A Special Invitation from Beth Moore

It’s not too early to plan for the 2013 Living Proof Live simulcast, happening from anywhere in the world on Sept. 14! Check out this special invitation from Beth Moore.

For more information about the simulcast and how your church can get involved, click here!


  1. Susan Thomas says

    Our steering team for the simulcast up here in the Lehigh Valley met tonight for prayer. We are lifting up you, your team and every woman the Lord will bring to the event in prayer. May God bless, protect and do a mighty work!

  2. Claudia Cherry says

    Looking forward to the simulcast. My daughters and I are planning on attending at FBC Panama City, FL I have some ladies I am going to invite. I am praying for this event. Again let me say I am so looking forward to the simulcast. Can’t wait!!!

  3. Katie says

    We’re a small group of God-fearing women in Asuncion, Paraguay but we are on fire for Jesus and can’t wait to see and hear what HE has in store for us! Thank Beth or all your prayer and your servant heart. See you Sept. 14!!

  4. Linda says

    So looking forward to it and will certainly lift you in prayer. It’s going to be an exceptionally Spirit filled weekend. My church is hosting Big Daddy Weave, Chris August, and Unspoken Friday evening, a nearby church is hosting the simulcast Saturday, and of course worship on Sunday. Can’t wait!

  5. Betty M says

    Am so thrilled this year th at I am gona be able to watch it of course if the Lord wills!! I am have committments this particular date every year until this year. Gona see if we can get it in one of our homes of our group wish I had a laptop so I could put it on my big flat sceen TV. If I can not get our group together than I will be at a chuch 100 miles away for it!! It will be at least one thing I will see of yours this year being I had to give up seeing you in person in Sioux Falls due to medical issues.
    Betty M

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