Free Friday: The Love Dare for Parents

Update: Congrats to Dutchess, Cassandra, Lynnette, Sheri, and Juliet for winning this giveaway!


Since The Love Dare was first published in 2008, the number-one request received by the authors, Stephen and Alex Kendrick, has been for a similar journey for parents to take with their children. We’re please to tell you that it’s here: The Love Dare for Parents Bible study. The study is perfect to do with your husband, to do alone, or even better, a small group of ladies or couples. You will benefit greatly by being able to share stories and parenting advice with others.

Here’s a short excerpt from the first week of the study:

How do you talk about your children around others?

Exhaustion is not every parent’s modus operandi, of course. You may be in a sweet spot with your children, but still know how easy it is to slip back into a frenetic pace. The Love Dare for Parents journey is a look at parenting as Scripture describes it—at loving our children the way God does. It’s about walking in a relationship with the One who created us and entrusted our kids to us. This relational walk may result in conviction and in needed change in perspective and action. So what are we waiting for?

You can view a sample and read more here.


We would love to give five of you two copies of the Bible Study. Enter to win by telling us how you’re daring to show love to your children.

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    • Yolanda morris says

      How are we showing love to our children? We are striving everyday to first teach them the ways of the Lord. By sitting down together and sharing with each other what pleases the Father. Having one night during te week where we share a meal together at home undisturbed. No tv, no iPad, no distractions from the outside world,

    • Dana Young says

      I’m daring to show them by living His truth in front of them! I’m daring to do so by loving them and others, by being a Godly example of a real love walk! In traffic, in how I walk, talk, respond, react, pray, worship and obey the word of God. Teaching them to speak love in truth and to always show love and forgiveness. Taking time to pray for and with them. Taking time to spend teaching them biblical truths nurturing, encouraging and helping them grow in their spiritual relationship; as well as how to apply the scripture to their daily walk! Keeping them in environments that foster that growth providing Godly examples of real Christ decipleship!! Encouraging them to believe and to trust God, for He is faithful!

  1. Rose R says

    We are daring to love our little girl daily speaking life into her – letting her know what a miracle she is, that she is God’s gift to the world, and that she has amazing destiny & potential in her.

  2. Kris Konick says

    I am daring to love and parent my kids individually even though it is a real challenge for me. I want them to be more alike (you know like the one that is most compliant and has a fear of God and their mama). But instead trying to embrace all that God made them to be, exactly as he designed them (Isaiah 55:8) with the hope of most importantly helping them embrace who he set out for them to be before the creation of the world so that his will and purpose for their lives can be most fully fulfilled!!

  3. Jamie W. says

    When my children were little (younger), people would “warn” me that they would become teenagers one day. My standard answer was, “I surely hope so!” Now that they are 16 and 18, I look back and realize that I have enjoyed every single age and stage. I have soaked in every moment. I make it a point to spend quality time with each of them in order to continue to build our relationships.

  4. says

    I would love to read this! I have a strong-willed 5-year-old daughter who is starting kindergarten this fall. My husband and I are trying to figure out the best ways to help her understand she needs to obey her teachers and parents and show respect while not squelching the independence we know will serve her well as she grows older. It’s exhausting! :)

  5. says

    I would love a copy of this study. My husband and I have three children through the miracle of adoption. We know that each of them were brought to us through God’s divine orchestration. Our daughter, has been in a residential facility for 11 months and I am honestly very scared for her to come home. Almost all of her anger and aggression is directed towards me. I truly feel that this study would help me be a better mom to her, as well as to our boys.

  6. Christina Barr says

    I am going through a hard time with my oldest daughter …we have not been getting along as well as we should and i do not inderstand why. Im hoping this may help with our relationship.

  7. Tami Diamond says

    We strive to love our kids unconditionally! We three teens and one preteen who test that love often we would really benefit from this study! We are a blended family and struggle at times with how to handle issues that arise!

  8. says

    I am having a tough time with our 4 yr old right now, lots of whining and crying and naughty behavior. I am working to always see the good in him instead of the frustrations I feel because he is such a sweet little boy!

  9. Tricia Cross says

    I am very convicted. It is so easy to get caught up in “my” plans and goals. I need to be more intentional with my daughter. My first calling and first ministry is my family. Why do they get moved to the back of the line. This study wold bless me tremendously!

  10. Sharee Sessions says

    My teenager is challenging these days with all the worldly things that come her way with peers, school and just the hormones that come with being 14. I try to help her in different ways, but I’m just the “mom” & she don’t see that i understand her. If this book is anything like the love dare book & this one helps parents get through to their children I would greatly appreciate a copy :) thank you to all who were able to make this book & i hope their is a movie in the makes too!

  11. Remona Clark says

    I am trying to set a godly example. I try to focus on the positives, pray, and prioritize. I work and love my two boys. Yet, I must not allow my fatigue to hinder our relationship.

  12. Stephanie Snow says

    I Love them by making sure there is always time for cuddles. I will stop and hig my kids and tell them I love them even when I am at my busiest . I make sure that I spend time with them in the evenings before bedtime reading God’s word .

  13. Anna McCrary says

    I am trying to be more present in their lives as well as enjoying all of the “little” things with them.

  14. Lisa Self says

    I want to always be reminded to put her first, above career or personal gain. While I strive to do that, the love dare for parents would just be a daily reminder that to truly love her I must first love Him completely.

  15. Cristina says

    We are daring to love our children unconditionally and endlessly come what may and with God’s grace guiding us and teaching us as we go. It is a challenge because we are never sure we are doing enough or doing it right and I think that is a parent thing. This would be great!

  16. Lynnette says

    I am a bio mom of 1 & step mom to 2. I’m daring to love them all by showing them love in our home. Taking them to church to help them in their walk with God as we’re working on our walk at the same time. It’s not always easy, but that I’m here for the long haul & we’re going to make it through anything together.

  17. Kelly Hooper says

    As a working mom, I can’t be with my kiddos 100% of the time, so I try to remember it’s the quality, not the quantity of time spent with them. I know there’s still room for improvement though so I would love this book. Thank you!

  18. says

    We make an effort to do something special wih each child once a month. It is just us and that child…nonvrothers ir sisters allowed. It has really opened communication and we are able to shower that hold with one on one attention during those special times too.

  19. Adrianne Huls says

    I would love introduce this into our family as we prepare for my husbands return from deployment!
    It has been an emotional and exhausting one and there is no doubt that our faith in God
    Has sustained us!!!

  20. Karen says

    I dare to love my 20 year old son and teenage daughter not through my might but by His. They are both adopted from different families with different stories and different history yet growing up together for the last 14 years they are so much alike. My daughter is a tough teen, sullen, angry, emotional but also loving, fun and full of joy. It’s a tough time for us all as she goes every other week with her dad but I know God is in control and will continue seeing us through it all!

  21. Rachel says

    I’m a mother and stepmother….struggling to figure out how to Love my kids when they don’t love me back. the Love Dare book has done amazing things for my marriage and I’d LOVE to see how it can help my relationship with the kids!

  22. Nikki says

    I am dareing to love my child by loving our Heavenly Father more.

    I am a single mom of a wonderful 5 year old little boy named Jaden. I want to raise him to know our Savior and walk in His ways. I have decided that there is no other way to do this then by living that for myself. I have to love the One who gave Jaden to me for this time, more then I love Jaden. This is easy to say but my actions must match my words. I have to always point Jaden back to God, not to what I want for his life. I must make my decisions based on what’s best for the Kingdom of God, not what’t best for Jaden.

    This is a daily struggle, but I love Jaden so very much that I work at it each and every day.

    Loving God most in our lives is “what we are supposed to do” and to some may sound easy, but it’s a hard task that strengthens me as a mother every step of the way.

  23. Jennie says

    This looks like an awesome addition to the Love Dare ministry. As a mom of four boys, it would be wonderful to receive it! :)

  24. Dorinda Taylor says

    I choose everyday to love my child even though she wants nothing to do with me. She has autism and RAD. I know God gave her to us to become a part of our family for a reason.

  25. says

    As a biological parent and a foster parent, rearing my children using solid Biblical principles is my #1 goal. But training them to love God first, and then to love other people is a constant struggle in today’s society. When my family made the decision to do foster care, we knew we were called by God to care for children who are too many times society’s castaways. By introducing these children to the Lord and by living a life that is a witness for Him, we are making a difference – one child at a time.

  26. Tracey Donkin says

    My girls both leave for University soon, and I would love to be able to bless them with the same type of Love Blessing that the Love Dare has been for my marriage. This is an amazing opportunity.

  27. Jackie Epstein says

    I am daring to both my children in that i model what it is to be a Christian. trying to show them how to forgive (when we are betrayed etc by my ex , their father) I hold my tongue not to speak negatively about him or his choices although they were wrong, but rather teach the children to forgive and move forward to model Jesus’ example. I also am leading them to know God more fully, and to see HIM in our lives in so many ways…from the simple to the most difficult situations. I love lifeway ministries and Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer studies as well! (doing Gideon now!)

  28. Robin Saylor says

    I try to always affirm my love and complete the knowledge of who my children are in Christ. My children are in a season where they realize their relationship with God is wholly dependent on them and God it’s not by my proximity to God. God has shown me and has called them warriors for Him. There is no denying their calling I continue to stand in the gap for them as they realize who they are in God. I love and adore my sons it’s not easy being a patent sometimes but when it’s difficult God reminds me of His calling on their lives… Praise God

  29. Lori says

    My husband and I just completed our training through Department of Human Services for adoption. We have an almost teen daughter, and would like to adopt a young school-age boy. We need ALL the help we can get!!!! Thank you for this offer!

  30. Erin Kuhn says

    We are raising our special needs nephew, and we feel that this book will help put things into perspective for us. Daily life can be really difficult, we have struggles, and we want to desperately, with the help of God, guide our nephew and raise him in a godly way.

