5 Ways to Make Love Last

Steve and Debbie Steve Wilson are the founders of Marriage Matters Now and minister to couples all across the country. Catch them at a Festivals of Marriage simulcast from the comfort of your own living room, along with relationship experts Gary Chapman, Mark Merrill, and more!

Everyone goes into marriage hoping that it will last forever; however, there seems to be one problem with that: we don’t spend any time looking at what that may require of us.  Marriage is hard work.  We can’t just hope that our love will last. We have to choose to make it last and be intentional in learning to love our spouse for a lifetime.


Here are a five things that will lead to a long and happy marriage:

  1. Love is more than a feeling.  Love is a choice!  We must choose to love our spouse everyday whether it feels good or not.  This does not mean that they will never do anything that bothers us.  It means we choose to love them unconditionally!
  2. Marriage is all about give and take.  Marriage is not meant for you to stand your ground and expect everything to go your way.  You must learn to compromise.  The best marriages are the ones where each person moves in the direction of the other one. Find the middle ground and everyone wins!
  3. Conflict is normal in marriage; the problem is how you deal with the conflict.  Again, choose to not raise your voice or say things you can’t take back.  Be willing to look at the situation from each other’s point of view and come to a resolve.
  4. Communication is the key.  Open, honest, and safe communication will bond a couple like nothing else.  It takes practice.  Eliminate defensiveness and choose to hear each other’s heart and validate what you hear them say.  If you learn to effectively communicate, you can get through any situation.
  5. Never stop playing!  Marriage needs fun and adventure!  Don’t let your marriage become stagnant or boring.  Have lots of fun together!

These are just a few important ingredients to building a strong foundation for your marriage to grow and thrive.  The most important thing that you can do to secure a great marriage is to put God right in the middle of it.  PRAY together everyday.  Take everything to Him.  He cares about every aspect of your lives.  Isn’t it great to know we don’t have to do this alone?


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