Update: Congratulations to Joy Moore for winning this prize pack! As a way of saying thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway, today (3/20) and today only, you can register for an individual simulcast for only $10! Use this promo code when you check out: CR00316G

We normally run giveaways around here on Fridays (because who doesn’t love a Friday?), but we were so excited about this one that we were too antsy to wait!

And with the Priscilla Shirer simulcast just over a month away, we wanted to do something BIG to celebrate the upcoming event.


So, drumroll, please…

We’re giving away a HUGE prize package here (that retails at $749!).

Here’s what the package includes:

Unlike our other giveaways, you have the option of entering this one twice!

For your first entry, leave a comment below with just your name.

For your second entry, post or tweet the following message to Facebook, Twitter, and/or your personal blog and then leave a second comment on our blog letting us know that you did:

I just entered to win a Priscilla Shirer Live simulcast and so can you! Details here: http://bit.ly/16pX1nJ

Friends, it is that easy!

Are you ready? Are you set? Go!

By entering today’s giveaway, you affirm and acknowledge LifeWay Christian Resource’s official promotion rules found hereToday’s giveaway starts at the posting time of this blog and ends Tuesday (3/19/13) at 11:59 p.m. CST. You must be 18 to enter, and you may only enter twice. The winner will be selected at random. For questions about the rules and regulations of this giveaway, please contact Bud Harlan at One LifeWay Plaza, Nashville, TN 37234-140.


  1. Karen Styons says:

    We need God, to pour in and to pour through us with passion for Him and for His Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ! Speakers like Priscilla Shirer help to light fires within us so that we cannot hold Him in but must tell others Who Christ is and what He has done in our lives. That the world may know…

    May God continue to bless Shirer and Lifeway and the many teachers whom Lifeway promotes as they “go into all the world,” as Jesus commanded, with the message of His love.

  2. Kerri Yoder says:

    The first bible study I ever done was hear God speak by Priscilla Shirer it totally changed my life I bought the whole set and listen to it over and over. She made such an impact on me and for the first time EVER I truly heard God speak and he moved in my life and my families lives every step of the way. thank you so much

  3. Karen Styons says:

    I love Lifeway Christian Stores and Lifeway give-aways. I did post an entry on FaceBook inviting others to participate in the Priscilla Shirer give-away. Best wishes to all who enter!

  4. Jennie Moraitis says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I was wanting to have the simulcast at my own place this year anyway (new baby!)…Thank you for all of the great resources at Lifeway! :)

  5. Carol Crabtree says:

    Thank you! I would love to win these items! I’ve been wanting to do a neighborhood Bible Study group for awhile and this would be wonderful to get me started! Thank you for such a nice contest!

  6. Pick me, Kathie Phillips!

  7. Lori Brock says:

    What a generous giveaway – the women at @CovenantBCMV would love these resources!

  8. Lori Brock says:

    @ahopefullheart: I just entered to win a Priscilla Shirer Live simulcast and so can you! Details here: http://t.co/N3xLDcK54N
    Blessings to all who enter!

  9. Karen Guthrie says:

    Karen Guthrie: I would love to with these items to share with our Women’s Group.

  10. What a wonderful giveaway. I would love to win & share this with others!

  11. Kimberly Eaton says:

    Kimberly Eaton

  12. Susan Lawrence – SUPER excited about this giveaway! I just signed up for an individual registration for the simulcast last week, because there isn’t one close to me. I’d love to get a small group together! AND…I’m planning a community-wide study group of Gideon this Summer!

  13. Of course, I tweeted!

  14. Anne Moore says:

    You are awesome. My church is doing your bible study right now the one with Kay Arthur & Beth Moore and it is so awesome. I would do this one. It will help with my growth in Christ.

  15. I tweeted :)

  16. Anne Moore says:

    I tweeted the message for the package

  17. Annette Burke I am in awe of this offer. Whoever wins this is blessed!!

  18. Kathy Hardison says:

    Kathy Hardison

  19. Posted to Facebook page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I would LOVE to host a viewing gathering for this event! Posting to FB now!

  21. Deb Colston – What an awesome Giveaway! This could really reach lost ladies in my neighborhood that I have opened my home to the past few years! Thank you for this opportunity!

  22. Lisa Younce says:

    I would love to win this package! My friends and I were at the Gideon taping!
    Lisa Younce

  23. Renee Stroud says:

    I would like to share this with the ladies in my church!

  24. I tweeted too!

  25. Meghan DeHart says:

    Cannot even tell you how excited I would be for the women in our church if we won this! We are a small church plant and love Priscilla. I’ve shared many of my books with these women and it would be great to have this resource!!

  26. Lisa Younce says:

    I tweeted!

  27. Emily Drew!!!!!

  28. Our Women’s Sunday School class loved her portion of Anointed, Redeemed, Transformed!!! We’re excited to watch the live broadcast on April 27th! This prize would give me the opportunity to share her studies with the women in our small, rural NE Oregon county :) Thanks for this opportunity!

  29. Karen Jarvis says:

    I would love to win this package
    I just entered to win a Priscilla Shirer Live simulcast and so can you! Details here: http://t.co/N3xLDcK54N

  30. tweeted!

  31. Posted to Facebook page!!

  32. Terri Watson says:

    Terri Watson

  33. Lisa Maynard says:

    I LOVE to hear Priscilla bring a WORD!!

  34. Terri Watson says:

    I shared on facebook!

  35. Lori Fleetwood-Watt says:

    I am currently leading The Resolution for Women Bible study. Almost every chapter is right on target for what I need to learn in this season of my life. This is such a blessing!!!

  36. Julie White!

  37. Jenn Clark says:

    Jennifer Clark

  38. Angela Prince says:

    I would love this for Adamsville First Baptist, Titis 2 Ladies!

  39. Kellie Shulruff says:

    Kellie Shulruff…thank you for this opportunity!*S*

  40. What a blessing these lessons would be for my sweet ladies in Wednesday Night Small Group. It would be joy unspeakable. God is gracious whether we win the giveaway or not.

  41. My girlfriend, Pat, turned me onto Pricilla Shirer and for that I’d love to win this package for her!!! I’m so grateful for Pat and introducing me to Pricilla, we love, love her!!! Should we win this package, I would use the information I learn and share it with my coaching clients!! Off to post onto facebook!!!

  42. I’m so excited that Priscilla has done a study on Gideon! I can’t even imagine how fantastic it will be!!!! Our ladies group did our first Priscilla Shirer study a few months ago. Jonah was amazing. Who knew you could get so much from such a small book? Praise God for great bible teachers like Priscilla! Thank you for spreading the Word. Hopefully, I’ll be able to spread it a little more at my church. =)

  43. Brooke Davis

  44. Rachel D says:

    Rachel DiAntonio

  45. Angela Prince says:

    Posted to facebook!