  31. RebeccaOrr says

    As a parent, I want to be an example for my children. I know that I fail more times than I succeed. I need to let God guide me through my life but many times I slip back to trying to take control. I want my children to learn from my failures as well as God’s successes. The ultimate goal for any parent should be for their children to love God, accept Jesus as Lord of their life and share that with others. But a parents are on the front line when it comes to our children’s salvation. My prayer is that I can take up this cross daily, knowing that if I fail today I just need to trust God that much more tomorrow. And in doing that, show my kids that I know who is ultimately in control and that even when you fail, He will be there to pick up the piece and help you move forward tomorrow. I want my children to know that I love them no matter what, because that is how God love us.

  32. says

    I tell them something I love about them every single day. With a super-sensitive seven year-old and a sassy four year-old, some days it’s harder than others. However, the world is full of voices telling them they’re not enough. I want them to have at least one voice telling them that they are more than they could ever imagine.

  33. Nicole Arnold says

    This would be great! My husband and I are parents of two boys. We just recently had our youngest diagnosed with Autism. After looking online about facts, one was that 80% of married couples with Autistic children get divorced. I have seen then lost sleep over this. I know our faith and love will over come this. But 80% is terrifying number. This would be great for us at the moment! With God anything is possible!!

  34. Michaela says

    My biggest determination with my children is patience. I am not very patient and they are both under 3 years, so patience is required, lol. I think this book would be amazing in teaching me how to better love them and give them what they need.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Lorretta Bartlett says

    My husband and I started following Christ late in the game and our children missed out on so much because of our mistake. We thought that teaching them right from wrong, being responsible and being respectful was our job. We were focused on preparing them for their future but never paid attention to preparing them for their eternity. Thank God, that has changed and we are all actively involved in church and I am proud to know that all 5 of our kids have accepted Christ. Our home went from turmoil to loving. All 4 of our daughters are teenagers. … talk about being tried! All I can do is pray and take it one day at a time.

  36. Lee Ann T says

    I am learning to “Let Go and Let God” and also trying detachment with Love on my 47 year old son. He’s on a destructive path and the only way that I can deal with this is by turning the situation over to God. I know that “my way” might interfere with God’s way so I have to just sit back quietly and let God’s will prevail. It still hurts though.

  37. Randi McMahon says

    I am seeking God to help me love them. Sometimes these strong willed boys of mine can be difficult love with a human love, but when I seek god for the easy and difficult times He is loving them though me and that will make more of a difference in their lives.

  38. Mindy Morgan says

    I am daring to love my son by trying to be a good Christian example. I am also trying to let him figure out who he is, so he can become the man that God intends for him to be.

  39. Ashley W. says

    We have made a decision to stop and listen to our children….to be more present with them, and set aside more time that is focused on just them, and not what’s going on outside in the world!

  40. Lea M says

    I have been making it a priority to have one on one time with my kids everyday. I have 3 kids ages 6, 5 and 18 months which makes it challenging some days. I have been seeking God in the morning, asking Him to provide the time and giving wisdom on when that time is being presented. I have also been praying for my kids more, especially praying scripture over them and including them in my prayer times. They need to see how I am fully relying on God and it will also give them more opportunities to see Gods faithfulness.

  41. Andrew Safie says

    One big thing I am trying to do is to give them my full attention…and not putting off doing something awesome with them at the spur of the moment!

  42. Sheri says

    I am lucky enough to be a work from home mom. I try to give my kiddos my full attention when they talk to me and stop focusing on work that moment. My kids are both under 10, so I’m still lucky enough to start each morning with them sitting on my lap and singing You are my sunshine, to them. Mentally we dare to love our kids by giving them chores to build character, we read daily devotions and pray together to teach them to Love and respect God, and we spend TIME with them doing everything together. Time=Love these days. I’d love to incorporate Love Dare for Parents into our journey. Thank you!!!

  43. Rachel Pena says

    I try hard to love her in her love languange and not mine, take time to give her my attention when she is speaking, encourage her and let circumstances that arise be used as tools for growth ~ love her with words and actions. <3

  44. Juliet Pilgrim says

    I would love a copy of this book. I am a single mom of a 12 year old daughter who has never met her father. I have been praying for God to come in to our relationship and completely change me and make me the mom He died for me to be. I feel most of the time I am doing everything wrong when it comes to her. From homework time to the way I talk to her. I have tried to change on my own for years and I am unable. I have completely surrendered this area of my life to Christ recently and I do see changes occuring ever so slowly. I think this book is the direction I need to jumpstart parenting my daughter with Christ in the center. Please consider me. In Christ, Juliet

  45. Jennifer Brown says

    We are raising three little men of God. I’ve read what has been posted on facebook and I love what I have read so far. This isn’t a normal parenting book on what you are doing wrong but how you can start leading your children and to grow as Godly parents. I want to lead my boys to the cross and to be men who always seek Jesus.

  46. Julie Bookser says

    My goal is to be more patient. I believe that God blessed me with such awesome little people to raise and I want to be more patient and understanding. Sometimes it’s hard to go back to the childlike mindset and see things from their point of view…

  47. Jeana Vause says

    My husband and I are daring to rebuild relationships with our children as their childhoods have been a roller coaster of visits, emotions (essentially unhealthy), and our true love for them has never been understood. We created a ‘family,’ we never considered our family to be blended. We did the best we knew to do but situations always seemed to turn on us. We backed off and haven’t had a relationship with our children for a while now. Life goes on, they have always been missed, there has always been a void in our hearts and in our lives without their presence. In trying to figure out what comes next, what should be said, what shouldn’t be said I feel this devotional would help prepare us to take the steps needed to rekindle relationships with each of our children.

  48. Julie Nettleton says

    I am daring to love my children regardless of their choices, trying to set the right example and letting them know it is ok to not be perfect either. I am daring to love my children by filling their hearts with the love of the Lord.

  49. Gigi Tillett says

    I am daring to love our daughter as her teen years will start this month! I homeschool because it is what we, and by we I am including her, that learning with a Christian viewpoint is what she wants to do. We are doing what God has led is to do and it is such a blessing to be able to be a part of her education too. We have our family Bible study together and she is not shy to lead it which is awesome. This book can only bring us closer to help her continue her walk.

  50. says

    I’m daring to love my children by listening more than speaking. By discussing with grace and gentleness instead of yelling and scolding. I would love to take the Love Dare.

  51. Michelle M says

    I am daring to love my children even when they seem to push my limits. I am daring to love my children with patience when time constraints have pushed me to my limit. I am daring to love my children with joy even while knowing that they have only been ‘given’ to me by God for a short while and they will then then go on to His plans for them. What a blessing this bible study would be in my quest to love my children as He loves all of us!

  52. Randi Whaley says

    I am daring to love my children by praying over them. During scary moments, sickened, bedtime. Anytime. And not just my prayers but scripture. It’s really changed my prayer life and relationship with them. Would love to win this Bible Study!!! Thank you for creating this!!!

  53. LeeAnn Long says

    In our home we try to show love by example and understanding. Our daughter is 13 now and I would love to teach her to look for Godly friends, to watch out for evil and to respect her values.

  54. SARAH says

    I am juggling 5 kids ages 13 years to 18 months… and I need God’s grace every moment. I am currently praying a lot and asking God for wisdom. I need all the help I can get!

  55. Sherri Myers says

    I encourage and uplift and support them in their decisions, while giving advice to help them make good choices.

  56. RoseMary Baty-Willcox says

    I have 7 children and some are saved and some are not, two have been baptized and now say they do not believe in God, i love them anyway and tell them God believes in them and will never leave them, even if they think they have..
    I pray for all.

  57. Monica Toomes says

    What a great opportunity to share the love of Christ with our children! I would not only use this tool for our home but also for our parents at church!

  58. Julie says

    My oldest daughter is heading to middle school in the fall. I am daring to love her by choosing to believe her middle school years will be blessed by God and free of trauma. I am praying God’s protection over her. I am excited for her future!

  59. Jenna Bordelon says

    I would love to win these copies for my husband and myself! This would be a great opportunity for become closer with my husband in co-parenting, this strengthening our relationship and our joint ability to raise our children with God as the head coach. Thanks for giving us all this chance to win such a great book!

  60. says

    I didn’t even know this book existed! :) I have been working on talking to my children instead of yelling at them. My husband works long hours and I find that I’m doing most of the parenting alone so I tend to let the stress get to me. Not to mention that my 5 yr old son talks NONSTOP so I find that I ignore most of what he says. I did not realize until recently how some of my actions/reactions have been effecting them. I watched my son shake in fear after I screamed at him one day after telling him 30 times to clean up his room. He gave me excuse after excuse after excuse and I’d “had enough”. I screamed at him…SCREAMED…and he looked at me in total terror. :( Broke my heart into 1000 pieces. I decided that day that I needed to learn better communication with him. :(

  61. Jennifer says

    As a Mom of 7, I could write a mini novel in why this book will be such a blessing to our family!!
    I thoroughly enjoyed The Love Dare book & have to share, when I first started reading it, thought, ‘Jen, you need to carry over these principles & this mindset into your relationship with your kids, not just your husband!!’
    If I am not one of the fortunate two to receive the free copies, I will undoubtedly be purchasing it!!

  62. Ariel Venesky says

    I am daring to love my girls to provide all of the spiritual, emotional, mental and financial support I can with Gods help as a single mother. I continuously look to God for guidance as well as attempt to educate myself in areas of positive parenting. This book will hopefully help me to continue this journey!

  63. Rebecca Scott says

    By trying to say yes as often as possible and showing them grace in discipline. I am also as a mom to a 4 year old and 2.5 year old twins trying to refrain from yellin g : )

  64. Carly Pietrzyk says

    We have two children that are 13 (boy) and 14 (girl) years of age. It was so much easier when they were younger to connect with them on a regular basis. Now that they are older and are starting to establish their own lives, I would like to explore the biblical basis for connecting with my teenage children. This bible study would give my husband and I an excellent opportunity to work on this together with our children!

  65. Patricia Davey says

    I have 3 sons with my youngest just turning 14 , I wasn’t around for my older 2 Sons (now 25,20) like I needed to be and this book would help me be a better parent of understanding through God’s way for my 14 yr old Son and perhaps even bring my older sons back.

