they can hide their secrets from God who knows everything. Secrets hold such control over our lives it is better not to have secrets putting everything out in the open this is better for everyone and easier to heal.

  261. The word sends me into a panic.

  262. Mardi Sizemore says:

    Can be damaging or uplifting when revealed. Scary and fun all rolled into one. Sometimes the weight is to much to carry, and sometimes you just about burst with excitement!

    One thing is certain, I will learn a lot from this study! Thanks for this opportunity.

  263. Jill Winter says:

    Something quiet and still.

  264. Something dark

  265. Martha Blevins says:

    I think a secret is something that is kept in our hearts and not shared with anyone, only our Father knows what that is.

  266. something I am not 100% sure I want you to drag out of me…

  267. Opportunities for connection and compassion.

  268. Amy Hawkinson says:

    Somthing not good

  269. Secrets….something that you only share with those you trust the most

  270. I agree with Jennifer, The word “secret” sends me into a panic, because most of the time, it is associated with conspiracy to hurt others. It has a negative connotation. Something that is secret is not “fit to be told in public.” Sacred secrets would take on another meaning. There are secrets that our Heavenly wants us to search for and find.. challenges me to search for those secrets.

  271. Another study…yay! On secrets…..hmmmm…..the word makes me think of something sacred between two people. Unless it’s a ‘bad’ secret…then I just think CRAP!

  272. Angie Dierkes says:

    Something personal and private.

  273. All my dreams, desires and fears–for better or for worse.

  274. Brandi Luiz says:

    Desperately need a new study from Beth to encourage our small group, and myself!!

  275. Marilyn Cunningham says:

    My very first reaction to the title is a picture of any one of my little grandchildren, excitedly “whispering” his/her very own secret. There is such great pleasure in being “the one” who gets to hear –and feel– the anticipation bubbling up in that little heart. :)

  276. A covenant between you, someone else and God.

  277. Debbie Bell says:

    I think of something that only a few people know. It could be good or bad.

  278. Sharon Pirkle says:

    A secret most often brings to mind something not to be shared but hidden. Also something someone trusts you with to keep secret.

  279. Something shared with a special person, maybe good or bad.

  280. My husband and I just started ministry at a new church and this would be a great study for me to begin a women’s group with:)

  281. Something private, unspoken

  282. Joy Schildroth says:

    A secret brings to mind something private shared between two or maybe a few more people.

  283. Dana K Ray says:

    A secret is something hidden and can be good or bad. A person will do anything to protect their secret from being revealed.

  284. When I first saw the word “secrets” I thought of those hidden sins, my horrible past that I want no one to know about.

  285. Christy Baxter says:

    Important info. not entrusted to just anyone.

  286. I think of a secret in a couple different ways. Something shared between 2+ people, or also could be something kept from 1 or more persons.

  287. Vicky Kawamae says:

    I am looking forward to sharing this study with my ladies!!!

  288. Michelle Taylor says:

    Something that is extra-special and that you want to keep to yourself while simultaneously tell everyone about it. It creates excitement within you.

  289. Catherine says:

    Something you and another person keep between yourselves

  290. Paula Sayers says:

    A secret is something not many people know about. It can be either good or bad.

  291. Michele Jefferson says:

    I can’t wait for this study. I’m sure it will be just as great as the others we have done in our women’s study groups! Secrets between me and God are the sweetest gift. I love my time with Him.

  292. Susan Traeger says:

    A secret is something from the past that one chooses to not share with others.

  293. tanyainalabama says:

    I think of a trustworthy, faithful someone you can share private issues with and know they will not tell anyone.

  294. can be your hearts desire or your biggest shame – either way, God has you covered

  295. If the secrets are ours, I think of them as barriers blocking our receipt of God’s will in our life. If the secrets are God’s, I think all secrets are nuggets of Grace that are fed to us as He reveals his will in our lives. Some of those secrets we will never know of…why? It’s a secret only He knows the answer to.

  296. trisha kilpatrick says:

    Unless it is about a present, it is usually something too shameful to speak.

  297. Tammy Mashburn says:

    I would love to have this at home right now!! I am unable to drive due to an illness and having Beth’s new study would be a huge blessing!

  298. Lisa Wight says:

    Something not to be told…Looking forward to reading through the “sneak peek”.

  299. Gwen Ziegler says:

    good or bad, something hidden

  300. Jessica Ables says:

    Secrets can be good or bad, and the world may or may not know about them. I really want to do this study!

