Free Friday: Thankfulness in All Things

Update: Congratulations to Melanie Burrows for winning this giveaway!

What is it for you? What is the one thing (or maybe it’s more than one thing) that trips you up? That leaves you asking God “why?!”?  Can you be thankful anyway?

We here at LifeWay Women are just like you. We deal with cancer, miscarriages, broken families, wayward teenagers, loss, loneliness, self-esteem issues, and so much more. And just like you, we want the joy of the Lord in all circumstances. Watch the clip below from Jennifer Rothschild. She asks the question, “Can we be thankful in all things?”

Missing Pieces: Jennifer Rothschild on 1 Thessalonians 5 from LifeWay Women on Vimeo.

Just as a reminder that we’re in the trenches alongside you, we’re giving away a Missing Pieces small group starter kit that contains a leader kit with DVDs and five member books. You can get a group of friends together and share in this journey of thankfulness.

Missing Pieces Cover

Enter to win this giveaway by telling us about the thing in your life that has you seeking for thankfulness.

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  1. Valerie Jenkins says

    The one thing that trips me up, is actually 3. I had three miscarriages in a year. But I am thankful because those time caused me to seek God so much more. My relationship with Him is better for it. I still don’t fully understand, but I’m thankful that I have learned to praise His name in the good times and the heart breaking times.

    • says

      Valerie. I just read your comment and want you to know I am saying a prayer for you today. I’ve been through 5 miscarriages, a stillbirth and even battled infertility in between. Praying God’s perfect peace and beautiful healing in your life.

  2. says

    I am a huge fan of the question, “Why me?” because I believe it has everything to do with the question “Who is God?” The problem arises when we fail to recognize that the latter question is the one of incomparable importance and the former question is, well, ultimately silly to ask if you take just one minute to think about the latter. I ask “Why me?” almost daily, either in the context of “God, why are you so good to me?” or “God, where are you in their lives?” I ask the first question often lately. I have been blessed day after day as I start the internship of a lifetime with 29:11 Inc., (, an opportunity which two weeks ago brought me to my knees in praise and tears in a public bathroom on campus. I asked the latter in a whole new state of urgency recently, when I discovered the tragedy of sex-slavery and women oppression and depravity of educational opportunities world wide, as I watched the documentary “Half the Sky” in Langdon Hall. I think questions are good, even when they are posed in arrogance and anger aimed at our Almighty. Questions, unsettling as they are, lead to peace through grace and thankfulness in Christ, as Philippians 4 so poetically tells us.

  3. says

    The recession hit us hard, and then it hit us again and again. We are worse of financially then when we first got married almost 10 years ago, but I am striving to be thankful of our time together and our journey to where we are today.

  4. says

    I try to be thankful in all things, but right now we’re going through some issues with trying to sell our home and relocate to Louisiana along with our youngest daughter, son-in-law, and 2 youngest grandchildren. All of us have felt like we’re hitting brick walls and detours which we know God is in control of, but sometimes it’s hard to be thankful as we should be.

    I would love to win this book. Thank you!

  5. WendyBrz says

    I’m challenged to be thankful for the pain in my life. It is ever-present and gets pretty exhausting. Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  6. Janice says

    This is a great giveaway and I have been wanting to do this since it was first released. I am currently taking a break from leading Bible study and would love to start it back up with this study. My husband is dealing with a serious illness. I am learning to be thankfull in all circumstances. I am participating in Beth Moore’s Scripture memory team. This was verse #4 for me. Would love to win.
    Thank you.

  7. says

    I received a very loud “NO” a few years back in 2 areas of my life. It has taken those years since to be able to honestly say thank you in and for those “No’s”. I have learned that these things are processes in my life. Processes that take me on a journey of faith. My belief in God concerning His sovereignty has been strengthened immensely and because of that I can truly say, “Thank you Father, for you allow no bad in my life it is all good.”
    The amazing thing was that He said, “Yes” to something that I could have never imagined. A new ministry over the last 3 years where I have been able to lead many women to Christ and help many women on their road to freedom in Christ.

  8. maggie p says

    I am just thankful for my life. I have settled into my age, my weight, my life, myself. Hard to put into words…but am no longer at the age where I want to strive to be someone I am not.

  9. Kathy says

    I am thankful for the Resurrection and constant love of Jesus Christ! There are so many other things that I am thankful for that I could go on forever!

  10. Laura L. says

    I’m thankful that God sought me out even when I wasn’t looking for Him. Looking back on my life, I can see how He walked with me through some incredibly painful times. Even when I thought I was alone I see now that He was with me. And I’m thankful that now I see Him!

  11. June says

    I am so thankful and blessed with a wonderful Christian husband and family. There are many issues in my life right now, but God tells us to be thankful in everything. .Sometimes this is very hard.

  12. says

    I am seeking thankfulness because each of my children has challenges in different ways. It can be a struggle some day, and I have to rely on God’s grace daily. Without Him, I would be lost, for sure.

  13. says

    to say just the thing I am attempting to be thankful for? that despite my choices, my stupid words, my ungrateful heart He still leads me and teaches me and wants me to serve the Kingdom. I am trying but it is very very difficult, more so than it has ever been. I fear for the future.

