Discipleship with Women in Mind

My friend and our guest blogger for today is Shirley Moses . She has served in a variety of women’s leadership roles and I love this challenge she offers for leaders as we consider how we are discipling our women.


When we disciple other women we are to teaching them how to apply God’s word to everyday events, never missing a God-given opportunity!

In a funk, I called my friend to go for a mani-pedi. As we drove, we discussed Jesus’ awareness of the importance of tending feet. We were the only customers in the salon, surely a God thing. We climbed into the chairs, and my funk began to vanish.

As we chatted with John and Judy, the brother and sister who owned the salon, my heart became gradually lighter.

This verse came to my mind; 1 Peter 3:15,but set apart the Messiah as Lord in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.” (HCSB) This command is huge if we claim to be disciples of Christ. Many people seem to think our pastors, deacons, and Sunday school teachers should be the only ones to speak of faith in Jesus. Not so. We can’t go through life overlooking situations that allow us to share our faith

My focus turned toward John once again. We began to talk about the possibility of bringing my entire women’s Sunday school class to his salon for a fellowship.

This was the opening for me to introduce church and Jesus into my conversation with John.  I said, “John, do you and your sister go to church?” John said, “Sometimes we go to the Temple on special occasion.” I continued, “Who do you pray to, John?” “Buddha,” John replied, “we pray for peace and prosperity.” I smiled and agreed that we all want that in our lives. My mind was working, trying to figure out what my next words to John might be. Then I remembered 1 John 5:11,  “And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son.” (HCSB) I looked into John’s eyes and said, “I don’t know much about Buddha, but would you tell me John, where will you go when you die?” We must not forget the rest of 1 Peter 3:16,However, do this with gentleness and respect, keeping your conscience clear, so that when you are accused, those who denounce your Christian life will be put to shame.” (HCSB)

John looked up at me and I could tell he was searching for an answer. Finally he said, “I don’t know where we go.”  I smiled and said, “John, when I die I go to heaven and live forever.” John had finished his work and was leading me over to the station where I could sit while my nails dried. He brought my purse to me. I looked up and said, “May I pray for you and your sister?” John smiled, “Yes, please.” What a privilege to bring these two before my Father. I don’t recall all my prayer, but I do remember asking that they would come to know the Truth.

I looked up and saw another customer coming into the salon. I knew the conversation was about to end, but I will return to see my new friends and tell them more about Jesus. It is so easy sitting in the chair, letting someone pamper your feet, to care only about yourself.

Will you be on the lookout for your John or Judy?

A few suggestions for those of you who disciple women:

  • Tell those you disciple about your God opportunities.
  • Ask them to pray for times to share about Jesus.
  • Be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit in your conversations.
  • Keep in mind: some sow the seed and never get to see the harvest.


Shirley Moses 2012Shirley is a women’s ministry team advisor at Hagerman Baptist Church in Sherman, Texas, an author, speaker and a LifeWay Ministry Multiplier. Formerly she served as the women’s ministry consultant for the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. She is one of the writers of the LifeWay publication: Transformed Lives: Taking Women’s Ministry to the Next Level and co-authored Heart Friends: Beginning and Maintaining A Small Accountability Group, published by LifeWay. She is the founder of Women’s Ministry Connection, a networking ministry that reaches the North Texas area. She has a passion for equipping women to be all that God wants them to be. This has led Shirley to start her personal ministry, Beyond the Call Ministries, and to travel across the country speaking for women’s conferences and retreats. Shirley has completed her Advanced Certificate of Women’s Ministry at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.


  1. Deborah Berg says

    I was so excited when I read this testimony of spreading the gospel. I also have a “foreign mission” in my local town at the nail salon. My lady Kelly recently moved closer to her home town. I prayed that the Holy Spirit would send me someone to tell about Jesus. My first visit there was a young man I’ll call Frank. We talked small talk for a short time and when I asked him about his faith he said he didn’t speak English and didn’t understand. I responded that I understood and he finished nails We said our goodbyes. About two weeks later I prayed again for someone to tell about Jesus. I went in and another young man, Adam waited on me. He was extremely friendly and after asking where he was from he replied,” Vietnam.” I said,”welcome to the United States!” He looked a little bewildered. He said he had lived in California for three years and again I told him,”Welcome to SC!!” He told me about his family and I told him about mine. My mom had died in September and when I told him he looked at me sadly and said she must have been a good woman! Aha my chance to ask about his faith. He was Buddhist and he talked freely to me about enlightenment I told him about seeing my mom again not bc of her good works but bc of my Lord Jesus Christ. I told him this was good news. He said he never knew much abou Jesus and this good news!! He repeated tell me more good news! Our time was ending as this is a very busy salon. I told him I’d be back but before I left he told me there was something different about me and other Americans. I tell you Jesus had answered my prayer and I felt Him at work on this young man Adam. I wish I could say Adam is now a believer but the process is slow. I always look for him and he calls me Mama. I pray for him daily for Jesus to draw Adam to Him.

  2. Jackie Jackson says

    “When we disciple other women we are to teaching them how to apply God’s word to everyday events, never missing a God-given opportunity!” Can I borrow this Shirley? Wink. SO well said. Thank you. I think we sometimes impose a burdensome definition to discipleship… this clarifies and simplifies.

    Seriously, I will borrow it but promise to give you credit. He is mighty in you and I’m thankful I can draw on your experience and wisdom. Be blessed!!

    • says

      Jackie, keep up the good work of discipleing your women! I’m honored you would want to use my words. May our Jesus use you to bring Him Glory!

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