  301. I think of words of wisdom from the older generations.

  302. Secrets could have good and bad meanings. It depends on the secret and the circumstances. I am curious to know what Beth is talking about in this series.

  303. Candy Martin says:

    Secrets to me are always hard to keep.. Whether it is a friend’s funny secret or a devastating secret from or about someone you love. I think when discretion is used and another Christian you trust is someone you can share with, it is very important to get another’s feedback. Pray to God for the right path to take first.

  304. Can’t wait! Would love to win!

  305. Carla Santiago says:

    A lonely and dark place with fear of it being brought to the light.

  306. Kathy Strawn says:

    A wonderful treasure shared between the holder and the receiver!

  307. He knows them all.

  308. michelle houchlei says:

    Something not known to all.

  309. Amanda kumher says:

    A secret is something I keep between myself and The Lord or very close friends. It may be of pain or of joy.

  310. I think of the mysterious…something hidden. When it comes to God’s Word, there is both treasure that is obvious and some that is hidden and secret in nature. Each time I study the Word I see a little more secret treasure. So looking forward to more secrets from the heart of God.

  311. I think of something bad, not to be told.

  312. It’s funny because the first thing it makes me think of is how little children love to whisper to each other, exchange knowing glances, and giggle with the delight of their shared secrets. It’s just something within our nature to want to share what is in our hearts and minds with someone we know we can trust. : )

  313. Janelle Mahoney says:

    A shared moment between you and another!

  314. Kristen Chadbourne says:

    Secrets, secrets are no fun.
    Secrets, secrets, hurt someone!

  315. Something I don’t want others to know about.

  316. A secret is something known just between a few.

  317. I often think left out. Many times in my life secrets were told about me not to me.

  318. Lisa Rettig says:

    Unfortunately I think of secrets as a bad thing. Our church has been so blessed by Beth’s studies, I would love to hear what she has to say about them!

  319. Kairi Foster says:

    Love, love, love Beth. And, I appreciate everyone at Lifeway for all they do for women everywhere. Great job, ladies!

  320. Something special left in my confidence

  321. cathy lindquist says:

    Hidden things that are kept to oneself. Maybe favors and good things meant to explore.

  322. jennifer gutierrez says:

    I think of a paper that my then 9 year old wrote that said one of her favorite things about her mom (me) is that “she keeps all my secrets” She went on to say that she knows she can tell me anything that I will never tell anyone else without asking her first. She never showed that to me, I found it in her messy cluttered backpack when I was looking for something else. It made my heart melt because it’s not something that had ever come up between us in conversation and it never crossed my mind that she would even think about me keeping her secrets, even though I always do!

  323. A hidden though that may be kept to oneself or may be shared with a small group.

  324. I actually think of sin a lot of the time, since secrets can equal gossip or keeping sin hidden. I’m interested to see what it means by sacred secrets!

  325. Leslie Miller says:

    Something Special and Intriguing.

  326. I go right to the negative – hidden – shame.

  327. Jennifer Carothers says:

    Something Special and mysterious when it is a good secret.

  328. Catherine Moore says:

    Hoping to find out the definition of secrets by winning the giveaway! My small church has a small budget and getting thus for free would be awesome!!

  329. Jill Stump says:

    I think “secrets” all too often have a negative meaning, and keeping secrets from others can be very hurtful. I like being able to have special secrets with my kids (when they find someone they Like/Love for the first time and they don’t want everybody to know). I also love how Jesus can come and talk to me in “secret”….and I don’t necessarily have to share what he reveals to me with others. “Secrets” with Jesus are awesome to have and I am thankful that He can come to me and share His ways with me, to transform my heart and my life!

  330. A secret is something you keep close to your heart, not broadcast before the masses.

  331. Kat Chapman says:

    Secrets….those things we try to hide from everyone else, but can’t hide from God. Secrets those things we shouldn’t hide in our heart in order for God’s story to be heard.

  332. I am feeling lucky . Today is my birthday and this would go way far to start a new Bible study in our Church . Something this Church has never had .

  333. Something shared sacred & trusted.

  334. Linda Totman says:

    Secrets … thoughts and actions that I’ve chosen to hide from others. Can’t wait to see what God has shown Beth about secrets through this study!

  335. I really have loved all of the LifeWay Studies that I have done as a participant and leader of the Women’s Bible Cafe… can’t wait to do this one as well.

