Free Friday: Living Proof Live Church Simulcast

What a year (or, should we say 15?) for Living Proof Live! If you’ve been around here for any time at all, you’ve probably heard us talk about why this year is so special.

And once a year, we get the exciting opportunity to take Living Proof Live with Beth Moore and make it available to women all over the world by way of the Internet.

This year is no differentOn Sept. 14, Beth will teach live from Charleston, W.Va., and it will be broadcast to hundreds of thousands of women all over the globe.

The neat thing about all of this is that you, too, can experience Beth teach from the comfort of your own living room. By yourself or with a group of friends.

OR you can get the ladies in your women’s ministry together at church and host it there. This is also a great outreach for connecting with other women in the community not currently plugged into a local church family.

Since it’s Friday – and we’re always feeling extra generous on Fridays – we’re going to give away a Living Proof Live CHURCH simulcast registration (that’s a $1,500 value!).

The registration includes access to simulcast resources and promotional tools, access to special webcasts for host churches only, and access to the simulcast live feed on Sept. 14.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

By entering today’s giveaway, you acknowledge LifeWay Christian Resource’s official promotion rules found hereToday’s giveaway starts at the posting time of this blog and ends next Thursday (6/6/13) at 11:59 p.m. CST. You must be 18 to enter, and you may only enter once. The winner will be selected at random. For questions about the rules and regulations of this giveaway, please contact Bud Harlan at One LifeWay Plaza, Nashville, TN 37234-140.


    • Donna Hagan says

      This would be so great for the ladies around Yellville Arkansas!! I go to New Hope Baptist church and would open up our church to the ladies in surrounding areas. We all love Beth Moore and the way she presents the gospel of Jesus Christ

      • Sara says

        We would love to host a site for the telecast through this giveaway. Harmony Vineyard in Kansas City, MO

  1. Lee Patterson says

    I’m Lee Patterson, Associate Pastors Wife and Co-Young Adult Ministry Leader of Goodwill Baptist Church, a small church located in Eastover, SC.
    If we won we would open this up to all local churches in the area, have food, and hopefully some fun community. What a great opportunity for whoever wins.

  2. says

    I am co-Minister of Education at First Baptist Church, Madisonville, KY. We would love to win this simulcast to share with women in our community.

  3. meg lyons says

    Oh My !!! The ladies of Cedarcreek Covenant in Maple Valley , WA would LOVE THIS. what a great opportunity to host our ladies and our community!

  4. Kristin Lawrence says

    This would be wonderful!! I have just accepted the role of being the women’s ministry coordinator at our new church campus. The campus officially opens September 15. This would be a great kick-off event the weekend of opening for women. Thank you for giving something like this away!

  5. LuAnn Fischer says

    I coordinate all of our women’s trips for our Church. New Song CLC – in Lowell (New London) Iowa

  6. LuAnn Fischer says

    OOps I posted just now but didn’t proof my email address – Sorry! I must be feeling confused this morning. I coordinate all the women’s trips for our church New Song Christian Life Church in Lowell ( New London) Iowa

  7. Angelina Forslund says

    Calvary Chapel Corvallis, we would be SOOOO BLESSED :) Angelina Forslund. I can not begin to explain how many times you have helped me in my walk with the Lord. AMEN sister You ROCK!!!!

  8. Ann Herring says

    I would love to be able to share any of Beth’s messages with all of the ladies at The Bridge Fellowship in Sugar Land, TX.

  9. Saralyn Fowler says

    I facilitate lots of your studies for women at out church and ladies outside…
    WE WOULD LOVE A FREE simulcast….
    FREE….I love FREE!
    Midway Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC

  10. criss aberle says

    Would love to win this for our community and church…Family Worship Center. Our ladies love Beth Moore!
    Criss Aberle
    Mobridge, SD

  11. says

    Great giveaway!!!!! My mom and I have participated in the simulcast for 3 of the last 4 years. It has been such a blessing to me personally. I would love the opportunity to share that blessing with our friends and/or church family at Hunters Glen Baptist in Texas, but I pray that God uses Rafflecopter to get the gift to the right person. Thank you. May the Lord bless your weekend.

