Do Women’s Leaders Ever Have Pressure Points?

Of course not… Right!  Maybe constantly, you say? I understand.  What pressure points are you dealing with right now? Let’s list a few leaders might experience:

  • Tough situations among leaders on your team
  • Personal family trials
  • Issues in your church body that threatens a split
  • Betrayal by someone close to you
  • The need to forgive someone you don’t even like
  • Wonderful ministry opportunities abounding but not enough hours in the day to oversee them all
  • A God given vision for ministry that no one else seems to “get”
  • Temptation in an area that you have struggled with for a long time

Okay, here are few things you can do:

  • Take each one to God, list them out in a journal or on your iPad
  • Remember, God knows each one, and knew when you would face each one
  • Seek some wise counsel from trusted Christian friends/co-workers
  • Pray and lay them down before the Lord again
  • Ask a prayer warrior or two to pray specifically about each one
  • Study the Word to hear directly from God on the issues you are dealing with
  • Allow God to do what only He can do in each situation
  • Stay in the Word and prayer daily

Now, how can you help other women you lead to face pressure points the same way? Perhaps a Bible study you lead your women’s team through, or that you offer for other women’s small groups in your church.

Take a look at this message from Chip Henderson from the Bible Studies for Life small group study, Pressure Points as he discusses the issue of temptation.

Consider personally walking through this study, or leading your women through this study that addresses pressure points we face along our faith journey.


  1. says

    For me, just that you posted this was helpful to me since it means I am not alone in this area. I feel like I am one huge pressure point some days and that leads to those ” who am I to lead women ” thoughts. I have a few that I can’t post publicly and that is one of the issues. I deal with things that just cannot be exposed. The weight of those things get very heavy at times. I also experience the pressure of ” this thing is too big for me”. I do all that I know to do in the moments of battling those thoughts and know this ministry is God’s, but I am dealing with the day to day stuff and sometimes alone.
    Guaranteed I am learning things about my God and this walk of faith but sometimes I would rather just be a “normal girl”. You know… the one that attends the study not leads it. :) I DO love what God has called me to and am honored that He came up with this unique idea to reach the women in mu community but it is a 24/7 challenge for me. Thank you for the tools. conferences, and blogs that encourage me on a daily basis.

    • Chris Adams says

      I so understand, Deanna. But you are right, it’s God’s ministry and He didn’t call you without knowing you could do what He iw asking you to do, IF you are doing it in His power and not yours. If you don’t’ already have at least one accountability/prayer partner, I’d strongly advise that you find one or two. You need to have prayer warriors praying as you ministry. The cool thing is, if we could do it in our own power it wouldn’t be worth much and we wouldn’t need God.

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