404135_10151118618038558_425753341_nPriscilla Shirer’s new Bible study, Gideon: Your Weakness. God’s Strength is hot off the press. Here are a few fun, behind-the-scenes facts and pics from the taping.

1) Which LifeWay author, TV star, and Survivor participant attended one of the tapings?

Lisa Whelchel

2) How many different states were represented in the audience?

6: Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Illinois, California and Arkansas

3) What was the greatest distance that an audience member traveled to be at the taping?

1356 miles, from Chula Vista, California

4) What part of the set was given to Priscilla as a gift?

The table


5) How many 4×8 sheets of pink foam were used to create the walls for the set?


6) What material was scattered on the floor to give it a rich texture?

Cork pebbles

7) How long did it take to put the floor together?

About 3 hours

8) How long did it take to assemble the set?

About 10 hours


We’re pumped about Gideon over here at LifeWay Women. And since it’s FREE Friday, we’re giving away a Gideon small group starter kit, which includes a leader kit with DVDs and five member books.

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By entering today’s giveaway, you acknowledge LifeWay Christian Resource’s official promotion rules found hereToday’s giveaway starts at the posting time of this blog and ends next Tuesday (5/14/13) at 11:59 p.m. CST. You must be 18 to enter, and you may only enter once. The winner will be selected at random. For questions about the rules and regulations of this giveaway, please contact Bud Harlan at One LifeWay Plaza, Nashville, TN 37234-140.


  1. Heather says:

    I LOVE your studies and God’s Word! We are having a women’s Bible study this summer in my home and would LOVE to win this leader’s kit!

  2. Loved the Simulcast….can’t wait for the study!

  3. Lynn Kaufman says:

    Would love to be able to use this with my ladies! I’m a Director of Women’s MInistries for our small Denomination, Churches of God General Conference. .

  4. Julie T says:

    We’re planning to do this study this summer! I’d love to win this for my group!!

  5. So excited to participate in this study!

  6. I can not wait to read this book. Her books are so encouraging. Apryle Rivera

  7. Carrie Dietrich says:

    Just finished Jonah! This would awesome for my ladies bible study at chruch!

  8. Christa Duncil says:

    Christa Duncil

  9. Michelle Davis says:

    I would love to win this study

  10. I would love to win this study! A bunch of us went to the simulcast, and I plan on following up by leading this bible study in my home. We are already so blessed by your ministry, but would be even more to recieve such a gift! Thank you for all your hard work, and may you be blessed as much as you bless others. :)

  11. Cyndee Buck says:

    I recently found my way back to church and have found one I absolutely love! From day one I felt welcome at Northgate. I would love to give back to the ladies in my current Bible Study by sharing the Gideon study with them.

    Prayers for all involved in this and congratulations to the winner, whoever she/he may be!


  12. My Bible study group has lived the Priscilla Shirer studies we have done. Excited to do this one.

  13. Yanna Westmoreland says:

    Oh how I would spread the Good News through Gideon with the Leader’s Kit!

  14. Sarah M. says:

    I would love to win this! I was just reading through the sample I got in the mail last night!

  15. andrea t. says:

    Loved those 8 b-t-s facts. :)
    Looking forward to doing Gideon.
    Feelin’ that it is “the time” for this study.
    Bless You LifeWaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  16. Deborah Pinnell says:

    Thank you for this chance to win this study! I am praying that it goes to who needs it the most at this time in their lives

  17. Angie Nelson says:

    I have never taken one of your studies but I am veryi the rested in participating in one!

  18. christine blair says:

    Love Priscilla Shirer. I will gift 4 books away if I win this set . I only need 1.

  19. Each study you’ve written has been an inspiration to me. I would love to share Gideon with the ladies in my community.

  20. Looking so forward to sharing this with our Bible Study Groups of Ladies…..Thank you all for this opportunity!

  21. SARAH JENKINS says:


  22. Cassie thompson says:

    Was at the tapings and can’t wait to do the study?

