Why Aren’t More People in Your Groups?

Do you ever wonder why there aren’t more women in your groups? Read this recent blog post by Eric Geiger regarding research regarding what helps to bring about life change.

Ministry opportunities surround churches today. Women sometimes fly under the radar never connecting to groups or plugging in any deeper into the body. Families are stretched by the demands of life and grow weaker as spiritual leadership at home becomes increasingly rare. And among churches themselves, debates continue on effective methods for discipling individuals. As distressing as these realities can be, churches have an opportunity to step in and make a difference through their small group ministries; they simply need to make a few intentional choices.

Join us on Wednesday, May 8th from 12:00 – 12:30pm as 4 pastors share their hope for how small groups can play a big part in addressing these needs and how LifeWay’s new series, Bible Studies for Life, can help.

You can register for the free webcast by clicking here.

Speakers include:

Eric Geiger, Pete Wilson, Ron Edmondson & Ronnie Floyd

And after the webcast:

We will provide you all three video segments for you to share these eye-opening truths with your leaders:

  1. Connecting the Unconnected by Pete Wilson
  2. Strengthening Families by Ron Edmondson
  3. Disciple People with Wisdom by Ronnie Floyd

You will also receive free downloads of the first two six-session studies:

  1. Pressure Points
  2. When Relationships Collide

Plus, if you’d like to review free advance copies of the 6 session studies for your Small Groups, simply give us your address when signing up for the webcast and we will mail you copies.  Hope you can join us as you seek to develop your small groups for women!

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