  66. Melissa Eisenman says

    The love I have for my kids is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. They are beautiful, precious, innocent , and extraordinary. I would give my life for them. I need to know how to love them better and healthier so they will grow up healthy and secure.

  67. colleen says

    I am daring to love my daughter with as much grace and mercy as Jesus showed me at this age. Praying for HIS timing of what and when to speak certain truths AND learning to believe that PRAYER is honestly the best thing I could do for her. VERY excited about this Bible study.

  68. Elizabeth says

    We adopted three brothers through the foster system last year, so we have three boys under 4 years old. They came to us “knowing” that all parents do are fight and leave and struggle with fear of abandonment even though we’ve done everything we can to assure them they are safe and going no where. Their fear manifests itself in behavior issues and I’m always looking for a way to love, guide and discipline them through the eyes of Christ. I would love to have another tool to use that would help us to guide them and help them to know they are loved forever.

  69. Jenny R says

    I tell my boys I love them every single day and try to be as affectionate as they will let me be, at ages 11 and 13! Would love the opportunity to learn new ways to love them and teach them to love!

  70. A. D. Johnson says

    In 2003, when our first-born son was only 19 months old, I gave birth to twin boys! What an amazing adventure the past 10 years have been! The three of them couldn’t be any more different. The oldest twin has cerebral palsy and is moderately developmentally delayed, but that doesn’t stop him from keeping up with his brothers. Our family is incredibly imperfect, consummately challenged, and bountifully blessed! Each and every day my husband and I dedicate ourselves to seeking God’s will as parents and do our best to tuck everyone in bed each night with a feeling of love, purpose, security, and hope for tomorrow. God gave us our children in His infinite wisdom, and we will live to please Him in raising the sons he chose for us!

  71. says

    I am loving my children for who God made them to be. I am praying with and for them and teaching them the values God has laid out in His word. My husband comes along beside me and does the same. We are showing love to our children by loving each other. I let them get dirty, play in the rain and mud, chase lightning bugs and live the life of a child. I monitor what they watch and read and try to keep them innocent. We take them to church and let others have influence on their lives that have Godly character. We teach them to love others and that compassion and kindness and good respectable character is as important as academic excellence. That we do all things as unto the Lord. When I make a mistake, I say I am sorry to them. Let’s face it, we all make mistakes and as parents we sometimes need to say “i’m sorry”. I pray daily for the Lord to help us be good parents and loving parents that temper Godly discipline with love and mercy.

  72. Traci says

    This sounds like a fantastic book! We would love to do this with our 7 children! We are big fans of the Love Dare book. Can’t wait to see this one!

  73. Mandy Wilson says

    I am giving up my job to be there more for my kids. I have 2 daughters, one is about to be a freshman and the other is seventh grade. I have felt guilty about missing so many things and I refuse to miss any more of their lives. I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for our family.

  74. Tina Gloer says

    I’m daring to love my daughter by looking at her when she talks to me and actively listening to her. I want her to know I hear her.

  75. Nikki Bandy says

    Our son has behavioral problems, and we’re not by far the perfect parents, however we are trying to teach both of our children to love God and keep Him first. This would be an awesome opportunity for our family!

  76. Leah Evanson says

    I would live to engage with my kids on a daily basis, and connect with them more deeply.
    My husband and I would both benefit from this book.

  77. Amanda says

    We are a homeschooling family of three children ages 7, 5, and 2. Our 7 year old is autistic as well. Raising three children is a task, but so very rewarding. Although we are challenged daily it is a life I would not have any other way. We are working hard to instill love in the hearts of all our children and I feel this bible study would be a great opportunity for our family!

  78. says

    I’m daring to show love to my children by letting go. I’m a borderline helicopter mom, but I know that I need to allow them to take risks, fail, and be the person who God wants them to become, not who I want them to be.

  79. Nicole young says

    With 3 kids my husband and I try to take each child for individual time each week so they know how much they mean to us.

  80. Janet says

    I am daring to love my children , by living out the Word of God , never judging , and seeking Him with every breath I have , that He gives me. ❤

  81. Brandy Meeks says

    Teaching our 5 blessings that if you love the Lord and work faithfully to honor God with your life, even your weaknesses will be areas of strength because they will glorify God!

  82. Jodi says

    I am daring to love my children by having already purchased a copy of this book! Would love go be able to bless two of my friends!

  83. Vicky D says

    As a parent we tried to make sure that our kids always know that we love them, even we don’t like their behavior we love them!

  84. Aimee Wise says

    I am daring to love my children by choosing to homeschool them this next year…even though I am NOT a natural teacher. It will prove to be a challenging, rewarding, growing period for each of us. :)

  85. Juli j says

    Loving them for who they are, leading them by example, and listening to them. Glad this book exists!!!!! Can’t wait to read it and put it into use :)

  86. Jill says

    My children are teens – one in college. I’m showing them love by letting them be who God created them to be rather than how I want them to be.

  87. says

    i feel like this will challenge me on how to become a better parent and teach me how to talk to my kids at home,. and in public. being a mom i want to do my best at it and please god because being a single mom is very hard and u need god to give u the wisdom to make it through the day.

  88. Jill says

    I’m daring to show love to my 5 year old twin girls by keeping them in the word everyday. By setting limits that are Godly and not worldly. By explaining that just because someone else is doing/wearing something does not mean that they should. By giving them hugs and kisses and “I love you’s” when they make mistakes.;

  89. says

    I think my husband and I need this bible because of hoe we are raising our children. We have a 16 year old daughter and a 9 year old son. It is quite an age difference and brings many trials. We want to keep raising then in a Godly fashion but need lots of help. I believe this will help because it is specifically for parents.

  90. says

    I am a helicopter mom who really needs to lear to trust that God knows whats right for my daughters and that I am just a guide for them. Literally before they do ANYTHING or go ANYWHERE I make sure they understand all the possibilities that could possibly happen whether good or bad. I make them check in with me when the get to their location. So a book that Im sure is as good as Love Dare will help me!!

  91. Terri Zimmerman says

    My husband and are raising our two grandsons. We have had them for five and a half years, adopted them two years ago. As we are now church going, born again followers of Christ, this would be very helpful for us to do a good job. It would also help us to lift our adult children. Thank You!!!!

  92. Kim says

    Total conviction when I read your question “How do you talk about your children around others?” Last weekend we were at a friends home and I was so frustrated with the behavior of my daughter on the ride there that I recall jokingly saying something to my friend which unbeknownst to me offended my daughter. I could see my daughter’s face “turn” and then she came up to me and said “that wasn’t godly”. I was horrified and embarassed. I soooo want to love her BETTER than I am – the way God loves her. I am daring to love her better by making this first step…

  93. Angela Patrick says

    My husband and I both come from rocky unstable childhoods. In the beginning of our relationship (5 years ago) we weren’t very good at dealing with our children in positive ways. We lacked the capacity to love the way we should love because we didn’t know Christ. We have 5 children total. We each have two separately then one together. 4 of these kids live with us. Since we got saved about 2 years ago we’ve been trying hard to change the way we speak to our children, the ways we correct them, and just how we live our lives in general. Our kids see the changes we’ve made and 3 out of 4 of them are now saved as well. The only one who is not is only 3. The child who doesn’t live with us also doesn’t visit much and lives with her mother who is an atheist. She came to church with us for the first time this week(also the first time she’s been here on days when she could go to church with us), and I think that was about the hardest thing we have ever had to deal with. She actually threw a fit when we took her back on Wednesday evening. We were stern and just said, “this is what we do here and you have to follow our rules”. Through a class directed at her age group (she’s 11) she hear about some of God’s miracles and heard about salvation. She didn’t get saved, but she was listening and learning. By the end of the night she told her aunt that she kind of liked church that it wasn’t too bad.

    We work very hard to try to lead our children to Christ more by our actions and less by our words. We still struggle with ways to discipline in a more positive way, but we have and continued to improve in our parenting skills. Our kids are becoming better behaved, well adjusted, and strong in their faith. 2 of the kids that go to their dad’s frequently have opened some doors with him. They pray before every meal by choice and before bed, and he sees that. They know the importance of prayer, and communication with God. I’m so pleased with the way they have grown since we have all changed because of Jesus! We are so incredibly blessed!!!

  94. Jennifer D says

    By teaching my kids to love God with all their hearts and be convinced that God loves them with all His heart . After theyare able to do that, everything else on life is a piece of cake.

  95. Jennifer Cogley says

    I am daring to love my kids by allowing God to have complete control of my life and especially in my parenting. I am allowing God to teach me to be loving in all areas….my speech, my actions, my attitudes,….I am allowing God to use me to love my kids through their father walking out and also him walking away from God. ….I realize I can’t love my children well if I am not connected with God….

  96. Pam Hensley says

    My “home” parenting days are over. I have 3 grown children but I still dare to continue to “parent” them through Godly examples in how I live my life, by praying for them, by being available when they come to me for advice (which isn’t too often) and by reaching out to their children with the love of Christ. When I speak of them to anyone – children and grandchildren – I always speak of the good things that God has done in their lives.

  97. Rebecca Saiz says

    I could really use this to help my family grow and to help my children be the Christians I know they are meant to be.

  98. Bena says

    As the parents of four adult children, we are learning and enjoying new and different ways to love our children from long distance. Creativity and genuine interest are absolutely key, along with many prayers and faithfulness in The Lord!

  99. says

    I own my own health and wellness company!! God has really really blessed us with this business… I have been praying for that “perfect balance” between, changing people’s lives, homeschool, and everyday life…I truly feel this amazing book will help me to speak more life into them and help create a better “calm” around home :) My 3 kiddos need me to be a better “life speaker” :)

  100. Jennifer Brower says

    I have a 12 year old son who has a big heart for the underdog,
    And is very sensitive about not judging it labeling
    Other. I am trying to teach him that this is a great
    Quality he has but he also needs to be sure not to
    Fall I to the behavior of others…to be an influence
    Rather than being influenced. To be sure our actions
    Are glorifying to God.