  46. What a super duper prize!!! Love me some Priscilla Shirer.

  47. Lori Fleetwood-Watt says:

    Shared on Facebook !!! :-)

  48. I just posted on twitter. @princes916

  49. Denise Carroll

  50. Penny Moncrief says:

    I attend a church that usually does not host any simulcast. I would love to be able to share this with friends. Maybe a spark that gets a fire going.

  51. What a great package!! Would love to win it for our ladies at Bayside!

  52. I love Priscilla Shirer! She is so real and speaks to every woman! Jenn Ivey

  53. Julie Reynolds says:

    Julie Reynolds

  54. I tweeted the info! :-)

  55. Kellie Shulruff says:

    I posted on FB !!!
    Thank you
    Kellie Shulruff

  56. Penny Moncrief says:

    I posted and shared on Facebook.

  57. Amy Sadler says:

    Amy Sadler would LOVE to win this!!

  58. Rose Rodriguez!

  59. Leah Rictor says:

    Just finished the Deeper Still workbook with a group of women from my church. I appreciate the ways God speaks through Priscilla. Praying God’s protection over her, her family, and her ministry as she confronts evil territory with the Word of God.

    Would love to win the prize package too! ;-)

  60. Jenn Clark says:

    Shared on Facebook to our Ladies page!

  61. I posted the linky love on Facebook!!

  62. Kelly Pruitt says:

    Kelly Pruitt

  63. Amy Sadler says:

    I just posted the link to my FB page!!!

  64. Posted second entry to my personal Facebook page and to our Ladies’ Ministry Facebook page as well.
    WE WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS!!!!! – The Holland First Ladies

  65. Grace Tagudar says:

    Whomever wins this package is going to be so blessed and so will her friends!
    Blessings on this contest Ladies!

  66. Mary Ann Miller says:

    Mary Ann Miller

  67. sue bione-grevious says:

    I would love to host this bible study!

  68. Julie Reynolds says:

    I tweeted and posted on Facebook.

  69. Grace Tagudar says:

    Twitter acct connected to Facebook acct… win, win!

  70. Tricia Conner says:

    Would love to win! The girls in my Bible Study do several of Priscilla Shirer’s books in our group. Posting the link in our Bible Study Group page on facebook so all my girls can enter too!

  71. Whitney Eldridge

  72. I also posted this to my blog :) http://wp.me/p2GYOt-jY.

  73. Teresa M.Wilson says:

    Teresa M.Wilson

  74. Kelly Clarke says:

    Absolutely love you and your message! I first saw you with the last Deeper Still conference in Louisville, KY! Thank you for all you do and God through you!

  75. Kelly Clarke says:

    Just posted this to my facebook! :)

  76. Deborah Link Arnold

  77. Teresa M.Wilson says:

    I just Posted on FB! I am so excited for Priscilla’s Simulcast she is such an awesome preacher/speaker/teacher! We love her!

  78. Cheryle Cain says:

    Our women’s Bible study group just finished “He Speaks to Me” and God has spoken to each of us in such a powerful yet tender way. Phenomenal!!

    Cheryle Cain

  79. Karen Decker says:

    Awesome! Great Bible studies and a great way to share the Love of Christ!

  80. our women’s ministry at church would be so blessed to win this…what a blessing this giveaway will be to the winner! Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

    Sandra Griffin

  81. I posted the giveaway to my Facebook page!


  82. Marcia Squires says:

    Marcia Squires

  83. Sara Toney says:

    Sara Toney

  84. Sherr Fejes says:

    I so Love Priscilla and her ministry try to make all simulcast i can would love to see in person!

  85. Sara Toney says:

    Posted on Facebook

  86. Kelly Green says:

    Kelly Green

  87. Kelly Green says:

    I shared it on my facebook page too. :)

  88. Cynthia M Lamb

  89. Cheryle Cain says:

    Loved He Speaks to Me…..we just finished it. May God bless your ministry with His power and might!
    Cheryle Cain

    Posted on facebook

  90. Shally Wise says:

    Shally Wise would love to host woman for the live event! Praise God.

  91. Stephanie Recker says:

    Our Bible study group, just finished “He Speaks to Me” by Priscilla. This would be awesome to share with them.

  92. Susan Hampton says:

    I’m excited. I’d love to win this not just for me but for my friends. What a generous gift package! What a way to bless someone’s life!

  93. Samantha Howard says:

    Thanks so much for this opportunity. I hope I am selected. ~Samantha Howard

  94. Vickie Casey says:

    What an AMAZING offer! So excited to enter

  95. Susan Hampton says:

    I just posted on Facebook for all my friends to see and I bet they sign up too. Thanks again! I love Priscilla and her brother Anthony who comes to Oak Hills Church in San Antonio often. Time for him to come back again and bring his sister this time!

  96. Vickie Casey says:

    I just sweeted oops I mean tweeted about this offer :-) . Guess its such a SWEET deal that, that’s what was on my mind

  97. Susie Schroeder says:

    Susie Schroeder!!!

  98. Alethia Hauffman says:

    Wow, this would really be something!!!

  99. Susie Schroeder says:

    Posted on facebook!

  100. Beverly Williams says:

    What a awesome giveaway. I love to hear Priscialla bring the Word. and will be in attendance at this Simulcast. She is a phenomenal teacher.

  101. Jessica Ables says:

    Jessica Ables

  102. Monique Jennings says:

    Monique Jennings

  103. Sarah Roberts says:

    Our leadership team is excited about the simulcast and Priscilla’s new study!

  104. Jill Winter says:

    Jill Winter

  105. Jill Winter says:

    I FB’d it!

  106. Susan Rice says:

    We learned so much when we did your Jonah Bible Study. Will post of facebook, too.

  107. Laura Crowder says:

    Laura Crowder

  108. Leena Iso-Ahola

  109. Laura Crowder says:

    I posted to Facebook as well!

  110. Redawna Warner says:

    Redawna Warner

  111. Monique Jennings says:

    Posted to twitter! Jennings1921

  112. Stacey Deyoung says:

    Stacey DeYoung

  113. Sheryl Blake says:

    Sheryl Blake

  114. Redawna Warner says:

    Redawna Warner – and it’s posted on Facebook!

  115. Sheryl Blake says:

    I just fb’d it!

  116. Stacey Deyoung says:

    I posted it on my Facebook page

  117. Teresa Gary says:

    Teresa Gary

  118. Praise God!!!! Our ladies group struggle with finding studies because of financial restrictions, God bless you, this is probably many ladies groups struggle also, so thank you and what a blessing this will be to any ladies group, praise be to God who continues to bless us with His presence thru scriptures, have a wonderful day!!!!

