10 Thoughts On Leadership

Intergenerational Women’s Leaders Meeting Part 5:

10 Thoughts On Leadership

I am continuing this series of posts based on our meeting LifeWay Women hosted recently here in Nashville that included leaders of various ages.  If you missed earlier posts, please read those first (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)

These are takeaways from our discussion on the topic of leadership, facilitated by Jenni Catron, Executive Director of Cross Point Church in Nashville. Many will not be new, but can serve as great reminders:

  1. Holy discontent causes us to lead.
  2. Leading people is messier than managing tasks.
  3. Be faithful to where God has placed you to lead and serve well in your current sphere of influence.
  4. The longer we are in ministry, the less we feel we know. It’s good to be in  a little over our heads so we lean into God to lead us.
  5. How you steward your influence (how you handle yourself) directly impacts every woman who comes behind you.  Leadership isn’t about being a good leader but about how we leave a legacy for others to follow into leadership.
  6. Develop a leadership pipeline: a pathway for people to grow into grater areas of responsibility in leadership.
  7. Submit, with respect, the authority of your church.  If you struggle with this, ask yourself “what is my motivation?”
  8. Study Scriptures personally to see what God is saying about women in leadership.
  9. Our job is to develop people.
  10. Show that women’s ministry is not an organization to join but a ministry that is all inclusive to reach women throughout the church.

Watch for future posts based on takeaways from our meeting.



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