Building Strong Women’s Ministry Teams

We’ve posted a number of times through this blog on the subject of leadership teams. The number of ways you can do this is as large as the number of churches!  Truly there is only one way to build an effective team for YOUR church and that is through the leading of the Holy Spirit and lots of prayer.

There are some practical things to consider as well:

  1. The demographics of your church (ages, life stages of women).
  2. The needs of your community.
  3. The purpose of your ministry.
  4. The direction your church is seeking to develop people into strong followers of Christ.
  5. Your location.
  6. Your facilities.
  7. The gifts, skills and interests of your women.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Keep in mind that you need women who represent all the generations of women in your church to be a part of your team. You need to listen to them and allow their input and ideas to be a part of your planning.


Watch this short video How to Strengthen Your Team from Jennifer Rothschild’s web site for women’s ministry leaders. Lisa Allen gives you some more things to consider and some evaluation tools to use as you develop your team. (By the way, sign up to get her e-newsletters and check out the premium offer.)  Be sure to sign up to watch the free webinar How to Lead and Motivate Different Personalities  that Lisa will host on February 28 at noon Central Time.

Be sure you look at the current team you have to evaluate whether or not the leaders match and are called to and gifted for the positions they are in, and that the positions match the needs of your women and direction for your church.

What do you to do continue to build strong effective teams?



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