  14. Alyssa Casey says

    I am thankful for God healing me of my CMT (which is a bone disease). And thankful that God is using me to help others.

  15. Danielle says

    The death of loved ones and church conflicts / hurt are issues which usually cause me trouble when it comes to being thankful in all things. Continuing to search for thankfulness in these areas. I’m anxious to dig into this study because it addresses issues which affect every woman at one time or another.

  16. says

    I am seeking to be thankful for being an empty nester. Two of my kiddos were married within 6 months and after all the excitement I am trying to see where God would have me now. I am also 18 months post cancer and trying to find my “new normal”. God is good and I am blessed because of His Love.

  17. Michal Joyner says

    I’m thankful that my daughter is now drug free after 40 years. She gave her life over to Christ, and she has found hope and forgiveness through her relationship with Jesus. My prayers have been answered in ways that I never dreamed.
    God has blessed our whole family by allowing us to get to know the person she was meant to be.

  18. Susan Mihal says

    I thankful that God is a God of 2nd chances. that we all get an opportunity to correct our past mistakes and become the person He really wants us to become.

  19. Michelle says

    I am thankful for my beautiful daughter. Although there have been many tough time in raising her (she’s now a toddler) and dealing with post partum depression it has drawn me closer to God. I know that I will need him to continually give me grace and comfort althrough motherhood. I am so thankful to know that I am never alone and the God is always by my side.

  20. Katie Wirth says

    My three healthy smart and amazing beautiful children. God must def see something in me to trust these precious babies to me to raise!

  21. Lori says

    Although I was an empty nester for a few months, my daugher and her two children have moved back home. Even though I am heartbroken for the situation for her and her children, I am thankful for this time with my daughter and grandchildren. It has been a big adjustment but we are all making it work. God has a plan, a plan to prosper and not to harm, a plan to give her hope and a future.

  22. Lori says

    In a season of life, with 3 active young children, 1 adult child about to get married, husband in full-time ministry … And the busyness that flows from all this … seeking thankfulness daily for the energy and discernment to prioritize all that is required of my time, emotions, and strength.

  23. Laurel Jordan says

    telling us about the thing in your life that has you seeking for thankfulness. This has been very difficult for me lately. I generally am extremely optimistic and hopeful, which in turn makes counting blessings super easy. I try to live with gratitude daily. LATELY, i am having a hard time being grateful . My husband has been in Afghanistan serving our country for 8 months. The year before that he was gone 5.5 months. My son has Aspergergers and was diagnosed during the last two years. Two daughters 13 and 11, cant walk by each other without sniping and fighting at each other. I spend most of my days disciplining, reprimanding or driving them places. I am tired, weary, and alone. I finished my Master’s Degree in the last month and the celebration was, well, non existence. It seemed insignificant to my family and that hurt. My ability to be grateful is challenged– although I am grateful for the God I love and worship continues to love me even when I am pouting like a 2 year old who isn’t getting her way. I rest in that love and I am grateful for God. I want this study for my church, my girls who attend my church who each has their own set of struggles, all of us who dailyness takes us from our focus of gratitude and Jesus first. I believe it could help.

  24. Theresa White says

    So very thankful for healing from breast cancer. Even more thankful for the lessons learned during the journey.

  25. Vicki Dopp says

    Knowing God always sees to our needs. It may not be the needs we thought we needed, but most definitely winds up being exactly what we needed.

  26. Sharon M. says

    God has graciously given me victory over so many of these “one things” that these days, I find it easier and easier to reflect on those victories–over the feelings of rejection and failure from a broken marriage and over struggles with chronic depression among others. I guess perhaps the current “one thing” is just a struggle with WAITING–God has called me into a speaking ministry, but I feel like I’ve been in a “holding pattern” for the past several years. I believe there are strong indications that THIS is the year of action in this calling, though!

  27. Debbie says

    Thankful for this period “between the parentheses” that is teaching me the value of trusting and waiting for God’s very best.

  28. Debbie Oliver says

    I seek for thankfulness because of the strength God has given me to live the life I have lived, and currently am still living. Many have told me with all of the things that have happened to me, no normal person could fight back stronger and even more pure by seeking God even deeper…many turn to drugs, suicide, withdraw from society, etc. I seek Him stronger, and He responds by showering me with mercy and strength. He also changes my heart continually, and opens my eyes to things to help me avoid grave mistakes before I get too deep into them. That is HUGE for me! God is soooo good!

  29. Cassie Pulley says

    I struggle to be thankful for what my husband and I do have, and not get caught up in what we don’t. I have to remember that “stuff” doesn’t matter, and to be thankful for ALL the blessings God has given me!!

  30. Teri Smith says

    I’m thankful for the past three years that I’ve had financial woes and career changes. Without these trials, I would not have known things about myself and most of all, things about God and who he is and who he wants to be in my life. I struggle with the fact that every time, I think we are getting ahead and past this phase of life, something else happens. Starting to think, this is God’s way of keeping me humble and close to him. He knows me so well.