  119. Sandy Bowers says:

    Sandy Bowers saying WoooooHoooo

  120. Teresa Gary says:

    I just entered to win a Priscilla Shirer Live simulcast and so can you! Details here: http://bit.ly/16pX1nJ
    is now on my timeline!!!

  121. Leena Iso-Ahola would love to share this with women’s biblestudy at Waldorf MD Vineyard.

  122. Kimberly Eaton says:

    Kimberly Eaton
    This would be a wonderful gift to my Women’s Ministry.

  123. Connie Hargrove!!!!

  124. I posted to Facebook!!!!!

  125. Sandy Bowers says:

    Just tweeted this awesome giveaway!

  126. Sheryl Schiffbauer

  127. Linda Koff says:

    This would be awesome! My friend and I are Life Group leaders & would love to have the Bible studies to share with our friends and of course the entire church!

    And we would love all the extra goodies.

  128. We are just finishing Jonah right now and would love the others.

  129. Sarah Roberts says:

    I just tweeted the giveaway information.

  130. I just finished One in A Million and loved it!
    This would be a huge blessing to our ministry!

  131. I just posted this contest on Facebook!!

  132. Jill Costa says:

    Thanks Priscilla for your geat Bible studies. Our women’s group have done them, love them and always wait for your new ones to come out!!

  133. Janis Marr says:

    Janis Marr :)

  134. I posted to Facebook!

  135. Mandy Parker says:

    Mandy Parker – Just saw Priscilla in Kansas City. Looking forward to the simulcast.

  136. Mary Collins says:

    Mary Collins- I would love to give these studies to the church I attend and share the simulcast with others who cannot afford it.

  137. Wow, what an awesome offer!! I love Priscilla’s writing, and would love the chance to go through studies written by her!!

  138. Rachel Weiss says:

    Rachel Weiss~Would love this!!!

  139. Monika Tockstein

  140. Rachel Weiss says:

    Rachel Weiss~Also shared to FB!! :)

  141. loving two chances, just shared on my FB page!

  142. Marian Jones says:

    Love God and you speak his Truth.

  143. Janis Marr says:

    I just posted on facebook :)

  144. I would love to win!

  145. Chris Abdill says:

    Chris Abdill- My women’s Bible study would love this! We are all so hungry for the word and Priscilla is great!!!!

  146. and I shared on facebook too!

  147. Rhonda Harvell says:

    Rhonda Harvell-already know the group of ladies I want to share this gift with!

  148. Judi Courter says:

    My Bible Study group, Women Journeying Through the Bible, meets weekly at our Church on Monday nights at 6:30 – We have loved doing Priscilla’s studies and would love to do more!!! Even if we don’t win – we will check out those mentioned as part of this give-away. Thanks for the opportunity.

  149. Denise J. says:

    Denise Jones

  150. Judi Courter says:

    I just posted to Facebook. Praise God for this type of encouragement keeping us in The Word. To all my Sisters and Brothers in Christ out there – be blessed as you bless others.

  151. Judith Kennickell says:

    Judith Kennickell

  152. Judith Kennickell says:

    I just posted on facebook.

  153. Maria Diaz says:

    Maria Diaz

  154. Cindy Cannon says:

    Cindy Cannon

  155. Charisse Johnson says:

    Charisse johnson

  156. Cindy Cannon says:

    Shared on FB!

  157. Charisse Johnson says:

    and i just posted it on FB.

  158. I am a huge fan of Priscilla Shirer. I would love to have the opportunity to go through these Bible studies with our Ladies group at our church.

  159. Kelly Ferguson says:

    Kelly Ferguson

  160. Jennifer Pierce

  161. Miranda Marsh says:

    What a terrific way to promote Priscilla’s simulcast!! I have heard her speak and she is terrific!!

  162. Miranda Marsh says:

    shared photo on facebook

  163. shared on FB! :)

  164. Kelly Ferguson says:

    I just shared! :)

  165. I shared the link on my Facebook page.

  166. Kim Abbott says:

    Kim Abbott

  167. Brannon Edmonds says:

    Brannon Edmonds!!!!!

    I just love Priscilla!!!

  168. Kim Abbott says:

    I shared on my Facebook page.

  169. Heather Farris says:

    Heather Farris :)

  170. Rhonda Walker says:

    Rhonda Walker

  171. Nancy Emitu says:

    Nancy Emitu: I always enjoy the Priscilla Shirer studies….and I know the women at my church would really enjoy this treat!

  172. Michelle Spillman says:

    Love this!!! Hope I win! ~Michelle Spillman

  173. Heather Farris says:

    TWEETED & Facebooked :) Can’t wait!!!

  174. Susan Clabaugh says:

    Susan Clabaugh

  175. melissa steeves says:

    what a wonderful gift to give the ladies in my bible study. Melissa steeves

  176. I love Priscilla and Anthony Evans. Their teaching is so eye-opening.

  177. melissa steeves says:

    I did post this to my facebook wall for others to enter. melissa steeves

  178. Amber Hausler says:

    Amber Hausler

  179. Dawn Mast says:

    Just completed my first Priscilla study – He Speaks to Me – we had a great time with it and would love to share another with our WBF group!

  180. Just posted to my FB page also. Thanks!

  181. Amber Hausler says:

    Amber D Hausler

  182. Shannon Rizzo

  183. Just tweeted link from @Shannon_Rizzo

  184. Irene Boren says:

    Waht qa great give away and a great author.

  185. Susan Clabaugh says:

    I posted it on my Facebook page!

  186. Fingers crossed…….

  187. ….and Tweeted!……

  188. Pamela Berndt says:

    Loved your studies. Would love to win.

  189. Pamela Berndt says:

    I just posted it to my facebook page.

  190. Lori Lookadoo says:

    My name is Lori Lookadoo! I am really excited about this giveaway!

  191. Lori Lookadoo says:

    I posted the message on facebook!! Thank you!!

  192. Nancy Wray says:

    Love it! What an exciting giveaway!

  193. This is an awesome GIveaway. I know our Women’s Ministries would love this and so would I. Thanks for being so generous LifeWay. Love shopping there.

  194. Nancy Wray says:

    Facebooked it! Yeah!

  195. Debbie Chidester says:

    Debbie Chidester

  196. Debbie Chidester says:

    Just posted on Facebook! Loved Priscilla’s One in a Million study and this would be AMAZING to win!

  197. Julie Danker says:

    What an amazing prize!

  198. Julie Danker says:

    Just shared on Facebook!!

  199. Leanne Stilley says:

    Leeanne Stilley

  200. Leah Frazier

  201. Heidi Cleghorn says:

    Heidi Cleghorn

    Sharing link w/ friends via Facebook.