  336. Lyndsey E says:

    Usually, trouble!! :p

  337. Suzannah Brandt says:

    I have a small Bible Study group that we do at our homes, and to win this Study would be so wonderful.
    When I think of secrets I think of all the Godly Secrets that will finally be revealed to us once we are in His presence!

  338. Something to hold in my heart and to never let it go-

  339. Donna Walker says:

    Special treasures

  340. AdeleAlys Spil says:

    A truth that your head must learn…slowly and over time… from your heart

  341. When I hear the word “secrets”, I get some anxiety. Like school girl worries. In my opinion secrets make me think of something awful or bad, because it is something not to be shared with others.

  342. G D Ringenberg says:

    May be true or untrue…. done in a quiet manner….. usually important…..

  343. Mary Heidelberger says:

    Something shared with someone you trust.

  344. Jennifer Violette says:

    To me a secret is something you may be ashamed of and not share with anyone.

  345. A secret is something to be kept quiet. Don’t tell….shhhhh.

  346. I think of something shameful.

  347. Gayle Ann says:

    When I think of secrets, I think of my past mistakes and wonder what God thinks of me. I know He has seen them all, and Loves me Anyway, but sometimes it is hard to remember that, when the enemy of my soul comes in to torment me. I know that it helps to confess one to another, and then it isn’t a secret anymore…

  348. Lacey Geyer says:

    Something that only the Lord knows about me. Yet in spite of that, God loves us anyway! Thanks for doing the giveaway. But thanks even more for putting out what will be another amazing bible study. So thankful for people like Beth, allowing God to use you! Blessings :)

  349. Kristin Byrd-Marren says:

    Honestly, secrets are not usually good things so “sacred secrets” seems to be an oxymoron but I know Beth is such an amazing woman of God so excited to read this study.

  350. Nancy Federick says:

    A secret is something that very few people know. Private information for a priviledged ones know.

  351. Sandy Bowers says:

    HA! When I hear that someone has a secret…..I want to know so bad. To think about “Sacred Secrets” sounds very exciting….and I want to know what they are!

  352. something you dont want others to know…

  353. Kristin Schlegel says:

    When I hear the word, I think of certain people who can’t wait to tell you something that no one else is suppose to know – yet, hardly a secret. In my mind, a secret is something that is never shared. Between you and the Father;)

  354. Something I don’t want anyone else to know, private.

  355. When I hear “secret”, I think of something that is hidden or not known by others.

  356. Tricia Pettie says:

    Secrets~ Everyone has them and some are worse than others. They often can be a poison to our soulds.

  357. Something that shouldn’t be told.

  358. Secrets are the things you don’t want anyone to know. It’s those things that you keep hidden and are only known to God, you and maybe a trusted person.

  359. Brenda Bivens says:

    A time alone with God – just me and Him – no secrets.

  360. Sharlene H says:

    Something unique and special from our Lord.

  361. Dawnyelle says:

    Things we can only tell our Father

  362. Something done or said that is only shared with a select few.

  363. Bernice Shaver says:

    In my life secrets have always been bad, but surprises are acceptable. I am intrigued by the title of the Bible study.

  364. Something important shared among those you trust

  365. The little whispers which leave you wondering if they are about you….

  366. Heather Effert says:

    Something u only share w people u trust.

  367. Heather Effert says:

    Something u only tell someone that u trust.

  368. Sacred Secrets makes me think of something extremely special and important that God wants to tell me!!

  369. Johanna Henderson says:

    secrets can be good or bad depending on who it is with

  370. Hiding something, whether special or hurtful, that you can confide to God (and maybe someone who is close to you.)

  371. Amanda Horr says:

    Something that you hold dear.

  372. Something you know that you are not to share with others.

  373. Mary Rose says:

    Something private that you don’t want spread around.

  374. Lee Ann T says:

    Hearing the word “secrets” I think of the shame that I used to feel before I was saved, forgiven and redeemed by my Lord and Savior, Jesus. Thank you for rescuing me!

  375. Something to keep between a small group of people you trust.

  376. I think of something that is a total surprise when I think of the word secrets.

  377. When I hear the word secret, I think of something shared between friends…not always good, not always bad. Interested in learning so much more about this study!

  378. Thing don’t look so bad after doing one of Beth Moore study,

  379. Sharon Griswold says:

    Secrets are either something that we are ashamed of or afraid to let anyone know about for fear of being rejected.