  12. criss aberle says

    Would love to win this for our community and church…Family Worship Center. Our ladies love Beth Moore!
    Criss Aberle
    Mobridge, SD

  13. Paula Schaper says

    What an amazing gift I could give my church by having this for Free!! We were just discussing the details of this event yesterday!!!

  14. Cyndee Buck says

    Cyndee Buck and Northgate Church in Sunbury, Ohio would L-O-V-E to win a free simulcast for Beth Moore!!

    Are there still seats available in Charleston? Maybe a drive will be in order if we don’t win. :-)

  15. Denise Rolfe says

    Our Ladies Bible Studies have been amazing and the last one we did was Renewed, Transformed and Reddemed. It was very moving and I would love for the Ladies of my church ( Temple Baptist) to win a free Living Proof Live. We are very Passionate about what the Lord has for us in our lives and we are truly blessed!!

  16. Leslie Miller says

    Leslie Miller: Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Christiansburg, VA: THIS WOULD BE SUCH A BLESSING!!!! :)

    We love Beth Moore, Im getting ready to start the Daniel study at home by myself today, love Beth myself:)

  17. andrea t. says

    Awwww… Love that you share Jesus this way!
    I know a great little ministry that would fit this… <3

  18. Anna Morgan says

    The ladies at Southside Baptist Church in Troy, AL would LOVE to join in for a simulcast!!! We love Beth!

  19. Jennifer Havens says

    Otway Christian Union has recently completed Believing God and is currently doing Jesus The One And Only! It is amazing to see what God is doing in our lives. It would be a real treat to win. God bless this ministry. Thanks for the help in my life personally. \o/

  20. Terri Martin says

    What a wonderful blessing this would be for our church and community! Triad Baptist Church, Kernesville, NC!

  21. says

    Hello, My name is Marie . We would love to have your simulcast at our church. while some of us can go to see your simulcast when you are in North Carolina, we have alot of the elderly who can’t make the trip with us. I think it would be a true blessing for them to be able to hear one of your simulcast. Thank you for all you do for the Lord and pray he continues to use you to bring the message to us. Knights Chapel church of the Brethren in Barboursville, Va.

  22. Tracey Knight says

    The Pruet School of Christian Studies would love to host a simulcast at Ouachita Baptist University (Arkadelphia AR) for students & churches in our area! :)

  23. Audra Devine says

    Would love to win this for the ladies and Trinity Church in Alma, Mi! We love Beth and all her Bible Studies!

  24. Marjorie Burdette says

    I can never get enough of God’s word, and simulcasts are an amazing way to learn about God and howHe wants us to live through Beth’s teaching! Thank you!

  25. Dee says

    I’m one of the leaders of our Women’s Ministry….we would love to win this! We hosted last year and the ladies were so excited! Eaton Church of the Brethren, Eaton, OH

  26. Catherine Moore says

    My husband is moving to a new church and we will be establishing men and women’s ministry studies beginning this fall. This would be a GREAT kick off for the women’s ministry!! Pick me! Pick me!

  27. Cara K says

    Journey Church in Brandon Florida would love to win this so we could invite the women in our community.

  28. Debbi Braswell says

    I would love to win this for the ladies at First Baptist Church in Raymond, MS. We do not have a lot of church events go the ladies of the church so this one would be grand !!

  29. Genese smith says

    So great full GOD made you miss Beth. He has used you to turn my life around for good. Thank you for your beautiful sanguine personality and that I could never sleep or be bored listening to you :)

  30. Kate Pauly says

    Ankeny First United Methodist Church would love to share this blessing with those in our community – Ankeny, IA

  31. Sheri Brady says

    I took the ladies on my Women’s Ministry team to Beth’s Living Prook Live in Eugene, OR. It was amazing how what she shared was relevant to each one of us! A wonderful, life changing experience for me. I would love to host this at my church! Garden Valley Church, Roseburg, OR

  32. Amber Hill says

    I attend The Ark Church in Conroe Texas. I’d love to win this. I’m doing two of her Bible Studies. Breaking Free and Stepping Up. I’ve been so blessed by her studies. Really makes me get closer to God and find the TRUE ME.