  202. Denise Untersee says:

    THIS WOULD BE SO AWESOME TO WIN!!!! I know alot of ladies I would LOVE to BLESS with some of these resources!!!!! I have done two Pricillas studies and were blessed by both. THANK YOU!!

  203. Kristin L. says:

    It would be wonderful to do her Bible Study. I really have been enjoying the Beth Moore ones I have been doing.

  204. Stephanie Jones says:

    Stephanie Jones

  205. Wendy Douglas

  206. Christy Collins says:

    This would be an amazing prize to win! Thank you for offering it!

  207. Roxanne Taylor – Thank you!

  208. Tweeted & Facebooked :)

  209. Christy Collins says:

    Christy Collins

  210. Lydia Finger says:

    Lydia Finger

  211. Lydia Finger says:


  212. Staci Luker

  213. I tweeted :)

  214. Dianne Ewin says:

    Thank you for this opportunity to win this package!!

  215. Dianne Ewin says:

    I posted on Facebook!!

  216. Janis Wells says:

    Janis Wells

  217. Joyce Bush says:

    Joyce Bush

  218. Susan Thomas says:

    Susan Thomas

  219. Tina Harlow says:

    Tina Harlow

  220. Joyce Bush says:

    Shared on facebook. :)

  221. Melissa G says:

    Would love to win this package. Thanks for the opportunity!

  222. Tracey Staley

  223. What a great opportunity!

  224. Tina Harlow says:

    Just went and posted on Facebook. Praying that God will use whoever gets this prize to bring glory to himself. His word does not return void!

  225. Donna Walker says:

    Donna Walker
    Shared on facebook

  226. Susan Thomas says:

    I just tweeted the message, re-tweeted the blog post AND put it on FB. Hope I win!

  227. Letty Meek says:

    I love Priscilla’s She’s an annointed teacher. Our women’s group would Love to do these studies if I win.

  228. Shared on facebook.

  229. JoJo Sutis says:

    What an amazing giveaway!!!
    Recently completed DISCERNING THE VOICE OF GOD….so good!

  230. Jennifer Spencer says:

    Jennifer Spencer

  231. Brooke Akins says:

    Fantastic giveaway!

  232. Kelli Combs

  233. Brooke Akins says:

    I just tweeted it, also!

  234. Jennifer Spencer says:

    Posted to Facebook!!!

  235. Lynn A.

  236. Love me some Priscilla! What a great giveaway. I tweeted!

  237. Tweeted :)

  238. Susan Sanders says:

    Susan Sanders –
    I’ve heard this wonderful lady speak and would love to do so again.

  239. Woo hoo!
    Lyli Dunbar. I tweeted and posted to Facebook as well. :)

  240. Susan Vafiades says:

    Susan Vafiades

  241. Jamie Cooper says:

    Jamie Cooper Posted on Facebook!

  242. I am planning on having a few girlfriends over to watch LIVE! I’m looking forward to it…from one PK (now a pastor’s wife) who is also a mother to all boys!

  243. I tweeted too!!!

  244. Norma Bowers says:

    Norma Bowers

  245. Norma Bowers says:

    Norma Bowers just posted on Facebook!

  246. Terra White says:

    Terra White- what a huge blessing this would be to our ladies group!

  247. Elana Wilkins

  248. Crissy Tipton

  249. shared on FB

  250. brenda johnson says:

    Brenda Johnson

  251. brenda johnson says:

    shared on FB
    Brenda Johnson

  252. Janeen Harding says:

    I enjoyed your Faithful Abundant and True Bible study with Beth Moore and Kay Arthur. God has truly gifted you with teaching! May The Lord bless you and your ministry.


  253. Lisa Mize

  254. shared on Twitter and Facebook

  255. I did the He Speaks To Me study and I loved it!!! I would love to win this package!

  256. I would be so blessed to be able to share this with friends and possible touch some lives through Gods word. You have been blessed in the teaching area and I would be blessed to be able to watch you with some friends. So pick me.

  257. Shared on Facebook.

  258. Traci McNally

  259. Posted to facebook!

  260. Gail Self says:

    Would love to win this package!

  261. Carol Herdic says:

    My Tuesday Morning Bible Study Girlfriends would love to join me for the Simulcast!

  262. Carol Herdic says:

    Just posted the message on my FB page. Now all my friends know I have entered.

  263. Krystal chalk

  264. Stephanie Floyd says:

    Stephanie Floyd. What a bless to receive and to share. I love Boble Study and my women’s Bible study group would truly be blessed by this. Thanks so much. Blessings

  265. Stephanie Floyd says:

    Stephanie Floyd. What a blessing to recieve and share. My woman’s group would love this. What blessing

  266. Ruby Midkiff says:

    I hope that the most deserving lady wins.
    Ruby Midkiff

  267. love this God is good. posting to facebook as well whooo

  268. Glenda Allums

  269. Karen Barrows says:

    Cannot wait to start the Gideon study!! Blessings!!

  270. Throwing my hat in the ring! We just moved from California to Tennessee and this would be a GREAT way for me to pull together new friends and grow closer to God in the process!

  271. Julie Lively says:

    Julie Lively

  272. Jessica Reno says:

    Jessica Reno

  273. Jessica Reno says:

    posted to twitter

  274. Julie Lively says:

    I just posted this to my twitter!! @jlively1172
    : ) : )

  275. Jessica Reno says:

    posted to Facebook

  276. Erica Woods says:

    Erica Woods

  277. Stephanie Floyd says:

    I just posted on Facebook for my second entry. Hope it’s me!!!!!

  278. Kristina Dyck <3

  279. tweeted!

  280. What a nice gift! Our Women’s Ministry team is putting on the Jonah study starting next Wednesday night and we so appreciated the Kansas City event!! Terri B.

  281. Susan justice says:

    I love Priscilla…she is amazing!

  282. Kathy Schwanke

  283. TWEETED!!!

  284. Vicky Kawamae says:

    Vicky Kawamae in Mililani, Hawaii. We love Priscilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  285. Laurie eckerty says:

    would love to share this package

  286. Vicky Kawamae says:

    Okay! I posted it to Facebook!!!

  287. Laurie eckerty says:

    shared on facebook!

  288. Laurie eckerty says:

    Laurie Eckerty

  289. Lisa Jones says:

    Lisa Jones

  290. June Alexander says:

    June Alexander

  291. Lisa Jones says:


  292. June Alexander says:

    Posted on Facebook…Would love to do another bible study and listen to simulcast..

  293. Tamara Lester says:

    Tamara Lester

  294. Kim B :)

  295. Just tweeted this :)

  296. Billsgirl says:

    Mary Ann H.

  297. Candy Martin says:

    I love you Priscella and absolutely love your Bible studies. You’re an amazing woman of God!

