Digital Technology and Jesus: How Simulcasts Impact Culture {Part 1}

Over the next several months, we thought it would be fun to introduce to you to the six wonderful ladies across the United States (and Canada!) who have spent, and will continue to spend, the next several months connecting with women’s ministry leaders to tell them about both the Priscilla Shirer Live and Living Proof Live simulcasts!

The first lady we’d like to introduce you to is Wendy Tomlinson. Wendy hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and serves the women in her church at Westney Heights Baptist Church! She was also the city coordinator for the Living Proof Live event in Toronto, Canada some years back.

We invite you to read about the ways in which the Lord has used Wendy to reach the women in her community through different simulcast events.

Our simulcast event is something I look forward to being part of every year with great anticipation. Women gather at our church for a day of incredible worship and Bible study, live via an Internet broadcast, with beloved Bible teachers like Priscilla Shirer and Beth Moore.

For the women who come and join us, the simulcast can mean many different things, and it allows for so many different experiences.  It’s an introduction to in-depth Bible study for some and a break from the routine of everyday life for others.  It might be a mother-daughter day out, or a chance to laugh and cry with girlfriends.  But it’s also much more than that.  The event can be someone’s first experience with church and who Jesus is.  It can be just the encouragement and challenge that someone needs from God’s Word.  We’ve met women who were walking through difficult circumstances and dark valleys.  A day of building up their faith and praying with someone who cares has been a real blessing in their life.

We often hear things like this after a simulcast:

“A friend of mine is coming with me this year because I told her about last year’s event.  I have been praying for her every day. She needs to hear about God’s love.”

“I’m not part of your church, but I’ve been to several simulcasts and always have a wonderful time!  I see generosity, hospitality, love, and service when I come.”

“Today was a much needed break for me in the middle of a lot of challenges in my life.  Thank you for offering this in our area. I felt like I was the only person in the room and God was speaking directly to me.”

Last fall was one of our most memorable simulcast experiences to date.  We had the privilege of hosting the Living Proof Live simulcast with Beth Moore, while partnering with a “Teen Challenge” rehabilitation center.  We enjoyed the event at our church, and an incredible group of women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction did exactly the same thing where they were.  As we made treats for our group of women, we did the same for Teen Challenge.  As we planned some fun giveaways, we did the same for them.  We were blessed beyond measure!  It had as much of an impact on us as it did them.  It forever changed us and the way we look at women’s ministry and simulcast events. This experience caused us to realize that, because you can watch them from anywhere, simulcasts have the potential to be shared with missionaries, para-church groups, women’s shelters, and so much more. This year, our goal is to assist and walk alongside an organization that is taking the simulcast into a women’s prison. Praise God!

For our planning team, simulcasts are a wonderful tool for us to use. They help us to host an event that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise.  We’ve witnessed firsthand God moving and changing lives, freeing people from bondage, and showing them how much He loves them. We’ve seen a team of volunteers come together in unity, purpose, and with a desire to serve. Our team feels like we’re part of something much bigger than ourselves; something that brings the body of Christ together and reaches out to women all around the world.  Simulcasts have also taught us to pray with more intensity, trust God on a deeper level, and focus on one woman and her needs at a time.  We will never forget the ticket that was returned because that person wasn’t able to attend.  She didn’t want the ticket to go to waste, so she wanted it to be given to someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to come.  The very next person to contact us was a woman who had just been through an apartment fire.  It was a thrill to bless her with a scholarship ticket!  She was welcomed, pampered, and heard a powerful message that day about God reaching out to all kinds of different women; those who seem to have everything this world offers, and those who seem to have nothing.

We are excited about this year, and what God will do in and through this ministry.  We give Him all the glory and are constantly amazed at the way He works and so beyond grateful that He allows us to be part of what He is doing in His kingdom!  He is able to do far more than we can even ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20)!


  1. Gayla says

    Love my Canadian buddy!! Wendy is such a inspiration to me and I love hearing her stories of how God is at work through the simulcasts! She’s also hilarious!!!

  2. Jennifer says

    I have attended several of the simulcasts that Westney has hosted, and it is so amazing. These ladies put so much effort into making it a real retreat for all of us. It really is like we went away for the weekend to be refreshed and encouraged, even though it is just a day. The food, decorations, ambiance – everything has so much thought and detail put into it. I volunteered one year too, and know that none of this is done without lots of prayer and careful consideration to back it up. These simulcasts impact us for months and years after the events. Thanks Lifeway and specifically Wendy for serving the body of Christ in this way!

  3. Linda David says

    Wendy is a marvelous woman who understands the power of media and how Simulcasts impact churches and communities in our world. Thank you Wendy for being such a great example for all of your U.S.A. sisters!
    We love you.

  4. Mickey McCloud says

    Wendy is a complete and total rockstar. She has helped LifeWay Women build numerous friendships in Canada and we’re forever grateful!

  5. Shari Chamblee says

    Just seeing this for the first time, Wendy! You ROCKETH!!! God is up to something huge in Cananda and He is using you, my sweet friend, to make His name famous!! Blessings, sweet sister!

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