  31. Jenny Harrison says

    Being thankful FOR my daily life by not taking it for granted. It is difficult to go through the daily grind and remember to be thankful FOR the little and big things- healthy kids to wake up, a loving husband, a job, a good church-

  32. Rachel Traver says

    Satan has really been attacking me lately in the places it hurts the most. I keep trying to remember to be joyful in my trials (James 1:2) and give thanks in all circumstances (1 Thess 5: 18). Sometimes it is so hard to do that. I would love to win this so we could have a small group study on being thankful in all circumstances.

  33. Tami Trunick says

    I’m thankful for the welling up of fire I feel inside of me, which has to be nothing but the Holy Spirit, to be courageous, and bold and to share more of the Amazing Grace that is available to everyone. I cannot fight my heart and my mouth anymore to want to proclaim from the rooftops where our hope is found! Fear will not bind me! I know who goes before me!

  34. Candi Dickerson says

    I’m needing a shift in my perspective concerning my journey toward health. So much good has happened in the last year, so much progress, but I find myself resentful that I still have to work hard and abstain from certain foods. Seems like such a first-world problem, right? Then I feel disappointed in myself because I should be able to just get over it! All that to say, I’m needing to find thankfulness for struggle and perseverance-building.

  35. Tawnya says

    My family has been praying for something daily that God seems to be saying “NO” to & somedays that just seems wrong because what we want is good. But, I am staying faithful because He is faithful & He knows what is best. It may turn out to be a big life changer for us & those are always a little scary, but life has always been so much better on the other side of them. He is good all the time!

  36. Heather Maze says

    I am striving to be thankful for the place my family is right now. We are wanting to build our own home but my husband is a self employed construction worker and doesn’t always have steady work. On top if that we are praying for guidance about whether or not I am supposed to quit my teaching position in the next year to begin homeschooling our twins. A lot of unknowns and scary ground for our family.

  37. Linda says

    I have lost 2 sons. One at the age of 7 in 1987 and my youngest one at the age of 22 in 2008 due to suicide. It was the loss of my son from suicide that sent me into the pit of deep depression where i just wanted to go home and be with them. Despite my pleading with God to take me from this world He chose to leave me here. I re-dedicated my life to serving Him and can truly say that I am thankful ” for ” all things because I wouldn’t have the relationship I have with my Saviour that I have now. My life has become my testimony and like all we must choose to say I don’t understand, but I trust You Lord. I don’t have all I want, but I do have all I need and that is the love of my God !!!

  38. Dori Fraser says

    I am thankful that my mighty, powerful God uses my pain and struggles for good. I thank Him for not wasting one tear, one struggle, one disappointment. These things He uses to bring me closer to Him. He has complete authority over my life and that saves me. He saves me daily.

  39. Lynnette says

    I am struggling with being thankful as a stepmom. In a seriously thankless & often scrutinized role in the family, I struggle with this almost on a daily basis. I am thankful for 2nd chances in many aspects of my life.

  40. Nicole says

    This looks like it woukd be an amazing study for bible study. There are so many hurting women who feel lost and confused.

  41. Robin in New Jersey says

    I am trying to be thankful for the present state of my marriage. My husband’s sin has caused us to be separated for a time and I am presently a single mom to 3 teen girls. Trying to figure out how to pay the bills and keep our home with the lose of his salary and me only working parttime at a job that pays very little. Thankfulness is very hard right now.

  42. says

    I am working through some grief due to the loss of loved ones. I am thankful to God that he’s making me stronger! He is helping me to see the importance of marriage and praying for my husband. I appreciate my husband more and I have been shown the value of our relationship through the very recent loss of my brother in law.

  43. says

    I’m thankful that after working 11 years as a manager in the Retail industry I’ve been able to transition into full-time ministry as a Director of Children’s ministry. Working endless hours, countless holidays, and pouring my all into a career in retail finally brought me to a place where I cried out to God and said, “I don’t want to be consumed by a job like this one. I want my work to glorify You and be profitable for the Kingdom.” It was an enormous step of faith being that my salary sustained our household. But God has been faithful to me and my family. HE is sustaining our family of 6 on my husband’s income alone and we have yet to lack in any area of our life. I’m truly thankful for God answering my prayers and blessing me with the opportunity to greatly impact young lives for His glory.

  44. Mary Randall says

    The journey I expected to be taking in life came to an abrupt end 2-1/2 years ago when my boyfriend passed away suddenly. While it is certainly difficult to be thankful for the loss of a loved one, I look at the journey I’ve been on since that time and am extremely thankful for so much in my new life, especially for the wonderful people that have become a part of my life since his death. This journey has been an interesting one ( to say the least!), and I have moved to a new community out of state, joined a new church, and met many new friends. I could face this journey with fear, as it’s a very uncertain path I’m taking at the moment, or I could face it with excitement. I choose excitement, because I persevere!

  45. says

    I recently lost a dear friend to cancer and she made every day she had left count in big and small ways. I was reminded how many times I waste the time I have and am not grateful for everyday things like she was. Working to see God at work in my life and thanking him even when things don’t seem to make sense.

