I’ve always wanted to learn to…

Today’s guest post is from Julie Langmade. Julie is a marketing and merchandising strategist for LifeWay.com and works specifically on the LifeWay Women web pages (among many other things)! You can follow Julie on Twitter at @jules0707

Finish that sentence.  What’s the one thing that you’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t taken the time to do?  Paint?  Sew?  Write a blog?  Photography?  Dancing?  Play Chess?

Got it?  Good.  Keep your one thing in mind as you read.  Just maybe you’ll be inspired to take the first step.

Ever notice how young children are constantly learning new things?  I was observing my niece who is 22 months last week and noticed how she seemed unhindered in her quest for a new word or to master the flash cards she reviews multiple times a day.  She doesn’t worry if she can do it or if she’ll be good at it.  She just gives it a try and most of the time is very pleased with the outcome.

What is it about learning something new that can be so intimidating for adults?  We believe we can’t instead of giving ourselves a shot.  We fear failure so we don’t even try.  We convince ourselves we don’t have the time so we just keep doing the same old things.

So the one thing I’ve always wanted to learn is to play the guitar.


Talk about intimidated. I’ve been scared to try and just assumed that I didn’t have what it takes. This type A perfectionist has a hard time even saying the word failure let alone possibly setting myself up to fail. In January, I decided to jump in and give it a shot. I bought a guitar and started taking lessons. Now, I’m by no means headed for the Opry stage, but am I learning? YES! In just a few months, I’ve learned about eight chords, shuffle rhythm, and how to read a chord sheet. My goal is to learn some of my favorite hymns and worship songs and I think I’ll get there.


A few tips from my adventure in learning to play the guitar…

1.  It takes time and practice.  Most new things don’t just happen.  You’ve got to work at it.  Don’t expect to master it overnight.

2.  Don’t go it alone.  Take lessons.  Join a class.  Get a hobby buddy.  Surround yourself with people who will encourage and challenge you.

3.  Stick with it.  Don’t let yourself bail.  Fight through the awkward and uncomfortable that comes with something new.  You won’t regret it.

Now we’re back to you…what’s keeping you from taking the first step to learning that new thing?

Tell us in a comment about your one thing and the first step you’re going to take to get started.

Start the adventure.  You can do it!


  1. says

    I recently read that your chances of finishing something are higher if you start it. While that’s a funny line, it’s true. For me I have to dive head first and just start.

  2. Cheryl says

    A local nonprofit recently posted they needed paddlers for an upcoming dragonboat race. How fun I thought and then continued with but I could never do that. I have been unemployed for a long 9 months now which has been playing with my mind and my spirit. I decided to take a leap and sign up. I signed up begging for friends to join me, but no one would. I went to my first practice on my own last night with all those strangers and had a great time. Race day is Saturday, and I am looking forward to finish. I cannot help but think some of those friends who said no are thinking they wish they could. It is not about them though. This moment is about me, restoring confidence in my ability to do something new, make new friends and be where God wants me to be. In many ways, it is symbolic of the fears I will have when I do start a new job. And I am not alone because I have God with me each step of the way. Paddles up!

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