Has anyone else seen this hilarious video of Big Mama (Melanie Shankles) and Boo Mama (Sophie Hudson)? Big Mama and Boo Mama (hosts of LifeWay’s dotMOM) are on their way to the event but get a little sidetracked at a beauty pageant. What ensues is hysterical!

Take four minutes out of your day for a good laugh!

Since it’s Friday, we’re also giving away TWO tickets to this year’s dotMOM event in Chattanooga on Sept. 20-21! (Please note, this giveaway only includes admission to the event. It does not cover travel, lodging, food, or any other expenses).

Enter to win this giveaway below!

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  1. Can’t wait for September!

  2. Sindy Kiehl says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to win these tickets!!

  3. Swim, picnic, read books!

  4. Going to the park

  5. POOL DAYS!!! By far the best part of summer vacation!

  6. Sindy Kiehl says:

    Swim with friends!

  7. Sindy Kiehl says:

    Swim with friends!

  8. Kate Long says:

    My mom has had a very stressful summer. We’re moving and my grandma had a stroke. My mom has become the primary caregiver for my grandma as well as raising 3 children under the age of 10. I would love to win these tickets so I can send her and a girl-friend to the event.

  9. Being lazy and working on a Precepts Discover 4 Yourself Bible Study with my boys.

  10. Gayla McKinney says:

    Seriously, that was the funniest thing! Hilarious! This makes me want to leave for Dotmom right now!

  11. Mary Young says:

    Definitely…..going to the pool!!

  12. Lorrie barker says:

    Pool! :)

  13. Spending time with the kids

    • Planning to attend in September and take a group of moms from our church. Two free tickets would be a blessing and the icing on the cake!

  14. My favorite thing to do with my kids in the summer? Getting to do whatever we want, because it is summer and we have entire days to spend together!

  15. Our favorite summer activity to hang to hang out at the local water park!!

  16. Juli jones says:

    River time on the boat, swimming at pool, and family trip to beach :). Also helps that I’m off in the summers!!!!

  17. My favorite thing to do with my kids in the summer is our annual road trip to AUSTIN!

  18. I would love a chance to visit! BEACH is my favorite!

  19. Jenny Jackson says:

    Love dotmom and hope to be able to go again this year.

  20. We love anything that involves sunshine or fireflies!

  21. My 4 kids plus 1 due July 31 all enjoy a day in the pool, trips to the creek to swim and fish and catch crawdads, riding horses or four wheeler and basically any outside activity we can make up here on our little farm

  22. Beth McDowell says:

    Apparently, I can’t read directions properly! ha! My favorite summer thing to do as a family is to take the kids on a picnic followed with a water gun fight!

  23. Shelley miller says:

    Planning a beach run.

  24. We love to road trip! Although we’ve already done our big summer trip, so now we’re hanging out a lot at the pool. :)

  25. Anything outside!

  26. Melanie Coppenger says:

    Can’t wait!! This will be my first year to be able to make it! Have heard great things from friends who’ve gone in the past!!

  27. Scharolette says:

    We stay pretty busy, so my favorite part of summer is getting to spend time with the kids!

  28. Katie Ericson says:

    I want to be there so bad! Love the video!!!!

  29. Oh, I want SO MUCH to go! Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. My very favorite thing about summer with my kids is setting our own schedule! We can go when we want to go, and rest when we are ready to rest.

  31. Oh how fun! I just visited Chatt for the first time and absolutely love it.

  32. Favorite thing to do with the kiddos? We take a rainy day and watch our videos beginning with my son’s birth. (Not the actual birth – but of all the family members in the waiting room when they wheeled him into the nursery for the first time.) We’ll watch from that day (14 years ago) to the most current. We love seeing how they’ve grow, but I love seeing them interacting with their great-grandparents who have now passed away. It always solidifies our feeling of family.

  33. Being lazy! Probably shouldn’t admit that but its truth!

  34. Darcey Sanders says:

    would love to attend this with my Daughter in love.

  35. Karen Ward says:

    I just enjoy spending time with my girl. I work full time and I don’t get to spend every day with her. Sometimes we go to the movies and sometimes we just stay home and hang out. I’d love to win these tickets!

  36. My daughter and I like to pile up in the bed in the heat of the day and watch movies!!!

  37. Really just enjoying the lazy days! WIth a rising Senior and 7th grader we are SOOOO busy during the school year!!!

  38. Kristi Cobb says:

    Traveling & seeing them learning new things.

  39. Amber Nelson says:

    In LOVE with God and His blessings right now!! Amen! Praise Jesus!!

  40. Kerry Huff says:

    Have lazy days catching up on sleep & just doing what they want to do be it movies, swimming & hanging out with friends.

  41. Sara loveday says:

    Going to the mountains with family

  42. Bettina Nunn Surls says:

    I have grown children so I love when we cookout!

  43. My 2-year-olds are obsessed with slides right now, so my favorite thing is to take them to a playground…so much joy and delight.

  44. Wendy Vastano says:

    During the summer, the kids and I LOVE to go swimming!

  45. Would love to go :) Favorite thing is to take my kids swimming in the 100 degree heat and then pray for nice long naps for all of us :)

  46. Lazy days and pool time :)

  47. April Bryant says:

    Go to the BEACH!

  48. M Warner says:

    I’ve seen it and it was hilarious!

  49. I am SO excited to be a part of this!

  50. Love to spend lazy days by the pool with my kiddos!

  51. Robin Matthews says:

    Love to spend time outside with the kids in the evening. (When it’s not so hot.) :)

  52. Jessica says:

    Can’t wait til Chattanooga!