  23. Meagan Jolley says:

    Our bible study group plans to do this study as soon as it comes out – can’t wait!

  24. Would love to dig in to a new study.

  25. Teresa Kuhl says:

    Would love to lead this small group study!

  26. Love Priscilla’s Bible studies.

  27. Lisa Smith says:

    I would love to win this for our women’s class at church. I feel like we need to start a new study this summer and this sounds like it might just be what we need at this time.

  28. Can’t wait to do this study. Doing Seed right now.

  29. Nell Hartleib says:

    Love Priscilla’s heart and her ability to teach! It would be great to win and share this study with our ladies Bible class. :)

  30. I’d love to win this for the ladies at my church to study with me!

  31. Deborah Nelms says:

    I love Priscilla’s books. They have been a blessing to me and the ladies in my church!

  32. Our Bible Study is just finishing up Priscilla’s “Life, Interrupted” book and would love to win the Gideon study! Always so blessed by her teachings. Biblically sound!

  33. I would love to do this studies with the ladies at our mission board campus! Thanks for the chance to win.

  34. I would love to give one of the workbooks to my sister as she deals with giving her gift back to God!

  35. Gen Peterson Abrams says:

    Thank you for sharing this new study and the opportunity to win it!

  36. Nicole Burdess says:

    Would be so cool to win a small group leader kit, as I’m getting ready to start a small study on this!!

  37. Janet Watkins says:

    I’m sorry I missed events till now. Would love to do this study!

  38. Melinda says:

    We’ve done all of Priscilla’s Bible studies and I had the privilege of attending ‘Going Beyond’ conference last year in Portland, OR. The leader’s pack and books would be used to do an in home Bible study, to reach out and connect with women in our neighborhood. Thank you!

  39. Sherri Fejes says:

    Love to come and hear you! you are such a blessing! I am the minister’s wife and Woman’s Ministry leader for a small Church in Cottondale Fl and we would love to do this study!

  40. Sarah Levels says:

    This series looks good, in fact a detailed study of Gideon looks very helpful considering most of us don’t know much about Gideon. Another thing is this can be used during a summer study I have with a few ladies.

  41. Marie Quick says:

    We have just decided to do Priscilla’s study of Gidion with our Women’s Leadership team. This would be a great win. Looking forward to the study and how God will use our weaknesses to His Glory.

  42. LESLEY GEER says:

    This would be a great study for our women’s study group this summer! Thank you for giving us a chance to win this awesome gift! Lesley Geer

  43. shelley says:

    thank you for this bible study I am doing them here in my hoime God is so great to me aand my faily.

  44. Ashley Davis says:

    God has been using Gideon so much in my life lately! Would love to do this study.

  45. Sherilyn Rank says:

    Our women’s class at church would love to do this study! Thanks for the opportunity to enter :)

  46. This study is perfect timing for what I am going through right now. Thank you Lord!

  47. Our womens group will be doing this bible study! So excited!

  48. Melissa says:

    Looking forward to Priscilla’s new study!

  49. Love Priscilla’s studies and would love to win this leader’s pack to use with the ladies at my church. I’m in SW Florida where the down turn in the economy and foreclosures have hit very hard. I would love to bless five of our ladies with the complimentary study books!!!

  50. Sherrie says:

    God is great! Thankful He is w/ me EVERY day!

  51. Can’t wait to do this series! I lead a ladies Bible Study in my home on Tuesday evenings. We have done several of Pricilla’s studies and I know this one is going to be wonderful. Two of my members and I came to one of the tapings! It was wonderful! Would love to win this to share with the group! What a blessing! Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win! I know this study will be a blessing to many!

  52. Kelly Green says:

    Looks like an awesome study!
    Kelly Green

  53. Kimberly says:

    Priscilla, you are such an inspiration to me….I can’t wait to dig into your new study.
    Bless you for your teachings.

