Preventing Burnout for Women in Leadership

Our LifeWay President Dr. Thom Rainer recently posted Twelve Ways Pastors Went form Burnout to Vision . This post is focused on pastors, but I’d say they connect with anyone in Christian leadership.

I have often found myself close to burnout as I’ve served Christ and figured there were so many other women’s leaders facing burnout as well.  Take a look at this list Dr. Rainer shared and ask yourself the questions I asked myself.  Consider where you might need to make some changes so that you can face each day in God’s power rather than defeat due to burnout:

  1. Spent more time in prayer and the Word-Do I daily spend time in the Word to HEAR from God and in prayer to talk to and listen to Him? Have I place anything in a higher priority than this?
  2. Dreamed again-Have I lost my “dream” for life, for family, for work, for serving, for ministry? Do I need to ask God to re-ignite His dream in me?
  3. Stopped comparing-Who do I compare myself, or my ministry to? Women are notorious for comparing themselves to other women, or our ministries to other ministries.
  4. Developed relationships with non-Christians-Am I developing relationships outside my Christian circle or do I stay comfortable within this place of comfort? Where do I go that I am in contact with lost people?
  5. Moved my focus from the negative to the positive-Do I face each situation from a negative or positive stance? Do I need to begin seeing the possibilities rather than the impossibilities in a situation?
  6. Learned to have fun-Sometimes I am so task oriented that I forget to just laugh and have fun. When is the last time I really had a belly laugh?
  7. Ended draining relationships-Am I spending more time with those who drain me emotionally and physically than I do with those who fill me up?  Do I need to make some adjustments here?
  8. Expressed gratitude regularly-Who have I recently thanked for their service? My spouse? My leadership team? My pastor and his wife? Maybe I need to handwrite some notes!
  9. Spent more time doing things that energized me-Recreation and rest  increases my energy when I do these things. Am I regular about these activities?
  10. Got in better physical shape-Exercise takes time and physical exertion but this also gives me more energy and endurance.  Am I making a habit of exercise and nutrition?
  11. Made a commitment to have a greater servant spirit-Do I remember that Jesus was a humble servant and modeled that for ME!  Where is He asking me to invest to a greater degree of service?
  12. Began to pray for my community-It is so easy for me to stay in my home when I am there. But has my hibernation caused me to become blasé about my neighborhood? Where do I need to look around and pray for as well as connect with my community?

Well, how did you do?  I didn’t do so well. But this list of questions is one I will continue to keep before me as I seek how to follow Christ more closely and avoid burnout doing life and leading my way!

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