Priscilla on Gideon

How many of you are starting Gideon soon? We’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, hear from Priscilla in her own words about why she was inspired to write a Bible study about Gideon.

If you don’t already have your own copy of Gideon, you can get one here.


  1. Janice says

    Yes – I plan to do this study very soon. I already have my copy of the workbook. I will be downloading the video sessions. I was leading Bible study at my church, but due to my current circumstances I have taken a brief break. I love Priscilla and I am so looking forward to what God has to say to me personally through this study. Thank you Priscilla for what you do to bring God’s Word to women regardless of our season. Love you Sister!

  2. says

    I bought Gideon prior to leaving on a two week trip to Europe. I intended to start it there, but since I didn’t have the DVD’s and wasn’t sure of the access on line I decided to wait. This morning however, I went to the passages about Gideon and decided to read. As I did, I sensed God may be doing something new in me and through me but also in the life of our family. I can hardly wait to start the study. Not sure of exactly when, with whom, at church or a group in my home. Asking God to clarify the direction. Just so you know, God gave me the passage about Gideon years before while praying and studying and I told Him at that point, I wasn’t a very strong warrior. My phone rang and a lady called me who I did not know and she asked me to a retreat called Mighty Warrior. And at least two other times, He’s reminded me of being a warrior no matter how I felt. God bless. Marlene

  3. Judy Olona says

    I am on my second week of this bible study, it has been the most powerful one so far for me. I am making some changes and God is finding in my very place of great need. I am cutting out people and things that are not pleasing to God. I am looking forward to all that God has in store for me. God is faithful!

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