Women’s Ongoing Small Groups

As a women’s small group leader, I am always looking at studies and content that will deepen the walk our group members have with Christ.   Especially for an ongoing group of women, this can sometimes be a challenge. Do we start and stop studies (which is certainly great and a wonderful option, especially for those wanting homework) or do we use something that will continue a thread and cover a wide range of topics for a well rounded study over a period of time?

If you are looking for something that even bleeds over to other age groups, that is another challenge. Our re-launch of Bible Studies for Life this fall actually offers the same topics for all age groups if studying as a family is important to your women.  This helps parents to better lead their families and provides a conversation tool for parents that will help them lead One Conversation™ at home each week. This is optional and you can use Bible Studies for Life for your women’s groups whether or not you choose to use the curriculum or students or kids, but is an added bonus if you choose to use with other ages groups.


If you already use this curriculum, I believe you will be so excited to see the new design and especially the helps specific to women’s groups.  And if you are looking for issues-related ongoing study resources for your women’s small groups that meet weekly anytime, anywhere, please check out Bible Studies for Life.

Check out the free downloads of 3 sessions available now at Bible Studies for Life for you to look at to see if this might be one option you want to offer your women in an ongoing group.  Or watch for the same topics that will be available as stand-alone 6-week studies as well. Great topics dealing with current life issues women face!

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