  101. Jessica H says

    I would love to get my husband and I involved in a study together. To get us both involved in how we should raise our kids Gods way.

  102. Reina Paina says

    I cannot wait to get this book for my husband and I!!! We have a blended family, and he and I come from COMPLETELY different backgrounds (both spiritually and geographically). We have come together and decided we wanted to ‘do family God’s way’ but struggle with our different definitions of what that is, or how we interpret the Bible. On top of that our kids have such a HUGE age gap (because my husband and I do too). Our youngest is 4, we have an 18 year old daughter, and a 21 year old son. I am only 9 years older than my step son. Lol! It definitely makes for an interesting dynamic at our house. But a new tool to help bring my husband and I into unity would be SO phenomenal!!! I am excited about this new study for sure! Thank you for the info!!!

  103. Michele Schneck says

    I just looked over the sample reading – I struggle with how I talk about my 20 year old daughter who lives with us. It is sometimes a daily struggle for me. This first page of the book makes me sit back and think. Parenting has always seemed difficult to me. However, she is a good person as well as her 16 year old brother. Thanks for having this book available.

  104. Beckie Potterfield says

    I, the mom, have begun praying daily with our 26 and 22 year old sons. Their father and I have been having a short devotional together and praying in the morning for a short two years. What an awesome opportunity to increase our time of study, discussion and prayer.

  105. Kristyn Strickland says

    I am trying to really enjoy the time i have with my children. If we go to the park, usually i take my phone, “so I can take pictures of them”. It normally turns out to be Facebook or checking emails time. I need to just be in the moment with my babies, enjoy the time with them. I am trying to not interrupt our time by posting a picture to Facebook. Make each moment count.

  106. Megan Nerton says

    We would love this book, The love dare book saved our marriage, and I believe this book can halp and save us with our kids. We are really struggling with our daughter as is drifting away from God I believe this book will give us the tools to help her and will bring her back. Please and thank you.

  107. Crystal Nichols says

    I am trying to not yell at my kids. I am the type of person who just lets things build and build until I explode.

  108. Kim Haley says

    I am trying to listen before reacting. I really think this book would be a great help to us as a family!

  109. Melissa Lemke says

    It is easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed but I need to cherish all the time God blesses me with my children.

  110. Sheron .M says

    I became a step mom to 3 young kids & without having a relationship
    With God i didn’t know how to have a relationship with them… if only
    I could understand Gods love to love them.. 17 years later i barely have
    built a bridge of love with them.. i desireto be that Godly woman in
    their lives & to impart God in the lives of my grandbabies.. i need all
    the encouragement and wisdom this book has to offer. Not only will
    it help me to impact my kids life but my grandkids as well as mine.

  111. Danielle says

    We are daring to show love to our 3 boys by striving to be a great example of what a Godly relationship between a husband and wife looks like and sharing with them our prayers for their future spouses and how we pray they will treat their future spouses. We are also very transparent about some struggles of our past with alcohol and sharing with them the hardships we faced because of it and how our lives have changed once Jesus came into our lives and took that addiction away from us. It’s amazing how much our kids appreciate our transparency on this matter and how much they speak to us openly about things.

  112. Emily Culberson says

    We are daring to live our children differently from the world by actually listening to them and trying to respond with more understanding and grace. Our first inclination is to react to their behavior and correct it rather than to understand the motives and disciple their hearts. We want to respond with gentleness and correction.

  113. Amanda Ashmore says

    My husband and I have an almost 6 month old son who we would love to do this study for. We dare to show our little one love by caring for his every need and showing him God’s grace and teaching him all about Jesus. We just want to be the parents that The Lord wants us to be for our son and for Him.

  114. ann says

    My husband and I need help getting back on track. Raising boys,one on the spectrum, hitting adolescent years is quite a challenge. We need direction, a Christlike, uniform way to approach parenting with him. We would appreciate this opportunity. Thanks!

  115. Lacey Craig says

    I am prayerful working on being more attentive and intentional with my kids. Raising them in the Word.

  116. Zohary Ross says

    My oldest son is being very defiant lately and getting into a lot of trouble. I’m just loving him through it even when he’s acting unloveable.

  117. Lesley Geer says

    MY husband and I have devotional every night before bed with our 4 year old son. This is my favorite part of the day. It’s so uplifting to hear him talk about his favorite bible stories!

  118. Kim says

    Would love to be able to do this with my amazing hubby and then share it with our adult children who are new parents.

  119. Debbie says

    My children are 27, 22, & 17. All raised in church … The oldest not serving God and the other 2 riding a fence. Just the other day I asked God why He trusted me to be a mom,. I feel that I have let Him down, I wish that this book had been available years ago! Perhaps having it now will help me to get it right.

  120. Lindsey Meyer says

    I am daring to love my daughter and future children by resigning from my job as a teacher this year and becoming a stay at home mom.

  121. Charesia says

    I would love to be able to give this book to my friend. She is daring to love her children as a newly single parent. She is recently divorced after discovering the abuse her daughters were enduring. She is daring to raise all 4 of her children in a Godly home as she leads them into unknown territory. She is daring to love them through the healing and all the challenges they have and will continue to face. There are so many things that are changing for all of them and I know this book would be a great asset for their journey.

  122. Cynthia Turner says

    I am daring to show love to my children by insisting that they contribute to the things that are going on in our household in an effort to build a sense of responsibility and of community. If I’m cooking they can assist by peeling potatoes or assembling the ingredients necessary to cook a certain dish. They can help maintain the grocery lists so that we don’t run out of things or sort the mail so that its organized and accessible. And also by listening to their experiences and responding/or not as necessary.

  123. Crystal Rodriguez says

    I am daring to show love to my 4 children by standing up for what is right and just no matter what the downfall. About 6 months ago, I learned that my husband of 18 years (biological father to all 4 children) was sexually abusing my two daughters. While it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, I did the right thing and reported his actions to the police. He is now in prison and will be for 9 years.
    As a result of my reporting the crime, I am now divorced and raising my children as a single mother. I continue to raise them to follow God and to have faith in God regardless of what has happened to them. I teach them that we are not to condemn the person rather the action. I teach them that God is a forgiving God and he will not forsake my children and I, nor will he forsake their father. I teach them to trust God in all things.
    My children have now been taught the true meaning of paying the consequences of one’s actions. The sad part is that they are also seeing how the selfish actions of one person can negatively effect so many lives. Most importantly, I have taught them that I will always be there for them.
    I would like to participate in this bible study so that I can continue to learn how to help my children on their faith journey and to remain strong in their faith even through the adversity that they have faced and will face in the future.

  124. Tish Bontrager says

    We strive to keep God first in our family and teach our girls to follow hard after Him. All praise to God for how He leads us daily to be wholly devoted to Him and to be a godly example to our girls! This is our prayer! Lord let it be so! Amen!

  125. Jennifer Braxton says

    God has over the years revealed to me the importance of my in the dicipleship of my children. I have since done studies such as 5 convo with daughter/son, got in scripture, etc. The Lord made it plain to me that most things I am the root cause. I have become very purposeful in my actions, words, etc. The old adage of “do as I say not as I do” is foolish. I try to live by example and prayfully consider my decisions regarding my children. I make sure they know that I love them, and I am taking advantage of any teachable moment that is apparent to me. I praise God for loaning them to me; and realize that he has entrusted me to enstill in them His ways. I also lead women’s bible study and am supper excited about this study.

  126. Charlotte Keene says

    I am daring to show my teenage son love by letting him, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, fight his own battles. I often want to run to the rescue when peer pressure comes and other issues that involve other kids, but I am trusting God that he will remember what I have taught him, what the scriptures say, and how we have to put ‘shoe leather’ on our convictions. No easy task for me, but I think so far he is doing an amazing job. I see him turning into the godly man that I have prayed for.

  127. amber says

    I have a 8,6, and 4month old. Most of the time i feel lost and overwhelmed and discouraged that im not the parent God intended me to be. I dare myself to show my children love and respect but usually end up failing. I would really like to buy this love dare in hope that it could give me new ideas and show me new ways to raise God loving children. In the meantime i pray God gives me patients and wisdom to keep on his straight and narrow path and not to follow the worldly ways and how society tells us to bring up our children.

  128. Brandy A says

    I am daring to show love to our kiddos by physically looking at them and being in there level when they are talking to me.

  129. Tricia peters says

    This would be a great tool for my family. I am a single mom with a special needs child looking for any ideas to strengthen my family!

  130. April Chapman says

    As we prepare to send our oldest off to Bible College we have made many difficult decisions this last year. We allowed him to start attending a different church in town than we attend, it was a HARD choice but we did it with love knowing that he would grow in the Lord and he has. We still have a 16 year son at home who is so different from his brother it is so difficult to know how to show him the love he needs without crushing his spirit. He needs boundaries too and he really doesn’t like it when we have to say no to him about something. We loved the “Love Dare” book and think this would be a great one as well.

  131. Dawn Oates says

    Daring to love my kids by learning to love God & myself first. Finding those areas where God is challenging me to break the old and live a new life of freedom.

  132. Lisa T. says

    Parenting is one of the most difficult tasks there is besides marriage. I strive, every day, to love my child exactly where he is in growing up. I fall and I fail at times, expecting more than he can give, but I tell him every day that I love him and I am so glad that God chose him to be my child. Please, thank you, and a daily dose of laughter are important in our home and I have always made time to slow down and play, or listen or sometimes just spend the evening snuggling together on the couch watching cartoons.

  133. Brandi Jimenez says

    I am a single mom to three children. I feel like I dare to show them love by being there for them as much as possible. I really would like my ex-husband and I to do this Bible study, so we are on the same page for the children’s sakes, and we are consistent in our discipline. Please consider me for these books! Thank you.

  134. Christine Welker says

    I am daring to love my children by always remembering that I am just the temporary baby sitter. My children belong to God and not my husband and I. We treat them with respect while setting a healthy example and boundaries for them, but most of all teaching them about Jesus and His love for us and others. We are also breaking the chains of abuse that run so deep in our extended family history. The abuse ends with us. :)

  135. Charlotte Balentine says

    I would love this free copy and to participate in this study. I’m the sole parent of a wonderful 8 year old son. Being 2 parents is taxing and I try my best even in ugly failures. With limited funds this free copy would bless us as a family and me as a parent. I also love to lead Bible studies and so I would be able to bless others and encourage them to do this study as well.

