Meeting Women Where They Are


As you minister to women, you’re trying to meet a variety of needs and personalities. It can be really challenging to meet women at their point of need. Today over on All Access, we posted 10 Ways to Meet Women Where They Are. I would encourage you to click over and share some input.  I hope you’ll join the conversation and post some ideas of other ways to meet women where they are!


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    The challenge that I find within women’s ministry is how do you go about meeting the variety of needs and being on the same page understanding that we are Sisters in Christ and that means something, more than our titles, and backgrounds, our cultural differences, etc. that we’ve daughters of the King first and that’s how we should come together. It’s challenging because we see the outer of a person before we see Christ, we see their problems and how do we go about changing them instead of how do we love them more, letting them know that I’m not too busy and that you as an individual matter and I should matter to you, before we see Christ and trying to fix everybody or looking for how to get people to do what we think they should be doing, and we say, God is control, God is good, that the Holy Spirit does the work, He changes heart. Then let Him do it! But we complain to each other without trusting God first putting him out in front of our situations and in the lives of His people that serve with us. And so, as for me I would love for the Lord to answer my prayer about sending me a mentor. I would prayer for that women who is to come along side of me with a passion for God and his people. One who seeks to grow in Christ and then have major fruit for Christ.. Recently, the Lord revealed to me thru His Spirit that you can’t copy an original that I’m the origional having unique dna gift, talents to do his work for the praise of his glory now and forever…. that where and when I am weak, and other women feel they are weak good, because then God is strong and mighty… AMEN!!!!

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