  298. Steff Geneseo says:

    I can’t even put into words what a blessing this package would be to me and the ones I love in Christ. WE are all struggling right now and need to feel GOD breathe into us a renewing spirit, reclaim our thankfulness and rejoice toe to toe with his saints. I have been to a concert once and I came back and told my loved ones it was the closest thing to heaven that I could touch with my hands and my heart. Hoping for a new day to renew my strength and get back to GOds plan for my path. Whomever wins this event will know exactly what that means and every life they touch will too. Good luck to all and thank you for paying it forward for his kingdom.

  299. Oh I have been wanting to do one of her bible studies. She is a blessing.

  300. Anna Perry says:

    Anna Perry and sharing on fb

  301. Anna Perry says:

    Anna Perry

  302. Denetta Armstead says:

    Awesome give away!

  303. What a great giveaway… Kim Uden :) (my first entry)

  304. I shared again on Facebook…

  305. Denetta Armstead says:

    Posted to Twitter.

  306. Sarah Alexander!…I also tweeted to win!

  307. Amber Wallace says:

    I’d love to win for the great ladies at Kennesaw UMC.
    Amber Wallace

  308. SWEET! Pick me (please!)

  309. Amber Wallace says:


  310. It’s on Facebook, too!

  311. Michelle Baylerian says:

    Michelle Baylerian. Would LOVE to do on of Priscilla’s study! Heading to Twitter for 2nd entry

  312. This is fabulous!! Tweeting and putting it on FB!

  313. Kay Green says:

    I hope I win!!!

  314. Melissa Wallace

  315. Kay Green says:

    I tweeted —I just entered to win a Priscilla Shirer Live simulcast and so can you! Details here: http://bit.ly/16pX1nJ

  316. Kay Green says:

    I posted on Facebook too!!

  317. OH, this is gonna be fun!

    Melissa Butters

  318. I just posted on facebook!

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    Katie Hartshorn…

    What a great giveaway! :)

  320. Katie Hartshorn says:

    I tweeted :)

  321. Kimberly Bartley says:

    Kimberly Bartley

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    Posted to FaceBook!

  323. Andrea Runyon says:

    I can’t wait for the Gideon study to come out. I love leading Bible study! Hope I can win this giveaway! Priceless!!!

  324. Andrea Runyon says:

    I tweeted too!!!

  325. Debbie Dittrich entered!

  326. I just entered to win a Priscilla Shirer Live simulcast and so can you! Details here: http://bit.ly/16pX1nJ

    posted to facebook page

  327. Andrea Runyon says:

    Andrea Runyon

  328. Kristin Johnson

  329. Tweeted about the giveaway.

  330. Toni McDavid Williams says:

    I’ve been considering holding a Bible study in my home this summer as my yearly Bible study is off for the summer. This would be the answer to my searching if I won!! Love love love Priscilla…. and her brother…. and her Father!!

  331. Pat Wright says:

    Wow…what a wonderful giveaway and blessing for a lucky group to receive! Thank you for the opportunity to win this fantastic gift!

  332. Michele Clerke says:

    Michele Clerke

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    I just shared on Facebook!

  334. Monica DeWitt says:

    Monica DeWitt

  335. awesome giveaway!

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    posted on Facebook and Twitter!

  337. M. Kaye

  338. Emily Barry

  339. posted on facebook

  340. Kelly Goodman says:

    Oh, how I would love to win this extraordinary package & share this with others! What an outreach this could be for me! Thank you for offering this package!

  341. Wow!! She is amazing!!! Listen to her all the way here in Thessaloniki Greece!! She is such an inspiration!! Love the way she makes the word of God come alive!!!!

  342. Robin Cline says:

    Robin Cline

  343. Robin Cline says:

    I tweeted message about the giveaway!! :)

  344. It’s always exciting to see what is offered next by Lifeway … in helping us reach our world for Christ. Whoever wins this awesome package will certainly be inspired and blessed.

  345. Just shared this on Facebook.

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    Just shared this on Facebook and twitter.

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    Yanna Westmoreland

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    Just tweeted!

  350. Julie Baliva says:

    We have watched Priscella at a couple of our Community Nights. I love her messages and the way she presents them. I am looking forward to more of her studies.

  351. Traci West says:

    Traci West

  352. Terri Jo Perry says:

    Terri Jo Perry

  353. Tina-Lori West says:

    Tina-Lori West

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    Tweeted ;)

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    Love Priscilla’s teaching

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  368. Chrissy Myal says:

    This would be fabulous. I’ve never been to a Priscilla Shirer event!

  369. My mom has been wanting to do this study for SO long!! I would love to give it to her :)

  370. Saerica Root says:

    Would love to do this study with a group of Ladies. Put me in! Saerica Root. Also just shared on Twitter!

  371. Chrissy Myal says:

    I posted on my Facebook page for my second entry!

  372. Kelli Reding says:

    What an awesome package! I would love the opportunity to use these resources to minister to my community.

  373. Andrea Bishop says:

    Andrea Bishop

  374. Sounds intriguing!

  375. We were just introduced to Priscilla in our current bible study and LOVE HER WORK! This would be a fantastic opportunity for our group.

  376. What a fabulous giveaway!

  377. I just tweeted it!

  378. Joy Moore says:

    Joy Moore

  379. Mary Dillman:)

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    Natasha Williams

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    I tweeted!!!!

  382. Ehat a blessing this would be to have! Thanks for the opportunity!

  383. Joy Moore says:

    Tweet linked to fb

  384. Megan Morrison says:

    My first bible study was Faithful Abundant True! Would love to win this and share this with my friends.

  385. Tweeted and posted to FB ;)

  386. Megan Morrison says:

    Tweeting this out as well :)

  387. Talisha Taylor

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    Angie Sharp

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    I tweeted the info requested for the 2nd entry!

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    I tweeted it too! :o)

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    I also posted it on my Twitter account (@kattakkattak).

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    Brooklynn loftin

  398. Great giveaway!

  399. Alisha Hall says:

    Such a generous and gracious giveaway. Our women’s group has completed several of Priscilla’s studies. We love the gift God has given her to share with others!!

  400. Pam Boston says:

    Pam Boston

  401. Liz Young says:

    I’m blessed each time our group studies something Priscilla Shirer has written. Looking forward to the new one on Gideon.

  402. Sherri Wolfe says:

    Wow! What a great prize! My group of Bible Study girls would LOVE this!!

  403. Pam Boston says:

    I posted on My FB status

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    Love Priscilla and would love to win the package!

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    Woo hoo! How exciting!! Jenny Provin

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    Posted to fb and twitter!! :)

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    Posted to twitter! @cutiesmommy

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    What an awesome giveaway!

  413. Lawan Rivera says:

    I lead a self supporting women’s Bible study and we are planning to do this study as soon as it releases. We love Priscilla Shirer and are waiting patiently. Would love to win! Thank you!

