The Power of Women’s Events

Perhaps you have planned events for women and not always known why, except that it’s what has always been done. Maybe you once had a strong attendance but now it has dwindled. Do you ever wonder if it’s even worth it?  Today’s blog post is by one of our LifeWay staff event coordinators, Betsy Langmade.

I’m an events girl and if I’m guessing right, you probably are too.

We girls start young by planning slumber parties and proms and move on to birthday parties and weddings.  When I look back at my life I realize I’ve been planning events long before it became my profession.

I love events!  I thrive on the “to do” lists and timelines.  I live for the tension and drama that comes with unexpected and unanticipated challenges.  Just give me big ‘ole event to plan and I’m a happy camper.


It always amazes me that an event can be a corporate and a very individual marker experience.  There are things that happen in a large group, away from normal surroundings that God uses to impact what might be a questioning, stale or stagnant heart.  For the person already in love with HIM, it’s like an anniversary trip with your husband.  You connect on a deeper level in a fresh environment and reaffirm commitments made and convictions held.  For those waning or distant from God, the Holy Spirit is right there drawing them in like a small child being gently wooed into her Father’s arms.  For those cold and unbelieving, God delights in showing off by ripping down carefully constructed walls and swooping in as the Savior on His White Horse.


As a leader of our church’s Women’s Ministry and later as a Bible Study leader I longed to lead the women I knew to experience Bible teaching and Worship in an event setting.  When God entrusts us with the power of influence (and if you’re a living, breathing woman – you have influence) He has entrusted us with to encourage and engage our peeps in meaningful and deep spiritual encounters.

I can’t tell you the number of times I stand at the “altar” in an arena and watch women respond to God.  Some cautiously, some courageously, and some compulsively.  But all finding our great God absolutely irresistible in that moment. Their moment.  A testimony to the power of God’s Word and worship.


So, when is the last time you felt compelled to “gather the girls” – not for a Girls Night Out – but for a God Weekend experienced at a ministry event?  Maybe you need the top ten reasons to come on out and bring a group with you.  You’ll be glad you did and so will we!!

10. See a new place – what women don’t love the adventure of a new restaurant or a local landmark!

9. Bring new people – be purposeful in grabbing some girls that aren’t familiar with Bible Study.

8.  Your group builds camaraderie with each other.

7.  They will be personally and collectively challenged by the Word of God.

6.  Bible Study comes to life as they make a connection with the teachers they have journeyed with.

5.  Gain fresh energy to break out of same old, same old.   Some of us just need to get out more.

4.  For just plain fun…. I’m convinced Christians don’t have enough fun.

3.  Experience worship in a new way.

2.  Build your faith as an eyewitness to other women responding to the Gospel.

1.  Make a memory that lasts a lifetime – because it’s God’s Word.

I especially love the events we get to plan here at LifeWay.  To work with the likes of Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore, Vicki Courtney, Angie Smith and others is a privilege and a joy.  We believe in events.  They are to women what camp is to kids.  Significant moments and spiritual markers happen at events.  When the power of the Word of God and worship fall on a group of women, they are changed forever.  It’s a ministry experience I never get over.  Maybe your next event can be the easiest planning you have ever done… just pack them up and bring them to one of our LifeWay Women’s Events closest to you!

JUN_6363Betsy Langmade is an event coordinator on the Adult Ministry Live Events team. She also manages the corporate sponsorships who have a presence at the events. Betsy is the lead coordinator for the Living Proof Live events with Beth Moore.




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