  54. Dwanna Tenpenny says:

    We are serving in a small church. Funds are low as alot of churches. I lead a Bible Study each Fall and this would meet many needs with our ladies. Would love to do it during the summer, but Fall is our best time. Small group meeting together now, reading through the Bible. Only 3 of us!

  55. Suanne Wilson says:

    Can’t wait to do this study with our group. We have been blessed by former studies Priscilla has written. She is great.

  56. Darba Rollins says:

    I missed the simulcast but am planning to watch it online! Can’t wait to do this study with the women of my church in September!

  57. Carol Peavy says:

    I love all of Priscilla’s studies and have been waiting for this to release. I am planning on leading this in our Ladies Bible Study class beginning on June 2 and am so excited to get started on it. Thank you for the opportunity to win a Leader’s kit.

  58. Michelle Irwin says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this study. Our women’s group has done every one of Priscilla’s studies and she is a particular favorite with us. Gideon looks like it is so good!!

  59. Diana Koerber says:

    This study looks like it would be really good. I thought if I could find a church that was offering I would go, but this would give me an opportunity to let our church be the one offering it!

  60. Melanie says:

    I am looking forward to this study!!

  61. Marie Kemp Pruitt says:

    I am doing Jonah at home by myself. Planning to lead at my church in the near future.

  62. Courtney Luhmann says:

    Oh how I loved your simulcast and learned so much from it. I can’t wait to dive into the study and learn more. May you be blessed to keep giving us what God gives you to pass on to us.

  63. I had just shared a link about Gideon w my ladies group members on Facebook!!!
    We would LOVE to be able to do this study!

  64. Pam Welch says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this study. A group of friends (the Chickpeas) do a Summer study in my home, this would be a wonderful Bible study for us to do!

  65. Lynette says:

    I would love to win this!!

  66. Love Priscilla Shirer’s bible studies!

  67. Susie D says:

    I would love this!


  68. Priscilla’s study on Jonah and the simulcast hosted at our church gave our women a new interest in Bible Study!!

  69. Michelle says:

    Looks like a great study!!!

  70. Beth Sheaffer says:

    Would LOVE to win this and use in our new church plant!

  71. Aubrey R says:

    Would love to do this study!

  72. Betty Walker says:

    My ladies group and I love us some Priscilla Shirer!!

  73. I was so challenged by the simulcast and can’t wait to do the study!

  74. Would love to do this study with my women’s group.

  75. I’m a little hesitant to start this study. I’m afriad of what challenges and changes it’ll require of me.

  76. Katie Hartshorn says:

    What an exciting give-a-way! Priscilla is one of my favorite preachers and authors and I’ve been chomping at the bits to do this study! :)

  77. Bettie R. says:

    Really looking forward to doing this study.

  78. Lori Smith says:

    I love your studies Priscilla. I am in the process of your dad’s study “It’s not too late.”
    Thank you for sharing The gifts God has given you. Also thank you for sharing God’s
    Word with us. You are a blessed teacher and speaker.

  79. Joyce Bush says:

    I would love to win this study. I would use it for a study with a group of ladies at work.

  80. Debbie M says:

    I would love Priscilla Shirer’s studies and would love to do Gideon!

  81. Lisa Utu says:

    Would LOVE win this to use at our church. We are a new church plant and are going to start bible studies this coming fall! :)

  82. Elana Shelton says:

    I love Priscilla!! She’s so down to earth and easy to follow and learn from.

  83. Lindsay Blackburn says:

    I’d love to win! The simulcast was excellent.

  84. Kathy Rickman says:

    ‘Gideon’ here, and scared spitless. The challenge ahead is looming and I can’t see the plan!

  85. Jennifer G says:

    I would love to win this study, I would make this a family bible study (1 Sister, 1 Daugher and 3 Neices)

  86. Kris Konick says:

    The story of Gideon is a favorite of mine as the smallest of the weakest of the least, yet God called him a mighty warrior. Should be a powerful study!!