  46. Sharon Weldon says

    I am thankful God brought my 40yr old daughter from medical death sentence of days to a life sentence 12 weeks later. It is difficult to be thankful in the circumstance. No matter the results God has a plan.

  47. Dana Hosko says

    I am thankful for so many things, as I grow in God I realize that getting rid of old baggage (Beth Moore, Breaking Free… learning this in our current ladies bible study) and when you let go of so much you realize it is the simple things like your husband, kids, health, all the great things that God gives us. So thankful for the simple things we take for granted each day.

  48. Rebecca Anderson says

    I am thankful for all the things in my life that seem like difficulty, but ALWAYS show the glory of God!

  49. Shoshanah Bauer says

    I am most thankful for not only the immeasurable Grace of my Lord, but the grace given to me by the people in my life. I am truly blessed.

  50. Lisa Jones says

    Would love to have this for the ladies at my church. There are many ladies I know going through tough times; health issues, housing issues, money issues, family issues and we all struggle with thanking God for the for the situation. When we are in the mist of the storm it’s hard to remember that God has ordained it to make us like His son. It’s also hard for people in pain to hear someone they think doesn’t have any problems, speak scripture to them and remind them what or how God tells us to be.
    Thanks for your obedience to the Lord and bringing this Bible study to His people.

  51. says

    We are in the midst of a very hard time in our ministry and confused at what God is doing. I am striving to keep my focus on Him and being thankful for all that He continues to provide for me

  52. Michele Griesinger says

    Thankful that we can learn and grow in Christ everyday. This was a wonderful clip…so I am thankful for the process. Even though it has been very difficult. I will not think as a victim. but see God’s might work in our life.

  53. Kathy S says

    Though my husband lost his job 16 months ago, I am thankful that God is our provider and will lead my husband to meaningful employment in His timing.

  54. Teresa Pierson says

    I am learning to be thankful for all things. I am a 50 year old grandmother raising 2 small kids. My daughter got in bad relationships, drugs and finally went to jail. I thought I would literally die. That was the darkest hour of my life. She is now lifting in a halfway house which I’ve come to believe is God’s blessing. I am developing a heart of love for ladies in this situation. My daughter will soon be ready to come home but I feel God calling me to start a Bible Study for these women.i never imagined joy could come from this trial in our lives.

  55. Melanie Burrows says

    I am trying with all my heart to find thankfulness in my family’s new normal. My father, a Godly man and role model to many, amazing husband, father and grandfather to my daughter had a massive stroke 7 months ago. He is confined to a wheelchair now and paralyzed totally on one side. He now has anxiety attacks if he is left alone and worries to an obsessive point. This is a man who has traveled many times internationally and within the US to spread the gospel. My daughter has so much love and adoration for him and she asks if he will ever be the same. My husband,daughter,mother, and I hace different lives now but I know that I know that my God has a plan. I am struggling with it though. I would love to do this study with the women in my neighborhood and also at church. I want to stay in the center of God’s will and make him proud as I care for my Dad. I could use some wisdom though. Thank you for the chance to enter.

  56. Kris Konick says

    God’s faithfulness in general causes me to be thankful. When I start to look at circumstances or take things for granted he always reminds me of how many, many, many times in my life he has been faithful to me and blessed my socks off!!!! Totally. Awesome.

  57. Rhonda Calvert says

    We all have mountains in our lives, mine was losing my 4 month old daughter to SIDS. The experience has taught me so very much! i am so thankful to God for saving my life. I now have 3 boys who I want to instill into them the importance of thankfulness.

  58. Susan Wright says

    Thankful God is always there fighting against satan when he (satan) tries very hard to keep me from doing God’s work.

  59. Robbyn Hanstad says

    My family and I, (husband and five kids) have walked a journey of simplifying our lives, making a major move and sacrificing comfort and finances to serve God with more of our time on the mission field. We have encountered much difficulty and some valleys. I want to continue to be thankful for the provision from the Lord and the growth we have seen in our family and children, despite disspointments and discouragement.

  60. Cammy Perez says

    As a mother of 4 children all under the age of 8 I have to remind myself to be thankful for the “little” years. I need to remain in the present with them fully engaged and content. Godliness with CONTENTMENT is great gain. I don’t want to miss this because of wrong thinking or unthankfullness. I don’t want to miss a bit of their lives. They will all too soon grow up and I want to have ZERO regrets. I want to live life with them and enjoy all of the ups downs and inbetweens. Being thankful helps our daily life to be truly a gift and a present as we bask in His presence!!!

  61. says

    Though God allows our journey to have lowpoints, it is during those lowpoints that I knew the course turned upward because God’s had was at work….not anything that I could have done. I am thankful for a God who in control of the details of my life…and my Hope! Check out Deu. 8:1-3 and Judges 7 for OT examples.

  62. says

    The one thing that has me searching for thankfulness is how life hasn’t turned out the way I thought it would. In fact, it is the polar opposite of what I expected and I’m not always reconciled with that.