  380. Pam Hensley says:

    When I think of the word secrets, I think of the special things that sisters share with each other, subjects and situations that no one else would understand because of the special life-long bonding experiences you have had together..

  381. Something you shouldn’t be hearing! Time to walk away.

  382. Secrets, to me is something that are should not be part of our lives. If we can’t share our thoughts and feeling with everyone…than we should not speak. Secrets are lies and they hurt those we love. God knows everything about us before we speak, He knows our heart, and even those hidden secrets.

  383. Sharon Thiel says:

    Something hidden, whether for good or ill….

  384. I was at Greensboro…so now when I hear the word “secret” I think of my intimate, insanely personal connection with Jesus…He and I have some crazy secrets!

  385. Kelly Hamilton says:

    A secret is information or an experience not everyone has privvy to, and it can lead to enlightenment when it is shared or it can lead to hurt. .. praying for this Bible Study Experience and those who participate.

  386. Something unknown to but a select group of people.

  387. Lisa Dickerson says:

    A secret makes me so full of anticipation. I just want to know more and more!

  388. Secrets~ something hidden that you don’t want to let others no about.

  389. something of high value

  390. Secret brings up a negative picture in my mind. As in: girls whispering about one another behind backs.

  391. Beth’s studies are always strategically placed in my life by our Father, and I am so very thankful.

  392. There are good secrets and bad secrets, fun and sad secrets, special secrets, friendship secrets, but the only real secrets we have are those we have with God, because he’s the one thing we can always count on. Our group would SO enjoy having this study to explore. Thanks for this opportunity!

    Karen Wade

  393. ‘secrets’ holds a negative connotation for me. If you don’t want anyone to know it’s a secret, but I am certain Beth has something better in store for us with this :)

  394. Bobby Wistoski says:

    The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear a secret is something shared from or to someone else that is to be kept between them. The second thought is something about yourself you do not want anyone else to know. It could be something sinful or just something you don’t think others would understand or accept about you.

  395. Only God knows all my inner most secrets. Things that no one else but He knows,some shameful and embarrassing. But My Great God has forgiven me and said my sins are further than the East is from the West.. And even though sometimes I remember these things I know that I am forgiven..Thank you Jesus

  396. Pam Kennington says:

    More of a negative thing hidden deep within from others!

  397. A trusted sharing between a few special people that will not betray but will pray.

  398. Bobby Wistoski says:

    P.S. I would so enjoy having an opportunity in leading this study with my neighbors some who know Jesus and some who I don’t believe do. Thank you for this chance.

  399. Sacred Secrets – I want to know God so much more than I do, and this seems like a special way to develop a special relationship.

  400. Pamela Sheldon says:

    Would love Sacred Secrets for the women at Elizabeth House, a shelter for homeless pregnant women!

  401. Gina Delgado says:

    It is my strongest desire to deepen my relationship with God and I feel that this study will do just do. The name says it all, Sacred Secrets, something special from God.

  402. Hidden or something between trusted friends

  403. Traci West says:

    I’m so ready for a new study by Ms. Beth!

  404. Laurie Barbee says:

    I don’t like keeping secrets. Especially when they are good news. Like when our children told us they were pregnant but they wanted to keep it secret for 2 more months. Torture!

  405. Linda Armella says:

    That word is not good in some things but it could be good in others so i guess it just depends.

  406. Joni Young says:

    Something that is shared with you in confidence that you will not repeat it.

  407. Kristy Dorminy says:

    My Sunday School girls would love to have this!

  408. thank you

  409. Paula Banks says:

    A Secret makes me think I must listen closely to hear and understand

  410. Mary Qilson says:

    Secrets are events that we prefer to keep locked inside our deepest inner hiding place. We think we have it under control but it escapes through habits, depression, anger and finally rage. Until we openly confess what we are hiding from God we will not be healed emotionlly. We can never help others understand how to overcome their secrets until we allow God to heal us

  411. I think of something I don’t want many people to know.

  412. “Secret” to me means…something private between two people, usually though it’s something that’s said that probably shouldn’t be in the first place.

  413. Elise smith says:

    Beth has been my summer mentor!! I just finished believing God!!!

  414. Susan Hillier says:

    Something kept from other people

  415. Joanne Schwarz says:

    Even though this is sacred, I have a feel it is meant to be shared!

  416. Secrets are private statements. The should not be told to others unless the secret is something that some can help with such as a burden. My small group would love to have this study. We are now at a crossroads about what to study in our group time.