  87. Can’t wait to go through this study!

  88. Ann McKinley says:

    I have done Priscilla’s Bible studies and so enjoy her insight. I would love to have the opportunity to win Gideon.

  89. lisa mcfarland says:

    I would love to start a group and this would be perfect.

  90. Looks so good!

  91. Heather McDaniel says:

    I love all her studies! Just got this study for my sister an me. I would love to win this to share with friends!

  92. Love the story of Gideon and Pricilla’s gift of teaching and communicating God’s would. Can’t wait!!!

  93. Linda Culbertson says:

    Would love to study Gideon with Priscilla Shirer. Sounds like a very interesting and rewarding

  94. Cameronca says:

    Oh, I would love this! I have a 10 month old we named Gideon! Also we are members at a big church we are determined to make “smaller.” Hosting a Bible study at my house would be such a great way to get closer to some women at church!

  95. I just listened to “How to win a battle” podcast yesterday. It encouraged me to continue to fight to be the best mom for my children. In the battles I face each day, I am out numbered! But I will praise my Almighty God with a shout to defeat the enemy.

  96. Sherrill Moffett says:

    What a great story of encouragement & calling, Gideon’s story is!! I just know this has got to be an INCREDIBLE study kit! As a minister’s wife, I would love to start a local ministers’ wives bible study with this one!

  97. Lisa M. says:

    Would love to do this study with some friends!

  98. Cameron Bradley says:

    So excited about this!!

  99. So excited about this study. As the Bible Study leader at my church, I am thrilled for the ladies to have an opportunity to participate in this study!

  100. Love Priscilla’s studies!!! Would love to do this one. What a gift this would be for our small church. Thank you for the opportunity!

  101. Erin dossett says:

    Starting a Bible Study in my home for several ladies in the area. This would make a great addition!

  102. Would love to do this study with my moms group!
    Wendy Douglas

  103. Tiffiny Palm says:

    Would love to win this to do with my bible study group sounds like what w need! Thank you….Tiffiny Palm

  104. Cindy Kelley says:

    Loved the Simulcast. Our ladies plan to start the study June 6.

  105. Claudia says:

    A few of the ladies from my church attending the taping with me last year…we cannot wait to do the study this summer! We came back so pumped about Gideon, the men are joining us in the study, too!!

  106. Stephanie Floyd says:

    Please pick me. I can’t wait to do this study. I’m on vacation and their is not a close Lifeway to get it. Thank you thank you for the chance

  107. Susan Wright says:

    Looking forward to starting Jonah this summer! Would love to do Gideon next!

  108. Nice! Christina Patterson

  109. Beverly Holm says:

    Already praying for the 5 participants if I win!

  110. I really enjoyed the simulcast and plan to rewatch it again a couple of more times int he 30-day window. I have placed this study on my list of must-do’s.

  111. I can hardly wait for this study!!! Two Saturdays ago in Richmond, VA, wet our appetites!!!!

  112. Can’t wait to do this one! Thanks Priscilla! Just in time for summer when all other studies break!

  113. Jannell Farrell says:

    Was at Eugene, OR Living Proof Conference and we prayed for Priscilla’s Simulcast. This study will be transforming! Can’t wait to start it with my Tuesday Night Bible Study ladies this September!

  114. We just did the Jonah study and it was AMAZING. I can’t wait to get my hands on another one of Priscilla’s studies! YAY for bible study! =)

  115. I’ve done several of Priscilla Shirer’s studies, and would really love to win the Gideon study to share with friends.

  116. Elaine in NM says:

    Can hardly wait to participate in this study!

  117. I have really been wanting to do this study and I think the ladies at my church would as well.

  118. Christina D. says:

    We would love to have a chance to explore Gideon in our ladies small group. We were just talking about starting up for the summer. Thanks so much for offering a chance to participate! We love LPM & Pricilla Shirer :)

  119. Love Priscilla Shirer and her heart for God and to help others grow closer to Him. This is definitely a study I want to go through with my friends.