  414. Brandy Jensen says:

    Our Word for Women bible study group is so excited about this new release.

  415. Lawan Rivera says:

    I tweeted!

  416. Chandra Woods says:

    This package would be such a blessing for our women’s group. We are a small church with limited resources but are always looking for opportunities to learn and grow. We have had the opportunity to go through Priscilla’s series on Jonah. We learned so much from it and we are excited about the possibility of getting to go through another series with her. She is an excellent teacher. We know that our group will get the truth of Gods word in a way that we can understand and apply. Thank you for this opportunity.

  417. Michelle Halbrook says:

    Michelle Halbrook

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    Tweeted @halbrook5

  419. Chandra Woods says:

    I just tweeted that I entered the contest. I also posted it on Facebook.

  420. Heather Harris says:

    Heather Harris

  421. Heather Harris says:

    I just posted on Facebook that I entered the giveway. I posted it on a private group page as well as my regular facebook page. I have always enjoyed Priscilla Shirer bible studies and I am absolutely certain these will be just as wonderful.

  422. Ruth Johnson says:

    Love this giveaway! Hoping whoever wins will be blessed!

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    Kelli Giavelli

  431. Ashley Teets says:

    I loved Priscilla’s “Resolution for Women”-I’ve recommended it to so many people. I would love to share anything by Priscilla….especially with the ladies at Rockfish church in Raeford, NC!

  432. Susan halliburton says:

    My four girls and I have would have a blast

  433. Pat Forsythe says:

    Pat Forsythe

  434. Ashley Teets says:

    Tweeted and linked on FB!

  435. Pat Forsythe says:

    I just shared on facebook. Thank you for the opportunity!

  436. Joyce Graham says:

    Joyce Graham

  437. Stacy Ayers says:

    This is a great gift package! I am planning to start a women’s small group and this would be perfect! Thank you for the opportunity! God Bless!

  438. Jennifer Gibby says:

    Excited about the new study Gideon

  439. Pam Callahan says:

    We loved Priscilla’s One in a Million. Would love to have the latest for by Bible Study group!

  440. Pam Callahan says:


  441. Desiree Wilkinson

  442. I tweeted :)

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    Suzy Edwards

  444. Stephanie Headrick

  445. just posted this to my twitter – so excited for this event and this study!!!

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    This is Awesome!!!

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    I tweeted the message! Amanda O

  453. Lori Dauscher says:

    Yee-ha, this is great and thank you for making us all aware about this!!!!

  454. Kelly Buist – I’d love this, especially the Gideon study!

  455. I tweeted this too!

  456. Ali Bar :)

  457. My bible study girls and I LOVE Priscilla’s studies andvwevwould be so blessed to win this!

  458. Jennifer O says:

    Hi, my name is Jennifer.

  459. Jennifer O says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway! Thanks!


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    Erin Krakowiak

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  463. I just tweeted to win! @ircmom

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE Priscilla Shirer!

    Angie Lett

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    Just tweeted!

    Angie Lett

  466. Kris Morrissey says:

    Thanks for the opportunity

  467. Kris Morrissey says:

    Oops- forgot to add that I also tweeted it.

  468. Shelley Sullivan says:

    Shelley Sullivan

  469. Madison Yoshida says:

    Lord Jesus is my savior.

  470. Margaret Yost says:

    We just finished the Jonah study at our church. I loved it and look forward to studying Gideon.

  471. Madison Yoshida says:

    I posted the above statement on my Twitter! The first bible study I did that was led by Priscilla Shirer (via video) was One in a Million. This bible study happened in God’s perfect timing, it changed my life forever and saved my soul from wandering alone in the desert.

    I thank Jesus everyday for saving my life.

  472. Margaret Yost says:

    I just posted a link to Twitter. :)

  473. Meredith Buchanan says:

    Oh I can’t wait to introduce the power of God yo done new friends through Priscilla’s new study

  474. Vicky Daniels

  475. I tweeted!

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    Melanie Holmes

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    Just posted my tweet (KanduGal) for my 2nd entry! =D

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    I just sent out my tweet.

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    Just tweeted

  480. Brittany mabe says:

    I hope I win!!!!

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    I retweeted!

  482. Sherilyn Rank says:

    Sherilyn Rank–Sure would love to be selected for this prize package

  483. Denise Cragg says:

    This will be a blessing to the one who wins

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    I posted on facebook!

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    And I just did my first tweet! so I also face book post and a tweet.

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    Have a perfect group of friends to share this with.

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    I just posted on Twitter!

  495. Lisa Koontz says:

    Would love this awesome prize. Lisa Kpontz

  496. Lisa Koontz says:


  497. Lauren Marshall says:

    Gideon is one of my favorites, can’t wait to study about him more in depth with Priscilla’s new study!!

  498. Lauren Marshall says:

    I tweeted about this great giveaway!

  499. Lauren Marshall says:

    Lauren Marshall

  500. Brandy Sermons says:

    Brandy Sermons

  501. Ashley Adams says:

    Ashley A

  502. Ashley

  503. Ashley Adams says:

    Just tweeted the message because Priscilla is my favorite Bible study teacher!!

  504. Sharon Gray says:

    Would love to share this with all my beautiful lionesses in my church!!

  505. Sharon Gray says:

    Hi! I did just post this to Facebook…here’s hoping!!

  506. Blythe Graft says:

    Counting my Blessings this morning!

  507. Christi Hudson says:

    Christi Hudson

  508. Angel Mullins

  509. posted the link on my facebook page.

  510. Rachel Anderson says:

    Rachel Anderson :-)

  511. Connie jenkins says:

    We love Priscilla in Indiana!

  512. Rachel Anderson says:

    I just posted to Facebook that I entered the Priscilla Shirer giveaway. I know who ever wins this will be tremendously blessed–thanks so much!

  513. I have heard wonderful things about Priscilla Shirer but have never heard her speak or read her material. I would like to win this for the Ladies Ministry Team, they work so hard.

  514. Nadia Gadson-Moses.

  515. I’ve FBed and Tweeted. Oh what a blessing this would be!!! Thanks for the opporitunity.

  516. Anna McCrary says:


  517. christina moore

  518. Elaine Gray-Sims says:

    I meet with a group of ladies (there are 5 of us) on Wed mornings, we call it the “Waiting Room.” We are all waiting on our next assignment from Jesus. We don’t do a Bible study we simply meet together to share what Jesus has done in each of our lives since our last time together or we pray, laugh, cry or sometime just sock in HIS PRESENTS together. We have talked about meeting together at another time to do a Bible study and I’m sure the ladies in the “Waiting Room” would love to do the ones in this give away. It is our deepest desire to draw closer to HIM!