  33. D Marshall says

    Love me some Beth Moore :) Debbie Marshall at Trader’s Point Christian Church in Indianapolis, IN

  34. Joy Riddle says

    How exciting to be able to bless a whole church with a wonderful study from Beth. I know Grace Bible Church in College Station, Texas would be grateful for this study. And may I just say thank you for your generosity.

  35. says

    We would be honored and gracious to have you at our Church, Mid-Way Baptist in Raleigh, NC. I love to gather with a group of women and have a Beth Moore Bible Study.

  36. Desiree Whittaker says

    Our church ladies are always doing Beth’s Bible Studies and this would be WONDERFUL to get everyone together for!

  37. Pennie D says

    Second Baptist North Campus Kingwood, Tx. Our women’s Ministry Rocks and so does Life Way and Beth Moore.
    Would Love to win this.

  38. AdeleAlys Spil says

    My church has literally kept us afloat during my husbands cancer and loss of income. We would love to gift Matthews United Methodist with this simulcast.

  39. S. Braun says

    New Life Community Church, Marco Island, FL: Our women were so blessed when we hosted Beth’s 2012 Simulcast “Girl A to Z”! As a resort community church we find it difficult to support the cost in the “off” season. It would be so exciting to host another year!

  40. MH says

    Please pick MOREHEAD UNITED METHODIST CHURCH in Morehead, KY!!!!! We love our Beth Moore Bible studies!!!

  41. Jill Whitmore says

    I love Beth Moore and would LOVE to share her with my ladies at Glenville Church in Wichita Kansas.!! :)

  42. Anna Haney says

    Beth Moore is so down to earth and she presents her study as she is. When I study with her, it’s like studying with a friend. She is a wonderful teacher and is not afraid to admit her fears and flaws

  43. Anna Haney says

    My church, West Towne Christian Church, in Knoxville, TN, could really benefit from this. We would be able to reach not only our own ladies, but also other women in the area. The great thing about Beth’s studies is she reaches women of all ages

  44. Lynn Suddith says

    Winning this would be a great way to prepare our women at First Baptist, Russellville, Alabama for the dotMOM conference we will be attending in Chattanooga the following weekend!☺

  45. Rachel Anderson says

    We are a small church, Parkway Baptist, in Fort Myers, FL and have recently re-started our women’s ministry programs. We would LOVE this opportunity!

  46. Robin Howe says

    The ladies at Little Flock Baptist Church in Shepherdsville, KY, would definitely benefit from this!!!

  47. Beth Arnold says

    A few of us in our church are trying to reignite our Women’s Ministry. This would be a great way to celebrate Jesus together. Thank you for the opportunity. :)

  48. Connie Capps says

    Our ladies at Princeton Church of God in Princeton, NC would be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, to win this!!!

  49. Beth Jones says

    We have Beth’s study’s often and we love her!! This would be wonderful to win for our church ladies at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. Thanks for this chance :)

  50. Joanne says

    I am new at my church and I do not know a lot of the women, so this would be a great ice breaker.

  51. Candace S. says

    What an awesome giveaway! My church and the women here in Cheyenne, WY would be blessed by this!

  52. Joy Freeman says

    Our church, here in Roanoke, VA, would love to host this Simulcast. So many of our ladies can not get to the Living Proof Conference and they would be thrilled to get this free opportunity. Thank you.

  53. Sandy Bowers says

    Oh yay! We hosted the Simulcast in 2011 and were so blessed. Would love to do it again. My church is Wesley United Methodist Church in Bryan, Ohio!

