LifeWay Women Live: Spiritual Warfare & Women

If you missed this webshow, it’s not too late! You can catch up on all of our episodes on the LifeWay Women Live Archive.

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Ministry often means being a target for the enemy and perhaps you feel like you are the center of that bulls eye as you serve. We have what is needed to walk in strength in the midst of warfare. Join us for a powerful discussion with authors Leighann McCoy and Dr. Tony Evans who understand what that means!


  1. Patty Mann says

    Chris ~ I really appreciated you calling a few weeks ago and seeing how we were doing at Little Flock. We have decided to do a survey to determine the discipleship needs of our ladies plus we are hoping to find some ladies who have not come to our attention that might be perfect to facilitate a study/group. Do you by chance have a sample survey that we can use as a jumping off point to develop our specific survey? If not, any suggestions? Thank you. Patty Mann, Little Flock Baptist Church, Shepherdsville, KY

    • Chris Adams says

      Yes, we actually have one in Women Reaching Women, but it’s really suggested as a place to start, not one to just take and copy because the questions may not fit your women. It gives you ideas of questions, etc. to use. In the chapter on beginning a women’s ministry you will the suggested process for doing a written survey. I hope that helps!

  2. Sandra Golightly says

    Wow, I just listened to this webshow on Spiritual Warfare and Women. Excellent. I agree with you that we just didn’t discuss spiritual warfare or the Holy Spirit growing up. I intend on purchasing Leighann McCoy’s book. I also wanted to say how appreciative I am that LifeWay has made the webshows available for those of us that can’t watch them live. I usually find that I can eat lunch at my desk, put my headphones on and watch. Thanks.

  3. Chris Adams says

    So glad this was helpful, Sandra! And glad that watching at your convenience works for you as a leader! We are grateful to leaders like you who pour into the lives of others!

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