  417. Cindy McGee says:

    What I think of when I hear the word “secret” is something that can only grow in darkness. My impulse is to flood it with light.

  418. To me ‘secret’ is a breading ground for shame. Too many people are afraid of others knowing their ‘secrets’ then the enemy keeps a hold on them and they have a hard time finding freedom.

  419. My first thought when I think of secrets is that I could never keep one when I was a kid. My family would pay me quarters to keep secrets :) Ironic…. I have a non profit counseling ministry now and my whole life is keeping other women’s secrets. Simply, some need to be exposed and some need to be kept. Looking forward to Beth’s thoughts on secrets :)

  420. I think of something hidden from one person (or many). This could be good (like keeping a surprise party a secret), bad (like hiding the fact you made a mistake / broke something / lied about something… ect), or even neutral (like something kept hidden simply because it is personal/private/treasured.. ect).

  421. When I think of secrets and God what often comes to mind is those things we get inside that hold us back from getting close to God and completely doing his will.

  422. Stephanie Zevenbergen says:

    A secret is something between you and another person, something that is special!

  423. What do I think of when I hear the word “SECRETS”?
    i think of something being hidden…for whatever reason its hidden from knowing…
    These can be bad secrets like child abuse or other victimizations or good secrets where you are hiding a surprise from someone in order to honor them.
    I also know that anything that is secret here on earth will no longer be secret when we are heavenside.

  424. lisa mcgill says:

    Secrets is something cherished and only between someone special if its only between you and God.

  425. TIa Bursac says:


  426. Something special between me and God.

  427. Something special between me and God that no one else knows about..

  428. Michelle Mitchell says:

    A secret is something that no one else knows. A secret could be good, in the case of a surprise party. But, more often than not, people keep secrets because they are ashamed and fear rejection by others.

  429. Dorothy Ramos says:

    When I hear the word secrets I think of something hidden. Not revealed.

  430. Catherine Eller says:

    Secrets are something entrusted to you from someone who has faith and confidence you will not share what they have shared with you . You have a responsibility to this person, whom you have allowed to unburden themselves for healing.

  431. Donna Fearnow says:

    Secrets are only shared with people who you really trust. They are sometimes happy, sometimes sad, and sometimes painful. Some secrets are even too painful to share with anyone.

  432. Usually secrets are hidden problems that need to be solved with only the help of our Savior. HE knows all, and HE can always work our secrets out if we trust HIM.

  433. something you dont want anybody to know.

  434. A secret denotes a special arrangement between at least 2 people.

  435. Secrets makes me think of someone trying to hide something.

  436. Something private and personal…

  437. Secrets are something that is special to you. Be bad or good

  438. I was at this event, can’t wait for my copy of the bible study.. Secrets “Manifest”!!!

  439. I was at the event. Something you keep from everyone else whether good or bad.

  440. Something you do not want others to know-like the secret I share with my sisters.

  441. When I saw the title, I immediately thought about my husband’s business, Transformed Hearts Counseling Center… We use polygraphs to reveal hidden secrets to help restore marriages from sexual addiction and intimacy anorexia. Anxious to purchase a copy for my small group. Looking forward to another great Beth Moore study!

  442. A secret is something you keep private.

  443. Ann Payne says:

    something that is sacred, private, and no one know but me and God

  444. Something you share with one person, not to be told to everyone else.

  445. Secrets ones that you keep for others .

  446. Cheri Barber McElroy says:

    Something shared between persons who trust one another.

  447. something hidden

  448. Secrets can be exciting, even scary and so hard to keep. I do not think all of God’s secrets are meant to be kept secret.

  449. I love a good bible study and Beth Moore is my favorite! She is such a great teacher!!!

  450. Wow lets see… A secret is something we keep to ourselves that a friend or family told us…. Or it also could be a place that we love spending time with Jesus… Or also to give someone a gift without letting them know except you and God!!

  451. A secret is something you don’t want anyone else to know. Could be good or bad.

  452. I think of surprising someone or news or those things we don’t want anyone to know about especially not having showered for two days as a new mom.

  453. Denise Ciofani says:

    Something from the innermost part of my heart.

  454. Debra Peters says:

    I love Beth Moores Bible studies, cant wait to get this one, would be a blessing to win it.

  455. Secrets keep us from authentic freedom

  456. Darlene McAdams says:

    Hidden information

  457. Sharon M. says:

    Something that others can’t or don’t understand.

