For Your Women’s Small Groups

How do you provide continual discipleship growth through your women’s small groups? Do you have a strategy in place for helping those in groups that continue to stay together so that they are making deeper commitments to Christ as they journey together?

I have taught a Sunday morning small group of women for about 6 or 7 years now and this is a continual challenge for me. Often I teach the lesson and just include my own examples from my desire to grow more like Christ, but it always helps to have a plan in place to do that rather than a hit or miss strategy.

One of the first questions asked after I began serving here at LifeWay was, “Do you have Sunday School material for women?” so I am excited to get to share some great news!  Because of the launch of our new ongoing curriculum, Bible Studies for Life, I feel this need will be met and will also help equip leaders to lead a women’s class. Not only will it provide an effective Sunday morning experience, but will fit well with women’s weekly small groups that meet anywhere, anytime.  The launch of Bible Studies for Life curriculum will be available Fall of 2013 with many fresh and helpful features.


In particular, there will be extra helps for women’s small groups and, as a women’s small group leader at my church, this is the feature I am most excited about.  Additional suggestions for leaders will be provided on the Bible Studies for Life blog for women’s groups that will enhance the curriculum lesson experience. This will help you customize each week’s topic of study to be specific to your women’s groups.  It will also include additional discussion questions and lots of ideas.



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