  54. Laura Harris says

    A free simulcast would be great. We held our first Women’s event on April 29th with the Priscilla event and had 45 ladies attend. Would love to do the Beth event but cannot afford two in one year.

  55. Heather Snider says

    Adventure Christian Church would absolutely LOVE to host a Beth Moore simulcast… especially since hosting is simulcast one of the things on our Women’s Ministry agenda for 2013-14. Winning this would be the biggest blessing! Thanks so much for sponsoring this!

    Heather Snider

  56. Sarah Younger says

    Beth Moore has a way of speaking straight to my heart, and I know our church, The Crossing in Columbia MO, would truly benefit from this!

  57. Paula Halcom says

    I would love for the ladies at my church, Freedom Christian in Sterling Heights, MI, to get a chance to experience the simulcast!

  58. Sheryl Blake says

    Sheryl Blake- Hope Community Church in Niles, MI. I would love to be able to offer this to the ladies of our community.

  59. June Dyer says

    Clarksville Bible Church, Clarksville, MI It would be great to have all of the ladies together to learn and grow from one of Beth’s teachings. We have went through several of her studies and really learn a lot.

  60. Ashley Johnson says

    It would be a wonderful opportunity for Charity Baptist Church in Kannapolis, NC and our community!!!!

  61. Lindsay Schallmo says

    We have hosted a LPL Beth Moore Simulcast once before at First Baptist Church Indian Trail in NC, but I was in labor with my first baby and didn’t get to go! Would love to win and host one again!!!

  62. Sara Simbro says

    Prairie CityChristian Reformed Church would love to be apart of this wonderful event! from Prairie City Iowa! May God bless this event and all who attend. V

  63. Nicole Burdess says

    Just had this conversation with a couple of gals that it would be SO awesome to see and watch mama Beth in our sanctuary at church :)

  64. KarenMO says

    To win this would be SO awesome for our church. We have a healthy Beth Moore Bible Study group, and we often have to travel to see her simulcasts. Please pick me!

  65. Marcia Mandel says

    It would be amazing for our whole small island and bring ladies from all churches to see it.,

  66. Becca Holman says

    Thank you for the opportunity! Twelfth Avenue Baptist Church in Emporia, Kansas is already planning for the event!

  67. Fran Holzschuh says

    We have hosted Beth Moore simulcasts at our church, Fairfield Church of Christ in Fairfield, Ohio. It is a great time for the ladies in our church and surrounding churches to get a chance to fellowship with people we might not usually get to. It’s also a great opportunity to invite a friend.

  68. Jenn says

    First Missionary Baptist Church!! Some of us ladies are currently doing a Beth Moore study and we are planning a mom’s community cafe to outreach this would be a great way to start the group!

  69. TRACEY PURTTY says

    Church on the Northcoast would love to have this. The Church is growing and we are finding ways to get the women connected with GOD and one another. This would be just what we need.

  70. Kendal Adamson says

    Would love this opportunity for myself and the awesome ladies at Church at the Ridge in Douglasville, GA!!!

  71. Melissa Graham says

    Trammell Creek Baptist Church is Greensburg, Kentucky…thank you all for doing this! Much Love!

  72. Tamara Kursave says

    What an awesome opportunity!! Second Baptist Church, Hopkinsville, KY would love to offer this to our community!! Thanks! :)

  73. Bridget Cunningham says

    Canyon Hills AG, Bakersfield are ready to have a blast with Beth! Perfect timing for our Fall Conference!! :)

  74. Karin Moone says

    Our church, Utica United Methodist in Utica, OH, hosts a community VBS in conjunction with four other local churches. How wonderful if we could extend this program, too!

  75. Melissa Lopez says

    The women of Adventure Christian Church in Louisville, KY would be incredibly blessed to win this!! Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  76. says

    I, Dutchess Horton, am a member of Olive Branch MB Church, Parmele, NC but would seek to host this simulcast at one of our sister churches, St John MBC Soul Saving Center or Macedonia MB Church as they are larger and we could bless more ladies.

