Older and Younger Women’s Leaders Working Together


One of the components of our 2013 Women’s Leadership Forum is “The Real View of What’s New…Doing Connections Well.” This will be a panel of pairs of older and younger leaders who are working together who will share what they have found works or not, how they are passing and taking  the baton, the ins and outs, ups and downs of working together between generations of leaders.

Here is where you can help us. Are you working well with a younger or older leader?  If so, please share thoughts regarding the issues mentioned above.

If you aren’t working inter-generationally in leadership currently, what questions do you have that our panel might address?  You will help us as we plan this panel time so that it is relevant to where you are as a leader yourself.

Thanks so much for your input and questions!  And by the way, if you aren’t registered yet for our Forum, consider this a personal invite!!



Women Reaching Women


  1. Meredith says

    I am 29. Since my early 20’s I have worked with women older than me in ministry both in church, and now at a local non profit .

    Here’s what they have done right:
    – Encouraged me to get involved in the first place
    – Recognized gifts I had they they did not and were willing to give up one of their “jobs” if I could do it better
    – Verbally told me of my value to them
    – Were willing to share personal things with me and made it to where it felt like we were more like equals instead of me “working for” someone who always had the answer just by virtue of them being older
    – Asked me for advice and my perspective
    – Willing to share the “why’s” of doing things a certain way instead of expecting me to just do it because that’s what was done
    – Willing to do it differently if I had an idea that might work

    What I’ve done right: (as much as I can say so from my perspective) :)
    – Had a genuine desire to learn from them
    – Willing to be involved anywhere instead of looking for a title or a specific role
    – Tried to be an encouragement to older ladies and honor them
    – Was transparent with my struggles and weaknesses
    – Willing to be faithful

    What I’ve done wrong:
    – Became defensive when an older lady pointed out areas of weakness in myself or my ideas
    – Failed to be on time or as reliable because it wasn’t important to me (even though it was to them)
    – Gotten frustrated at having to get their approval over ideas and plans
    – Lacked humility
    – Forgotten/ignored the true value of age and experience

    • Betty Mann says

      I value Meredith’s comments and have learned a great deal from them. I am 71 years of age and have been under the guidance and teaching of mostly women either my age or a bit younger. To have the opportunity to now work with a ministry of women who are mostly all much younger than I am gives me a vast well of “today’s” Christian teaching and thinking from them. I have been learning from the Bible, Studies and Ministries only the last 30 years, coming to Salvation at the age of 40. I pray that I will be able to encourage these ladies and that true friendship and mentoring from my experience will allow them to accept me.

      • Chris Adams says

        With young women like Meredith and older women like you, Betty, no doubt there will be intergenerational friendship and mentoring! Watch next week as I post again using her excellent comments.

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