    I have never entered anything like this before but felt leaded to enter this one. I’m looking forward to the outcome.
    Elaine Gray-Sims

  519. Tammie Johnson says:

    Tammie Johnson

  520. Tammie Johnson says:

    Posted on FBI! Many blessings!

  521. Beth Johnson says:

    Beth, loving a Bible study I am in right now of Priscilla.

  522. Christi Alexander Priddy

  523. I know there’ll be a gazillion excited, hopeful women to enter this, but it only takes one, right? Fingers crossed / hands folded!

  524. Kayla Westbrook–I love this giveaway :)

  525. Shannon B. says:

    Shannon Brandon

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  531. Kelly Cason says:

    Thank you for this opportunity!

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    This is an awesome opportunity!!

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    Kristin – tweeting too!

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  540. I tweeted! :) LOVE Priscilla!!

  541. Christine Jones says:

    Hoping I win!

  542. Samantha Amick

  543. Diane King

  544. I Reposted about the give away!

  545. Getting ready to start my first Priscilla Shirer Bible Study. But I am sure I am going to love it. I have loved all the Lifeway Bible Studies I have done. I would love to win the package because I am disabled and I could hold the Bible study in my home and have freinds attend.

  546. Carla Ostrander

  547. Lori Strahan says:

    Would love this package since I am sight impaired so I do not get out a lot.

  548. Raffinee Wilson says:

    Raffinee Wilson

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  550. Great giveaway! Kay Harms.

  551. Tweeted too!

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    I just retweeted! I just entered to win a Priscilla Shirer Live simulcast and so can you! Details here: http://bit.ly/16pX1nJ

  556. Kim Skinner

  557. Jessica Sallee says:

    Jessica Sallee

  558. Shadia Hrichi

  559. Just retweeted and posted on Facebook profile and Fan Page. PS. I love your studies. Doing One in A Million right now with my small group (bought it for myself last year and loved it-shared about it with friends and now we’re doing it together :) May The Lord continue to bless your glorious ministry! Shadia Hrichi, aspiring Author and Speaker

  560. Susie Stewart says:

    I absolutely love Priscilla’s bible studies. She is energetic, enthusiastic and the love of the Lord shines through her. I would love to win this package. Thank you for the opportunity.

  561. Buffy Dyess says:

    What an amazing giveaway!! Thank you!

  562. Michelle Baylerian says:

    I tweeted the giveaway! Would LOVE to win :)

  563. Christina Patterson

  564. Just sent the tweet!

  565. Heather Gordon says:

    I just tweeted about this give away. I would love to win!!

  566. Nicole Hawker

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    Cynthia Hooper

  568. Nancy Gillentine says:

    This rocks! So exited to see Priscilla’s next study! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

  569. Missy Stellhorn says:

    Missy Stellhorn

  570. Ann dunlap says:

    Thanks for this chance to win!

  571. Ann dunlapi says:

    I tweeted too!

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    Dorothy Wagner

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    Dorothy Wagner – just posted on Facebook! Thanks for this opportunity!

  574. Rebecca S.

  575. Jessica I'sell-realestate Thomas says:

    Done & Done! Jessica Thomas.

  576. Correna Monroe

  577. I just tweeted and facebooked the following :
    “I just entered to win a Priscilla Shirer Live simulcast and so can you! Details here: http://bit.ly/16pX1nJ
    Correna Monroe

  578. Charla Armstead says:

    Charla Armstead!!!!!

    Please note I am posting this to my facebook and tweet about it

    Is it wrong to pray that I win? LOL. Priscilla is coming to Richmond, VA (right here in my town) and I waited until yesterday to register. THEY ARE SOLD OUT! :-(. I am so sad about not being able to see her live now, after I have been on a serious Shrier Marathon via youtube for the past several months. The God in her has encouraged me, inspired me, provoked me, and kept me! I am grateful that so many other women understand the greatness inside of her and will get to experience first hand. Bless God for you woman of God! I am excited about where God is taking you, and appreciate your obedience when he beckoned you!

  579. Marie Peeples says:

    Marie Peeples

  580. Angie Williams says:

    Angie Williams

  581. I tweeted!

  582. Olda Phillips says:

    Just tweeted!!! Olda

  583. Dinecia Gates says:

    Tickets for the live event are already sold out! :( Was planning to make this a BFF weekend. I’m sure this would work just fine :) Thanks!


  584. Dinecia Gates says:

    Posted on facebook :)

  585. Olda Phillips says:

    Just tweeted! Thank you for your generosity!

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    I tweeted.

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    April Walke

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    Cathe Henderson

  592. Deanna Egan says:

    Would love to be able to have this for our Bible study group!

  593. Deanna Egan says:

    Just shared on Twitter and Facebook :)

  594. Christa

  595. I Tweeted about the giveaway and my tweets automatically feed into my Facebook page! Looks like an awesome giveaway – thanks for the opportunity to enter! https://twitter.com/ccdova/status/313011847500537857

  596. What a great and simple giveaway, thank you! Lisa

  597. Just tweeted and posted, thanks again!

  598. Alisa Taylor says:

    Alisa Taylor

  599. Alisa Taylor says:

    I just shared on Facebook!

  600. Darcy Ferneau says:

    My life and friends would be so blessed for opportunity to win this amazing blessing. i am a single parent of two, who has come through abuse, and losing my home. To God be the glory to whom this blessing go to.

  601. Kristy Ufheil says:

    Kristy Ufheil

  602. Andie Dixon says:

    You can never get enough of the Word! – would love to win for myself and friends!

  603. Kim Builta says:

    Kim Builta

  604. Bueana Lady Cox says:

    Bueana Lady Cox

  605. Bueana Lady Cox says:

    I did make others aware of this give-way via twitter.

  606. Erin Taylor

  607. Wonderful giveaway!

  608. and tweeted too :)

  609. Kerstin Stevens

  610. Oh the ladies at our blog would love!!!!

  611. WOW – what a generous giveaway! Thank you and God Bless you all. I love Priscilla Shirer’s teaching so much!!!

  612. Posted on our Facebook Women’s Ministry Page! Woo-hoo!

  613. I’m so excited to join the simulcast!!

  614. Just tweeted:
    I just entered to win a Priscilla Shirer Live simulcast and so can you! Details here: http://bit.ly/16pX1nJ

  615. Melissa Franklin says:

    Melissa Franklin

  616. Colette Pellegrino :-)

  617. Cecily R Bornemann says:

    Cecily R Bornemann

  618. Cecily R Bornemann says:

    Cecily R Bornemann I posted on twitter and Facebook

  619. Fondra Magee says:

    What a blessing Priscilla has been in my life and the lives of the ladies in our church….we love you, Priscilla!!! I am a church planter wife in Idaho and would absolutely LOVE to bring some amazing church planter wives with me to this event…..they LOVE LOUD in hard to reach areas with no recognition or fanfare! They are my heroes!

