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Our webcasts that premiered and aired in February and March are now available online for on-demand watching! All of our past episodes can be accessed here: LifeWay Women Live.

February: “Bringing Jesus Back to Everyday Life”

Have you ever offered a small-group study on evangelism for women? How many attended? What if, instead of telling women you want to teach them how to “share their faith,” you offered to help them tell their stories – where God is in those stories – and how to connect those stories with other women? Maybe you’d see better attendance. You’d have women telling their stories about God’s work in them, connecting with other women – both Christians and those who don’t yet know Christ.

Join host Chris Adams in her discussion with author Casey Van Norman, and women’s ministry leaders Margaret Kennedy and Linda Lesniewski, as they discuss helping women share their stories of God’s work in their lives.


March: “The Barrenness of Busyness”

How do we hear God’s whispers amidst the never ending “to-do” list of responsibilities as a ministry leader? So many needs, so little time. Perhaps we need to re-define success for ourselves even as we lead other women to fight the “barrier of busyness” to focus on the BEST each day.

Author and speaker Cindi Wood (Frazzled Female, Victoriously Frazzled, Desperate), as well as author (Beyond Chaos) and women’s minister Sheila West will help us lead women to fight the “barrier of busyness” to focus on the BEST each day.


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    How confirming! Thank you for posting these. The thoughts of stillness, solitude and silence is something that I have purposed to incorporate into my own life for the last few years as well as share this very important “one thing” with other ladies. The last 3 years I had a desire for WLF to do a retreat on this subject and the Lord has given the green light. We do not want to jam pack a weekend with so many break outs. We are actually going to instruct ladies on their alone time and then give them the alone time to apply the concept they learned. (which I have found they just simply don’t know what to do.) They are always asking me what my time looks like specifically every day. We just discussed using the Desperate study as a pre-cursor study to the retreat. I literally was on my knees yesterday asking His if this is the study He wanted us to do this fall. Then… the post came to my inbox! I love it! Chris, you are constantly helping me in leading this ministry. Then, you have Sheila, who is hands down my favorite teacher at Lifeway. It could not have been any more confirming.

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    Thank you SO much for your kind words, Deanna! That blesses me more than you know. I am sorry I didn’t see this earlier but for some reason I’m not getting notifications on blog comments right now! Am checking that out! Thankyou again for commenting here.

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