  120. Betty Jo Wick says:

    I can’t wait to see/read this. I love Priscilla Shirer’s studies. The first one I ever read was “He Speaks to Me”. I have been a huge fan ever since. Thank you Priscilla for your ability to draw us in and help us to relate to you and to the Bible character you are studying.

  121. We are thinking about this study for our Wednesday morning ladies bible study in the fall!

  122. Nicci Ramirez says:

    Ahhhh!!!! :) AWESOME!!! Would LOVE to win!!

  123. Fondra Magee says:

    I LOVE the story of Gideon…just watcing some of the teaser trailors for the Gideon simulcast, got me excited all over again about this amazing story…I read it to my little boy, who had not heard the story of Gideon and he was so into it…loved it! We talked about God wanting us to give Him the glory and show a watching world “something only HE can do!” I would LOVE to go through this study with my gals at church!

  124. Love Priscilla. We are planning to do this study with our women’s group. Would be so nice to win it!!!

  125. Heather Snider says:

    We love Priscilla Shirer studies and would be so blessed to win the starter kit. This is one of the studies we are considering for next year. I was just reading Gideon last night and found it profound that the angel of The Lord greeted Gideon with “The Lord is with you mighty warrior.” Isn’t is great that God sees our potential and helps us reach it when we believe what He says? Thanks for offering this!!


  126. Mary Ann Holton says:

    I so want to participate in One of Priscilla’s sstudies . I hope and pray it is God’s will to do some day.

  127. I would love to win! I am now living in an apartment and working to build relationships with other mom’s. I think we would enjoy doing it together. It would help me open my door to them and share our journey together.

  128. Cherie Arruda says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to grow! Hope many find just what God has
    In store for them through the blessing of this gifted woman’s teaching.
    Blessings to all as you study Gods word :-)

  129. I would love to win! Thanks for giving this set away.

  130. Our at home mom group just finished Esther by Beth Moore and we are praying about what study to do this fall- Gideon would be an awesome option.

  131. Patricia Stone says:

    Would love to be chosen for this giveaway! Gideon has been one of my favorite people in the Bible and I’d love to see what points Priscilla has been led to share with us about this great man of faith! Thanks for the chance!

  132. Oh, how I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have this study!!

  133. marilyn says:

    Pick me!!! I love Lifeway and Jesus!! ;)

  134. Love all of your books and have a few studies with leaders guides in my resource library. I use He Speaks and Hearing the Voice of God with my safety planning for women who are in abusive relationships that are trying to get out. I felt that no safety plan was complete without the word of God. So I purchase many of your books and include in my give away. Will surely add this study to my library. Women who are victims of rape, abuse, incest have found healing in your words. Thanks for letting the Lord use you. I would love the starter kit to help with after care..Blessings!

  135. The women I lead in Bible studies would so love to do this one soon! We love Priscilla’s teaching!

  136. Paula Hutchings says:

    I haven’t done a Priscilla Bible Study before. Gideon sounds perfect for our summer session! When will it be available at LifeWay?

  137. I would love a chance to win this study and be able to share with friends.

  138. I watched the Gideon simulcast and cannot wait to do the Bible study!

    Very cool table.

  139. Lisa Jones says:

    I really like Priscilla Shirer and I would love to get the ladies at my church to realize that she is a great teacher of the word, for women. They would be so bless by the study!!!

  140. Sounds like an awesome study!!

  141. I lead a small group of ladies at our church as well as get together with another group of ladies who attend different churches. We live in the same city and met at the Beth Moore’s 2012 Siesta celebration in Houston:) and have gotten together for Bible study ever since. Would LOVE to do Priscilla’s Gideon with either one of these groups or both!

  142. would love to win this study for a high school girls group!!

  143. Julie Reynolds says:

    Can not wait to lead my ladies through this study!! Priscilla is awesome!