  620. Fondra Magee says:

    I just posted this on Facebook and Twitter!!!

  621. Tally Stroud says:

    Tally Stroud ~tweet others as you want to be tweeted

  622. Barbara Chambers says:

    what an awesome giveaway :) Priscilla, you are one of my favorite speakers/authors.

  623. Barbara Chambers says:

    I just twittered the info :)

  624. Dennise Naredo says:

    Dennise Naredo

  625. Tiffany Rowland says:

    Tiffany Rowland. I love Lifeway!

  626. Dennise Naredo says:

    This would be so GREAT to enhance our Women’s Ministry program in our church!!!! I just posted to Facebook!
    Thank you for this great opportunity!

  627. Tiffany Rowland says:

    I just retweeted! Tiffany Rowland!

  628. keyayang says:

    this is gonna be a great giveaway Priscilla Shirer Live Simulcast Giveaway http://blog.lifeway.com/womenallaccess/2013/03/13/priscilla-shirer-live-simulcast-giveaway/#.UUYuJMEOj1E.twitter

  629. Carolyn Bell

  630. Posted :)

  631. Heather Snider says:

    Wow!!! What an amazing giveaway. Winning this would be a huge blessing. In fact, a lady from my church wants to organize a group of ladies for this event. Thanks for providing this opportunity.

  632. Kathy Carenza says:

    Kathy Carenza: Tweeted and Facebooked. Our little church so needs this, God knows who needs it most though:-)

  633. Kathy Carenza says:

    Kathy Carenza

  634. Sheila Cueto says:

    When my husband passed away 312/ years ago, my friend, who has since passed away also
    , from cancer, urged me to come with her to her women’s life group. The bible study they were doing, and the very first of mine, was the study of David. I have to say I found comfort and truth in the words of Pricilla Shirer, along with Beth Moore and Kay Arthur. My faith has continued to grow and the love of God has seen me through the hardest time of my life. I thank God and thank Him for the beautiful women of God who teach His word. I am still a part of this same Lifegroup, and as I look back, I am sure it was God’s will for me to be a part of this group of ladies who encourage each other every step of the way, and that particular study. Thank you for this opportunity. The ladies and I love Pricilla Shirer.

  635. Sheila Cueto says:

    I just posted about this giveaway away on Facebook. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  636. Sybil

  637. Nancy Tuggle says:

    Nancy Tuggle

  638. Nancy Tuggle says:

    Just posted about this giveaway on my twitter account. I love Jesus and Priscilla Shirer!

  639. Kimberly Cherry says:

    Kimberly Cherry

  640. Rhonda

  641. Kimberly Cherry says:

    I just posted the details on my Twitter account. So excited… love Priscilla!

  642. Twitter & Facebook check:)

  643. SolymarWilson says:

    Solymar Wilson

  644. Solymar Wilson says:

    Oh, I so hope I did this right. my name Solymar Wilson.

    and I posted I just entered to win a Priscilla Shirer Live simulcast and so can you! Details here: http://bit.ly/16pX1nJ on my FB page. I just didn’t know how to blog……….thank you so much for the oppurtunity ….IN CHRIST, SOLY

  645. Peggy Clabough says:

    Peggy Clabough

  646. Peggy Clabough says:

    I retweeted. Would LOVE to win!!

  647. would love to win!

  648. Rebecca Saiz says:

    Oh How I Pray that It Is Me!!! Rebecca Saiz

  649. Maria Bennett




    Just posted on facebook. Can’t wait to take Priscilla’s new study, Gideon. All of hers have been so powerful as we have studied them in our Ladies Bible study @ North Metro Church, Lawrenceville, Ga. God Bless you, Priscilla!

  652. Deborah Merrick says:

    Would love to share this with a sweet group of ladies in the Tucker Bible study. We were blessed to have studied “He Speaks To Me.” and it meant so much to the group. Posted on facebook.

  653. Karina Pollard says:

    Karina Pollard
    ~ God Bless~

  654. Lisa Huber

  655. Wendy Friar says:

    Wendy Friar

  656. Wendy Friar says:

    Just shared on Facebook. Thanks for the opportunity!! Can’t wait for the new study on Gideon!!!
    God is GOOD!!

  657. Carma Wassman says:

    Carma Wassman

  658. Melinda Clarke says:

    Melinda Clarke

  659. Melinda Clarke says:

    I just posted on my Women’s Ministry FB page. Thank you for the opportunity to bless others too.

  660. Laura Bjorge says:

    Laura Bjorge

  661. Cora Pritt says:

    Cora Pritt

  662. Our Women’s group just finished One in a Million and it was fantastic! We would love to win this awesome package!!

  663. Amy Duncan

  664. and I shared on twitter!

  665. Lindsay Blackburn

  666. Janie Baugh says:

    I would LOVE to win!!!

  667. Janie Baugh says:

    I just posted your message and link on my facebook page!!

  668. Priscilla is awesome.

  669. Posted message to FB

  670. Courtney Luhmann says:

    Oh How I love to read or learn anything from Pricilla. She says it so well and really knows how to speak and write. Can’t wait to listen to her simulcast. Ill post to fb for all to see.

  671. Kimberly Bryan says:

    Kimberly Bryan

  672. Kimberly Bryan says:

    I just posted the give away info on my FB page Kimberly Hand-Bryan…..Have a blessed day!!!

  673. Kimberly Bryan says:

    I just posted your message on my FB page Kimberly Hand-Bryan…..Have a blessed day!!!

  674. Christy Rawls

  675. Facebook and Twitter post done

  676. Chiquita Adams says:

    Chiquita Adams!
    Mrs. Prascilla Shirer is such a blessing. I was so encouraged by her youtube video Life Interrupted! I’m super excited about this Simulcast Event!

  677. Janet Cooke says:

    I am hoping women from my church will be able to experience this together; we are a new Church that is trying to get women’s group up and running.

  678. Lesley DeVaughn says:

    Lesley DeVaughn…what a fantastic giveaway!

  679. Annie Dohrman says:

    Doing the ‘One In A Million” bible study right now. I love each and every one of Priscilla’s studies! Annie Dohrman

  680. Debbie Reynolds says:

    What a wonderful prize, thanks for all you do in the kingdom of God

  681. Debbie Reynolds says:

    just posted on twitter and facebook

  682. Sharon Pirkle says:

    God is so good!

  683. Dennise Naredo says:

    Awww….I didn’t see the post about the simulcast discount until today (3/21). :(
    CONGRATS Joy Moore!!! Enjoy!

  684. Ranae’ Campbell

  685. What a joy & blessing it would be to my ladies if we won this package.

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