  63. Catherine says

    My husband is an associate pastor and there are days, (like today!) when there is too much going on. It’s sometimes hard to have life outside of church because church dominates our life. I have to remind myself what a privileged it is that God has given my husband the greatest job in the world – telling people about Jesus. I have to remember to be thankful that we have the opportunity to do that even when we are bogged down by the responsibility of it all.

  64. Leann Harding says

    I am thankful for my job. I have been there a little over 6 months. I was in hostile work environment and had been praying for a new job for close to a year. I kept hearing God tell me to be patient, he was preparing a place for me. My new job came in his timing and has been fantastic. With it came a god raise which I was thankful for 3 months later when my husband lost his job. I have been at peace with his job loss because I had just experienced God’s finger print on my job situation. So thankful and blessed by God’s ultimate plan!

  65. Sherrell says

    I am a 2 time heart transplant recipient and a kidney transplant recipient. Last year I spent 6 months in the hospital hoping God’s plan was for me to get the needed life saving organs. I knew his plan and timing was perfect -either I would be healed here on earth or He would take me home. I am so thankful for His healing powers, His presence, and His love. I am thankful for my donors and their families as well as my wonderful family. No I do not understand the whys of where our journey led us but we always knew God was in control.

  66. JoJo Sutis says

    I just came out of a SEEKING THANKFULNESS season in 2012.
    My mom passed away in March 2012, she had been ill for months. I just had a new baby boy- her first grandchild, and felt is was unfair that she could not enjoy him because of her declining health. Then after she passed, my family went through a crisis of sorts. One particular family member, a minister, began seeing a married woman in his congregation. He eventually gave up everything to be with this woman and distanced himself from the family. This hurt so much, I cannot even put into words. During that year, I held on to God with everything I had- it wasn’t easy. There were nights I wracked my brain and cried out to God for answers. But through it, I found a deeper realness in my relationship with Him.
    There were so many people affected by what happened and my heart hurts for them still. There are some who may never return to church, never trust a pastor. And I could have been one of those people.
    But, I know that my trust is not in any man, my trust is in God. Man will disappoint, fail, and hurt you. But God is good. God is faithful. God is the same yesterday, today and forevermore!
    For this, I’m thankful. For the first time in my life, Im knowing God, the Father, my Father in a whole new way.

  67. Cindy Gossett says

    I used to dream of my kids growing up and finding spouses and living happily ever after. A big part of that dream was selfish because I loved the thought of being a grandmother someday. Well our lives didn’t turn out as I had prayed they would and through many painful circumstance I found myself at place were God was calling me to hand over my first grandchild to a new family through adoption. It was one of the most difficult times of my life while simultaneously being one I’ve become so grateful for. At first I new there was no way I could do it, but the Lord carried me through it and has blessed me with connection to her and her family this day, a healthy and thriving 8 yr old. There’s no time to share all here, but my daughter went on to have two other children, boys, who were also adopted. So no grandchildren for me…on the contrary. The family who adopted the boys were members at our church. They had two daughters of their own and today my husband and I are Nana and Papa to all for of these beautiful children! He is worthy of our praise and I am for every thankful.

  68. Valerie Ming says

    Being thankful for family and health. After losing a cousin who was a sweet & energetic 7year old in a tragic car accident and then in less than a year losing my beautiful 18 year old niece in a tragic car accident, I have been reminded tomorrow is not promised. I am thankful for the time shared and memories made, but oh how short the time was:-(

  69. Annette says

    The HARD things are what trip me up and ask questions why sometimes!! Things like cancer, death, suicide, and illness!! I have begun keeping track of all the graces that God sends my way. Well over one thousand at this point; but, the hard things I am thankful for because I know God is still dealing with me !! Thank you Lord for all the graces you send my way. Keeping in a continual process of talking and praying to God gives me the assurance He is WITH me. What a tremendous gift this prize would be for a small group bible study. For where better than community can God work HIs ways. This would be a treasure to have. Thank you for offering this opportunity!

  70. courtney says

    We moved almost a year ago and with a very heavy heart we left an amazing church community. We know the move was completely God’s plan for us and I am seeking daily to be thankful for the great church that God has put us in now. Being thankful for the differences bw the two and how the former was perfect for us in one season and the new one is perfect for us for right where we are now! Its a challenge for me but not for Him!

  71. Valerie says

    Recently a guest in our home suffered a major injury in what seemed to be a minor accident. i struggled with why God would allow that but was reminded to give thanks in everything. While I’m not thankful for the injury I am thankful that I can trust God to work good even in this. God is good.

  72. Stephanie Floyd says

    A divorce left me without that core family and extended family that after 23 yrs of marriage you claim as yours and them all of a sudden. It’s all gone. Relationships friends support. But one thing thru it all is Gods presence and blessings I have been blessed by his grace daily. So even though I lost there is still hope for a new me without the other half that so defined who I was in my eyes. And now it’s doesn’t I’d love to win this I LOVE bible studies and have never done one of hers. Blessings. Stephanie

  73. says

    I am striving to be more thankful for those.who love me even though I have very little contact with my biiologixcal family, habe learned to be thankful for those I do have

  74. says

    I suffered 15 years through miscarriage, stillbirth, and infertility. I have learned to turn my sorrow into worship and am praising God for the ability to minister to other women through my experience.