  136. Ellen Stewart says

    My husband and I work hard on not being parents “of this world” but of parents that are set apart and are of Christ and His teachings. But, we are not perfect, and so thus we would LOVE to have a copy of this book to help us.

  137. Linda says

    Would love to give this to my daughter for my grandkids. She is a fantastic mother I just would like some biblical parenting in their lives that my daughter didn’t get when she was growing up .

  138. Karen Davis says

    I’m trying hard to be intentional and train my son in the way he should go, based on the way God created him and not my ideas of how he should go.

  139. Tara says

    As a mom of four, I am trying t recognize the differences in each of them and allow them to be the individuals they are.

  140. Anita says

    I would love to have this Bible study for we have a daughter and son that truly try our patience. We need to discipline firmly but lovingly. Our daughter takes seizures and I sometimes give her more things cause I feel so bad for what she has gone through. But I need to learn not to use this an excuse for letting her get away with not doing things that she should.

  141. says

    I pray Gods favor over my teenage sons life daily. God has blessed me with an amazing son but the teenage years are challenging. I am raising him in my own and any resource is appreciated.

  142. Mrs C. Kjos says

    I am showing love to my little boy by homeschooling him in a Godly method, instead of returning to work when he turned 1 yr old like I initially planned. Home schooling is safer, and closer to what God intended for him.
    He has a VERY strong attachment to me, as well as a significant wheat allergy & insect bite allergy.

    I’m using a method inspired by Montessori school, combined with prayer, meditation, and Bible story readings.
    Typical preschools do not teach prayer or meditation.
    Typical preschool meals contain wheat! :(
    Even when we packed him wheat free foods and gave him a 1-day trial in a montessori preschool, he ended up “accidentally” eating wheat while he was there. And miserable, because he missed Mommy terribly.

  143. Amy Adamo says

    Sounds like the perfect thing to read as we navigate the adoption process…to prepare us for the siblings God has waiting for us. Thank you!!!!

  144. Tara says

    Our house with 3 boys and a girl can be pretty crazy, but I try to showl love to each of them by recognzing their differences. Would love to do this study and share!

  145. Megan P. says

    I am trying to unplug from technology to really be present with my kids this summer before they all go back to school in the fall. I don’t always succeed but when they give me a big hug at the end of the day and tell me that they had a great day, I think I have to be doing something right. :)

  146. April says

    My children & I are going through a very difficult time at home. My husband (their dad) is unsaved. At this current time my husband & i had to separate because of an unsafe instance. I could use this book to become the leader of my family that is otherwise not there. I could use this book to help my kids become the leaders they also need to become.

  147. Jaime R. says

    I am daring to show love by making sure that they come first. When we talk, I need to be fully committed to the conversation and to listen to their hearts. Parents are a safe place for kids and should feel this way when they are with us.

  148. Linda Jones says

    I am daring to show my love for my teenagers by standing by my values when everyone around us seems to be allowing worldly influence to shade their light in this world; and by doing my very best to live a life worthy of being looked up to by them.

  149. Sandra Hingst says

    I try to stop what I am doing and look into their eyes when they have something to say to me.

  150. Joan Hart says

    I have two children that are young adults. I raised them as a single Mom without a church and regret that now. I have two young children I’m trying to do a better job this time around. We have a wonderful church family and the seeds my husband and I are learning to plant are pricless. I would love the opportunity to dig into this bible study and learn more about God’s word and how to do this parenting thing to the best of my ability.

  151. Keli says

    We have a 12 1/2 year old daughter and an almost 9 year old daughter. They are completely unique individuals (nearly opposites) and my husband and I are regularly challenged to meet their needs, especially the emotional and spiritual ones. What works for one rarely works for the other and what worked once may not work next time. We want to teach them to walk in love and forgiveness, but in this crazy world that’s not easy. We loved and were challenged by the movie Courageous and would love to read this book written for parents who desire to love and train their children the way that God loves and trains us.

  152. Rachel says

    By trying to be more aware of their love languages. I have 2 young boys that are total opposites. Also, try to talk less at them and talk more to them. They absolutely love when I read to them, so I make sure we do that twice a day. And my husband and I try to make time to have one on one time with each of them.

  153. Jenny says

    I search each day for more Godly ways to raise up my kids. I show them each day that I feel incredibly blessed to have them in my life.

  154. Christi Coulter says

    I’m trying to make sure I’m doing the best for my children even if it’s not the popular thing to do. Especially with TV and video games – I make sure I know what my kids are watching/playing and give them a very definite “no” if it’s not something that they should emulate. I also make sure I curb what I watch and listen to – if I wouldn’t let them watch or listen, I don’t need to either.

  155. Helen LaRue says

    I could really use this, I have a 22 year old daughter that lives with me and we have been having relational issues along side some health issues.

  156. Laura Davis says

    We have already raised 3 children and will bringing home a 4 yr old from Haiti soon. My husband and I would love to do this study together as we prepare to parent this new one.

  157. Christie Phelps says

    I am daring to teach my almost one year old( July 9th) , how to live for and trust in the Lord no matter what even as little as she is, this lesson I believe can be learned, I also am daring my husband and I to decrease so that Christ within us will increase and be light in this dark world. Glory be to God, on this earth and thorough all our families lives!!!

  158. Stephanie Floyd says

    I am struggling with some parenting issues as a single mom. What a blessing this would be

  159. Tonna Zablah says

    My daughter and her husband are first time parents to the cutest little guy you’ve ever seen—Really! He is ten months old now and they are awesome parents. Even though they are doing well, I would love to give them this study as a gift. Megan (my daughter) has been reading Bible stories to Landon (my grandson) every night since his birth. I think your book would be a great addition for them as they continue on this journey, striving to raise their son in a godly manner.

  160. Joy Wicks says

    Recently I heeded God’s promptings to close my retail store and go solely online from home to be more available for my kids (2, 9 and 15). I am a person of very little patience and struggle the most with my middle child who has severe behavioral disabilities. It’s really been weighing on my heart to find more balance with my own life/work and the patience, nurturing, spirituality and discipline they each need before they are any older. This book certainly peaked my interest when I came across it a couple of days ago. I feel it would be a very timely tool right now and dare me to be the mom I need to step up and be!

  161. Karen says

    I am daring to teach our newly adopted children from Ghana how precious they are. They don’t believe it. They have many issues and we continue to try and speak life over them even when it’s not easy.

  162. says

    By not doing what most families do that don’t really invest in their children. I invest and it reaps so many benefits, my kids talk to me more openly because they feel comfortable around me. I talk to them about important and issues I face and faced at their age and I don’t lie to them about everything. I take mine on long hikes and long trails and walks thru the parks and allow them to be kids and children and learn from their mistakes. I tell them I love them many times during the day and start the mornings and end the nights on a schedule and usually always the same way. Little nightside bedtime talks about the days events and things that bother them and we share. Sometimes I make up stories which can be silly, sad, honest or funny to get them to open up more about things. I give them tons of hugs and kisses everyday even for no real reason but to love them. I tell them when I screw up which is a lot even at my age and I apologize and move on and learn from it. I teach them daily everything I can to prepare them for the real world and hope and pray they are ready and can make it without me around. I remind them sometimes loudly even when I don’t want to and ain’t afraid to jump in to cleaning up their rooms when they don’t want to, and I make it fun. Things and life should have little bits of happiness and fun. Even when working to complete something hard. I teach them to laugh at their mistakes and compassion. And I constantly pray for them and myself and trust God to work it out because He always does.

  163. misty meza says

    I would like a copy because my newly 16 year old is 2-3 months pregnate. The father is in jail for violating probation for behicular manslaughter. My daughter and her sister left my home last july because they thought grandmas house would be more fun. They left my two younger children behind with me and my husband. I loved the love dare with my husband. I would really like a copy for sharing Gods love and mercy with my 4 children.

  164. Sharon VanderVeen says

    I love filling up my son’s love tank with date night. We also do a book club together with his friends and their moms.

  165. DeAnna Bennett says

    I am trying to help my son and daughter learn how to love themselves, as God loves them. I want them to know I love myself, flaws and all. And I see myself as a child of the one true God. I don’t want my kids to define themselves by height, weight, hair color, or any of the body conscious ways society “preaches” at them. I want them to know the value God placed on them, personally. I want them to slowly think about it until they mature enough to know His love personally.

  166. Robyn says

    I am daring to love our children through two different ways–to our sons who are older teenagers and have grown away from their faith by showing them the love of God in every day little things and that God is still an ever present strength in today’s world! To our daughters, to prepare them to be bold in the upcoming school year by openly sharing their faith. In the last few weeks of school we lost 2 teenagers to suicide in our very small community. The time is NOW to raise up the next generation and teach them to be on fire for Jesus NOW!!!!

  167. Dennise Naredo says

    We just finished the Five Love Languages of Children in our Mothers Reaching Mothers group…I think this would be a great study to follow it with. I am daring to spend more time with eah of my children in this crazy, busy, hectic world!!!

  168. Lindsay says

    My husband is adopting my oldest daughter to help her know her identity in our family . It allows us to talk about how we are all adopted children thru Christ. We are also trying to speak words of affirmation and to let them see how Jesus redeems, transforms , and heals!

  169. Evie Cummings says

    I am daring to be more present in their lives and be more in tune to what they need to become independent!

  170. Christy says

    I am daring to love my eldest son, who is preparing to go to college, by focusing on what a wonderful experience he will be having at Southwest Baptist University, and NOT how much I will miss him. All of children are loved through prayer, time, and much laughter!

  171. Lynette says

    My husband and I are raising three children (12,7 & 5). We try to spend quality time as a family and also one on one with each child. It is hard at times, but we want them to know that we truely value them as a person. We do our best to hear what they have to say and not interrupt them when they have something to add to conversations. We want them to respect us and in return we respect them. We would love to have this study!!

