Bible Studies for Life and Women’s Small Groups

We thought it would be interesting to poll our Twitter audience to see when women’s small groups meet. Now, please keep in mind, this research is completely unscientific. But we did find a trend that we thought was worth at least mentioning.

The majority of small groups that responded meet on Tuesday nights. Wednesday evenings was a close second. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are the most popular days for small groups to get together and, of the women who responded, no groups represented meet on Monday mornings. Only one group gets together on Sunday mornings.

We know that what groups are using to facilitate learning and discussion vary greatly from group to group. Some groups use a short 6-12 week Bible study while others might read through specific books of the Bible. We also know that several groups – maybe even yours – will just read through a chapter book together and dialogue about their learning each week.

Whether your group meets during the week or on Sunday mornings, LifeWay has a new Bible study resource that is flexible enough to be used in any setting.

We introduced you yesterday to Bible Studies for Life, which is a new ongoing Bible study resource from LifeWay. Instead of a chapter book or a 6-12 week Bible Study, Bible Studies for Life will release new content each quarter.

One of the things we’re most excited about with this new study is that, for the first time ever, Bible Studies for Life will provide additional teaching helps and resources for leaders who lead women-only groups. We believe this will serve to greatly enhance the Bible study lesson experience. In addition, these helps and resources (that will be available through the Bible Studies for Life blog) will make it easy for leaders to customize each week’s topic of study to be specific to their groups.

For example, the first study from Bible Studies for Life deals with the pressures of temptation. On the Bible Studies for Life blog, you’ll see this teaching help available, which features a video clip from Beth Moore on the connection between temptation and an unforgiving spirit (click the screenshot to enlarge).

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 10.16.12 AM

We’re so excited about this new resource and the impact it will have on churches. We’re especially excited about how customizable Bible Studies for Life will be to meet the diverse needs of the members of the body.

Want to win Bible Studies for Life for an entire year plus an iPad mini? Click here to learn more! Hurry! You only have until Thursday to enter!


  1. Melba Beasley says

    We would love this. We have a bible study that meets every Tuesday Morning at 7 A.M.
    Please consider us.
    Melba Beasley

  2. Sharon Monett says

    Would love to win this for my church’s Women’s Ministry. We have a bible study that we do on a regular basis on Sunday evening before evening church, and are re-starting a Thursday night group as well.

  3. Terri Gillis says

    Our ladies bible study meets every Thursday evening and has been for years… (7+…. I’ve lost track it’s been so long). We’re good friends with Beth, Priscilla, Kay and we have a new friend Kelly as we are currently studying Nehemiah. Please let those ladies knew how much we just love them, how we’ve laughed with them, how they have encouraged us, how they’ve spoken into our lives, our pain and our joys; we are GRATEFUL for the messages from God that they deliver to us week after week. LOVE to all of you at Lifeway and thank you for keeping the Truth real in our every day lives!! XO!

  4. debbie-can says

    Ok throughing my name in the hat to be drawn out of the hat :). O how I would love to share something like this with the women in my church. They have been such a blessing to me as we have had a difficult year.
    God Bless for all you do to help women better serve the Lord.
    Right now we have a ladies bible study one day a week, plus a ladies Sunday School class. and we meet once a month as well.


  5. says

    We are a non-profit womens ministry providing free Biblical based counseling to the women of our community. One of our other outreaches is a Bible study every Monday morning and Monday night, year round. We chose those times because we have buildings donated to our ministry for this specific purpose. We average 20 in am and 50-100 in pm. We are not in church buildings so we attract women who would not darken church doors. Over the last 3 years we have had about 20 women accept Christ. WE disciple them and help them get plugged in to local churches. We use about 6-8 Bible studies a year!!

  6. Michelle says

    I lead a group of young women on Thursday evening where I cook them dinner and we study together. They don’t have much $$ so this giveaway would b awesome. Anything to keep them in the Word !! Thank you


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