  144. Jennifer S says:

    This looks like a great study!! I would love to win this for my Sunday school class.

  145. Tiffany says:

    This looks like an amazing study!!!! Would love to do this with my study group!!!

  146. Pam Branch says:

    Priscilla is such an encouragement to the body of Christ. Finished “Jonah” Bible study not too long ago, and got soooo much out of it!

  147. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win the starter kit.

  148. Priscilla is a beautiful, Godly woman! I cannot wait to learn from her spiritual wisdom and share with my small group. Thanks for this giveaway

  149. Christina Armentrout says:

    I just finished my first glimpse of Priscilla in Faithful, Abundant and True. I would love to win this set for our Women’s Ministry!

  150. I would LOVE this study. I think it’s the next one for our group at church. Thanks for the giveaway!

  151. Deborah Turner says:

    I would love to win the leader kit & member books for this study. What a blessing it would be!

  152. Would love to do this with my neighbors this summer, and then donate the DVDs to our church library!

  153. Wow. Gideon is such a fascinating character… would love to know more about him. I know I would definitely learn from this study.

  154. Danielle Love says:

    Our bible study would love this. We are studying malachi right now, and we would love for this to be our next study. We learned so much in her Jonah study. We would love to go in depth about Gideon.

  155. Betty Blevins says:

    Loved studying Gideon. Our Bible Study was just talking about doing this study.

  156. Out of urgings from the Holy Spirit while at the Going Beyond simulcast, I stepped out in obedience to be the volunteer director of women’s ministry at my church. I’m excited to see God’s strength shine in the midst of my weakness! I would love to win this study to go through with the team I am building! Thanks Lifeway and Priscilla Shirer!

  157. Excited to offer this study to my Bible study ladies.

  158. Would love to do this study at my church!

  159. God has been really speaking to me through the story of Gideon, and I was delighted to see this study! He sees, He cares. :). Every time I look at the story, something new speaks to me. Thanks so much for obeying and writing this study, Priscilla. The Lord is with you, Mighty Warrior!

  160. I would love to win this study and use it this summer with my small group girls!

  161. So looking forward to this study! Priscilla rocks!!

  162. Sue Schwendemann says:

    I love all her studies. I have been looking forward to this study. I have a group of friends we do studies via Skpye, this one would be wondetful to do. We are all on a very limited budget and would be great. I took eight pages of notes during
    The simicast. Blessings to all.

  163. Kathy Hibma says:

    I just love being in God’s Word. I’ve been a Woman’s Bible Study leader for over 20 years; Lord willing, I’ll still be teaching in another 20. I haven’t used Priscilla Shire’s material before, but I have seen a few video clips; she’s a dynamic preacher/teacher, just like her daddy. I would love the opportunity to share her latezt study on Gideon with the ladies of Berkeley Avenue Baptist in Turlock, CA <3

  164. Michelle Baylerian says:

    I have done MANY Lifeway Bible Studies over past 20+ yrs. The most life changing was Beth Moore’s Breaking Free. I haven’t led a summer study in about 4 yrs. I would LOVE to host the Gideon study in my home this summer. To be able to provide the materials would allow anyone who desired to participate!! Blessings in abundance :)

  165. Laura Harris says:

    I am excited about Priscilla’s new study. I coordinated our first ever women’s conference at our church for the April 27th event and it was a great day of worship and teaching. Looking forward to the new study and hoping to win a copy for our church.

  166. Sandy Bowers says:

    How exciting! I’ve never done a PS Bible Study, but would love to do Gideon this summer with a small group of ladies. We did Kelly Minter’s Nehemiah last summer and were blessed so much! Thanks for the give-away.

  167. This would be a perfect study for a home study I’ve been wanting to do. There are some retirees in my church who feel like they’re getting to old to do much and I believe this study will encourage them to continue working for God.