  77. Amy Obolewicz says

    Please pick us! Faith Church of New Milford CT would be doubly blessed by this opportunity to hear Beth’s message!

  78. Tanya Villani says

    Would be blessing for Journey Church of Roanoke, some of us just finished Stepping Up and loved it. I am entering for St John Lutheran in Roanoke. Was part of Women’s Ministry at St John and we always hosted these LIVE events and I know gals there would be richly blessed.

  79. Jennie Erickson says

    The non-denominational bible study that meets at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Tower MN would love to win. Jennie Erickson leads a group of 5 men and 20 women who meet together and love Beth Moore bible study. :)

  80. Cindy Merritt says

    i think it would be so wonderful for my church to be able to have this, and invite the community as well as the surrounding communities to hear Beth speak…she is a wonderful speaker, and highly motivational, as well as spiritual…i gain new insight every time i listen to her, or read her books…

  81. Sue Schwendemann says

    I would love to win for my church Lifepoint in Greemwood, IN. Thank you so much. We are doing The Law of Love for our summer study. Blessings.

  82. Tanya Villani says

    What a friend we have in Jesus. “He has promised that if we are joined together, he will bring his presence.” From @BethMooreLPM #lproof 13tweet. Would love to win this for Journey Church, in Roanoke, VA, we just did Stepping Up few weeks ago. I am part of Women’s Bible Café and we are currently doing Breaking Free.

  83. Mandy says

    Beth Moore is such an awesome example of a Godly, Christian woman and is a great author and I teacher.

  84. Melody says

    Would love to see a Living Proof Live simulcast hosted by my home church, Encounter Christian Center in Charlotte Hall MD. :)

  85. Dodie LeBeau says

    wow! the Kernersville and Triad Baptist church ladies would love love Beth Moore to come to our church!!! We would do love to win this give away!! Thanks for your generosity! :-)

  86. Jeannie Wilbourn says

    I have enjoyed Beth Moore’s teaching for about 10 years now. It would be great to watch at Friendship UMC in Athens, Al.

  87. Sarah Lee says

    This would be wonderful for the women of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. Also might be a great outreach!

  88. Keri says

    Our ladie at Island Family Christian Church in Honolulu, HI love Beth Moore and would love to share this opportunity with our community!!!

  89. Mona Crawford says

    First Baptist Church
    Union Springs, Alabama 36089
    Mona Crawford
    We just talked about this today. We would love to offer this to the ladies of our county!
    Thank you for this opportuunity!

  90. Charlotte Hooper says

    Yeah!!! Ewa Beach, HI. New hope leeward! For the youth it would be great. :) they need guidance like this. The group has been in a desert, but God is slowly using our new youth pastor to revive it! Please..this would be great for them :)

  91. marie anderson says

    We love and do Beth Moore Bible studies a lot. The women would love to see this at our church: Pathway Community Church in Mancelona, Michigan.

  92. Sarita says

    Our Women’s Bible Study at First Baptist Church Valley Springs, AR has done several Beth Moore studies. We would love to host a simulcast!

  93. Sharona Mueller says

    Love Beth Moore. She gets you fired up for the Lord. That’s what we need in these days. Tell it like it is. Love for her to come to the Bible Baptist, Wilmington Ohio.

  94. Carolyn Powell says

    My church is Carlisle Baptist in Boaz, Alabama. We love Beth Moore bible studies. We participated in last year’s simulcast and were greatly blessed. May God continue to bless Living Proof Live.

  95. Joanna Sloderbeck says

    What a great opportunity for the ladies of our church! We would absolutely LOVE this giveaway! Church at the Ridge in Douglasville, GA is a small church with a great group of ladies!

  96. Dorothy Ramos says

    Would love this!!! I have almost every Beth Moore Study. This would be a blessing to the women at my church at Discovery East – Orlando, FL and myself!!

