It’s release day!  Introducing, Priscilla Shirer’s new Bible study, Gideon: Your Weakness. God’s Strength.

For a free sample of Gideon, click HERE!

This study is designed for anyone who has ever felt insufficient, ill-equipped, incompetent, or outnumbered.  It shows women how to find the God-given strength to face their fears and do what God is calling them to do, instead of hiding from their weaknesses. You can use this Bible study to challenge the women at your church to see God in a much bigger way, experience Him more fully, and tap into His power and presence in a fresh way.


  1. I would love this Gideon study pack to do a summer Bible study with my friends. I am currently using the Jonah study and am thoroughly enjoying it,

  2. Mary Anna Brown says:

    Thanks for commenting, Linda. But you’ll need to return to the giveaway blog post and comment there to be entered to win.

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