  168. This would be a most awesome Bible Study Kit to win and share!

  169. Sue Kavli says:

    This would be great to use with the ladies in my Sunday school class. I attended the taping and couldn’t write fast enough.

  170. Mary Margaret Smith says:

    My Sunday School Class is always doing different studies. We have done yours before too and you are an awesome lady and Bible Study leader. We would love to have this one to study also. Thanks for the offer.

  171. Tania Scott says:

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  172. Nancy Tuggle says:

    My ladies and I had planned on starting Gideon last Tuesday but Lifeway does not have the DVDs yet. I have called everyday since May 1st to see if they are in yet, but they still are not! I would love to win them. I watched the simulcast and have so been looking forward to getting started! And my daughter is planning on leading this study with a group of her college friends too. So thankful for Priscilla!

  173. Lynn Polk says:

    I have been waiting… A little impatiently… For this to be released!! Cannot wait to work through it… And let it work through me and my group of ladies. It would be even better to win it!! Thanks so much for the opportunity!! Looking so forward to it!!

  174. It would be such a blessing to be gifted with the Gideon Study to use for a summer Bible study.

  175. Gideon is a man used in so many sermons, lessons. I would love to know more.

  176. Stephanie Taylor says:

    Pick me, pick me! ;-)

    What an exciting opportunity. Best of luck to all the entries.

  177. I so look forward to this study, as a single mom I’m often considered the weakest link in the group, but I know God sees how very much He can do with even the least. I believe He asks, ‘What’s In Your Hand’ and can do wonders with what is there, no matter how little or great.

  178. Julie H says:

    Our ladies group at church is doing this study in July. We would sooo appreciate the Leader’s Pack!!!

  179. Heather Williams says:

    Can’t wait to do this study. Have lived watching all the blurbs.

  180. Leigh Ann says:

    I would love this for our Bible study group!

  181. Oh, I have heard so many wonderful things about this study and would love to get it and do it!

  182. Christi Schrauger says:

    I can’t wait to do this study!!!! Super Excited!

  183. Kristina says:

    How exciting!!!! I’m seriously in love with the Gideon table.

  184. Sandra Loewen says:

    I would love to lead this study in my small group!!

  185. Deb Stephens says:

    Love your Bible Studies!!

  186. I would love to do this Study!

  187. Nicole Smith says:

    I cannot WAIT to get my hands on this study! Such a blessed topic at this point in my life!

  188. My sisters small group just started Gideon this week! I want to do it in my group!

  189. Tina Harlow says:

    The simulcast was so awesome! I can’t wait to start the study. I SO want to do this in my neighborhood. I NEED the kit!!

  190. You inspire me Priscilla Shirer and I’m so excited this is my next Bible Study !!

  191. Would love to win this study!

  192. We are almost through with One in a Million Bible study and we are loving it. We would love to win the giveaway for Gideon! There are 10 of us studying together from age 14 to 70’s in age.

  193. Loved the simulcast and am so excited to share the Gideon study!

  194. Lisa Kennebrew says:

    I’m really looking forward to this study again! We attended the tapings, and I’m in need of a refresher.

  195. Would love to win…

  196. Diane Newcomer says:

    I would LOVE to win this study! What a blessing it would be. :-D I learned so much from the simulcast and am very interested in the whole study. Thanks for all your hard work in putting it out!

  197. Roxanne Nanney says:

    I have been challenged AND encouraged by every study that I have done that Priscilla has written. So thankful for her ministry.

  198. Robin Marsh says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I would love to do this Bible study at my church.

  199. I’ve been intrigued by this study!! Sounds amazing! My name is Lisa Gaska

  200. Angie Miller says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this study!

  201. Janet D. says:

    Your studies have really been a blessing to the ladies at church. We would love to have this one.

  202. Susan B. says:

    Loved the Simulcast! Can’t wait to do the Bible Study!!!!

  203. This would be an empowering study for the ladies at our church – so glad you’ve put this together!

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