Using Women’s Small Groups to Connect

As a women’s leader I know you understand that it’s important to connect the women in your church to small groups. This is often the first place women new to your church look to do several things:

  • Make friends
  • Build accountability for spiritual growth
  • Discover and use their gifts and strengths to serve
  • Seek wisdom to navigate difficult life situations together
  • Pray for and with each other
  • Find a niche where know they are needed and God is at work

We know how important this is but it’s sometimes also a difficult job to accomplish.  As you take the time to look through resources to help you do this, you may be confused about where to start just due to the number of biblical solutions available for women today.

For a long-term small group for women, I’d love to suggest an ongoing curriculum that will systematically take women through an intentional discipleship plan designed to mature women over time.


I love the phrase: Where the Bible Meets Life because it is exactly what we want to show women: Jesus meets them right where they are and the Bible meets their lives each day. The re-launch of Bible Studies for Life  (a LifeWay ongoing curriculum) seeks to accomplish this goal. Each topic is based on the needs in our lives and show us how to handle each one according to scripture. One of the best things is that it’s so simple to use that you can put it in a leaders hand and they will be successful facilitating the study as they connect the women.

This type of study helps connect the unconnected as it deals biblically with real life issues studied together with a community of Christ followers. What a wonderful way to connect the unconnected women in your church and lead them to do life together for Christ!


Resources to help you begin and grow your small groups:

Women Reaching Women

Transformed Lives

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