  172. Katrina says

    We have 3 children: one girl almost 21, another girl 18, and one son 9. Needless to say this makes for interesting family dynamics. We try to spend quality time with each and listen to their individual needs. I’m also trying to be more patient in disciplining my son. Boys are very different from girls! :)

  173. Denise Gilbert says

    I am daring to go against the grain of what this world wants to teach my children to mold them into what God wants them to be, what morals He has set before us, and to model a life with God at the center before them.

  174. Melissa Lobozzo says

    We are teaching our children to live their faith and have a personal relationship with God on a daily basis. We are teaching them to use the gifts that God has given them for his glory. My oldest daughter is a gifted artist who loves to spend hours drawing and painting. Every year since Kindergarten, we have hosted an art show for her in our home. Our friends and family come to the show to purchase their favorite piece of art by a donation of any amount to go to SmileTrain. The first year, she raised $250, enough money to pay for one cleft lip surgery. The following year, she raised $500, enough do 2 surgeries! She presents her artwork and her cause. Teaching our children how to use God’s gifts for His purpose is the greatest gift we can give our children next to love and an awareness for self-control.

  175. Dawn Helton says

    My husband and I want our children to depend fully on God-to trust Him with everything and with every fiber of their being. We know we cannot do this along-we need God’s help.

  176. Glenda Grant says

    I have not always parented by grace – but I’m trusting God that it is not too late!!! I am working on parenting my teen and pre-teen in a new way for me – I use to parent out of fear and control but God is teaching me how to be a parent who lets kids make mistakes and suffer consequences of their own making and then loves them and shows them through The Word how to make a better choice next time. I still struggle but through prayer – we are seeing fruit in their lives!!! We homeschool and this would be a tremendous help in teaching me how to enjoy, love and raise them in a better way so they can be excellent parents to their children.

  177. Rae says

    I am loving my daughters espcially my 18 year old by totally submitting it ALL to The Lord. Instead of saying what I want her to be doing I lovingly tell her that I can’t wait to see what great things God has in store for her. Instead of fighting with her, I am lifting her up in prayer and scripture daily.

  178. Heather Storey says

    I’m trying to be a more godly parent /role model but continuously fail. I have a strong willed 4 year old with a temper. I pray that I can raise him to be a godly person especially in this immoral culture.

  179. Stephanie says

    We try to pray for our children daily at the supper table with them and over them. Often there are days that I don’t know if I will make it through these teenage years, but I remember God’s promises and try to thank Him for the trials and have faith He will get us through it!

  180. sherri morris says

    I try to listen more with less reaction because I want them to feel they can come to me with problems, criticisms, and feelings.

  181. Valerie Rowe says

    I try to think on my daughter’s level and explain things in a way that she will understand. I let her know she’s always able to ask me anything at anytime.

  182. Sherry Weeks says

    I dare to love my 3 children ages 7,3,1 by telling them everyday and showing them affection in many ways. I dare to make them feel important and cherished. I dare to allow them to express themselves and to honor God in all we do. I dare to live a life fully in the presence of God and show them who he really is by the fruit that I share.

  183. Michele Little says

    I love to love on my kids a ton. But to be honest, at times it is so difficult to express love to my children when they are driving me crazy. We could all use a good dose of Love Dare in our house for those days. Even my kids could use it between each other. They are so hateful to each other sometimes =[. Breaks my heart. Lord help us show love to each other even on the not so love(ly) days!

  184. Danielle Hicks says

    I remind my children daily how much they are loved, but how it is most important to love one another. This is difficult for them when they bicker, but they never fail to say “I love you” to their sibling once the conflict is resolved.

  185. Elizabeth Braden says

    Over the years I have tried the tough love approach-
    I have learned that they sometimes have to make their own mistakes
    and I cannot try to step in and save them

  186. Kim Hornbeck says

    My sons are 21 and 18, the way we have always dared to love them is by raising them by Biblical standards and not by the worlds (ever)! This is sometimes very difficult because even some of our peers in the church make it difficult by lowering the standard because its just easier so it makes you the bad parents. You will never regret letting your child be a child and teaching them its always best to do things Gods way, no matter what their friends are doing.

  187. Angie says

    The “Love Dare” for married couples was great–and we have gone through it several times over the years since it was published. I know that “The Love Dare for Parents” will be such a useful tool and give us ways to encourage and help our children to be Godly men and women in a world that strives more to be the opposite. I am always looking for new ways to help in this endeavor and responsibility and blessing that God has given to us for such a short time.

  188. cynthia stone says

    I have three children ages 19, 15, and 13. It has been a struggle for the last 13 years. When my youngest was a baby i made the decision to end my marriage for personal reasons. Since then i have been both father and mother to my children. At times it has been quite difficult. I also do without so that my children could have the things they need to excel in school. At times i have let them make their own decisions as long as it doesn’t involve hurting themselves or someone else. Even now i am letting my oldest make his own choices and decisions as he will be headed off to college in the fall. I pray over them and ask God to bless them and to give them wisdom for the choices that they make.

  189. Kelly says

    I am a mother of a 13 year old son & a 7 year old son. They both are a challenge. The 13 year old @ I don’t get along like I would like us to & the 7 year old wants to be just like his brother, even if that is fighting with me. I need to learn patience, they need to learn patience, respect, understanding, etc. I think we could with the love dare challenge

  190. says

    I am doing my best to teach my children God’ s love and teaching them how to show that love to others. I have tried a number of approaches but listening and letting them talk seems to be the best one yet. Often times, they just want to be heard. When we listen to their hearts, God works in amazing ways.

  191. Carolyn Carney says

    I want to share this divine tool with our young mamas group. We’ve been looking for a study guide and talked about the Love Dare book and the value it had for our women and their husbands.

  192. Lisa says

    I’m trying to speak positive, encouraging words to my children. I’m learning that my words have power, and I need to use them carefully.

  193. Michaela Jones says

    I tell my son I love him a lot and try to hug him and kiss him when he lets me. He is not very fond of physical touch.

  194. rebecca hunt says

    I am daring to love my girls enough to be their parent and not their friend. Its so hard to remember that by teaching them the word of God, self discipline and boundaries that I am preparing them for life when somedays it would be so much easier to not do it and just be their friend.

  195. tina says

    I would love to present this to my son and daughter-in-law who have a precious daughter. What a wonderful gift!!

  196. Debbie says

    My 3 children are all at important transitional stages! My husband & I need extra Godly advice to love our kids better!

  197. Miriam Hahn says

    By supporting them in the choices they make. Loving them even when they fail and encouraging them to do the best they can and never give up, even if they fail. Teaching them that its not about the fall, its about how you pick yourself up that counts! Allowing them to be able to come to me about anything any time they need advise or help. Just being there for them!

  198. Alicia says

    I’m daring to love my children by asking God to change me. I want to be the best version of myself so my children will be blessed with a patient, understanding, and truly loving mama.

  199. dava says

    single mom so try to speak love and acceptance with them no matter what. they are both teenagers! Just to show them my love and more especially God’s

  200. Kimberly Coyner says

    My husband and I have five beautiful children. We dare to love them each day because they are truly our ministry. We have jobs we go to each day to provide the financial means necessary to take care of our family, but our kids are our career. We desire each day to teach them something so other than what the world teaches. To love gracefully and selflessly, to guide with wisdom and instruction and discipline. To be a living example of who Jesus is to them. Parenting is probably the highest and most challenging calling that God asks of us, and we want to do it well, not just good enough. We love the line in the “Courageous” when the father says to his son, “I didn’t start well, but I want to finish well.” My husband and I desire to run this race well, and we truly believe that daring to love our children well is of God, and we cannot think of anything more sacred than to honor Him by raising our children in His truths.

  201. Dori Hunt says

    I want to lead my grandchildren by setting a godly example for them. It is important to me that my grandchildren understand how important it is to love one another the way Christ loves us. I want them to have a personal relationship with the Lord. I pray that my grandchildren will place the Lord above all else!

  202. Danielle I. says

    I dare to show my kids the love that I try do hard to find during times of learning. Sometimes my expectations are too high when I haven’t taught them how to meet them.

  203. Teresa Bowers says

    My husband and I are having a difficult time with our 3 boys. It feels like the negative always outweighs the positive. They are very full of energy boys and we love them very much, but it feels as if there is a disconnect between us. What an awesome opportunity to change our family dynamic.

  204. says

    I want / need this study because to often I don’t feel as if I’m showing love to my children. Having them at age 30 & 35 I’m now 46 and TIRED! I know I don’t discipline as I should and sometimes fear it’s too late to really train them up as God had directed me too. And my husband… Let’s just say we need HELP!

  205. Heather says

    Daring to love my children more by becoming a better me through the guidance of God. Learning to be more patient with the temper tantrums and learning to become a stronger person in my relationship with God so that I may know and understand how to better teach them to follow HIM, trust HIM, and believe in HIM completely and whole heartedly.

  206. JoAnn Jensen says

    Each day I strive to love my children more and teach them God’s teaching. No matter how much I learn I feel there is always more to learn and a more Christ like way to teach and guide the precious gifts god has blessed me with. I am a Single mother of 4 children and it can be very easy to get caught in the daily life. My children are 2 girls who are both in gifted education and my 2 sons have disabilities. It is a daily challenge switching gears from the difference in all my children. I believe this study can help me to balance that and bridge gaps where I fall short. I want to be the best example of a godly woman seeking Christ daily I can be for my children and would love to be able to do this study. I think it is important to be a good example to all children not just my own and would love to be able to do this study with my roommate and my friends so that we can all help all our children by setting the example. thank you

  207. sherri says

    I’m daring to live my kids the way I should have all along. We are new to the christian world and I am desperatly seeking any all guidance for my children. I’m desperate to get my family involved in bible study and turn our home into a christian home that is safe and loving and to show them that they always have someone to turn to…GOD!

  208. Donita says

    My two children are adults now and I have two beautiful granddaughters. I think this study is a great resource and would love to share it with my daughter and son-in-law.