  75. says

    I struggled for years with bitterness toward God for allowing me to experience a failed marriage as well as other disappointments in my life. I had committed my life to full-time ministry, so I didn’t understand how He could allow this to happen. I expected my life to turn out a certain way, almost like a pay back from God for my wonderful sacrifice. I continued to serve in ministry anyway, but there was always that underlying unforgiveness toward God I couldn’t seem to resolve. However, about ten years ago, God began taking me through a process of healing and understanding that He would use to help me minister to other sisters in Christ. My current husband and I serve as associate pastors in a church, and I lead ladies’ Bible studies. I have firsthand knowledge of how God uses our hurts and disappointments to show us His grace, mercy, and love., I draw on that to minister to other ladies in similar circumstances.

  76. Mitzi says

    For the past 3 years I have been striving to be thankful for all the small steps God has taken with my son, as he tries to overcome difficulties in his life. My son’s life has not been an easy one. He has struggled since birth & I have had to fight for him & protect him. Once he became an adult, it was not easy for me to let go, but the Lord showed me I needed to step back & let him become a man. I hit my knees one night after an extremely bad period with my son. I finally realized, I could not fix the situation like I did when he was small. I turned him completely over to God. Within a week I saw God working in my son’s life. It has not been easy, nor pretty. This has been the hardest 3 to 4 years of my life & my son’s life. I do know, that God is controlling each painful step we have taken. It’s hard when you see your child so broken & in so much pain, but I know it is necessary for him to get his life under control. I know that because God has shown me! Even though my son has not completely been healed, I am thankful for all that God is doing for him. God giving me the strength to completely let go of my son, is a gift I will always cherish!

  77. Janet says

    Thankful for my miracle baby! Found out at 4 days old she was born
    with a disease. Had her first surgery at a week old and her second
    surgery at three months. God showed His faithfulness and mercy
    during this time.

  78. Kelley says

    The thing that gets my mind going the wrong direction is ministry. It takes so much energy and sometimes I wonder, “Did all that work accomplish anything at all?” I really do know that God works in ways we can’t see though so I need to always be thankful for whatever fruit He produces in me – whether I see it or not.

  79. says

    I have been a stay-at-home wife/mom/homeschool mom for 18 years. My children are getting older and I feel that I am working my way out of a job. I am seeking to be thankful that I am entering a new stage and season in my life.

  80. says

    oops….had a typo in my email address in the last post :(
    I have been a stay-at-home wife/mom/homeschool mom for 18 years. My children are getting older and I feel that I am working my way out of a job. I am seeking to be thankful that I am entering a new stage and season in my life.

  81. Angie says

    I have a few things that trip me up. I am the one that trips me up most. I am a work in progress though, and there really is so much to be thankful for!!

  82. says

    Well, that was sure convicting. I’ve been going through depression for about 10 months now and I surely haven’t been thankful for it. I will try this though because in the past, when I have been thankful for and in my storms, it has made a huge difference. Thank you Jennifer.

  83. Jenifer C says

    I am asking God to give me a thankful heart as we are walking through a season of many closed doors and “no’s”. My heart’s desire is to sing praises while I wait in this hallway; waiting for God to open the next door for us. We do not have enough money to pay our bills or buy groceries this month, but God is faithful and He always keeps His promises. He knows our needs, He is not surprised by those needs and He has a good and perfect plan.

  84. Lois says

    Being depended upon by my elderly mom who is 92,when we turn another downhill corner sometimes I just want to crawl into my shell and not deal with things. I need to be thankful that I am here to help, that God has assigned me this task and that she has lived a long life.

  85. Jewell says

    My husband and I have gone through many things in the 10 years we have been married. We found out we can’t have children, we have tried to adopt and foster and both have fallen through on us. Now the recession has taken a toll on us and my mother has dementia. She depends on me and my brother a lot. I know this sounds like a lot but I also know that God has been there. I have been learning to be thankful for over 10 years now. I would love to share this with the ladies in my church. Many of them are learning the same thing.

  86. says

    I am thankful in the season of motherhood as my role is changing as my teenage twin sons turn 17 and are growing in to young Christian gentlemen. As I watch and have to let go a bit and allow God to mold them I find that is really hard to do as it means letting them make mistakes and learn and asking daily for wisdom to guide and love them daily in the ups and downs of the journey of teenagers.

  87. Stephanie H says

    I’m challenged by some difficult people who are…well, not so nice. I’m in the ministry, and every time I come into contact with these people, it’s like their negativity contaminates my spirit. I am trying to learn to be thankful for the challenges that come my way, because we know that the more right we do, the more attacks we’ll face, but it’s often difficult for me to let it go once that negativity seeps in! Thank you so much for the giveaway! We saw you at FGF in Georgia last spring (2012), and it was truly amazing. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

  88. says

    I am seeking thankfulness in my ministry. Funny that I read this blog today because I had been recently feeling discouraged in working for the Lord. I know that we are in God’s will for us because He is graciously supporting us at every point of need. I’m making the choice to be grateful because I can serve my God without hinderance. No matter what I expect the outcomes to be, He is forever faithful to us!