  97. says

    I attend Faith Worship Center in Chatsworth Ga.We have done several Beth Moore studies….we are always looking for ways to bring churches, all denominations, together in our community and surrounding areas.
    We can seat 1000 , it would be awesome to be able to sponsor this at
    our church…..what a great Action Ministry (Active Christians Together In Our Neighborhood) this could be…..

  98. Debbie Candler says

    To win a free simulcast of “Living Proof Live” to be viewed at Heart Of Mesa would be a wonderful blessing. It would give our ladies the opportunity to bond even closer together while reaching out to our community. Our women’s Bible study group enjoy Beth’s studies and many of our ladies have gone to the simulcasts in previous years. The leader of our women’s Bible study has met Beth in person after blogging about her. Thank you for this opportunity!

  99. Ana Maria Rojas says

    Would love this for my church ! What an awesome experience and growth. What a blessing it would be. The Austin vineyard would be so grateful and blessed if we would win ! God bless!

  100. Jessica Mansfield says

    Morehead UMC in Morehead, Kentucky… We would love to host for all peoples in these parts.

  101. Cindy says

    Just got back from Living Proof Live in Atlanta!!!! Would love to bring this to all the women in my church, First Baptist Conway, SC, in September!!!

  102. Tiffany Lord says

    I know any church to win the simulcast would so blessed! But I hope that Countryside Christian Church in Keizer, OR would get this opportunity! About 20 women from our church were able to see you speak in Eugene and it was amazing!

  103. Laurie Honda says

    I LOVE My Church – The Church at Rock Creek – Little Rock, Arkansas
    Home of The Most BEAUTIFUL Church Family and AWESOME Church Pastors.

    Thanks, Laurie

  104. Siriana says

    Salem First Baptist Church – Salem, Oregon
    My church has never done anything like this and we would love to as an opportunity to reach out to our own community and to grow our own woman! Exciting!

  105. Chelle Hall says

    I’m stepping out, I’m that fish out of water who feels like I don’t belong. Praying to serve and be used by His hand. To receive this gift and share with Stanfield Baptist Church in Stanfield, Oregon what a blessing, what a gift! I give thanks for whoever, whichever group of women receives this gift. I know it will bless us all!

  106. Pattie says

    Pattie at the Elmendorf AFB chapel. However, since we don’t have streaming internet at the chapel, I will ask for a free simulcast at the university where I work, Wayland Baptist University in Anchorage, Alaska.

  107. Anne Frewin says

    60 women joined us in Maine last year. We would live to be able to simulcast to our church and the community this year. What a great ministry that would be!

  108. Cindy Greenleaf says

    My name is Cindy Greenleaf (BridgeWay Church’s Women’s Ministry Director), and this would be an excellent kick-off for our BridgeWay Church’s women’s ministry! (A church plant in Copper Canyon, Tx)

  109. Debbie says

    Beth Moore is such a blessing to so many women. Praise God for blessing us with the gift of teaching to Beth.

  110. Jo of So TX says

    FBC, Aransas Pass, TX – A lot of ladies in our church follow Beth Moore on facebook and would really enjoy her presentation playing in our church. Thanks for chance

  111. Rene Sandifer says

    Thank you for the chance to win this! Have been thinking about seeing if our church could pay for it in their budget. Just starting to pray about it. Love being a part of Beth’s simulcasts!

  112. Rene Sandifer says

    I also tweeted about this, but I didn’t understand the whole URL thing. I did it with twitter bird logo up top. but now it doesn’t want to accept that as another chance to win :-( . I hope y’all can make it more user friendly for those of us less techy. thanks anyway for the opportunity!! xo

  113. says

    We at North Hills Church are trying to reignite our Women’s Ministry and pray for the opportunity to host a Living Proof Live event in our area. Giving all honor and glory to God

  114. Jenni says

    Mission Glen Baptist Church in Rossville, Ga would love the opportunity to give our community the Beth Moore simulcast live! 😉

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