Women’s Ministry Leaders NEVER Have Enough Time!

Have you ever felt that way? I sure have… and often! I do have some organizational skills and those do help, but ministry is continual and 24 hours a day! Even if we do not have administrative strengths, there are some things we can do to help prioritize and navigate a very busy schedule.

Recently, Chuck Lawless shared 14 Tips for Time Management.  Take a look at some very practical ways to get things in order so we can serve to the best of our ability and availability according to God’s direction.

Which of these ideas are you already using?

Which ones are new to you?

What other ideas to you use to help you manage time?

If Christ is not the first on the list, and the continual guide throughout your day, you will never minister as effectively as God would want you to. Only by HIS discernment and wisdom are we able to make choices between good, better and BEST!



Freedom From Busyness, Zigerelli


  1. Kristi says

    Hi Chris,
    Catching up after a short trip. I found this information very helpful. I am amoung many other responsibilities a homeschooling mom of a later in life child. I am the ‘older woman’ to some and mom/teacher to a 13yr. old. Thank you for all the good articles you and others take the time to write. I feel sure your days are as full (or fuller) than mine.
    God bless you in your Kingdom work.

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