Encouraging Women’s Ministry Team Members

Once again as I read Dr. Thom Rainer’s blog recently I could see application at least in some ways to women’s ministry leaders. Read what Chuck Lawless says in this blog post here:  Twelve Ways to Encourage Church Staff first. Then, let’s adapt the word TEAM (seen below in all caps) for women’s leaders and address a few of these.

  1. Pray proactively with individual TEAM members. Not only do you model for your women the importance of prayer and our dependence on God in all circumstances. It also shows them how much you care.
  2. Send birthday cards to your TEAM members, their spouse, and their children. Not only do you get to celebrate your team member’s special day, but you truly bless them when you bless their family members.
  3. Surprise TEAM members with mass emails of thanksgiving. Perhaps one of your leaders just completed a project or team of teaching. Encourage those who benefitted to mob them with emails or cards of gratefulness.
  4. Give TEAM members a sabbatical.  This might be handled differently for a leader than if it was for a staff minister, but just allowing leaders some time off to refocus, study, refresh (without feeling guilty!) , can truly rejuvenate them for continued service to Christ.
  5. Give a gift to missions in honor of a TEAM member. What a special way to remember a birthday, anniversary, or the loss of a loved one! This is a gift that continues past the day of remembrance.
  6. Provide a budget line item for the WOMEN’S TEAM LEADER to recognize the TEAM. Just taking the time to do something special for the team occasionally (a meal, a small gift, celebrating as you share of stories of life chance due to their investment) can remind these leaders of the transformation that is happening in the lives of others that has eternal value.
  7. Ask TEAM members “How can I help you?”  Your team just needs to know that you are a resource for them. A support system. A place to go when they have questions, concerns, or needs, knowing if you don’t have the answers, you will help them find them.
  8. Evaluate job descriptions for your TEAM. Does the description still fit the responsibilities or do you need to adjust either the description, position, or the leader?

These are some great reminders to help us shepherd our teams well.



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