  53. Jessica Taylor says:

    I have been looking forward to this conference for many months now, but my husband has not bought my ticket yet. Still looking for someone from Roanoke, VA area to go with me. A free ticket for someone would be a great incentive for them to come along :) I’m a stay-at-home mom and def need a weekend to be renewed and encouraged.

  54. Jessica Bailey says:

    Night swimming!

  55. Swim!!!!!

  56. Emily M says:

    Oh, I would love to go!

  57. Everything! Swim, picnic, hike, visit the library and as many other free activities we can squeeze in!

  58. Favorite thing to do with the kids: escape the horrendous heat at a summer movie!

  59. Went to B’ham last year and would love to go to Chattanooga!

  60. Ice cream and the park!

  61. Laura Davis says:

    Oh, how I really really want to win. :) pleeeeaaassseeee!

  62. Amy Day says:

    Would love these!!!! Great conference to attend prior to WLF in Nashville!

  63. Christy Ross says:

    Anything fun to spend time together!! Being able to relax without homework!!

  64. Cristina says:

    I love swimming with my kids. They have so much fun.

  65. Stephanie Champion says:

    I love swimming with my kids.

  66. Lindsay says:

    Stay up late and catch fireflies. Then sleeping in a little the next morning.

  67. Laura S says:

    The library summer reading program, VBS, the pool, and more

  68. We love hanging out around the pool!

  69. We love to eat homemade ice cream!

  70. Going on vacation!

  71. Would love the opportunity to attend ! I live in chattanooga!

  72. Would love to go!

  73. I need tickets!

  74. Having a job where I can stay home with Quinn during the summer and spend each day with him is the best. We play video games, go on walks and just enjoy relaxing!!

  75. stephanie brewer says:

    Stay up late and go stargazing.

  76. Kelli Schrock says:

    Swim..water park..eat snocones!

  77. Christine Berner says:

    Nurturing my kids and watching them be amazing young people.

  78. Impromptu picnics, visiting the farmers market, laying under the shade tree reading

  79. Lisa Martin says:

    Our favorite thing together is probably the beach. When they were young it was Water Safari water park.

  80. Jackie Epstein says:

    swimming, beach, reading, lazy breakfasts, fun and family game night!!! love boo mama and big mama…I went to the first dotmom conference in Birmingham! it was awesome! PICK MEEEEE!

  81. Running through the sprinkler!!!!! Being a kid again is so fun:)

  82. Sarah Parks says:

    In New Orleans we love our sno-balls during the hot summer!

    Would love to win this!

  83. Brandy A says:

    We love to pick berries around the farm and work in our garden. A little fun in the sprinkler is always a must!

  84. Clarissa Oliver says:

    Take them to swim in the river.

  85. Love these girls!!!

  86. Pool days!!! It’s the only way to survive the heat!

  87. Natalie says:

    Catch lightning bugs!!!

  88. Calista Avery says:

    Swinging and blowing bubbles :)

  89. Tracy Patterson says:

    We go to a lake close by and swim together.

  90. Sharing Christ’s love with my children.

  91. With a 3 and 1 year old, we go to the splash pad! Keeps us cool, and easy for me to keep up with both at once.

  92. Lindsay says:

    Go to the local Splash Pad!

  93. Fondra Magee says:

    I would love to win these tickets….we are NAMB church planter missionaries in Idaho….but, my home and family are all in Chattanooga….if I had tickets, I could make a way home!!!!

  94. I love visiting with my kids since they’re all grown. Loving being granna! My daughter and I are excited for our second DotMom event. And in Chattanooga, one of our favorite places.

  95. Carmen Mitchell says:

    My favorite thing to do with my daughter during the summer, is to play with her. Really play, whatever she wants. Whether it is playing in a fort, pretend with baby dolls, or whatever else she dreams up.

  96. Can’t wait for the DotMom conference! Would love to win! Thanks!

  97. My favorite thing to do with my kids is hang with friends …. swimming, picnicking, shopping – it’s always fun with friends!

  98. sarah lee says:

    Such a neat giveaway!

  99. What a great opportunity

  100. Hilarious video!!! I’d love to go to dotmom!

  101. Completely & totally LOVE time spent at the beach with my family!

  102. I really, really want to win!!!

  103. Going to the beach or take them swimming in my sister’s pool….

  104. The beach…we are definitely a beach family

  105. Jennie Johnson says:

    Pool, lake & just playing in the yard!

  106. Angie Miller says:

    Eat Popsicles on the porch!

  107. Brandi P says:

    I would love to attend.

  108. I would LOVE to win these tkts! Thanks

  109. My son is coming in from the Marines for a few days & I plan to go to the beach w/ him & get a hotdog & Dr. Pepper(well Mr. Pibb) they don’t sell Dr. P in Ny. Some of my fave summer things & walks on the beach.

  110. We love to swim!

  111. Valerie says:

    Relax! Sleep in! We love to have Hannah Montana marathons!

  112. Corinn Ferriss says:

    Can’t wait to see Sophie Hudson again! Boo Momma is hilarious!!!

  113. Corinn Ferriss says:

    I love to swim and have spa nights with my girls during the summer :)

  114. Allison says:

    Swimming at my parents house!

  115. Kadie Hodges says:

    Going to the beach!

  116. Woohoo! Love Moms, would love to go!

  117. Simple summer fun: pool, library, museums, reading, a little tv :)

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