Connecting the Generations…Meals, Memories and Ministry

Today’s guest blogger is Lorie Looney Keene. I’ve loved watching her continue to use her leadership skills as she serves as a pastor’s wife and as she continues to reach out to the older generation.  This is a beautiful picture of mentoring. Perhaps you can suggest this idea to your young women if they ask, “Where are the older women, they aren’t connecting with me.”  Here is a way they can connect from their place of being the younger woman.

“Ummm, Mom…that smells good! Can we share some with Granet?”

I am not crafty. I cannot draw anything beyond a stick figure. And, my idea of being artistic is framing my family photos in varying shapes of frames. Therefore, if doing ministry requires a Martha Stewart moment, I am out of luck.

But what I can do is cook a mean bowl of chili. :) My 3 1/2 year old son typically stands somewhere in the kitchen while I’m cooking. He is usually either seeking a way to get an extra snack from the fridge, or potentially harass his little sister who is strapped in her highchair. Yet, on occasion, he blesses my heart by saying, “ummm, Mom that smells good..can we share some with …”  Granet is his name for Mrs. Janet, an older lady in our church who has adopted my children as her grandchildren. Thus, the combination of “Granny” and “Janet”=Granet.

I have been seeking to instill in Elijah the importance of thinking of other people. One way I have sought to do so is by encouraging him to share. Being the social butterfly that he is, he has recently combined his lessons in sharing with his desire also to visit people. So, on occasion, he will notice what I am cooking and ask to share some with someone from church.

When this happens, I whip out the tupperware, call the person he has designated and off we go.  To my surprise, his primary people are usually the older men and women at church who have bestowed so much love on him. Because of those relationships and our little ‘play dates’ at some of their homes, he loves to go and visit his friends…and of course, bring them food.


Lorie Keene and babiesLorie Looney Keene earned both a Masters of Divinity in Christian Education and a Masters of Theology (Th.M) from Southern Seminary, where she worked for three years as The Assistant Director of Women’s Programs.  Prior to working at Southern Seminary, Lorie served in Poland with the International Mission Board and has over seven years experience as an ER nurse.  She is the author of “Pull Up A Chair: You, Me and the Gospel of John” by New Hope Publishing, as well as a contributing author to Journey Magazine. Lorie lives in Tullahoma, TN where her husband, Stephen is the Youth/Education Minister at Highland Baptist Church. She is a Sunday School teacher to HighSchool girls, leads a weekly women’s Bible study and teaches Biology at her church’s homeschool co-op.  Currently, Lorie is enjoying the role of stay at home mom to her 2 year old son, Elijah.



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    • Chris Adams says

      SO true, and being sensitive to those small ones as they express a desire to touch a life is so important and timely!

  1. SandraG says

    Our daughter had some special relationships with older folks in our church. When she was a toddler we had two older men who were in charge of the church nursery once a month. She loved those two guys. She felt so special when we walked in the doors of the church or nurseryand were greeted by one of them. Although for a long time I think she believed they were there just to see her.

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