  89. Melinda Lancaster says

    My son is that one thing that makes me ask “why”? I’ve encountered enormous health challenges and live in constant pain. We’ve experienced death and loss. None of those things have left a “hole in my blanket of faith” like having our only child veer far off on a destructive path.

    I enjoyed being part of the launch team for this study. I already bought the workbook but would LOVE to have the DVD series to use as a small group study.

  90. Jennifer says

    I have always been thankful for the family and family of my friends that are supporting me daily. In my life I have been through some obstacles that easily made someone give up and hide. Family has never allowed me to do that. I am now learning to be thankful for the obstacles. I have learned about my faith and values because of them. I have also learned that each day is a new day. I have learned in the last few months that those obstacles built my relationship with God. Mine is unique. It is not going to follow your thoughts because He and I have a different bond. I am not going to say that it is easy to be thankful for tough times. At this pointI am not that mature in my faith. I do go to Him. Then when it is over I thank Him for making me face it and making me me.

  91. Julie says

    I’m seeking to be thankful for my infertility! Already, He’s blessed me with close friendships of people who are experiencing a similar journey. Yet, my heart starts to ache even more as I yearn for the ladies in each new friendship to also be blessed with a bundle of joy.

  92. says

    I have had a rough last 3 years, losing my 22 year old son, my Daddy, and my husband in 15 months. One of my best friends died last May after a battle with cancer. I struggle with depression, as well. I know God has a plan for me and I want to be patient and obedient. I find great joy leading a widow’s group in my home and love them so much. I am leaning on Jesus during this new season of my life.

  93. Donna Harris says

    I was diagnosed with absence seizures in 1993. I have been on multiple medications which have never worked. Procedures like eegs and mri which proved inconclusive.. 3 weeks ago I went to the University of Minnesota hospital for a 4 day in-patient video eeg. There was no electical activity on the monitors. The conclusion is that I do not have absence seizures but psedoseizures. Wow ! What a shift in thinking after 20 yrs. II am thankful for the new diagnosis. It is freeing. God’s word is truth and it sets us all free. I would love to do facilitate this study to also have ladies finding the truths of what God says about them.

  94. Katie says

    I am seeking thankfulness for the struggles of motherhood. I’m so thankful for my children! I’ve read the above posts and know what it is like to have to wait for them. Motherhood isn’t easy though. I’m seeking thankfulness for the piles of laundry, dirty dishes, sassy attitudes, etc. that come with my biggest blessings!

  95. Pat says

    My adult children as they suffer through the trials life brings. They each have their own issues but the Mpmmy heart I will always have for them grieves when they are hurting. I don’t feel like I am the faith model God wants me to be for them.

  96. Jane Holiday says

    What I am thankful for, is my Granddaughter. She was born 3.5 months early and weighed only 1 pound, 5 ounces. She was not completely formed. We got to watch her complete forming outside the womb. She is my Psalm 139 baby and is truly wonderfully made. She is now over a year old and I thank God for her every day.

  97. Judy says

    We’ve been dealing with infertility for 5+ years. I have asked God to enable me to give thanks in all things and to rejoice with those that rejoice. He is GOOD no matter what my experience is. I would love to win a copy of this study and to keep growing in this area.

  98. KarenMO says

    I agree this may be our biggest challenge as Christians, and I’d love to have this book to read, and to also share with my group of ladies who do Beth Moore and other’s Bible Studies on a regular basis. We would love doing it as a group .

    Thanks in advance,

  99. Kara says

    Sometimes I have a hard time being thankful that my husband has a job! He’s away from home quite often and I just feel lonely!

  100. Lisa B says

    My “one thing” is the concurrence of multiple chronic health issues that eats up much of my time (just from really complicating the management of life), affects my entire family’s social lives, and keeps me from much of the ministry I so want to be involved in. This sounds like a great study – something with which we all struggle!

  101. Trish Barnes says

    I am grateful every day that I am a daughter of The King of Kings and He allows me to talk to Him. What a privilege that we so often take for granted. Thank you Jesus, You made it possible. I am grateful that God reveals wonder to us everywhere. I am grateful to see the women in my Bible study learning and growing in their Faith.

    With joy to Serve Him,

  102. Kathy K says

    I’m thankful through a process of life changes. I can’t see where God is leading, but I am thankful that God has a plan and will reveal it to me in due time. Through these changes, I’m learning that many women are experiencing the same. I am ready to get a group of women together to study Missing Pieces as we grow spiritually together!

  103. Terry C says

    I am thankful for the many trial and tribulations that I have had because through that I have learned to encourage myself, Trust God wholeheartedly and He became my best friend who I tell absolutely everything to, I have become strong and rooted. Although it is a day by day walk. Sometimes a moment by moment. But through it all, God is faithful and I’m so very thankful for all work he’s done in my life, the pruning and continued pruning.