  209. says

    I would love to win this! What an fun giveaway.

    I am daring to homeschool my daughter because I love her so much. I see so much in her that God is growing and I want to make sure that isn’t squelched by school. I never thought I would homeschool, and if it was my choice, I wouldn’t, but I love her so much that I dare to spend all my days pouring into her so that she becomes the girl God wants her to be.. so she can follow God’s path for her.

    There are so many other ways that we could be doing a better job though and I would love to read this for more ways to accomplish what God wants us to.

  210. Vicky Kawamae says

    I have entered a new season of parenting life. Parenting adult children. I am learning to respect and treat them as adults, and give them the freedom to make their own decisions.

  211. Melissa Mohr says

    We have really been struggling with our teenaged daughter! To show her that I love her, I have taken away her cell phone. I know it doesn’t sound like love, but our fear is that she is about to make some major mistakes in her life and quite honestly, technology has opened doors to her that never would have been opened otherwise. Also, I am making sure to tell her I love her every day and including her in my plans for the day. Sometimes, I think she has felt left out. She and I are really different people, I am hoping more time with her will help me understand her more! Maybe it will help her understand me better too! Most of all, I am on my knees in prayer.

  212. Michelle says

    I would love the opportunity hat your book would offer. Anythjng to help strengthen the bind between myself and my daughter.

  213. Jennifer F says

    I am a single mom of 2 boys age 15 and 7. The age gap is exhausting, and sometimes difficult to manage, especially when there is only one me to go around and I work to support our household. I try to have one on one date night with each of them twice a month. I now let my 15 year old drive, order and pay for our date (with my card of course!). Praying for God to show me how to love my children unconditionally is daily prayer!!!!

  214. Heather Brooks says

    I would love to have this book because I have been praying circles around being more patient with my children. I have three children, 2 boys and 1 girl, who are all under the age of 7. I have recently rededicated my life to serving Christ and I want my children to see the love that He has through me. Right now, I have such a hard time being patient that I feel they only see the anger and not the love. I want to follow the way Christ wants us to raise our children. When my children become the age they can really start to make decisions for themselves, I want them to be decisions based off of what God wants. I want them to do everything out of love. Right now I am struggling with bringing them this piece because I am so quick to anger. My oldest son is starting to show slow patience and quick to anger. Please consider me as one to get this book. I do so much better when I have something visual…something of a guideline….to help me stay on track. I think this book would be a great add on to my prayer circle. Thank!

  215. Anna Gabler says

    Trying to show love by being loving and kind in every interacción with my children. We are far from perfect but this is what we shoot for.

  216. Theresa Cashman says

    God has begun to heal my own wounds as I have opened my heart to his unfailingly love. Those wound at times spoke so loudly that I struggled to show love to my own children. My hope is to love on them like our heavenly father has loved on me so that my four children are so deeply rooted in His love there is nothing they could not do in Christ.

  217. Megan Lyons says

    Would love to win a copy of this book. My husband and I have 4 children and I am sure this would be a great resource !!!

  218. Kim says

    I have been trying to treat my children with individuality, being present in their daily lives, and having more patient for instruction and corrections!

  219. says

    Love this :) We’re daring to show love to our toddler daughter by making the hard choices, choosing not to be couch-potato-parents, and setting boundaries. And, regardless of the day – whether it was full of giggles or meltdowns, we end in prayer as a family because at the end of the day – we love one another.

  220. Lynn Crowe says

    My husband and I try our best to be there for our children’s activities, what’s important to them. Whether it be at church or school we want to show them that what’s important to them is important to us as well. So many of kids parents just drop them off and pick them up. I just could not bare it if I was not there for my child.

  221. Kerri says

    My children are 1 and 3 and I am daring to love them by trying to always be there to cuddle with them, play with them, listen to them, but most importantly to teach them about God’s love.

  222. Michelle Nichols says

    I have read the LOVE DARE…..and it was amazing. I have two beautiful girls – one 17 years, and one 10. The age difference has left me with many challenges. I didn’t decide to have them so far apart, that was God’s decision. My husband I struggle to help them have a better relationship. They yell at each other and tell each other they don’t love each other, and I wish I could provide them with more guidance to love one another and for me to be a better parent to guide them to love one another. They are both very loving and genuine with everyone but themselves……I love my kids, and I want to do better….

  223. Heather Peebles says

    I am daring to be more patient with my children and slower to anger with them. I’m daring to listen to them more. I’m daring to spend more one-on-one time with each of them.

  224. Dianna Jackson says

    Loving my son unconditionally as Christ loves me is my ultimate goal, challenge, and blessing in this life. I long to be the parent that is there for my son no matter what. I am now entering a scary and unknown stage of parenting. My son will be a senior in high school this year, and I can’t help but question if I have done everything to prepare him for this world. My job is long from over. In fact, it is just beginning. I want him to be a strong man of God. A man after God’s heart. A man after God’s word and guidance. A man with God’s mercy and compassion. A man that loves like God does.

  225. Melinda Stankosky says

    I have been faithfully wiaitng for God to restore my relationship with ny son and daughter. My children have chosen to alienated me and I truly do not know why. I pray for them daily and dare to do whatever it takes to let them know daily how much I love them. It has gotten me discouraged at times but I do trust God. He sees my heart and knows that I have been diligent. While I am waiting I will love with every ounce of love that is in me. Thank you God for your healing of unforgiving hearts. May You continue to strengthen me and grant me patience as I wait on You.

  226. shermear claybrooks says

    I have 3 children, 14 year old twin boys and an almost Sweet Sixteen young lady. I’m the final staged of divorcing their dad and need the encouragement and support during this time of change and transition in our lives. Asthey are maturing & growing in their faith I’m striving to do all I can to show them His fruits and image. Teens are going through so many emotions, hormonal changes and the daily challenges of life that I need to make sure that I am doing my best for them and this is another God is love opportunity for me. I kove them dearly but I need His strength to help me love them the way that He expects me to.

  227. Jill Hembroff says

    Showing live to our kids means to listen to them and to talk to them about truth. To hold them accountable for their choices and actions.

  228. Jessica A. says

    This would be a great book to have! I pray everyday and ask the Lord to help me train up my son in the way he should go. I ask the Lord to guide me because he created my son and knows his talents, gifts, and everything about him! I try to spend time with him, play with him and show/tell him that I love him dearly. I tell him that God created him and he is special to God and how the Lord wants to have a relationship with him. I want my little boy to grow up to be the Godly man the Lord has created and called him to be :)

  229. Robin says

    I am daring to love my daughter by loving her unconditionally, as best as I, a sinner can. I am daring to love my daughter by introducing her to God’s love, mercy, and grace and teaching her to love the same. I am daring to love my daughter by letting her know that she was not a mistake, that God has and always had a plan for my life and hers. I am daring to love my daughter by always being there for her, no matter what, and always trying to be a better mom. I am daring to love my daughter.

  230. Tawnia Matheny says

    My grandchildrens mother NEEDS this book…I would love for her to read and take the challenge. Also I would love to use this on my 21 year old son who is a youth pastor at a local church and my 19 year old daughter. If it is like the love dare for couples…It would be amazing….

    Tawnia Matheny

  231. Jenn Neff says

    My husband and I show our faith, and our love to our children by doing family devotions each evening with our children, by involving them with the questions and the topic that we study that evening. We also make it a point to talk daily about how Jesus is involved in our life each day.
    My husband and I were both truck driver’s before marriage, and I retired to stay home when we married. I recently took a job as the school secretary at my children’s school. They are in a Christian based school and can come to me any time they need to during the day.
    My husband and I also let our kids know that he and I matter to each other, we do have our weekly date time, our kids also see us praying together each morning for one another before we separate for the day. We also do couple devotions each evening as we come back together.
    We let the kids know that they matter to us, and that we love them very much, and that we are striving to love them as Jesus loves each one of us. We also want them to get at an early age that we also matter to one another, and that is a relationship that needs and deserves time and space all of it own.
    My husband and I are fairly new Christians, and The Love Dare saved our marriage last year. HAd I not started reading it and doing the dares to my husband we would not still be married…let alone happily married.

  232. Cassie Meadows says

    I need to set a better example. Lately I have been losing my temper, and my tone has changed with my boys. My oldest son and I have always had trouble communicating but it has gotten worse in the past 6 months. I know it’s mostly me, I need help. Please pray for us.

  233. Melissia says

    I am making a daily effort to talk to my kids about the things we are grateful for… the things we could change looking back… and what things would we like to see as a positive change for tomorrow.

  234. Alisha says

    How do I dare to love my my children? I have never asked myself that question. At one point in my life, I never thought I would have children. Doctors told me that it may not be possible, but God had other plans. I have a soon to be 5 yr. old and a soon to be 3 yr. old. They are both beautiful miracles of God!! However, the perfect life I thought I had, turned out to be far from perfect. I found myself in a place I never, in my wildest dreams thought I would be… being a single mother. Although I have wonderful help from the best parents in the world, I still struggle wih finding ways to stretch the energy I have between two kids that always want to go two different directions. I strive everyday to not only tell them about the love of Jesus, but show them through my own example. We read Bible stories, and pray every night, even if we are praying for their favorite cartoon characters. I am trying to teach them to be greatful and respectful. I try to teach them how important it is to be faithful to what God wants us to do, as there is never a question whether or not we are going to church. I try to make them understand how special they are, and how God wanted them here for a specific purpose. I take things minute by minute, and sometimes, second by second. I really do struggle sometimes with discipline, remembering that sometimes you just need to walk away for a cool down break. I, by no means, am a perfect parent. I beat my self up most days with how I should have, and could have done things differently and better. But I do know that God chose me to raise these two special children, and He will equip me with the tools I need to raise them right. although, most time I do not feel worthy of the job.

  235. Mandy says

    We have had a pretty rough year. My husband an I have had some marriage problems and the kids had to deal. We made it through the rough times but we can’t erase what the kids saw and had to deal with. We are working on rebuilding our relationship and family. I think this would give us a great foundation to help us with our journey. It’s a tough road but I am determined to show them that forgiveness and love are the way to go.