  458. dark, hidden, ashamed, personal, hurt, hindered

  459. Something that is not shared with everyone…. or sometimes no one.

  460. Michelle Baylerian says:

    When I hear the word secrets I think it’s something you don’t want others or at least some people to know

  461. On the positive side, TRUST. On the negative side, DECEPTION.

  462. I think of birthdays and Christmas and sweet whispers about precious surprises!

  463. Jacqui Bateson says:

    something hidden…either for a good reason or a bad reason

  464. Kelly Wiggins says:

    A secret is something you keep close to your heart instead of your mouth.

  465. Something between me and my Lord that I know He has forgotton and put it in the deepest sea.
    Also somthing between friends and family that is very important

  466. Secrets are my deepest thoughts and feelings that I write in my journal to God.

  467. Kristi Massey says:

    A secret is something between me and God. Sometimes it’s something I’m aware of. Sometimes it’s something I try to avoid admitting about myselff until God brings it to the forefront.

  468. Karen Odor says:

    Sacred meaning something holy, secret meaning something held close and private.
    A holy, closely guarded truth.

  469. Mary Beth Floyd says:

    A secret is something hidden from others.

  470. Johnnie Cowles says:

    A secret can be something that you carry deep inside your heart that you don’t like think about or share with anyone.

  471. Jenny Colon says:

    A secret to me is something that is undisclosed. It is something not known and can remain unseen by others. A secret does not have to be between two people; it can be an unexpressed occurrence or thought, which usually dorms secretly in the heart. However, in the presence of God, there is no “hidden secret.” He is Omniscient – He knows all! He is also Omnipresent and sees all! Hence, whether the secret is shameful or virtuous, no secret remains unveiled in His presence.

  472. Something hidden

  473. A secret is something between you and someone else and something you don’t want anyone else to know about.

  474. Marie Solla says:

    Sadly, I think of too many things in my past…

  475. My first answer would be that a secret is something one’s afraid to share with someone else.

  476. Secrets are something in the past that is hidden and there are only certain people you would dare tell them to!

  477. Lisa Huber says:


  478. Every secret is meant to be revealed. Everyone has a secret, and so everyone should have an accountability partner to share it with. The best secrets are the ones God reveals to us through revelation of His word. SO EXCITING!

  479. Kimberlee says:

    Something hidden to keep others from knowing about, whether its good or bad, something you don’t want or wasn’t meant to be shared.

  480. Something hidden…good or bad, harmful or blessing

  481. Something you want kept confided to yourself and no one else.

  482. The word “secret” makes me sad because keeping secrets from other people usually ends up hurting them.

  483. Sarah King says:

    Something unknown.

  484. Secrets can be eyeopening.

  485. Good secrets: positive things, feeling special that you know the secret.

    Bad secrets: Shame, guilt, fear, anxiety. Darkness

  486. Christmas time, surprises, family, excitement.
    Fear, wanting to tell someone, ashamed, afraid…

  487. KAthleen Velez says:

    something shared between two people in a very close relationship! almost intimate!

  488. My first thoughts go to something you don’t want people to know… shameful

    But I do know there are good secrets, too!

  489. “Secrets” makes me think of sins and also of surprises.

  490. trust

  491. To me, a secret is something hidden deep inside your heart.

  492. Karen Williams says:

    Sacred Secrets could mean new & great revelations to us who continue to seek God’s knowledge & growth in our spirtual fulfillment in our service for Him.

  493. A secret is something you share with someone you trust with your life and know that they will keep that secret no matter what.

  494. lisa houston says:

    most secrets Im aware of are not favorable!

  495. Tammy Pfaehler says:

    I have always thought of a secret as something you don’t want others to know because it’s shameful. Something opposite of transparent.

  496. Something exciting, building anticipation, I MUST KNOW!!!!

  497. Karen Bowick says:

    Secrets have always been mysterious, but no matter whether the secret was good, sweet, sad, bad, hurtful, or any other emotion felt by a secret – God has always been there waiting with arms open wide for whatever reaction my secrets have needed. He was the Great I AM, He is the Great I Am and He will always be the Great I Am!

  498. secrets can often be full of shame until we share them and bring them into the LIGHT

  499. Krisan Pope says:

    When I hear the word secret, I think of something private. I think of something that stays between 2 people.

