The Proof is in the Jacket

Did any of you happen to catch Beth Moore‘s blog post from yesterday?

She wrote about some of her favorite jackets that she’s worn {and is still wearing!} at Living Proof Live events, all of which are at least five years or older!

So, we thought it would be fun to do a little bit of digging to see if we could come up with “living proof” {no pun intended} of Beth wearing some of these jackets at the events. And we found it.

{Jacket #1}

DSCF3853 (1)

{Jacket #2}


{Jacket #3)

LPL Salt Lake City UT 2006 997

{Jacket #4}

Las Vegas Pics 072

{Jacket #5}

{Jacket #6}

And, although it wasn’t featured on Beth’s blog, our team wanted to include our personal favorite….



  1. Kim says

    I love Beth’s jackets!!! I have several of my own. I have seen almost all of these and she wore Jacket number 5 to Springfield last time :)

  2. Gale Manor says

    I love jacket #4. Long jackets are my favorite, but I think they’re out of style unless Beth wears them!!

  3. says

    I have always LOVED Beth’s kackets!! And I must confess I have had “jacket envy” a time or too – but quickly confessed and prayed God would anoint me with fashion finds as good as hers :) She always looks beautiful – her taste and ability to pull it all together with her outfits is almost as amazing as her teaching!

  4. says

    Loved this post of Beth’s! I have learned so much from her over the years and to know she is just as darling and silly as
    she is graced by God with wisdom tickles me to no end.

  5. Betsy Roberts says

    Joseph had one coat with many colors … but not our Beth! She has many coats in EVERY color! Love this sister to pieces!!

  6. Charlotte Skadal says

    Beth inspires me to lose weight, clean out my closet, trim and color my hair (although I won’t be a blonde….it’s not my natural color like it is Beth’s :) and EMBRACE moving forward through each day to see what the Lord has planned for me. She wears every single one of her years perfectly….what is it Beth, 35 now!? Love you Mama Beth! :)

  7. Cher Goeder says

    Just this past Wednesday nights one of the girls in our Bible Study (we are going through The Inheritance currently) commented on Beth’s red jacket being one of the jackets pictured on her blog. I didn’t understand then but do now. Love this and absolutely love studying God’s word with someone who encourages us to go to the closet of Scripture to get dressed this morning.

  8. Betty M says

    She is such a classic sanguine!! I have not had the opportunity to see her in person more than one time but do get a “kick” outta some of her outfits!! Being such a conservative over 60 dresser, I find some of her outfits quite amusing!!! I see her mostly on Life Today and can tell how many segments they tape at one time!!!

  9. says

    Flair for fashion and a heart for the Lord – that’s Beth. Love Beth’s inspiration, her genuineness, her personal touch. Makes me want to go jacket shopping with her!

  10. Monica says

    No doubt Beth is a lil Fashionista & loves clothes. I’ve seen her in almost all of these jackets & she no doubt embraces color well. I’ve gotten a few ideas from our Siesta Mama a time or two. Keep the jackets coming Beth, you are darling.

  11. Kathy says

    Beth…you know what? You are just darling!! I am about your age and stage of life. Thank you for being fun, adorable inside and out, full of God’s spirit, talented at sharing a Word from our Father AND also let us know it is OK to love girly things!

  12. Sharon Quevreaux says

    I love jackets & they have been part of my wardrobe for years!
    Classic jackets are always in style & they make me feel truly
    Stylish! Being a grandmother of two precious grandboys &
    One grandboy on the way, I’m ready at a moments notice
    To grab a jacket & off we go on a new adventure! LET’S HEAR IT

  13. says

    Simply love it!!! I’m love several styles of jean jackets, but have put color on my list since we had to stop wearing jean jackets at work…….but I love it!!!

  14. Peggyann Calderwood says

    Peggyann Calderwood ~ Crestview ~ Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men. Colossians 3:23 New International Version

  15. Leah O'Connell says

    So inspired by Beth….needing some extra inspiration right now….I am facilitating the Daniel study and things at home are going just CRAZY. Could be that the enemy knows we are on to him and that we are resisting his attempts to woo us with the charms of Babylon….but I think jackets are OK!!! :-) Thank you Beth….you will never know what you are doing for us.

  16. Ceffie says

    Beth looks classy no matter what she wears. but the yellow cow patched one keeps me wondering what was she thinking when she bought that one. Love you Beth, God Bless you for putting yourself out there. God Bless

  17. Sandy says

    Oh my, oh my! Bethy you are as unique and original as your jackets! Love you Girl! I can almost hear what you’re about to say in the first picture, “Did y’all hear what I just said?” ;o)

  18. says

    looking at those jackets it makes me excited to see 1 of them that I think came from watching 1 of the videos in the Bible study believing God. this Bible study completely changed my life and I remember thinking if I could just meet her and tellher what impact it was for me. so thank you beth again for sharing another way how important it is for scripture how powerful it is what it can do

  19. Sue Alice says

    JI love number 3. Yes over the years, I have seem you in everyone of those jackets. Oh, did you notice the change in her hair – do’s?

  20. Michele says

    I love the jackets, but especially love that Beth’s hair is different in every photo!! I am truly impressed!!!! That’s some serious creativity ~ and she looks great in every look :)

  21. sharon says

    Love all your jackets, I love to wear jackets too, just wish I was as small as you are, you look absolutely adorable in everything you wear. Ilove a lot of colors as well. Love our Siesta Mama and how REAL you are . Love your style snd your Love for the Lord . And thank you especially for loving ministering to women. Looking forward to seeing the Next jacket!!!

  22. Royal Queen Jessica says

    Yes, Beth is a Fashionista I just love love her many coats.. Keep rocking your coats….Beth inspires me to look good all the time an wear my coats❤

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