  236. crystal shannon says

    My son just turned 17 years and my daughter 17 months. She is my miracle baby and they are both blessings from Him. I strive daily to be the best mom that He wants for my kids but I do suffer from short comings. I’d be honored and grateful to utilize this book in our daily lives as I have the Love Dare in our relationship.

  237. Val says

    Surprisingly, I struggle daily with this. Loving our children should be the most natural thing, however, I find myself going days without really showing them what I feel. I was very excited to see this book published and even more excited at the chance to win it, as I am currently unable to buy. Thanks for the opportunity.

  238. Sheila Eves says

    My husband an I are trying to be a united front while using biblical principles. In a world where so many hear yes to everything our children are learning no and wait. It is hard teaching them to work and earn and save when others have no responsibilities. There are so many things daily that we turn to the Bible for answers and scripture to help us through. But, I sure there is a lot to learn. In a world where there is such a lack of morals, God, and Christianity we face so many challenges. I want to teach them above all else how to be good Christians and how to live a life of faith daily.

  239. Janalyn Waldroup says

    We have two teenage daughters and a two year old son. Gets a little crazy in house sometimes! We try to spend time with each one individually and together. This can be a challenge as we are a blended family. My greatest desire for my kids is that they know God on a deep and personal level. I know this begins with me living the Word can use all the help I can get! 😉

  240. rebecca krusee says

    Perfect timing! My husband was just asking me what can we do this summer to study with our two children, and your contest popped up on our Facebook. We show love to our children by following Jesus each and every day.

  241. Melissa Teets says

    I would love to receive this book. I have raised my children and they are grown with now children of their own. I made many mistakes as they were growing up and now with my learned experience and God’s hand on my shoulder and over my mouth I would love to learn even more on how to even better enrich my grandchildren’s lives. What better blesses could their be.

  242. Sheila Mendes says

    My husband and I are making the most of every opportunity to express God’s love to our children during his deployment. We make it a point to Skype 1-2 times each day so my husband can tell each of our three children how much he loves and misses them. Indeed, love transcends any distance and separation!

  243. Angie Miller says

    We are daring to love our children by loosing sleep at night! We have a 4 month old who has a hard time sleeping through the night and a 3 year old who hears his little brother and wakes up too. This is our season, that will pass too quickly. I am amazed at the amount of love the boys have for each other. I hope to encourage them to always be friends.

  244. says

    We dare to love our children in a way that is no longer popular with many. We discipline them. We want them to recognize their own sin nature so that they see for themselves a need for the Savior. We love them by placing the utmost priority on knowing Christ first, which sometimes means giving up extra curricular activities that interfere with Church, missing out on events that friends are going to, etc. The goal of our parenting: to love our children into loving Him. :)

  245. kristin reyes says

    Raising kids split between two homes has been a challenge for both the children and I. God doesnt have a seperate set of instruction for raising children in a broken home. My husband and I strive to parent with God’s insruction and we are always looking for encouragement to do this. I believe that good parenting starts with being intentional in how we lead our children to Jesus. We cant do this alone; I am thankful for books like this one that heaps encouragement on parenting God’s way. :)

  246. Ashley Lawrence says

    I am daring to show my child who The Lord is and what He has done so that I can pass on the Baton of Faith to the younger generation. It starts with me!

  247. Tracy Tallan says

    We dare to show love to our boys by living by example. We live active lifestyles by exercising daily. We make time to be sure they have time with us whether it be by snuggling in the morning, playing a game with them or taking extra time each evening to rub their backs when they go to bed at night. We both serve at church and have done so since before they were born. They have grown up watching us sacrifice to do for others in whatever way God leads us. We eat healthy and have a refrigerator filled with fruits and vegetables that we have never forced on them yet they love because they have chosen to try them. Currently, we dare to show love by showing them the we must trust in the Lord at all times and wait on His timing. Our son needs a heart surgery and the insurance is denying coverage. It’s been month long battle and our son in anxious. We are doing our best to show him strength and trust in God that the timing will be perfect when God is in control. This dare has been our hardest yet.

  248. Karen Russo says

    I dare to love my preteen with unconditional love and raise her in the way of the Lord, even if the world disagrees with me!!

  249. Lori Ehlenfeldt says

    I would love a copy of this – I’m currently raising my second “set” of children – not biologically related, yet part of my heart for sure. Because of their past, we are working through their issues with a therapist. Sometimes it’s hard to work through these, and I look for any thing I can find to help me remain loving and consistent in my parenting. I get caught up in the day to day “things to do” and need the reminder of parenting and loving as Jesus did…

  250. Alicia says

    Daring to love my kids by spending time in the Word each morning so I have patience and a godly perspective in dealing with what comes up throughout the day.

  251. Edie says

    I dare to show love to my child by training him up the way he should go with JOY Putting Jesus first, then Others then Yourself there he will find JOY :o) being a parent is not easy but having God in your life makes every step worth it, Daring to show the love of Jesus everyday from the scriptures to real life♥

  252. says

    Honestly, I am struggling with my 10 year old son. He wants nothing to do with me. Dad is cool and Mom is not. Disrespectful, not compassionate, doesn’t care about anyone but himself. My 8 year old son is sweet, thoughtful, caring and loving. It is a challenge to love him through this time. I dare to love them by praying for them and when them and even when my mind tells me not to or to avoid and run to my room.

  253. Suzanna says

    I am raising teenagers now. this study would be an answer to prayer. My oldest is now into drugs and so much more. We have raised all 3 of our children in church since they were born. Been very active as well. I know Satan is powerful but our God is greater!!

  254. says

    I love them by telling them the truth. I share Christ with them even though they’re not serving Him right now. I probably love them best by praying for them.

  255. CECI GRAY says

    I would love to win a copy of this. We have a special needs child whose needs are not always known. And would love to help our oldest to learn to love her even though we did not know how severe her sister’s needs would be.

  256. Deidre~ says

    I am in the valley right now with my two girls one 15 and one who I was reunited with as she was adopted 30 years ago she hates me and has treated me with such venom and the rejection Ive felt has been astronomical BUT Im loving them as Christ loves me with all his forgiveness and mercy.I must admit at times it feels like more than i can take,but im holding fast to his promises as thats all I know and I have faith like a mustard seed…I make plenty of mistakes but I always try to ask for their forgiveness and I pray ALWAYS….

  257. Vickie Weers says

    As a homeschooling mom, I am really trying to find where God has gifted them and using those areas as our starting point. It doesn’t always work out but I am praying that GOd will continue to lead me how to teach them.

  258. Amy Farmer says

    My husband and I are daring to love my twin boys as they are entering their teens by giving them more responsibility and seeing how they handle it. So far, so good!!! I am encouraging one of them as he has adapted wonderfully to wearing a back brace for his scoliosis which he has to wear over 20 hours a day even tho I hate that he has to be in it. He has an incredible story of miraculous healing from God as an infant and how God sustains him through the inconveniences to his health that continue as he grows. We are encouraging the other son to use his wonderful musical talents for God’s glory.

  259. Kate says

    As a single mom, I am trying to show my kids love by living an example of love. Show love to those who have hurt us. I am daring to show others Christ’s love no matter the circumstances so that my life will point them to the gospel. Show them to trust God to answer our prayers and see us through this time in our life. I want my kids to feel loved unconditionally by Christ through my example as best I can. They have been hurt by those who should show them unconditional love. So, my goal is to make sure they know I love them by the way I live, and therefore dare to show them even more importantly that Christ loves them extreamly and permanently.

  260. Shelah Blauvelt says

    Our kids are little yet (2.5 & 1) so our love is still shown in all of those immediate physical ways – feeding, hugging, drying tears etc. We try to show them God’s love through the way we care for them. It is exhausting at times (ok, most of the time) and this study would be a great reminder each day!

  261. Faye says

    We dare to show love to are children by spending quality time with them through playing games, talking, watching a movie. The newest way is teaching our children about praying for one another. Our 13 year old daughter came up with the idea of making a prayer wall, where we put peoples name and request up on the wall and pray over them. We are using something as simple as a wall in our house as a tool and it is greatly affecting each of our lives.

  262. Lory says

    I promise to give my son undivided attention by stopping whatever I am doing (unless driving) and face him while he talks.
    I promise to always set aside time everyday to talk in case he wants to.
    I promise to hug, kiss and tell him I love him.
    I promise to thank him for something he did great everyday.

  263. Lisa says

    I’m daring to love them by encouraging them to go where God has for them, and to do what God has for them by equiping them in the Lord.

  264. Alex says

    We are trying to show love to our children by spending time with them, surrounding them with other Christian children to give them the tools and strength to then be with non Christian and minister to them.

  265. Khris Kirk says

    I am trying to teach them to be best friends so that they will be able to love one another as Jesus commands us and that through that they will honor God and be able then to love others as well.

  266. Susan Cousin says

    I did the Love Dare Bible study with my husband, I would love to be able to do the Love Dare series with our 12 year old son, soon to be 13 in a month.

  267. Suzy.Q.S. says

    Spending less time at work and more time together at home…spending less time on the phone or internet and more time truly together…creating fun as a family…being intentional about the time we are together…appreciating the moments together and cherishing memories…

  268. Krisha S. says

    This looks amazing! I am showing love to my children by understanding their love languages. Through quality time and words of affirmation, I show my children my love. However, I know that I can show true love to everyone but only through the Holy Spirit!

  269. Debra Peters says

    This would be awesome, I would love to have this book. I also enjoy several Beth Moore studies I have purchased.

  270. Kim White says

    Wow! I am so glad this book is in existence. My teenage son and I are finding it difficult to bridge the gap! Last night, I showed him love by taking out the trash for him. It’s normally his household responsibility, but I thought he might like the break. :)

  271. Julie says

    I’m entering for my best friend whose oldest is my godson. She’s struggling right now with 3 little ones but is daring to love by finally giving up and realizing these kids are God’s to raise – she’s just assisting and following His lead. I’d love to give her and her husband these books to help them in this pursuit!


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