  500. penny mcmahan says:

    I hope I win, I love Beth Moore’s studies! Secrets are usually hard to keep!

  501. Pat Wright says:

    Our small group would love to find out what “Hidden Secrets” has in store to

  502. Jaime Rhinehart says:

    I WAS THERE! How awesome that she has made this into a study. It was a great weekend of learning about good and bad secrets. I can’t wait to see what the study is all about.

  503. Something hidden within the depths of my being…never to be revealed.

  504. Carolyn Carney says:

    A hidden thought that is private and contemplated

  505. Secrets can be treasures we hold in our heart

  506. Would love to win this… Want to know about secrets you can share with God :)

  507. I think of something shameful and unknown by many

  508. Secret = a special surprise that I have for my daughters or husband….as in “shhh…it’s a secret dessert for dinner”
    Doesn’t necessarily have a bad connotation for me.

  509. Secrets are not to be told to anyone. If someone is confiding in you keep to yourself.

  510. Something hidden only known to a few.

  511. Something I don’t want to talk about

  512. Lezlie Anderson says:

    Secrets are soething you hide from others. For me most of the time it’s to suprise someone.

  513. There are no secrets God knows everything. this is comforting to me because He loves me just the way I am and refused to leave me this way. He wants to make me just like Jesus.

  514. Holly Butler says:

    Secrets are the joys found in the walk with Christ.

  515. Something you keep to yourself…hush, hush

  516. God turns all our secrets into successes for His Kingdom

  517. Stacey Howard says:

    My first thought was when people have something that only they know about, but then refer to it in front of others and leave everyone else feeling “left out”–an inside secret.

  518. I think of something private, usually between at least 2 people.

  519. Robin in New Jersey says:

    Secret~~private, not for you to know. Some secrets are better left as secrets. I am looking forward to this study.

  520. melanie stevens says:

    Something special and private

  521. Shameful. Private. Burden. Heavy.

  522. Secrets~ shame, fear, sadness, afraid if anyone knew that secret that no one would like you. Secrets tend to isolate us because we tend to lie to hide away. Flip side~ excitement, joy, treasures hidden up and stored in your heart saved for the moment where it can be released and refresh those around you, waiting to bless the hearer of that nugget that is just for them.

  523. Secrets are both hard to bear and fun to keep. Sometimes.

  524. private, something that excludes others, hidden

  525. Debbie B. says:

    “Secret” Something shared in private.

  526. Denise Cragg says:

    Something between you and God

  527. burning a hole through my soul…

  528. When I hear the word “secret”, I think of something hidden. It doesn’t have to be a bad connotation, just something/information hidden until the time of reveal.

  529. My first thought with the word “secrets” is hidden, shameful things I don’t want anyone to know.
    My second thought is the happy sharing of intimate thoughts whispered between best friends because they trust each other as they trust no one else. Treasures from one inmost heart to another.

  530. Polly Schneider says:

    I think of something mysterious and unknown by most people. It can be either good or bad.

  531. Stephanie Carter says:

    I think of the something that is hidden that needs to be revealed .

  532. Something sacred to the person telling it to you.

  533. A fact shared with another in trust with the expectation it will never leave the other’s lips

  534. JoAn Knudson says:

    personal messages from someone you love and who loves you

  535. At first thought, secrets makes me think of private, hidden things. Some good, some bad.
    It also makes me think of whispers made between those who are close (spouse, friend, children). Those intimate things we share only with each other.

  536. Lupe Munoz says:

    I think of things that you don’t want anyone to know at least for a moment and sometimes a lifetime depending what is is. It can be a positive or negative thing about something that if it comes out in the open it might affect someone else or possibly be about change. Eventually a secret will be revealed and it’s only a matter of time. Secrets can be mysterious and how something works which can bring a whole different perspective on something much higher than us.

  537. Ashley Metzger says:

    Things you don’t want other people to ever know about.

  538. Something that has the power to destroy as well as surprise.

  539. Julie Reynolds says:

    Something entrusted between friends, family or kindred hearts.

  540. I think of something hurtful or hidden.

  541. When I think of secrets I think of confidences shared with a friend or sometimes secrets are something hidden like a past sin or something shameful.

  542. Stuff in my not to distant past that I would like to keep hidden.

  543. Cassie Williams says:

    Sacred = Holy. Secrets = something that is not public knowledge, known by a trusted few.

  544. Secrets are the voices that we keep quiet under layers of guilt, shame, and regret.


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