  104. Aly says

    I struggle to purposefully give thanks for the every day blessings I take for granted. I get frustrated with my kids when they act out. I have children to raise. I know the pain of losing a child and I am blessed with 2 children. I get frustrated with the messy house and how I can never seem to keep things even remotely picked up/clean. I have a roof over my head and it is a very comfortable home. I am stressed with having to make dinner. I have food to prepare for my family. I get frustrated with people at work. I have a job to help my family and I am able to help others in my workplace and carry out loving others with God’s love. It’s a cycle we get caught up in too easily in Suburbia. I want to break free and give thanks!

  105. Bonnie Michel says

    I am having issues with being thankful for my eye sight fading away and the pain in my body daily but I know I need to be thankful because its for Gods puroses and His glory and Hie IS teaching me to tto depend on Him 24/7 I know He is with me but some times its seemsHe is far in thje distance I try but slip and I pray

  106. Pam Branch says

    My son as he is growing into a man and muddling through the complex issues in life. Plus I have fibromyalgia, and it ain’t fun!

  107. Cari Andreani says

    Thankful for my marriage! Almost lost my family 13 years ago and thank God daily He gave me a second chance.

  108. Karen says

    I am thankful for my salvation. Every day I am more amazed
    By the love of Christ that took Him to the cross for me!
    It is wonderful to be loved that much even though
    I am so unworthy however He is the loving.
    Oh how He loves us!

  109. Michelle Barrand says

    I am trying to be thankful for the people that are placed in my life. I work in Women’s Ministry and sometimes situations come up that are difficult. I believe that in every difficult situation there is a lesson to be learned. I would love to have this study for a small group for our Mentoring program.

  110. Candice says

    Thankful in a season of singleness and preparation for future. Need to trust the LORD to provide and be diligent to obey.

  111. Hilda Mendoza says

    Thankful for all the issues of life, marriage and raising two teenage boys….learning to be grateful when things seem too hard to handle and giving it to Jesus so that He can help me in all things.

  112. Rachelle S. says

    I am working so hard in being thankful in all things. To stop and see all the beauty in life, to count my blessings all throughout the day. I have several hard things in my life, and I am trying to change my perspective of how to view them by being more thankful.

  113. andrea t. says

    I have moved away from everything normal, comfortable and loved.
    My husband took a job in another state and moved me & only 1 our 4 children with him.
    We are still seeking “where, why , & hows”
    I am seeking to be thankful for any little thing so my heart stays tender.
    I have many missing pieces that I journal God about.
    I’ve even prayed about a “New Girl” Ministry – there are many around me trying to figure things out as well.

  114. Chris P says

    Seeking to be thankful and content where God has me right now – in my location, my life, and my roles.

  115. Amy Brown says

    I am thankful for more than I have room for. The one thing to mention is that I am thankf up for the place God has me now. 7 years ago I was not a Christian and worked at a place that kept me in sadness and despair. Then I started going to a church and before I knew it I quit my job and went back to school full time. I worked a minimum wage job and still managed to pay my mortgage and most of my other bills. A year ago I graduated and was immediately called to a church in Wisconsin. Now I am ministering to families and youth and enjoying every minute of the time spent in the trenches. And every time I think God has given me more blessings than I could ever pray for, He gives me more. The peace I now have definitely surpasses ALL understanding.

  116. Janice Erkfitz says

    Really makes you think… thankful in things, not in spite of things. Thankful for things. I need to be thankful for this stage of life. … with the health challenges, and just the life issues that come. Thankful for ministry… even when the face of that ministry changes.

  117. Nancy Stewart says

    Thankful for a light at the end of f the tunnel for 7 years of heartbreak in losing job, church and community through standing for Biblical morality, followed by unemployment, underemloyment and reschooling for an entirely new career. Also thankful for God’s leading to a church which lifts up Jesus and esteems God’s Word. God is good ALL the time, and answers our prayers the way we would if we knew what He knows.

  118. Merlene says

    My precious 7-year-old grandson has recently been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. It is difficult to use the word thankful, but I know God has a plan to show His power through this child.

  119. Kiersten Griffith says

    My dad left when I was 5 and for so long I was bitter, angry, resentful of not having a father. Now, I’m thankful that the Lord protected me and my family from so horrific things that my step brothers had to go through. I’m thankful that the Lord allowed him to leave and not return to spare us from even greater wounds. I’m thankful for the Lord providing numerous “father figures” in my life that have taken the place of a dad. I have something most women don’t have and that is multiple dads!!

  120. Angie says

    Why do I have to suffer through negative results each month when those around me (even those who don’t want to be) become pregnant so easily?

  121. says

    Thanking God for what He supplies and where He has brought me and the mercy He shows, yet I struggle with the devil and have to ask in the name of Jesus that I be protected from the evils that lurk about in everyday life.

  122. jackie says

    Great bible study…just finished last nigh… I continue to seek thankfulness of a abusive childhood …have forgiven those involved …God has given me grace and a place in my mind for my emotions to be thankful.. Only GOD can bring new life to us.

    praise the Lord

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